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  1. Snow Furret: So how've you been?
  2. unlucky girl: ...good
  3. unlucky girl: wbu?
  4. Snow Furret: Been good
  5. Snow Furret: You sure you've been good? Because you did "..."
  6. unlucky girl: uh, yeah!
  7. Snow Furret: You surey sure?
  8. unlucky girl: ...
  9. unlucky girl: no
  10. Snow Furret: What happened?
  11. unlucky girl: well
  12. unlucky girl: i've broke into a school, cut my arms and had one of my "friends" tell me they always hated me
  13. unlucky girl: ...
  14. Snow Furret: Oh, hope your arms okay, and sorry that your former friend hates you
  15. Snow Furret: Things will get better
  16. unlucky girl: will they really?
  17. Snow Furret: Saddness can't last forever
  18. unlucky girl: seems like it does
  19. Snow Furret: Like when my old dog died, I was really sad, but now I'm happy. Saddness is a thing that happens to everyone, and no matter how bad the situation might be, things can and will get better, you can help it get better as well, idk how but you most likely could
  20. unlucky girl: it seems like its been getting worse
  21. unlucky girl: did i mention starving myself?
  22. Snow Furret: Even if it is getting worst, you should try being optiminstic
  23. unlucky girl: how?
  24. Snow Furret: And you shouldn't starve yourself
  25. unlucky girl: i fat
  26. Snow Furret: Starving yourself won't help
  27. Snow Furret: Exercising and eating healthy would though
  28. unlucky girl: i'm a picky eater
  29. unlucky girl: and i have no stamina
  30. Snow Furret: I think eating healthy and exercising would help with your stamina
  31. Snow Furret: And tell your parents or guardian to try getting you to eat healthy, like make healthier meals or to put healthy stuff in food you'd normally eat
  32. unlucky girl: my parents are never home so i have to cook for myself
  33. unlucky girl: idk how to cook tho :/
  34. Snow Furret: Just try forcing yourself to eat healthy then
  35. Snow Furret: Try out small pieces of healthy food, and if you like it, eat some of it
  36. Snow Furret: And try remembering good things that happened to you, such as your favourite birthday, or when you went to a park, or when you caught your first shiny, or anything else that happened to you. Could help remind you that new good things will happen to you
  37. unlucky girl: whenever i do something good something bad happens
  38. unlucky girl: (wow karma really is a b*tch)
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