Flutter Date Rape (Part 0)

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  1. >Day 69 in Equestria
  2. >Do morning stuff
  3. >Read mail
  4. >Pink envelope
  5. >Open it up
  6. >It's a deeply poetic love letter asking you out on a late night dinner date
  7. >Asks to meet you at the park at around 11 in the morning to see if you accept
  8. >The last two words are "Love, Fluttershy"
  9. >Nope
  10. >Crumple paper and throw it at trash can
  11. >You miss
  12. >A couple hours pass as your run a few errands and engage in small talk with other ponies.
  13. >Back home chilling
  14. >It's noon now and Fluttershy probably got the hint
  15. >Hear loud knocking on your door
  16. >Your jimmies begin to rustle as you approach
  17. >It can never be easy
  18. >Open the door
  19. >It's...
  20. >Rarity?
  21. Hi Rarity, what brings you here?
  22. >"You know exactly why I'm here."
  23. No seriously, why
  24. >"Did you get a note in the mail?"
  25. >She can't mean
  26. >Tell her about Fluttershy's love letter
  27. >"She's still waiting for you to give her an answer. You are being very crude and callous to her by standing her up like this!"
  28. How do you even know about all of this?
  29. >"Because she was telling me that she was finally going to confess her feelings for you and I'm here to support that. Do you know how timid she can be? It must have taken a large amount of courage to send that to you!"
  30. >If only she knew what Fluttershy has been trying to do to you.
  31. >None of her friends know that you already know how Fluttershy feels and it's not just timid puppy love
  32. I'm not going
  33. >"Anon, it would be a shame if your clothes disappeared one day...and there was nopony willing to make you a new pair."
  34. >"Wouldn't that be bothersome, darling?"
  35. >Was she threatening you?
  36. >What the fuck is wrong with these ponies?
  37. >"Look, you don't have to accept her. Just be polite enough to meet her face to face, and reject her in a calm and polite manner."
  38. Deal
  39. >Sigh and set off to the park Rarity doesn't follow, but you're willing to bet she'll know if you listened to her or not
  40. >As you pass an alleyway you hear the flapping of wings
  41. >It's a trap! You should have known
  42. >You are knocked to the ground
  43. >You look up to see....
  44. >Rainbow Dash...
  45. Okay I know you have a habit of crashing into stuff, but um would you mind..getting off of me?
  46. >"Don't play smart with me Anon!"
  47. Oh boy, what did I do this time?
  48. >"I heard everything! You can't hurt her like that!"
  49. I'm doing what Rarity asked!
  50. >"You're still going to reject her though."
  51. And?
  52. >"I've known her for a long time. She's very sensitive and she won't be able to handle the rejection.
  53. >Well apparently she hasn't known her long enough
  54. >Why do none of them see Yellow Pones inner rapist?
  55. >" I want you to accept this one date with her. It won't be that bad she's a nice pony!"
  56. You can't make me
  57. >"If you don't then I can't call a jerk like you my friend."
  58. >Seriously?
  59. >"Also I'll kick your flank"
  60. >Reluctantly agree
  61. >"Good. I'll be watching."
  62. >She takes off and you continue on your way to the park
  63. >Along the way you are stopped by the other three
  64. >Pinkie somehow knew about what was going on and said she set up a reservation at a fancy as fuck joint (by Ponyville standards)
  65. >Twilight overheard Pinkie's rambling and wants you to learn something about friendship through all of this
  66. >Applejack tried selling you apples
  67. >You finally arrive at the park and Fluttershy is standing by a tree with a content little smile
  68. >She almost looks cute, you know, if she weren't a rapist
  69. >You approach her, but decide to stay at least five feet away from her.
  70. >"So umm..."
  71. >She blushes and her hoof lightly kicks the ground
  72. >"Would you like to go out with m-me tonight?"
  73. Fluttershy listen-
  74. >"You will?!"
  75. >She flies up to you very quickly and kisses your cheek
  76. >She then crushes you with a very tight hug
  77. >That five foot distance didn't do shit
  78. >"Oh thank you! You won't regret this Anon!"
  79. >Yes you will
  80. >As Fluttershy maintains her embrace you see Rainbow Dash staring off at the both of you in the distance
  81. >She motions for you to return the hug
  82. >You shake your head
  83. >no
  84. >She glares
  85. >She makes a threatening gesture
  86. >...
  87. >You return Fluttershy's hug
  88. >This causes her to hug even tighter
  89. >It takes 16 minutes for her to finally let go of you, and she touched your ass afterwards
  90. >She then flies off to get ready for tonight's date giggling to herself
  91. >Some hours later it's time for the date
  92. >Wearing a fancy pinstripe suit
  93. >Arrive at Fluttershy's cottage
  94. >She's waiting for you
  95. >And she looks....beautiful?
  96. >Her dress fits her perfectly
  97. >Her mane is styled cutely and her coat looks more vibrant than usual
  98. >Maybe this won't be so bad.. she put a lot of effort into this
  99. >Looking at the smile she gives you has you almost forget why you held such animosity toward her
  100. >"Hi Anon!"
  101. >She hugs you again and a hoof goes for you crotch
  102. >You dodge it and give her a stern look
  103. >You did say "almost forget"
  104. >"You look very handsome tonight."
  105. Thanks you aren't too bad yourself
  106. >"Those clothes really look good on you.."
  107. >She then gives you bedroom eyes
  108. >"But they'll look better on my cottage floor later tonight."
  109. That implies that I will be at your cottage "later tonight."
  110. >She just giggles
  111. >What is she planning?
  112. >The walk to the restaurant becomes an awkward and silent affair with her occasionally staring at your crotch
  113. >When you arrive you are both seated
  114. >The pony equivalent of seated anyway
  115. >This place has the orchestra, snobby looking staff and customers, and all that jazz
  116. >You see Pinkie and Dash both wave at you from a distance
  117. >Fluttershy waves back with a smile
  118. >You wave back confused
  119. >It looks like you'll have to behave yourself
  120. >But on the bright side so does Fluttershy
  121. >You feel a wing lightly brush your legs from under the table cloth
  122. > least on the surface
  123. >You put your hand under the table cloth and slap it away
  124. >You engage in small talk with Fluttershy
  125. >She actually seems alright when she has to be normal
  126. >The night goes on, and your food arrives
  127. >She tries to eat it seductively
  128. >Looks more like shes vomiting in reverse
  129. >Look away
  130. >Notice that Pinkie and Dash are both engaged in conversation
  131. >You whisper to Fluttershy
  132. Alright....I know you're planning something so what is it?
  133. >She looks surprised, but then smiles
  134. >"Dash is going to be following us when you walk me home. I told her you agreed to spend the night."
  135. >"You wouldn't want to make me sad, and Dash mad at you, right?"
  136. >Ah hell no
  137. >It's time to strike back
  138. Well, I may as well drink up then.
  139. >You order some wine
  140. Would you like some wine Fluttershy?
  141. >She shakes her head
  142. >"Oh no, I'm not much of a drinker."
  143. It will help loosen me up when the time comes....erm and uuum nothing gets me harder than drinking wine with my partner
  144. >Okay that was a shitty bluff maybe this was a-
  145. >She downs the entire bottle in ten seconds flat
  146. >She orders another bottle and downs that one absurdly fast as well
  147. >She spends the rest of the date rambling on about the things she wants to do with you and how much she loves you
  148. >date ends escort her to her cottage
  149. >She can't walk straight and that's a good thing because she's been aiming for your nethers for some time now
  150. >She stumbles into her cottage and you think she's passed out
  151. >Turn to leave, but forcefully pulled in
  152. >She kisses you with tears in her eyes
  153. >"Why don't you love me?"
  154. Because you force yourself upon me, also you're a pony
  155. >She pins you down
  156. >Hope for her to pass out already
  157. >"And you're a human, but I find you very *urp* ...seksi..."
  158. >"I wouldn't have to ....force *sniff* myself on you...if you *slrp* accepted me"
  159. >She still hasn't gotten over that first rejection
  160. >Saliva and tears are now getting all over your face
  161. >She tries undressing you, but in her state it's just a bunch of frantic poking with her hooves
  162. >She gives up and just buries her head into your chest and begins sobbing loudly into it
  163. >"What do you want from me Anon!?..*ulp!* I have a nice h-home *urk*, great personal hygiene *hic!*...and I care about you!"
  164. >She has a funny way of showing it
  165. >But you can't help but feel guilty by looking at this broken down mare
  166. >Maybe you should give her a chance....
  167. >"I love you An-UURRRRRRGGGGGHKKK!"
  168. >She vomits the spaghetti she ate an hour earlier all over you
  169. >Nevermind...
  170. >You pick her up and put her on the couch
  171. >She was knocked right out
  172. >Sigh and go home
  173. >This suit is completely ruined
  174. >But at least you aren't
  175. >Fucking Fluttershy
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