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  3. 1. Do they choose their clothes more for comfort or for appearance, all other things being equal?
  4. 2. Does their style challenge or conform to people's expectations of their gender? Is their appearance an important part of their gender expression?
  5. 3. Do they make their own style choices, or are they dictated by someone else (e.g. a parent, a stylist, a dress code)?
  6. 4. Describe this character's style in one word (e.g. flashy, modest, goth, feminine).
  8. 5. Put together a capsule wardrobe for this character ( Go into as much or as little detail as you like.
  9. 6. What kind of jewelry do they favor?
  10. 7. How about other aspects such as hairstyles, makeup, tattoos?
  11. 8. What colors do they wear often? Are those the colors they look best in? Why?
  12. 9. Do they have a "signature" or "go-to" element that's usually part of their look (e.g. sensible shoes, leather jackets, bold prints, low necklines)?
  14. 10. What's an example of something they would wear on a date?
  15. 11. work or school?
  16. 12. ...around the house?
  17. 13. Where do they shop, or who makes and designs their clothes?
  19. 14. Something they refuse to get rid of?
  20. 15. Something they wouldn't be caught dead in?
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