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  1. [13:51] ™ Pεяνч Bιѕн Яεddιиgтσи ™ (lcvnntl): ok so im jst an out right post this here.. it was posted in staff discord.. but right now idgas..
  2. [13:51] ™ Pεяνч Bιѕн Яεddιиgтσи ™ (lcvnntl): ok guys.. listen up.. as u know i am ur general manager.. its ridic that we dont have staff who are willing to work.. or have as yet to work.. if u are serious about working at Hot Zone then up ur damn game n put the effort in.. and if ur pc "cant run" SL then y u on sl in the first place.. get a better pc that can...we understand that rl happens.. buh when there its notices going out daily for shifts that need covering.. and staff who we know are online dont even bother to try and attempt to help the club out.. it is annoying and makes more work for those who do work.. personally i am sick of it.. some of us are working more than overs.. so to put this blunt and simple as possible.. STAFF NEED TO PULL THEIR FINGER OUT OF THE FUCKING ASS N SHOW THEY ACTUALLY WANT TO WORK! hot zone isnt a joke.. and if u think it is.. then leave. we can find other djs/hosts to replace ur ass.
  3. [14:14] Ҡ Мєϯåℓ Ɯιckєժ Séмριtéяɲαℓ (khalanlyra): Whether someone is online or not doesn't mean that its fair to be a brute and start ridiculing people because their SL priorities don't include your club. People offer to work when they can and just because they are online doesn't mean they are able to do so. I think it would be more appropriate to address the people causing these issues rather than categorize everyone as a whole. a General manager should not be approaching their staff like that. that is rude as fuck being honest and you will lose more employees acting out of anger than applying those words to people of whom its necessary to apply them to.
  4. [14:18] ™ Pεяνч Bιѕн Яεddιиgтσи ™ (lcvnntl): it isnt aimed at everyone.. so get off ur high horse. we have ppl who have set perms.. and dont show.. no explaination what so ever.  and im not angry this is frustrating because if people have set perms them it would be nice for them to show.. and i am brutally honest and people know this.. this is why i  was hired and put as general manager in the first place.
  5. [14:18] ™ Pεяνч Bιѕн Яεddιиgтσи ™ (lcvnntl): we do address the people who don't turn up to their perms and we get no response
  6. [14:21] Ҡ Мєϯåℓ Ɯιckєժ Séмριtéяɲαℓ (khalanlyra): Well as someone who has previous experience being a club owner and Gm for 6+ years in Sl i would advise you being direct towards the people causing these issues, or you are going to end up causing people to not want to work there. honest and direct or not, you should get in the IM boxes of the people who have the set perms and tell them that if they dont show they are forfeiting their sets.  If you get no response, take their sets away and make them back up Djs. theres no point in telling the whole community of your staff what problems lie between you ad other individuals who have no  issues within the club.
  7. [14:23] ™Tεмρεѕт Bιѕн™ (xnoxix): At the end of the day whilst we are aware people have their real to attend to it is not right that people apply for a job with us and then not show up. You want to use real to back this up, how about this? You do not go apply for a job in the real world if you can not commit to it because you would sure as hell get fired pretty fast. Whilst this is SL and is fairly different to the real world, the same should apply here. If you decide you wish to work at a club on SL be it a host or a DJ then be sure that your real commitments allow you to be able to fit in an SL job because no club on SL wishes to keep around staff who are unwilling to pull their weight. We respect people have real commitments etc but if it means we take on people who are proving to be deadweights, then we will be honest and let it be known that any staff member who fails to do what they committed to doing within our club then they will be fired
  8. [14:25] Ҡ Мєϯåℓ Ɯιckєժ Séмριtéяɲαℓ (khalanlyra): I would take that whut you wrote and put it in the IMs of the people causing those issues and then going forward, let people know upon being hired that is the expectations of your club, but venting in the staff chat like you did is not an idealistic way to go about making people want to work.
  9. [14:25] ™Tεмρεѕт Bιѕн™ (xnoxix): So before you sit and tell the general manager how she is rude and her tactics are in anyway unprofessional, know that she was hired to be as blunt as she has been and so is therefore doing her job right. I also suggest you take a look at her resident name too before saying something about her. We do appreciate the staff members who have joined us and have committed
  10. [14:26] ™ Pεяνч Bιѕн Яεddιиgтσи ™ (lcvnntl): umm we are direct to the people causing issues the issue is ppl dont want to work. regardless if we are brutally honest, putting here or not. if we take all their sets of those who dont show.. we have no staff.  i have been calm before and stated if people cannot make their perms please change ur perms to something u can do. we have contacted ppl who dont show. pulled shifts..
  11. [14:26] ™ Pεяνч Bιѕн Яεddιиgтσи ™ (lcvnntl): we want staff who work. i am not the only member of management who isnt happy right now.
  12. [14:27] Ҡ Мєϯåℓ Ɯιckєժ Séмριtéяɲαℓ (khalanlyra): you now what... i dont want to work with someone that acts like this
  13. [14:27] Sam (sallyx2015): ok we all have a lot to think about so lets step back and think about this ppl need to have faith in the club we have so much to offer and yes we are limited on vips but look around everyone this ius an awesome club with so much to do give it a chance and we will not let u down but also remember its not just the club that has to help the club its everyone job to help out the club to inturn the club will do well we have to work as a team and stop lol i cant type as fast as you guys
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