Amagi Brilliant Park video sollicitation

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  1. Welcome to Amagi Brilliant Park!
  3. Kadokawa Shoten is releasing the series over 7 volumes (6 numbered, 1 "special") all priced at 7,533/6,453 yen (BD/DVD). Each volume will be housed in a newly drawn digipak (v1: inside a newly drawn case (v1: Included on each volume is a short "Exciting Mini Theatre" as well as staff commentary (director Yasuhiro Takemoto and original creator Shoji Gatou) and cast commentary (varies on each episode). Japanese subtitles are included. Additional video features may be announced in the future.
  5. Included in volume 1 are three physical extras: a reformed Sugoroku game, a guide, and sticker(s) all Amagi Brilliant Park themed.
  7. All volumes are sold by and distributed by Kadokawa Shoten.
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