Mar 18th, 2017
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  2. >"I'll be out in five minutes!" Aria calls out from the bathroom.
  3. >You tie your shoes and slouch over on the foot of the bed as you wait for her.
  4. >Five minutes pass.
  5. >Then ten, and... well certainly not as much as what five minutes apparently is to this girl.
  6. >"Almost done." She says for the third time.
  7. "I don't wanna be late."
  8. >The bathroom door opens, and the sight that meets your eyes catches you by surprise.
  9. >Aria bears nothing on her body but a pair of dark green panties. Your eyes immediately rush to scoping all of her NAUGHTY BITS LOL NICE TERM.
  10. >You start stuttering as the mostly nude girl waltzes up to you with a seductive swing in her hips.
  11. >Her half smile is parted at the lips by an eager tongue.
  12. >"Oops, I forgot to cover up." Aria titters. (lol get it?)
  13. "Aria... wha..."
  14. >"But look on the bright side, we're already here."
  15. >You hardly processed what she said, only focusing on a specific pair of her naughty bits -- her handles.
  16. >Two bicycle handlebars sprout for the girl's skull. So fucking hot.
  17. >You're instantly hard and Aria sits you back down and whips your whipcock out.
  18. >Whip her with it, getting it tangled into the handles on the sides of her head.
  19. >Unf, those handles on her head.
  20. "You never told me we weren't actually going anywhere."
  21. >"Oh, I'm still going to take you places." Aria coos into your ear as you stroke the metal handlebars.
  22. >They're so fucking shiny.
  23. >Start grabbing onto them more... firmly... and rubbing them with Fred from Scooby Doo's ascot.
  24. >Aria starts moaning, and you polish it faster, spraying some sexy Windex onto it to enhance the shine.
  25. >She cums and you die.
  26. fin
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