MagiReco Main Story 8 - Yachiyo

Jun 25th, 2018
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  1. Yachiyo
  3. 8.5 Yachiyo 1
  4. Shinsei Ward walkway
  5. Yachiyo: "Today's lecture is over, so I got out of school at a good time."
  7. 8.5.1 (from 8.2.1 Everyone 2)
  8. [on a walkway in Shinsei Ward]
  9. Yachiyo: "It seems like I'll be able to make today's meeting..."
  10. "..."
  11. (Today, we have to decide on a plan, act, and then...)
  12. (Bring back Mifuyu...)
  13. [flashback to Yachiyo's living room]
  14. Sana: "I don't think Mifuyu-san is a bad person..."
  15. Felicia: "Yeah, the white nee-chan is definitely a good person!"
  16. [flashback to the base of the Ferris wheel]
  17. Mifuyu: "And also, I have a responsibility."
  18. "A responsibility to all the black wings and white wings I've pulled into this..."
  19. [back to the walkway]
  20. Yachiyo: (Mifuyu is just a slave to her own sins...)
  21. (Her roots haven't changed from before, she's still the same Mifuyu I know...)
  22. (If perhaps she is fulfilling her responsibility and not going to betray the expectations of the Magius...)
  23. (Then I will break them...)
  24. (And I will have her come back to us, to our Mikadzuki House...)
  25. *crack*
  26. Yachiyo: "Huh?"
  27. [we see Ren detransform]
  28. Ren: "Uh, ah..."
  29. "U...u..."
  30. Yachiyo: "A magical girl!?"
  31. "Wait, what's going on!?"
  32. "Was there a witch?"
  33. [she tries to sense]
  34. Yachiyo: "No, I don't feel anything... It ran away?"
  35. Ren: "umm... I'm sorry... yes..."
  36. Yachiyo: "Are you okay? Can you move?"
  37. Ren: "Yes... I'm still... fine..."
  38. Yachiyo: "It doesn't seem like you were beaten by a witch..."
  39. Ren: "eh... ah... Yes..."
  40. "..."
  41. Yachiyo: "..."
  42. "Heh, that's right."
  43. Ren: "huh...?"
  44. Yachiyo: "Want a candy?"
  45. "It might help you relax."
  46. [screen wipe]
  47. Yachiyo: "An all-black... magical girl?"
  48. Ren: "Yes... She... suddenly attacked without saying anything..."
  49. Yachiyo: "Did she have any other special characteristics?"
  50. Ren: "Um... ah, she had a pendant hanging from her neck... yes..."
  51. Yachiyo: (All black... a pendant... it can't be...)
  52. "Was it gold-colored?"
  53. Ren: "Yes... yes... it was! The pendant was gold-colored."
  54. Yachiyo: "I knew it, that's right..."
  55. (Magius is moving...)
  56. "Thank you, I mostly understand the situation now."
  57. Ren: "um... uh... What will... you do?"
  58. Yachiyo: "By chance, I'm currently chasing the same people."
  59. "However, I don't know what they would get from attacking you."
  60. "For now, you should go to the Adjuster's."
  61. Ren: "The... Adjuster's?"
  62. Yachiyo: "It's a neutral zone there."
  63. "There you can protect yourself until things calm down."
  64. Ren: "A-alright... yes..."
  65. "ow..."
  66. Yachiyo: "Don't push yourself. I'll take you there."
  67. Ren: "I'm sorry..."
  68. Yachiyo: "It's fine. We're both magical girls."
  69. "..."
  70. (What are they playing at?)
  71. TO: 8.3.1 (Everyone 3)
  73. 8.6 Yachiyo 2
  74. Artisan Ward city street
  75. Yachiyo: "I rushed here, but are there really any magical girls here...?"
  77. 8.6.1 (from 8.4.1 Everyone 4)
  78. [we see the map of the city with Artisan Ward highlighted]
  79. -Artisan Ward-
  80. [on the street in the evening]
  81. Yachiyo: "..."
  82. "Is there anybody's magic around..."
  83. [she senses]
  84. Yachiyo: "No..."
  85. (It's just as Kanagi said...)
  86. (When you go east, suddenly you can no longer sense any magical girls...)
  87. "I heard that most of them had become feathers of the Wings of Magius..."
  88. (Were they never here to begin with... or were they already hunted?)
  89. "I should probably look around a little more..."
  90. [on a side street in Artisan Ward]
  91. Yachiyo: "..."
  92. "Maybe coming was a waste..."
  93. [screen wipe; we see a lady]
  94. lady: "..."
  95. Yachiyo: "Hm?"
  96. (That person... her gait is strange...)
  97. (And her expression is kinda hollow...)
  98. "!?"
  99. (A witch's kiss!)
  100. "Well, I hit the jackpot on a witch."
  101. "For that matter, if they let out witches, then there should be secondary damage."
  102. [flashback to the base of the Ferris wheel]
  103. Yachiyo: "Why, with such lofty ideals, do you need to make use of humans?"
  104. Touka: "Did I not say?"
  105. "Isn't it better to use people who are worth less than magical girls first?"
  106. [back to the Artisan ward]
  107. Yachiyo: "At this point, it's not something to think about."
  108. [in the railyard]
  109. Yachiyo: "..."
  110. [she senses something]
  111. Yachiyo: (The witch is... here!)
  112. [screen wipe; we see the lady with bubbles floating around]
  113. lady: "I mess up and get yelled at. Why did I become an adult..."
  114. "At this rate, I'd rather be a child."
  115. "I want to die half child..."
  116. "Right here..."
  117. [screen wipe]
  118. Yachiyo: (That rope...)
  119. [screen wipe]
  120. lady: "!!"
  121. Yachiyo: "Haah!"
  122. lady: "ugh..."
  123. Yachiyo: "I'm sorry..."
  124. "It'll all be over soon, so please sleep for a bit..."
  125. [we see the pendulum witch barrier]
  126. Yachiyo: "Then, allow me to take care of this setup!"
  127. TO: 8.7.1 (Yachiyo 3)
  129. 8.7 Yachiyo 3
  130. Railyard
  131. Yachiyo: "As usual, the Wings of Magius don't shy away from collateral damage. That's how they think, huh."
  133. 8.7.1 (from 8.6.1 Yachiyo 2)
  134. [the witch barrier dissolves, and Yachiyo detransforms]
  135. Yachiyo: "Now this one is taken care of..."
  136. lady: "..."
  137. Yachiyo: "She's shaking a little..."
  138. [now in a park]
  139. Yachiyo: "Sorry about this, but hopefully someone will find you soon..."
  140. [we see a black feather with a grimace on her face]
  141. black feather: "..."
  142. Yachiyo: "A black feather."
  143. [the feather attacks]
  144. black feather: "..."
  145. Yachiyo: "Wha... With this many people around!?"
  146. "Stop this at once!"
  147. [the black feather attacks again]
  148. black feather: "..."
  149. Yachiyo: "Ouch!"
  150. (There are too many people around!)
  151. [back in the trainyard, Yachiyo has transformed]
  152. Yachiyo: "I can't believe that you'd attack regardless of location..."
  153. "Is this just how hurried you are?"
  154. "Here, there's nobody else around."
  155. "I'll have you spit out everything on why you are exterminating everyone!"
  156. [the black feather attacks]
  157. black feather: ""
  158. Yachiyo: "!?"
  159. "This is... a black feather?"
  160. [flashback to an alley]
  161. black feather: "Even... if you say so... if you ask me, I don't..."
  162. Yachiyo: "What a shameless lie!"
  163. black feather: "I really don't know!"
  164. [back to the trainyard]
  165. Yachiyo: "This is strange. There's something different about this one."
  166. [the feather attacks yet again]
  167. black feather: "u... ugh... aaagh!!"
  168. Yachiyo: "Tch... ugh!"
  169. "You're seriously aiming for my soul gem..."
  170. [screen wipe; we see a white feather and two black feathers, all grimacing]
  171. white feather: "...Agh... ah... ugh..."
  172. Yachiyo: "This is no place to ask them questions..."
  173. "It's time to fully commit, or else I'll be in trouble..."
  174. [battle; we fight feathers who have black vapors emanating from them]
  175. Yachiyo: "Haaah!"
  176. black feather: "huguh!"
  177. [the white feather attacks]
  178. white feather: "Uuaah!"
  179. Yachiyo: "Weak!"
  180. [Yachiyo attacks the white feather]
  181. white feather: "Guah!"
  182. Yachiyo: "Do you want to go any further!?"
  183. black feather: "..."
  184. white feather: "..."
  185. [they leave and Yachiyo detransforms]
  186. Yachiyo: "So they have enough sense to run away..."
  187. "But..."
  188. (They're not just warlike... they've completely lost themselves...)
  189. [flashback to the Shinsei Ward walkway]
  190. Mami: "Did you not hear from the Magius?"
  191. "We have no other choice now."
  192. [back to the trainyard]
  193. Yachiyo: "So this is the result?"
  194. "..."
  195. (In order to exterminate all of the Kamihama magical girls...)
  196. (This time they used rumors on their comrades to strengthen them?)
  197. "Oh no!"
  198. "We should have considered the meaning of their declaration of war!"
  199. (I've gotta contact everyone...)
  200. [fade black, with a phone ringing]
  201. ~~♪~~♪
  202. Momoko: "What is it, Yachiyo-san?"
  203. Kaede: "Did something happen!?
  204. Tsuruno: "That's Master for you! She seems to have calmed things down!"
  205. Yachiyo: "There were only three over by me, so others might have trouble..."
  206. "Let me put it simply."
  207. "The feathers are behaving strangely."
  208. "They're attacking without hesitation, so watch out."
  209. "Everyone, work in groups of at least two."
  210. Momoko: "You fought against them too, Yachiyo-san?"
  211. Yachiyo: "You also encountered them, Momoko?"
  212. Momoko: "It wasn't just an encounter."
  213. "They were all aiming for me. It was a close call..."
  214. Yachiyo: "Are you hurt at all? Are you safe?"
  215. Momoko: "Well, somehow."
  216. Yachiyo: "I see... Thank goodness..."
  217. Yachiyo: "Kaede, are you alright?"
  218. Kaede: "Y-yeah, I'm fine..."
  219. "But one of my friends got attacked by the Wings of Magius..."
  220. Yachiyo: "Is she safe?"
  221. Kaede: "She's mostly unhurt, but she used a lot of magic..."
  222. "Ah, but she purified her gem so she's fine."
  223. "And also, umm..."
  224. "I'm afraid of being on my own, so we're all going to the Adjuster's."
  225. Yachiyo: "Yeah, I think that's safer."
  226. Kaede: "Yeah."
  227. Yachiyo: "Then, everyone, make sure to stay in groups of at least two."
  228. "We'll meet at the Adjuster's."
  229. Tsuruno: "Ehh!? Master, you didn't ask about me!"
  230. Yachiyo: "You're the strongest, Tsuruno, so you're fine, right?"
  231. Tsuruno: "Even the strongest wants you to check on her!"
  232. Yachiyo: "...Are you alright, Tsuruno?"
  233. Tsuruno: "I was beautifully ambushed!"
  234. "But together with another magical girl we routed them!"
  235. "Hmf hmf!"
  236. Yachiyo: "So you were fine."
  237. Tsuruno: "Tehehe~"
  238. Yachiyo: "Then, that's all."
  239. "Take care, everyone."
  240. Momoko: "Got it!" Kaede: "Understood!" Tsuruno: "Yep!"
  241. Tsuruno: "Ah, that's right, Master!"
  242. Yachiyo: "What?"
  243. [back to the trainyard]
  244. Yachiyo: "Huh?"
  245. "Tsuruno? Tsuruno!?"
  246. "Maybe my signal is bad..."
  247. "..."
  248. "!?"
  249. "You've gotta be kidding... no service..."
  250. "And there's a limit to the range of telepathy."
  251. "This is bad... my only way to contact them was cut off..."
  252. "Just when we were about to meet up..."
  253. "Jeez!"
  254. TO: 8.8.1 (Yachiyo 4)
  256. 8.8 Yachiyo 4
  257. Artisan Ward street
  258. Yachiyo: "I wonder what happened so suddenly. Without signal, we can't contact each other..."
  260. 8.8.1 (from 8.7.1 Yachiyo 3)
  261. [on the street in Artisan Ward]
  262. Yachiyo: "The signal..."
  263. "..."
  264. "It's not recovering..."
  265. (It's the same no matter where I go...)
  266. (Now that it's come to this, all I can do is meet up with the nearest person.)
  267. (Kanagi was headed to Daitou, so maybe I can find her if I search for her magic...)
  268. ???: "Iyaaah!"
  269. Yachiyo: "!?"
  270. "That voice was... from over here!"
  271. [she searches]
  272. "It's a magical girl! There were still some left!"
  273. [screen wipe; we see a blue magical girl, Chiaki Riko and two black feathers in an alley]
  274. Riko: "W-Who are you!? Get away! I didn't do anything to you!"
  275. [a black feather attacks]
  276. black feather 2: "...ugh..."
  277. Riko: "Yaahn!"
  278. "W-why are you attacking me!?"
  279. [the other black feather attacks]
  280. black feather 1: "...Aaaah!"
  281. Riko: "Hya!"
  282. [Yachiyo intervenes]
  283. Yachiyo: "That was close..."
  284. Riko: "Huh?"
  285. "You are..."
  286. Yachiyo: "I'm just a magical girl who happened to pass by."
  287. black feather 1: "aaaaagh..."
  288. Yachiyo: "Jeez..."
  289. "First it's all this nonsense about saving magical girls."
  290. "They ended up doing something else, huh."
  291. black feather 2: "ugh... ugh..."
  292. Yachiyo: "What lofty goals? I'm boiling with anger..."
  293. Riko: "Um..."
  294. Yachiyo: "Leave this to me. I'll be finished soon."
  295. [battle]
  296. [Yachiyo detransforms]
  297. Yachiyo: "Are you alright?"
  298. [Riko detransforms into the Artisan Ward school uniform]
  299. Riko: "Uh... ah, yes..."
  300. Yachiyo: "Thank goodness... And also, sorry..."
  301. Riko: "Huh? What for?"
  302. "Umm, I should be thanking you here!"
  303. Yachiyo: "Ah..."
  304. (That's right...)
  305. (I was thinking that the feathers going crazy is our fault...)
  306. (But she doesn't know any of that...)
  307. "No, never mind."
  308. "More importantly, here. Your soul gem is clouded."
  309. [Yachiyo purifies Riko's soul gem]
  310. Riko: "Wah... Umm, thank you very much!"
  311. Yachiyo: "You're welcome."
  312. Riko: "And, um, onee-san..."
  313. "Who were those people? Why were they attacking me?"
  314. "I didn't do anything to them. I really didn't do anything."
  315. "But..."
  316. Yachiyo: "I understand why you might be confused. I'd like to explain..."
  317. "But right now this is an emergency."
  318. "Trying to explain might take a long time."
  319. "Sorry about this, but for now could you just take shelter at the Adjuster's?"
  320. "Later, we'll explain everything to all of you."
  321. Riko: "..."
  322. "Okay, I got it."
  323. Yachiyo: "Thanks for being understanding."
  324. Riko: "People often tell me that I'm very understanding."
  325. Yachiyo: "hehe"
  326. (Since I don't have signal, maybe I should go meet up with the others at the Adjuster's.)
  327. (Wait, huh, this uniform is...)
  328. [flashback to the Sankyou Ward school grounds]
  329. Mifuyu: "Then, let's go, Tsukuyo-san, Tsukasa-san..."
  330. Tsukuyo: "But..."
  331. Tsukasa: "We can still fight!"
  332. Mifuyu: "Let's go..."
  333. [Tsukuyo and Tsukasa detransform. Tsukasa has the same uniform as Riko.]
  334. Tsukuyo: "Yes..."
  335. [back to the alley]
  336. Yachiyo: (It's the same as that flute sister's, the Artisan Ward School...)
  337. Yachiyo: "Hey, do you know if there are any other magical girls around here?"
  338. Riko: "Uh, no... around here, it's probably just me..."
  339. Yachiyo: "I see..."
  340. (Then I should probably stop searching for magical girls around here...)
  341. (If the abnormality of those feathers is because of a rumor...)
  342. (Then clearing things up over there will stabilize the situation more quickly...)
  343. [screen wipe]
  344. Riko: "Then, thank you very much."
  345. Yachiyo: "Yes, I think we'll see each other later. Take care along the way."
  346. Riko: "Yes, onee-san!"
  347. [she leaves]
  348. Yachiyo: (Onee-san...)
  349. "Well then, I've gotta go meet up with Kanagi."
  350. *tap*
  351. Kanagi (offscreen): "I'll save you the time."
  352. Yachiyo: "Hya!"
  353. "K-Kanagi!?"
  354. Kanagi: "Yes, Izumi Kanagi."
  355. "I too was thinking of meeting up with you."
  356. "We sure think alike, Nanami."
  357. TO: 8.11.1 (Kaede 1) NOTE: read to the end of Kaede 1, then go to Rena 1, and so on, in this sequence.
  358. TO: 8.14.1 (Rena 1)
  359. TO: 8.18.1 (Momoko 1)
  360. TO: 8.23.1 (Tsuruno 1)
  361. TO: 8.27.1 (Felicia 1)
  362. TO: 8.30.1 (Kanagi 1)
  363. TO: 8.9.1 (Yachiyo 5)
  365. 8.9 Yachiyo 5
  366. in an alleyway in Artisan ward
  367. Yachiyo: "I'm glad I was able to meet up with Kanagi, but I wonder how things were in Daitou..."
  369. 8.9.1 (from 8.8.1 Yachiyo 4)
  370. [in the alleyway in Artisan ward]
  371. Yachiyo: "So, how was it in Daitou?"
  372. Kanagi: "mm..."
  373. "A magical girl I remembered was there, and I told her to take shelter..."
  374. "But just when we defeated a witch, we were taken by surprise by an attack from the feathers."
  375. "They weren't just attacking me, but everyone indiscriminately."
  376. "It seems there's no mistake that they're aiming for all magical girls in Kamihama."
  377. Yachiyo: "Beating us when we're already weak is kinda mean, huh..."
  378. Kanagi: "Presumably they're trying to keep you from having the time to use a grief seed."
  379. "How are you doing, Nanami?"
  380. [screen wipe]
  381. Kanagi: "I see, the same as me, you sent one person off to the Adjuster's."
  382. Yachiyo: "Yes."
  383. "And then I decided to meet up with someone..."
  384. "But when I tried to contact people, I had no signal..."
  385. Kanagi: "In Artisan too..."
  386. "I thought it might have just been in Daitou, but the range of this interference sure is wide."
  387. "If we can't contact each other, then all we can do is believe in one another."
  388. Yachiyo: "Yeah..."
  389. "By the way, what did you think of the feathers?"
  390. Kanagi: "They seemed to have lost themselves and were acting on instinct. Just like a zombie."
  391. "Seeing that, I can understand their boast of eliminating us all."
  392. Yachiyo: "That's right..."
  393. "This is just my opinion, but it might be the influence of a rumor..."
  394. Kanagi: "A rumor, huh..."
  395. "I didn't see how Yui-kun was, so I can't confirm or deny that."
  396. "But it would take some kind of mechanism to get all of them to end up like that."
  397. "I think it's a compelling theory that they did it via a rumor, as you suggested."
  398. Yachiyo: "We should really look into it..."
  399. Kanagi: "Do you have any clues?"
  400. Yachiyo: "If you know where those flute sisters live, then we might find clues there."
  401. Kanagi: "I see. There were white feathers among the enemies, after all."
  402. "And also, if we can stop the source of this zombification, we will be able to stop the massacre."
  403. Yachiyo: "Exactly."
  404. Kanagi: "Then that's an easy task."
  405. "Despite how things turned out, I was very friendly with Tsukasa-kun."
  406. "I'll lead the way."
  407. Yachiyo: "Yeah, thanks."
  408. [screen wipe; we see a white feather]
  409. white feather: "..."
  410. Kanagi: "So, they're blocking the way here."
  411. Yachiyo: "If they come without stopping, we won't be able to do anything."
  412. "Let's fight back while on the move!"
  413. [battle]
  414. [black screen]
  415. Yachiyo: *Haah!!*
  416. *YaaaaH!!*
  417. [it's now nighttime on the streets of Artisan Ward; the white feather attacks]
  418. "...guh....aaAAH!"
  419. Yachiyo: "Kuh!"
  420. [she collapses]
  421. Kanagi: "Nanami!"
  422. [Yachiyo gets back up]
  423. Yachiyo: (In town, the surroundings make...)
  424. someone offscreen: "Woah, w-what was that sound!?"
  425. Yachiyo: "!?"
  426. [she detransforms]
  427. Yachiyo: (This is bad, there's someone there!)
  428. [the white feather runs away]
  429. Kanagi: "It seems they don't want to involve others..."
  430. Yachiyo: "That's right..."
  431. [some guy comes up to them]
  432. guy: "What what what? What happened here?"
  433. Kanagi: "Something strange was here."
  434. Yachiyo: "Don't worry about it. You probably imagined it."
  435. guy: "But, right before, I'm certain of it..."
  436. "Wait, you're Nanami Yachiyo! I've seen you in magazines!"
  437. Yachiyo: (Ah, someone strange caught us...)
  438. [an older guy shows up]
  439. man: "I found you, Take! Where have you been wandering around!?"
  440. "Quit slacking! Do your work!"
  441. Take: "Crap... Wait, who cares about work right now!"
  442. "Look, it's Nanami Yachiyo!"
  443. man: "So what!?"
  444. [turns out the man is]
  445. Tsukasa's father: "Jeez, and Tsukasa left the housework and disappeared off somewhere."
  446. "All these good-for-nothings..."
  447. Take: "Pops, Tsukasa-chan ran away because you push her too hard."
  448. [screen wipe]
  449. Yachiyo: "He just said..."
  450. Kanagi: "He definitely just said Tsukasa. The sign doesn't lie."
  451. Yachiyo: "Amane... Bamboo Workshop..."
  452. [screen wipe]
  453. Take: "Ah, Nanami-san! Could I have an autograph?"
  454. Tsukasa's father: "Enough, just get back and scrub the floors!"
  455. "It's punishment for skipping out. They better gleam like gold!"
  456. Take: "But that's impossible!"
  457. Yachiyo: "Um, excuse me. Could I perhaps ask a quick question?"
  458. Tsukasa's father: "Huh? Sure, what is it?"
  459. Yachiyo: "Tsukasa-san hasn't come home?"
  460. Tsukasa's father: "One of Tsukasa's friends?"
  461. "Well, she hasn't come back in a few days, that's all."
  462. "If you see her, please let me know."
  463. "I'm not angry, just tell her to hurry home."
  464. Yachiyo: (She hasn't been home...)
  465. (Just like with Tsuruno...)
  466. Yachiyo: "Understood."
  467. "If I see Tsukasa-san, I'll let you know."
  468. [in front of tram tracks]
  469. Kanagi: "The chance of it being a rumor have gone up, huh."
  470. Yachiyo: "Yeah..."
  471. Kanagi: "But, I don't get it..."
  472. "Why do they want to eliminate us so badly... all magical girls in Kamihama..."
  473. "It does relate to what they said about wanting energy."
  474. "But it's not like they're making them produce their doppels."
  475. "They're just attacking and trying to eliminate us."
  476. "I know we're getting in their way, but I can't see any point to it..."
  477. Kanagi: "Mm..."
  478. "But, we have not much to conjecture on."
  479. "As long as their goal is unknown to us..."
  480. "All we can do is try to hold them back."
  481. Yachiyo: "That's right."
  482. "In order to do that, we need to erase the rumor..."
  483. Kanagi: "Why don't I try deeply reading the mind of the feathers?"
  484. "That might be faster."
  485. Yachiyo: "Then let's get moving."
  486. "Where there are magical girls, there should be more feathers gathered."
  487. "..."
  488. Kanagi: "What's wrong?"
  489. Yachiyo: "In the end, there's just no signal, it seems..."
  490. TO: 8.10.1 (Yachiyo 6)
  492. 8.10 Yachiyo 6
  493. Central Ward street
  494. Yachiyo: "I'd say there's an 80% chance the feathers are affected by a rumor... We have to hurry and remove it."
  496. 8.10.1 (from 8.9.1 Yachiyo 5)
  497. [on a city street in Central Ward, they perform a magical search]
  498. Kanagi: "As I expected, as soon as you leave the east, their numbers go up."
  499. Yachiyo: "Just as planned."
  500. [we briefly see a black feather]
  501. Yachiyo: "Kanagi, the feathers have descended somewhere nearby."
  502. Kanagi: "There might be a magical girl."
  503. [near the base of the radio tower, we see Ayaka and a black feather]
  504. Ayaka: "Wawa!"
  505. "This is the second time they've confronted me, oh my... I think you have the wrong person?"
  506. [the feather attacks]
  507. black feather: "...AAaaAH!"
  508. Ayaka: "mMYAh!"
  509. "Jeez, if you can't talk, then we can't negotiate!"
  510. "Wait, this isn't the time for that!"
  511. Yachiyo: "Exactly!"
  512. Kanagi: "We'll hold them here!"
  513. Ayaka: "Nuoo!? Heroes of justice!?"
  514. Yachiyo: "Right now, it's dangerous for magical girls to be alone."
  515. "Hurry and go to the Adjuster's!"
  516. Ayaka: "The Adjuster's..."
  517. "It's about time I get contacted by another magical girl."
  518. "So that's where I should go!"
  519. Yachiyo: "Yes, and hurry!"
  520. Ayaka: "How-e-ver!"
  521. Yachiyo: "!?"
  522. "Hurry and go to the Adjuster's!"
  523. Ayaka: "Don't worry, don't worry!"
  524. "When I think I'm this fine, I could die a hundred times."
  525. Kanagi: "What are you saying?"
  526. Ayaka: "Three is better than two, is what I'm saying!"
  527. "This is a stage set for me, so let's all stand on it together!"
  528. [battle]
  529. [Kanagi attacks a black feather]
  530. Kanagi: "They're way too easy to read!"
  531. black feather: "...uuaagh... ah..."
  532. "...UUAGH!"
  533. [the feather leaves]
  534. Kanagi: "I thought they would fall with that, but their senses are paralyzed..."
  535. "I won't let you get away!!"
  536. Yachiyo: "Kanagi! We'll follow you soon!"
  537. Kanagi (offscreen): "Mm!"
  538. Yachiyo: "Are you alright?"
  539. Ayaka: "Well, it felt like they were robots, with no response when I hit them. I was surprised..."
  540. Yachiyo: "You used a lot of magic..."
  541. "Grief seeds..."
  542. "I'm sorry, I don't have any."
  543. Ayaka: "If that's so, I'm finer than fine!"
  544. "Before, I popon! and beat a witch that appeared really suddenly!"
  545. Yachiyo: "Thank goodness, that makes me feel better."
  546. Ayaka: "Yep!"
  547. Yachiyo: "Then, let's follow that girl from before."
  548. Ayaka: "How about you? Are you fine with just the two of you?"
  549. Yachiyo: "Don't worry about us."
  550. "We're just trying to find out about the situation from those girls."
  551. [she senses]
  552. Yachiyo: "..."
  553. "She... headed for a heliport on a building, it seems."
  554. [Yachiyo leaves]
  555. Ayaka: "So cool!"
  556. TO: 8.40.1 (Yachiyo 7)
  558. 8.40
  559. at the base of the Radio Tower
  560. Yachiyo: "If I'm any later, more feathers might show up... I need to hurry and get to where Kanagi is..."
  562. 8.40.1 (from 8.10.1 Yachiyo 6)
  563. [on a helipad, Kanagi attacks a black feather]
  564. Kanagi: "Hah!"
  565. [the feather collapses]
  566. black feather: "...gah!"
  567. Kanagi: "She's finally staying down."
  568. "How dare they scurry around and run away like that."
  569. "Well, show me down to the very heart of the rumor that you took on."
  570. [she gets attacked]
  571. Kanagi: "Wha-"
  572. [three more black feathers appear]
  573. Kanagi: "New ones, huh..."
  574. "It'll take some effort, but I'll have to take care of them before this one wakes up..."
  575. Yachiyo: "Concentrate on reading!"
  576. Kanagi: "Nanami!"
  577. Yachiyo: "I'll take on the other feathers!"
  578. Kanagi: "Thanks for that."
  579. TO: 8.41.1 (Yachiyo 8)
  581. 8.41 Yachiyo 8
  582. on a helipad
  583. Kanagi: "This might be rough since I'm pressed for time, but I'll be taking a peek now!"
  585. 8.41.1
  586. [on the helipad]
  587. Kanagi: "Then, show me inside your mind!"
  588. [she uses her magic and it fades out, to a flash of red]
  589. Kanagi: "Guh!"
  590. "What the heck is this..."
  591. Yachiyo: "Kanagi, what happened!?"
  592. Kanagi: "It might be the influence of the rumor, but this is madness..."
  593. "It doesn't feel good, so I can't see!"
  594. [Holy Mami shows up]
  595. Mami: "That's right. The deeper you read, the more you'll suffer."
  596. "It's in your benefit to stop."
  597. Kanagi: "You are..."
  598. Mami: "I would have expected them to entice you to join, since you can read minds."
  599. "I'm surprised that you are together with the veteran of the west, but it's a pleasant miscalculation."
  600. "hehe"
  601. "How were the magical girls doing, you two?"
  602. Yachiyo: "You should know best of all. It's simply the worst."
  603. "And especially the feathers who you laid hands upon..."
  604. Mami: "Oh my, we simply granted them baptism."
  605. "So that they could face release without hesitation."
  606. "It isn't too late, even now."
  607. "Won't you two join the Wings of Magius?"
  608. "Just like all of the Feathers both from Kamihama and from elsewhere..."
  609. "In the near future, you two will also be saved."
  610. Kanagi: "This woman is uttering nonsense nonstop."
  611. "It's impossible to believe that we will be saved after seeing what happened to the feathers."
  612. Yachiyo: "Yeah. Our answer will not change."
  613. Mami: "I see... how pitiful..."
  614. "You can't even understand our noble goal...
  615. "The Magius's talent, and even the beauty of doppels."
  616. Yachiyo: "It's us who pity you."
  617. "You've always been manipulated by Magius like this."
  618. Kanagi: "But that manipulation itself has no meaning anymore."
  619. Mami: "What might you mean by that?"
  620. Kanagi: "We are already working to prevent this cruel plan."
  621. "Any more fighting is pointless. Hurry and withdraw."
  622. Mami: "Hehhehehe... That is irrelevant."
  623. Kanagi: "What..."
  624. Mami: "I already told you, we will be enticing you to join."
  625. "Rather than withdrawing, this is the time to be reaching out."
  626. "If their support pillar were to disappear, the others will surely settle down."
  627. [Yachiyo attacks Mami]
  628. Yachiyo: "That's no joke!"
  629. Mami: "Kuh... hehe..."
  630. "My heart races..."
  631. "When I think of the fact that we'll be taking a step down the road to everyone's salvation."
  632. "Everyone, welcome!"
  633. [screen wipe; we see two black and one white feather]
  634. Yachiyo: "You have more pawns prepared, huh..."
  635. [now we see the Amane sisters, grimacing]Ayaka: "How about you? Are you fine with just the two of you?"
  636. Yachiyo: "Don't worry about us."
  637. "We're just trying to find out about the situation from those girls."
  638. Tsukuyo: "...uuuggh..."
  639. Tsukasa: "...gaaa...aaah..."
  640. Yachiyo: "Even the flute sisters..."
  641. Kanagi: "So both the twins were fed to a rumor together."
  642. Mami: "And I even suggested a compromise, offered you a chance to join us."
  643. "You two are in the wrong for refusing."
  644. "I'll have you disappear here, on my pride for everyone's salvation."
  645. [a black feather attacks]
  646. black feather: "uugaaah!!"
  647. [a white feather attacks]
  648. white feather: "..uaaAAAH AAAH!!"
  649. Kanagi: "Kuh!!"
  650. Mami: "Izumi Kanagi-san..."
  651. "You, who can read minds, I shall guide first!"
  652. "You will become flesh to feed to the Eve, for the sake of release."
  653. "You will surely have the praise of all of Kamihama!"
  654. Kanagi: "How troublesome..."
  655. "Nanami! Take care of Tsukasa-kun and her sister!"
  656. Yachiyo: "Got it!"
  657. [Tsukasa attacks]
  658. Tsukasa: "UGAAAAAAH!!"
  659. Yachiyo: "...that was close..."
  660. "Really, just looking at you is pitiful..."
  661. TO: 8.42.1 (Yachiyo 9)
  663. 8.42 Yachiyo 9
  664. on a helipad
  665. Yachiyo: "If it were just the flute sisters, that would be one thing, but it's a pain with the other feathers around..."
  667. 8.42.1 (from 8.41.1 Yachiyo 8)
  668. [on the helipad, Tsukuyo attacks]
  669. Tsukuyo: "...GAH!!"
  670. Yachiyo: "That's not even worth worrying about!"
  671. [a black feather attacks]
  672. black feather: "...uuuuugggghh!"
  673. Yachiyo: "!?"
  674. "Another feather..."
  675. "Aah!"
  676. "kuh..."
  677. (It sure is tough when they're constantly aiming for gaps in my guard...)
  678. "And also, just from having no restraint, they're this troublesome an opponent..."
  679. "I might have underestimated these sisters a little bit..."
  680. Tsukuyo: "..."
  681. Tsukasa: "..."
  682. Yachiyo: "Even though you that you'd be fine with dying as long as everyone was saved..."
  683. "Have you two forgotten how you felt at that time?"
  684. [the sisters attack]
  685. Tsukuyo: "...Flute Flower..."
  686. Tsukasa: "...Resonance..."
  687. Yachiyo: "!?"
  688. "So they're not going to return to normal unless I erase the rumor..."
  689. Kanagi: "Using pawns one after another, you sure are going all out in this villain role."
  690. "But... this is check!"
  691. [she attacks a feather, who collapses]
  692. black feather: "...gah...ugh..."
  693. Mami: "sigh..."
  694. Kanagi: "Finally, I can face you without getting pincered, evangelist."
  695. Mami: "How cruel, calling me a villain."
  696. "I've merely run out of options for saving everyone..."
  697. Kanagi: "As a result, you've used up your pawns."
  698. Mami: "That's right."
  699. "This isn't the time for any one-on-one type idealism."
  700. Kanagi: "Let's see if that's actually how you truly feel..."
  701. "Sorry about this, but I shall read a little deeply!"
  702. [she tries to read Mami]
  703. Kanagi: "This is..."
  704. Mami: "Hehe, do you understand that my feelings are no lie?"
  705. Kanagi: "Hm, I understand well that you have no openings to take advantage of."
  706. "In sum..."
  707. "It just means I need to force you into submission!"
  708. [battle]
  709. Kanagi: "Take this!!"
  710. [she attacks Mami]
  711. Mami: "Ah..."
  712. "...ehehehe"
  713. Kanagi: "What a sturdy young lady..."
  714. Mami: "I'll take that as a compliment."
  715. "Besides, this will be the last time you can take it easy!"
  716. Kanagi: "I still..."
  717. black feather: "uuuUUGHHH!!"
  718. Kanagi: "More interference..."
  719. [Mami attacks]
  720. Mami: "Haah!"
  721. Kanagi: "!?"
  722. "Gaaah!"
  723. [screen wipe]
  724. Tsukuyo: "...uuagAAAAAH!!"
  725. Yachiyo: "kuh..."
  726. "I'm being shaved away at one-sidedly..."
  727. [Kanagi rolls onto the scene]
  728. Kanagi: "!!"
  729. Yachiyo: "Kanagi!?"
  730. Kanagi: "...Nanami... you alright?"
  731. Yachiyo: "That's my line!"
  732. Kanagi: "Mm, indeed..."
  733. "...This Tomoe person is quite a monster..."
  734. "I can't see any signs of fatigue..."
  735. Yachiyo: "If she truly has become part of a rumor..."
  736. "Its magic might be added on top."
  737. Kanagi: "Is that why..."
  738. Yachiyo: "If there were only three left to take care of, we might be able to handle it..."
  739. Kanagi: "But with this many feathers, it's hard to do anything about it..."
  740. Mami: "Well, it's time you stop resisting."
  741. "I'll kindly guide you to your release."
  742. Kanagi: "..."
  743. "Are you really human?"
  744. Mami: "Having seen the truth, I can't really say so."
  745. "After all, I am a magical girl."
  746. Kanagi: "Same thing."
  747. "I don't know if it's the rumor's influence, but you've lost the background to your mind."
  748. Yachiyo: "What do you mean, Kanagi..."
  749. Kanagi: "Even if you had a perfectly straightforward and pure feeling..."
  750. "There is always a motivation leading to it."
  751. "However, there is nothing in her..."
  752. "All I saw was her pride for saving magical girls, and her intent to complete Magius's plan."
  753. Mami: "Why certainly, that is my everything."
  754. Kanagi: "I should have noticed that very abnormality."
  755. "Normally, people's minds have a continuous linear past that becomes three-dimensional."
  756. "However, your mind has no background, a plain painted over black."
  757. Mami: "hehehe"
  758. "It's hopeless to try to agitate me."
  759. "Sorry, but I can't allow you to stall for time."
  760. Kanagi: "...No effect, huh."
  761. Yachiyo: "If all she wants to do was to execute Magius's plan..."
  762. "Then we're not going to be able to get through to Tomoe-san's heart..."
  763. Kanagi: "There's no way to remove the rumor, huh."
  764. Yachiyo: "Yes, we simply cannot understand her..."
  765. "We're completely surrounded, with enemies on all sides..."
  766. TO: 8.34.1 (Everyone 5)
  768. 8.43 Yachiyo 10
  769. on the helipad
  770. Yachiyo: "We don't have any means of removing the rumor... And all we can do here while surrounded is..."
  772. 8.43.1 (from 8.34.1 Everyone 5)
  773. [on the helipad]
  774. Yachiyo: "Then we're not going to be able to get through to Tomoe-san's heart..."
  775. Kanagi: "There's no way to remove the rumor, huh."
  776. Yachiyo: "Yes, we simply cannot understand her..."
  777. "We're completely surrounded, with enemies on all sides..."
  778. Mami: "Amane sisters, please hold these two back."
  779. Tsukuyo: "...uuungh..."
  780. Tsukasa: "nnngh..."
  781. Mami: "We shall feed their soul gems to the Eve."
  782. "You two will get to bear part of the release of magical girls."
  783. "Rejoice!"
  784. [she uses some kind of magic]
  785. Yachiyo: "Kanagi... Let's get out of here..."
  786. Kanagi: "So you think that we can do it despite being low on magic..."
  787. [we briefly see three black feathers]
  788. Yachiyo: "Together we should at least be able to punch a hole in the wall of feathers!"
  789. Kanagi: "That's right... it's too soon to give up..."
  790. [Mami is using magic still]
  791. Mami: "Now we're finished."
  792. Tsuruno (offscreen): *MASTER!!!!*
  793. Felicia (offscreen): *Yachiyoooo!*
  794. Mami: "These Mikadzuki House people really love to interfere..."
  795. [we see Tsuruno and Felicia]
  796. Tsuruno: "Time for our combination technique, Felicia! Throw me as hard as you can!"
  797. Felicia: "Alright, let's go!"
  798. "URYAAAAAA!"
  799. Tsuruno: "Flame Dance!! CHAARAAAAA!!"
  800. [she goes careening through some feathers...]
  801. white feather: "Guh!"
  802. [and ends up by Kanagi]
  803. Tsuruno: "I opened a hole, Felicia! Hurry!"
  804. Felicia: "I'm already here!"
  805. Kanagi: "You came!"
  806. Tsuruno: "Here, have a grief seed!"
  807. Yachiyo: "Thanks, Tsuruno, Felicia!"
  808. [she purifies her gem]
  809. Yachiyo: "Kanagi!"
  810. Kanagi: "Mm!"
  811. [she purifies her gem too]
  812. Yachiyo: "But why did you realize where we were..."
  813. Tsuruno: "Hehehhh"
  814. "One of the girls who came to the Adjuster's told us..."
  815. "That you two were headed to a helipad!"
  816. Felicia: "So we came to check it out, and it's as you see!"
  817. Yachiyo: "Told you..."
  818. [flashback to the base of the radio tower]
  819. Ayaka: "How about you? Are you fine with just the two of you?"
  820. Yachiyo: "Don't worry about us."
  821. "We're just trying to find out about the situation from those girls."
  822. [back on the helipad]
  823. Yachiyo: "I guess we bit off more than we could chew, having to be saved like this."
  824. Kanagi: "But now we don't have to run away, either."
  825. Mami: "And I was finally going to be able to save you two..."
  826. "I don't mind if it's four, though."
  827. "I'll guide you all at once."
  828. black feather: " how dare you... with those fans..."
  829. "Wait, hu- huh?"
  830. Yachiyo: "Hm?"
  831. black feather: "Hiiii! Nanami Yachiyo!?"
  832. Yachiyo: "!?"
  833. "What... on earth?"
  834. black feather: "H-huh? Where is it!? My pendant is gone!"
  835. Mami: "Hurry and go back."
  836. "Once more become a believer who will help with the release of magical girls."
  837. "We must grant you a baptism."
  838. black feather: "Ah, y-y-yesh!"
  839. Yachiyo: "Hah! I won't let you go!"
  840. "Kanagi, while you can, read the mind of that black feather!"
  841. "She returned to normal, so you might be able to learn something!"
  842. Kanagi: "But Nanami, what about the other opponents?"
  843. Yachiyo: "We can take them with the three of us!"
  844. Tsuruno: "Yeah, leave it to us!"
  845. Felicia: "We'll go get 'em!"
  846. Kanagi: "Got it!"
  847. [she chases down the black feather]
  848. Kanagi: "Then, allow me to take a look at your mind."
  849. "I'll pick through you down to the roots!"
  850. black feather: "Ah, aaawaawa..."
  851. TO: 8.44.1 (Yachiyo 11)
  853. 8.44 Yachiyo 11
  854. on the helipad
  855. Yachiyo: "The first time we met, I didn't expect that we would be fighting like this, Tomoe-san..."
  857. 8.44.1 (from 8.43.1 Yachiyo 10)
  858. [on the helipad, Mami attacks Yachiyo]
  859. Mami: "Get away from there!"
  860. Yachiyo: "Ugh... pant..."
  861. "We really are completely unable to understand each other, Tomoe-san."
  862. "Both when Iroha released her doppel, and at the Memory Museum..."
  863. "And now as well."
  864. "You bared your teeth at us after seeing the doppel..."
  865. "On top of joining the Wings of Magius, you aim to exterminate all of Kamihama's magical girls."
  866. "I simply cannot understand it!"
  867. Mami: "I cannot understand you either!"
  868. "Why is it that you must interfere in release!?"
  869. "But this relation will end here!"
  870. Yachiyo: "Yes, easily!"
  871. [she attacks]
  872. Yachiyo: "SeyaAAH!"
  873. [Mami attacks]
  874. Mami: "Haaah!"
  875. [but they both hurt each other]
  876. Mami: "Kya!"
  877. Yachiyo: "Kuh... ugh..."
  878. (It's just going to be a battle of attrition... Hurry up, Kanagi..."
  879. Mami: "Amane sisters! Stop the boss of the east!"
  880. Yachiyo: "Oh no!"
  881. [we see Tsuruno and the Amane sisters]
  882. Tsukasa: "...UUUAAAAGH!"
  883. [the sisters run away]
  884. Tsuruno: "Wawah, oh no! Kanagiii!"
  885. [we see the sisters]
  886. Kanagi (offscreen): "No need to worry!"
  887. [she attacks them both]
  888. Tsukuyo: "!?"
  889. Kanagi: "I had some trouble but I managed to read her!"
  890. Tsuruno: "How do we turn them back!?"
  891. Kanagi: "The rumor has to do with the pendant they are wearing."
  892. "If you forcefully take it off, it'll oppose the rumor!"
  893. Yachiyo: "Felicia!"
  894. Felicia: "Alriiiight, it's my turn now!"
  895. [a black feather attacks her]
  896. black feather: "uuuuununnngh!"
  897. Felicia: "You're not gonna hit me like that!"
  898. "And in return, I'm gonna smash that pendant!"
  899. "BAAAAAM!"
  900. [she hits the black feather, who collapses]
  901. black feather: "Guha!"
  902. Felicia: "Alright, I've got the pendant now!"
  903. "And now for this... SMAAASH!"
  904. [some bizarre rumor with various phonograph horn things shows up]
  905. rumor: |N><TYDNTOEHUNTHYNT|
  906. Felicia: "Alright, so this is going against the rumor, right!?"
  907. "If that's the case, then we'll clear it up by just bashing up the rumor!"
  908. Yachiyo: "Thanks, Felicia! You keep on fighting the feathers!"
  909. "Kanagi, you get the flute sisters! Tsuruno, you take out the rumor!"
  910. "It'll be tough, but please!"
  911. "And then I will continue being your opponent..."
  912. "Tomoe-san!"
  913. Mami: "Heh, hehehehe"
  914. Yachiyo: "You won't be laughing for long."
  915. Mami: "I wonder now."
  916. "You cannot stop the gears that guide everyone to release."
  917. Yachiyo: "But even so, we will stop them!"
  918. [screen wipe]
  919. black feather: "UUUGHHH!"
  920. Felicia: "Heh!"
  921. "Even if you all gang up on me..."
  922. "I'm not scared of you!"
  923. "Prepare yourselves!!"
  924. [screen wipe]
  925. Kanagi: "Jeez, you two sisters have always caused me a lot of trouble."
  926. "Hold on just a bit longer."
  927. "Soon I'll bring you two back to your senses."
  928. [she attacks]
  929. "Haah!"
  930. [the sisters attack back]
  931. Tsukuyo & Tsukasa: "uuunnnnnaaagh!"
  932. [screen wipe]
  933. rumor: |NT>YNTDNTOHNTY><|
  934. Tsuruno: "Now the brainwashing and driving people insane should be over."
  935. "The Strongest Magical Girl, Yui Tsuruno..."
  936. "Will put an end to this Wings of Magius slaughter operation!!"
  937. "SERYAAAAA!"
  938. [battle]
  939. [the rumor collapses]
  940. Tsuruno: "I-I did it... Yui Tsuruno has beaten the rumor!"
  941. "But, it sure was tough on my own..."
  942. [we see the Amane sisters and Kanagi]
  943. Tsukuyo: "Ah, we..."
  944. Tsukasa: "We..."
  945. Kanagi: "pant... pant... Somehow, you've gone back to normal..."
  946. [we see a feather and Felicia]
  947. Felicia: "You still... pant... pant... wanna do this!?"
  948. "I can keep on fighting!"
  949. black feather: "Ah, awa..."
  950. [now for Yachiyo and Mami]
  951. Yachiyo: "Now, the tide has turned..."
  952. "While we have used our energy, the feathers have returned to normal..."
  953. "And you should be low on energy and unable to do anything..."
  954. Felicia: "And we hunted a lot of the witches you left around."
  955. Tsuruno: "And the magical girls are all at the Adjuster's."
  956. Kanagi: "Now that you've failed to eliminate us, your plan is in tatters..."
  957. Mami: "Hehehehe..."
  958. Yachiyo: "What is it? Why are you still smiling?"
  959. Mama: "Magical girls will be freed from their spell and saved."
  960. "I am only happy that it is continuing to progress."
  961. Yachiyo: "What?"
  962. "Both the elimination of magical girls from Kamihama and hunting us here..."
  963. "You failed at both of them!"
  964. Mami: "hehe"
  965. "What was truly important is hidden deeply in my heart."
  966. Yachiyo: "..."
  967. Mami: "It is time."
  968. "The gears never stop turning. Now, our plan will be executed."
  969. [we get an overview of the city, but the lights turn red]
  970. Felicia: "Woah! The lights went out!"
  971. Yachiyo: "A blackout!? Is this... part of your plan?
  972. Mami: "That's right. We control both the city's power and its airwaves."
  973. Yachiyo: "No way..."
  974. "So that's why my phone's signal..."
  975. Mami: "Yes."
  976. "With all the commotion you caused, you made it easier for the other feathers to move."
  977. Yachiyo: "What on earth did you do..."
  978. "What are you doing with the city!?"
  979. Mami: "We called it."
  980. Yachiyo: "Called?"
  981. Mami: "Hehhehehe"
  982. "That's right, Magius called to Kamihama..."
  983. [fade to black]
  984. Mami: *The Walpurgisnacht.*
  985. TO: 8.44.1 (Everyone 6)
  987. 8.45 Yachiyo 12
  988. on the darkened helipad
  989. Yachiyo: "The Walpurgisnacht... is coming to Kamihama..."
  991. 8.45.1 (from 8.35.1 Everyone 6)
  992. [on the darkened helipad]
  993. Yachiyo: "The Walpurgisnacht is coming to Kamihama!? What are you doing!?"
  994. Kanagi: "You sure did something troublesome..."
  995. Felicia: "Huh?"
  996. "What's this something-not that you're talking about? What is it not??"
  997. Tsuruno: "Walpurgisnacht is the name of a witch."
  998. Felicia: "A witch?"
  999. Tsuruno: "It's a legend passed down among magical girls."
  1000. "The ultimate witch that causes unbelievable amounts of destruction."
  1001. Felicia: "Huhh!? What the heck!?"
  1002. "Anyway, what's the point in calling that here!?"
  1003. Yachiyo: "Even I don't know what they're thinking..."
  1004. Mami: "We will have the Walpurgisnacht hasten the hatching of the Eve."
  1005. "With that level of a witch, surely the Eve will hatch for us."
  1006. "And then we can greet the time of release."
  1007. "Hehhehehe"
  1008. Kanagi: "Absurd. You're all insane..."
  1009. Mami: "You can try to stop us, but it's hopeless."
  1010. "The Walpurgisnacht has already begun heading for Kamihama."
  1011. "Give up already."
  1012. Yachiyo: "So you're saying to sit on our hands while the city gets destroyed?"
  1013. "No thank you."
  1014. "No matter what, we'll catch Magius and stop you all."
  1015. Mami: "I told you it's hopeless."
  1016. "Either way, you all will be hunted down."
  1017. Kanagi: "You mean..."
  1018. [she senses]
  1019. Kanagi: "Nanami, there are responses all around us..."
  1020. Yachiyo: "You mean, there are more feathers coming!?"
  1021. Mami: "You reap what you sow."
  1022. "After all, you hid away all of the magical girls who we're supposed to lead to salvation."
  1023. Yachiyo: "So you called all the extra feathers here..."
  1024. Mami: "Hehhehehe"
  1025. "Before, you said that our goal has fallen apart, but too bad."
  1026. "We will still erase you."
  1027. Kanagi: "These numbers... We'll be completely helpless..."
  1028. Felicia: "I'm dead tired now..."
  1029. Tsuruno: "I can still go for a bit..."
  1030. "But I don't know for how long, after having to beat a rumor by myself..."
  1031. Yachiyo: "..."
  1032. "Now that it's come to this, I guess I have to..."
  1033. Kanagi: "You have something in mind?"
  1034. Yachiyo: "If they aimed for us, the leaders, in the hopes of taking out an emotional pillar..."
  1035. "Then we'll hunt Tomoe-san as one of the leaders of the feathers."
  1036. Kanagi: "We shouldn't have any way to remove the rumor, but..."
  1037. Yachiyo: "Yes, it is a gamble..."
  1038. "There's a chance that we might be able to get across to her heart."
  1039. Tsuruno: "But you alone..."
  1040. Felicia: "That's right!"
  1041. Kanagi: "No, if Nanami says she'll do it, then let's gamble on her."
  1042. "The feathers may have been weakened, but they have an overwhelming numerical advantage."
  1043. "Eventually our exhaustion will catch up to us and we will be caught."
  1044. Felicia: "Mmmm..."
  1045. Kanagi: "Are you ready, Nanami..."
  1046. Yachiyo: "Yes, I'll do it. So please, hold out..."
  1047. Mami: "Today will be a wonderful day to celebrate."
  1048. "The day the Walpurgisnacht began moving, and when we got to guide two leaders."
  1049. Yachiyo: "We'll see about that..."
  1050. Mami: "If you face me in your current state, you will certainly be killed."
  1051. Yachiyo: "I'd like to see you try."
  1052. TO: 8.46.1 (Yachiyo 13)
  1054. 8.46 Yachiyo 13
  1055. on the darkened helipad
  1056. Yachiyo: "It's do or die now... I have to somehow return Tomoe-san!"
  1058. 8.46.1 (from 8.45.1 Yachiyo 12)
  1059. [on the darkened helipad]
  1060. Felicia: "Guh... pant... pant..."
  1061. [a black feather attacks]
  1062. black feather: "Y-YAAAhh!"
  1063. Felicia: "Funugh!"
  1064. "Dammit, my body won't..."
  1065. black feather: "Let's catch her! Now, even we can..."
  1066. [the feather attacks again]
  1067. black feather: "YAAAAH!"
  1068. Felicia: "Nyaaa!"
  1069. [she collapses]
  1070. Tsuruno: "Felicia!"
  1071. Felicia: "I-I'm fine! I can still fight!"
  1072. Tsuruno: "But..."
  1073. "Even though we've taken out quite a lot of them..."
  1074. [screen wipe]
  1075. Tsukuyo: "Now is the time!"
  1076. black feather: "Yes!"
  1077. Kanagi: "Geh... Get away!"
  1078. [the Amane twins attack]
  1079. Tsukuyo & Tsukasa: "Flute Flower Resonance!!"
  1080. Kanagi: "Gaaah! Right into my ears!"
  1081. Tsukasa: "Kanagi-san!"
  1082. "We don't plan on killing you!"
  1083. [she attacks]
  1084. Tsukasa: "So, sorry for this!!"
  1085. Kanagi: "Gaah!"
  1086. "Guh... pant... pant..."
  1087. "Oh no... my knees are giving out..."
  1088. [Yachiyo attacks Mami]
  1089. Yachiyo: "SERYAAA!"
  1090. [Mami fires back]
  1091. Mami: "Yaaah!"
  1092. Yachiyo: "Guh..."
  1093. [Mami attacks again]
  1094. Mami: "This is the end!"
  1095. Yachiyo: "Aaah!"
  1096. "...pant... N-Not yet!"
  1097. Mami: "I'm impressed."
  1098. "The others are only just barely standing..."
  1099. "Nanami-san, you are quite extraordinary."
  1100. Yachiyo: "Well, I wonder about that..."
  1101. "I do have something to show for my seven years fighting as a magical girl."
  1102. "I cannot fall to my knees here!"
  1103. [fade to gray]
  1104. ???: *Yachiyo...*
  1105. ???: *Nanami-senpai!*
  1106. [back to the helipad]
  1107. Yachiyo: "!?"
  1108. (W-what was that? I thought I heard someone's voice just now...)
  1109. [she senses]
  1110. Yachiyo: (What's going on... inside my body, suddenly...)
  1111. [fade to gray]
  1112. Yachiyo: *This is...*
  1113. *Warm, and somehow familiar...*
  1114. *This was inside of me?*
  1115. *No, someone's magic?*
  1116. [back to the helipad]
  1117. Yachiyo: "...I can still move."
  1118. "No, now, I can even stop you..."
  1119. Mami: "I'm surprised you can put on airs in such condition."
  1120. Yachiyo: "It's not just for show. I just feel like I can do this."
  1121. "I don't know how to say it, but right now, I'm being supported."
  1122. Mami: "I don't really understand what you're saying."
  1123. "Well, it doesn't matter."
  1124. "Everyone else will soon be unable to move."
  1125. "Everyone will soon receive my guidance. It's only a matter of time."
  1126. "Come on out, my cute Florence!"
  1127. [there's a flash of white, and she reveals her doppel]
  1128. Mami: "Nanami-san, it's too late for you to surrender."
  1129. "Your fate ends right here!"
  1130. Yachiyo: "I'll say those words right back to you!"
  1131. "The same goes for your role with that rumor, Tomoe-san!"
  1132. [battle]
  1133. [Mami attacks]
  1134. Mami: "Yaah!"
  1135. [but there's nobody there]
  1136. Mami: "!?"
  1137. "Where..."
  1138. Yachiyo: "Behind you!!"
  1139. Mami: "Uuuh! Where did you get that power!?"
  1140. Yachiyo: "I don't know, even if I ask myself."
  1141. [Mami attacks her]
  1142. Mami: "Really, what a ridiculous power!!"
  1143. [Yachiyo retreats]
  1144. Yachiyo: "pant... kuh..."
  1145. Mami: "Playtime is over now..."
  1146. [she concentrates, and summons tons of muskets around her]
  1147. Mami: "Quietly submit to my guidance, and become food for the Eve!!"
  1148. Yachiyo: "That's a lot of guns..."
  1149. Mami: "I'll leave just your soul gem behind!!"
  1150. [Yachiyo summons spears of her own]
  1151. Yachiyo: "Two can play the numbers game here!!"
  1152. "I don't know what sort of rumor that is..."
  1153. "But I'll remove it with these spears!"
  1154. Mami: "There is no rumor! This is all my own will!"
  1155. "Now be blown to smithereens!!"
  1156. [fade to black]
  1157. Mami: *TIRO FINALE HOLY NIGHT!!*
  1158. Yachiyo: *ABSOLUTE RAIN!!*
  1159. [we see them facing off against one another]
  1160. Yachiyo: "HAAAAAH!!"
  1161. Yachiyo: "YAAAAAH!!"
  1162. [fade to white, and then we see normal Mami on a gray background in her school uniform]
  1163. Mami: *Having become a magical girl, tying me to life, how have I been living since then?*
  1164. *Fighting for someone else, trying to save everyone. That was what I prided myself on, but if magical girls become witches...*
  1165. *Why have I been living for? What about all the things we've killed? My whole life was blown away...*
  1166. [Mami disappears]
  1167. Mami: *And that's not all...*
  1168. [we see Madoka and Sayaka]
  1169. Mami: *I've involved those two, who admired me, in this fate as well.*
  1170. *I don't know... I don't know anymore...*
  1171. *I owe them for getting them involved in this, but at the same time I was glad to have someone to fight alongside.*
  1172. *I must do something for them.*
  1173. [they disappear, back to a gray background]
  1174. Mami: *I have to find a way to avoid the ultimate fate that awaits a magical girl.*
  1175. [now we see Magius]
  1176. Mami: *Yes, that's why I clung to them.*
  1177. *But that's not right...*
  1178. *I cannot accept what you are doing.*
  1179. [they disappear, back to a gray screen]
  1180. Mami: *But even so, why did I end up accepting that?*
  1181. [we see Holy Mami]
  1182. *Don't hide me! Don't erase me! Don't engulf my true self!*
  1183. *If this is going to happen, then please...*
  1184. *Someone...*
  1185. *Please erase me...*
  1186. [back on the helipad]
  1187. Mami: "..."
  1188. Yachiyo: "..."
  1189. Mami: "..."
  1190. Yachiyo: "..."
  1191. [Mami transforms back into her usual self]
  1192. Yachiyo: "...Tomoe-san..."
  1193. "This is how you truly feel, huh..."
  1194. [Mami detransforms]
  1195. Mami: "I... really was part of a rumor..."
  1196. Yachiyo: "But our hearts connected, so we were able to remove it."
  1197. Mami: "Huh..."
  1198. Yachiyo: "At the moment you allowed Kaname-san to live..."
  1199. "I felt that you still had some of your conscience remaining."
  1200. "And also, I feel the same about wanting to save everyone."
  1201. "So, somehow we were able to get through to one another."
  1202. Mami: "Nanami-san..."
  1203. Yachiyo: "And also, neither of us expected to be able to understand each other."
  1204. "In one way, doesn't that mean we did get through to one another?"
  1205. Mami: "Hehe, that's just playing with words."
  1206. Yachiyo: "But, we got through..."
  1207. Mami: "Thank you, Nanami-san..."
  1208. "This time, we were able to understand one another..."
  1209. [Mami disappears, and a rumor barrier appears]
  1210. [We see an all-red Holy Mami]
  1211. red Mami: |Hehhehehe|
  1212. Yachiyo: "All that's left is the rumor, huh..."
  1213. "But even I'm at my limit here..."
  1214. [screen wipe; we see two black feathers]
  1215. black feather 1: "Our Saint has been defeated..."
  1216. [and now the Amane sisters]
  1217. Tsukuyo: "You must not falter."
  1218. Tsukasa: "That's right, there are still a lot of us."
  1219. Tsukuyo: "And our opponent is injured as well."
  1220. Tsukasa: "Now, even without eliminating them all, we can at least secure them."
  1221. Tsukuyo: "Right?"
  1222. black feather 1: "That's right... now..."
  1223. black feather 2: "Yeah, even without our Saint, we alone can do plenty..."
  1224. Yachiyo: "They just won't stay down... Everyone is..."
  1225. [screen wipe]
  1226. Felicia: " they keep... popping up out of nowhere..."
  1227. [screen wipe]
  1228. Tsuruno: "I might... pant... not be able to respond anymore..."
  1229. [screen wipe]
  1230. Kanagi: "What a laughingstock, being cornered by mere feathers..."
  1231. [back to Yachiyo]
  1232. Yachiyo: "Out of the frying pan, into the fire..."
  1233. (I can't take much more either...)
  1234. [the Mami rumor attacks]
  1235. red Mami: |Hehhehehe|
  1236. Yachiyo: "My reaction was late!"
  1237. [we hear someone attack]
  1238. red Mami: |Heh!?!? Hehehe!?|
  1239. Yachiyo: "Who is it!?"
  1240. [insert image of all the other girls]
  1241. Momoko: *To think you wouldn't notice all of us coming.*
  1242. *Looks like you were in quite a pinch, Yachiyo-san!*
  1243. *This time, at least, I managed to arrive with good timing.*
  1244. [back in the rumor barrier]
  1245. Yachiyo: "Momoko!"
  1246. Momoko: "We've brought quite a few people."
  1247. Kaede: "We finished explaining things to everyone."
  1248. Rena: "There are still tons of questions though."
  1249. "But everyone agreed we needed to stop them."
  1250. [screen wipe]
  1251. white feather: "Now we won't be able to capture the veterans!"
  1252. black feather: "W-what do we do!?"
  1253. Tsukuyo: "We must fight until our bodies turn to dust!"
  1254. white feather: "No, you two have had continual battles..."
  1255. "While we hold them off, report the situation to Magius."
  1256. Tsukasa: "Tsukuyo-chan..."
  1257. "Let's do what we can..."
  1258. Tsukuyo: "How disappointing..."
  1259. [screen wipe]
  1260. Riko: "Thanks for saving me before, onee-san!"
  1261. "This time, we'll save you!"
  1262. Yachiyo: "Thanks, everyone."
  1263. "Momoko, sorry. I'll leave the end to you."
  1264. Momoko: "Yeah, leave it to us!"
  1265. "Rena, Kaede, let's give the last push!"
  1266. "We'll take care of this rumor!"
  1267. Rena: "Got it!"
  1268. Kaede: "Y-yeah!"
  1269. TO: 8.47.1 (Yachiyo 14)
  1271. 8.47 Yachiyo 14
  1272. on the rumor-ified helipad
  1273. Momoko: "Everyone, let's beat the rumor for Yachiyo-san!"
  1275. 8.47.1 (from 8.46.1 Yachiyo 13)
  1276. [the rumor dissolves]
  1277. red Mami: |Hehhehehehe|
  1278. [back on the helipad]
  1279. Momoko: "Yachiyo-san, are you alright?"
  1280. Yachiyo: "Thanks, Momoko..."
  1281. "But, are you alright coming here? What about the others..."
  1282. Momoko: "They're all fighting the feathers."
  1283. "It's become a big commotion, but we've turned the tide."
  1284. [she uses a grief seed on Yachiyo]
  1285. Yachiyo: "A grief seed?"
  1286. Momoko: "Yeah, the Adjuster gave me quite a few of them."
  1287. Rena: "And so, you are all beat up."
  1288. Kanagi: "I'm in your debt."
  1289. "I thought you were just rude, but you have a nice side."
  1290. Rena: "Huh? You picking a fight?"
  1291. Kanagi: "Mm, that's not my intent."
  1292. Rena: "Then, take it already."
  1293. [Kanagi purifies her gem]
  1294. Kanagi: "I see, this is a tsundere. This has been informative."
  1295. Rena: "Wha!? Where do you see any *dere*!?"
  1296. [screen wipe]
  1297. Kaede: "Felicia-chan and Tsuruno-chan, good work."
  1298. [she purifies both their gems]
  1299. Tsuruno: "Thank you, Kaede, you saved us."
  1300. Felicia: "Really, they were so weak, but it was tough because there were so many..."
  1301. "I couldn't just kick them away with a bang like in a game..."
  1302. Tsuruno: "Well, of course."
  1303. Yachiyo: "All that's left is Tomoe-san..."
  1304. Kanagi: "Even if we purify her gem, she might not wake up..."
  1305. [screen wipe]
  1306. Mami: "..."
  1307. [screen wipe]
  1308. Yachiyo: "It must have been hard..."
  1309. "Smashing your own pride, and accusing yourself..."
  1310. Kanagi: "She may be mature, but she's just like a middle schooler."
  1311. "I can understand having your heart overflow with emotion."
  1312. "I can't blame her for becoming part of a rumor..."
  1313. Yachiyo: "You worked hard, Tomoe-san."
  1314. Kanagi: "Yeah, good work."
  1315. "Rather than being offered to the Eve, it's better to be praised by the gods."
  1316. Yachiyo: "Yeah."
  1317. Tsuruno: "Then, next we need to go to Iroha-chan."
  1318. "If the Rumor of the Eternal Sakura is related to their base..."
  1319. "Then we'll turn the tide! Hmf hmf!"
  1320. Felicia: "Yeah!"
  1321. "That, something-not or whatever, let's stop it already!"
  1322. Momoko: "Then, we'll go with you."
  1323. Yachiyo: "Is everything okay with the feathers?"
  1324. Momoko: "We already talked to the other magical girls."
  1325. Yachiyo: "Then all that's left is Tomoe-san."
  1326. "Someone, could you take her to the Adjuster's?"
  1327. Nanaka: "I will."
  1328. "I was acquainted with her, so perhaps she will not be so cautious around me."
  1329. Akira: "Yeah, leave it to us. We'll deliver her safely."
  1330. Yachiyo: "If you know each other, then that'll be helpful. Take care of her."
  1331. Nanaka: "Accepted."
  1332. "All of you, please do what you must."
  1333. Yachiyo: "Yes, thank you."
  1334. TO: 8.48.1 (Iroha & Sana 1)
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