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  1. [20:35] <LeahofCherem> In the not-so-far-off distance, the sound of a school bell chimes to mark five-o-clock in the evening. The sun is taking a leisurely dip towards the horizon, and there aren't that many clouds in the sky, marking the end of yet another "normal" day at school for Tsuboki Junko.
  2. [20:35] <LeahofCherem> With no job to speak of and no word from any UGN handler, Junko is just another member of the go-home club. It's partaking in this club's activities that we find Junko today, slowly making her way home. Just another normal day.
  3. [20:38] <LeahofCherem> It is a painfully normal, almost nostalgic feeling, that dawns on Junko as she turns the corner to see a girl and several boys dressed in high school uniforms, light brown blazers with white shirts underneath, crowding around two cowering middle schoolers. Odd, to say the least, since both of those schools aren't even that close to the campus.
  4. [20:39] <LeahofCherem> One of the high schoolers has a boken over his shoulders, arms hanging from it like a scarecrow. The other has his arm on the wall, locking on of the younger boys to the wall. The girl is watching, laughing, "Hauuuh? Where's that apology? I think Ushi might have a bruise now." Her skirt is too long to be normal, halfway down her shins.
  5. [20:39] <LeahofCherem> The strongman looming over the first middle schooler nods, "You lookin' for a fight kid? Caught me in a good mood today, I might even oblige ya'."
  6. [20:39] <LeahofCherem> The other middle schooler looks paralyzed, too afraid to intervene but loathe to leave his friend behind to his fate. Besides that, the other delinquent could easily smack him with his boken if the kid made a move. He isn't saying anything, just watching and chewing on a toothpick.
  7. [20:40] <LeahofCherem> For the record, Junko is rather familiar with the three high schoolers: a once-friend, Tomoko, and two 'underlings', Ushi and Ryuuko.
  8. [20:47] * Tsuboki_Junko can't help but groan, rolling her eyes at the scene. She wasn't just familiar with the three but their motive was too obvious. She was their target more than the kids, they just got bored waiting. She took her time to light a cigarette and roll up her sleeves before approaching. "Oi oi oi! You're on my turf, dicklords."
  9. [20:48] <LeahofCherem> "Eeeh?" The strongman stands up, looking over, "Ah, shit."
  10. [20:49] <LeahofCherem> The girl laughs, "Ah! See, I told you she'd come if we just started doing this." She puffs out her chest proudly, "The same as ever, eh Junko? Ryuuko there-" And she points her thumb over her shoulder at the boy with a boken "- thought you'd be here sooner. I guess I won that one." She makes a face over her shoulder at the other boy, who ignores her.
  11. [20:51] <LeahofCherem> Fujimoto Tomoko, once-fellow delinquent, sizes up Junko with a look, "I see you still rock the same dumb uniform. Why can't you just let the skirt go low like this, like this?" To emphasize it, she flips her own skirt around a little.
  12. [20:54] <Tsuboki_Junko> The delinquent girl tilted her head back, puffing on her cigarette as she examined the cloudless sky. She made a motion with her thumb over a shoulder, signaling the two middle school boys to take a hike. "You're a real disappointment these days Tomoko."
  13. [20:55] <LeahofCherem> In response, Tomoko raises her own arm. To his credit (maybe), Ushi looked like he was gonna beat it for a second. He never was the brightest bulb, but now he's looking between the two girls like he doesn't know what to do. Ryuuko, on the other hand, steps up behind Tomoko, hand tightening on the handle of his boken.
  14. [20:56] <LeahofCherem> The two children, seeing their chance, make a break for it. The one that wasn't pinned yells over his shoulder, "T-thank you onee-san!"
  15. [20:57] <LeahofCherem> "Not as disappointing as somebody who just up and quit," Tomoko fires back hotly. "What, you think you can make us shove off?"
  16. [21:03] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Don't force this. You've become what we fought against and I won't hold back." Hands in her pockets she walked over to a lightpost as she continues to smoke. She looked at them to make sure they were watching. She took her right hand out and after making a tight fist struck the pole.
  17. [21:05] <LeahofCherem> The sound is like a gong, or a can crunching, or perhaps both. Her hand sinks into the metal, leaving a fist-sized impact as the pole takes on a new angle. Tomoko flinches and covers her ears, Ushi curses and stumbles back a few steps, and Ryuuko almost drops his boken in surprise.
  18. [21:06] <LeahofCherem> "We should take her warning to heart," he mumbles. "Come on, this isn't worth it."
  19. [21:06] <LeahofCherem> Ushi nods, "Yeah, fuck this, let's just get out of here."
  20. [21:07] <LeahofCherem> Tomoko grinds her teeth, fists balling, before clicking her tongue and spitting. "Y-you get off light today, Junko. We'll be back though. And that time, I'll make sure I bring their spines along with them!" She turns on her heel and starts walking away, fuming to herself.
  21. [21:08] <LeahofCherem> And then, a blood-curling scream, not a even a block south of you. The sound makes your skin crawl, but it has a much worse effect on the others. Tomoko covers her ears and almost trips over her own skirt, Ishi adds his own scream to the mix, and Ryuuko goes pale (to his credit, the toothpick in his mouth doesn't fall.)
  22. [21:11] <Tsuboki_Junko> Her nostrils flare at the sound and with two tugs her hand is free of the now bent pole. Those three should be fine but the person screaming...well...cigarette clenched between her teeth Junko starts running south.
  23. [21:18] <LeahofCherem> The source of the scream, possibly, appears not long after. To anybody else, it looks like a gray flash, racing down the street towards you. From behind, Ishi screams a question asking what it is, while Tomoko and Ryuuko dive for cover.
  24. [21:18] <LeahofCherem> And then, the smell of brimstone and iron floods the air, like a thick, wet blanket. Around Junko, eyes roll into the back of heads, people collapsing like puppets with their strings cut.
  25. [21:28] <Tsuboki_Junko> She'd heard about this. A warding to put normal Humans to sleep for a while. If that was the case she could go all out, letting her 'infected' arm wake up. Grey-ish scales like a crocodile's formed on fingers up her arm, over her shoulder and onto her neck. Over that formed a shadowy beast claw crowned with rotating double helix ring.
  26. [21:29] <LeahofCherem> The blurred... thing... looks like it's going to bowl through the almost-fight, when it kicks off the ground, like a sickening comet. There's the sound of an impact, and one of the buildings takes a nice amount of damage to the exterior as the thing clutches to the plaster like an overgrown spider missing legs.
  27. [21:29] <LeahofCherem> As it stares at Junko, she's able to get a better look at it. It was once a man, a little bit taller than the normal japanese man. He's wearing a baseball jersey, orange and gray over a once-white shirt. His skin is a mottled yellow-gray, pockmarked with black zits and pimples and writhing black veins. It's mouth opens, teeth rotting and yellow, and a black tongue writhes as it hisses at Junko. All over the front of it's clothing and running down it's mouth is a thick, red liquid, and from it's teeth little pink strips dangle.
  28. [21:33] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Shit," she mutters. Looks like this one was on her. How was she going to get it though? The bastard wasn't just fast but he could jump like a pro. "Get the fuck down here you pathetic virgin weakling!"
  29. [21:36] <LeahofCherem> The creature hisses at her, a weird mix between a scream and a howl: but it isn't the scream Junko heard before. It's a more guttural, mongrel sound. The beast snarls at her, before clawing up the side of the roof and spitting and hissing at her like an angry, cornered cat. One of it's hands reaches up to claw it's ear, causing yet another screech.
  30. [21:38] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Don't you fucking move!" She points to it while yelling. She'll have to get up there to kick its ass.
  31. [21:40] <LeahofCherem> Boom. The creature, clawing at it's ears and face, suddenly flings itself off the roof, past Junko. It hits the ground with a sizeable impact, before the long claws in it's lower feet snare into the ground like cleats. Then, like a bolt, the thing launches itself away from her, heading north-east. That way lay nothing but suburbs and the river.
  32. [21:41] <Tsuboki_Junko> Another groan, head rolling from shoulder to shoulder before giving chase.
  33. [21:43] <LeahofCherem> For a raving creature of blood, gross, and muscle, the thing moves pretty fast. Or, maybe that's why it moves fast. In any case, it runs with a loping gate, using every single limb at it's disposal to fling itself forward with no regard for civillian health or property damage. It's not hard to track though, as every step leaves a giant impact in the ground.
  34. [21:44] <LeahofCherem> It doesn't pay the people who notice it any mind though, as it weaves through side-streets and backyards. Those who saw it may think it was a nightmare, but it doesn't seem to pause to maul any of them.
  35. [21:44] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Gonna pull your legs off when I catch you," she yells as she chases it. Why couldn't she move like some of the other Overed? Wings or super speed or some shit. Dammit.
  36. [21:48] <LeahofCherem> To her credit, Junko manages to keep the overed... thing... in sight for most of the chase. As it draws to the river, the thing begins to speed up as black, oily feathers begin pushing out of it's arms and legs and body. It's arms distend and extend, before it makes a truly impressive jump. Here, the river isn't too wide, but no mortal would be able to ...
  37. [21:50] <LeahofCherem> ... clear it. The creature itself only barely makes it, crashing into the concrete far end with a faint, sickening crunch. It gets up shakes itself off, looking back and screeching at Junko. It can't be mocking, can it?
  38. [21:52] <LeahofCherem> Unfortunately for the thing, there's a bridge not that far anyways.
  39. [21:53] <Tsuboki_Junko> Fuck it. She gives it the finger though, making sure it can see her and the gesture before turning to head back the way she came.
  40. [21:55] <LeahofCherem> It screeches back, vomiting blood and something dark onto the floor, before disappearing down a manhole. Strange, it looks like other, pale arms pull the cover closed after it. Well, at least you know if you want to look for it, the sewers might be a good place to start. Eugh.
  41. [21:55] <LeahofCherem> Back the way she came, there's... well, it's not exactly chaos, but it looks like a lot of people were struck with severe narcolepsy. The cracks in the ground could look like a heavy truck going over the concrete... if you look at it the right way.
  42. [21:56] <LeahofCherem> Back where the three delinquents were, there is now nothing but a poor, dented lamp. Guess they beat it pretty quickly.
  43. [21:56] <Tsuboki_Junko> More like she'll tell Cho and let the UGN deal with it. She rolls out her shoulders as she walks back toward the University, letting her powers deactivate. "Fuckin' hell."
  44. [21:58] <Tsuboki_Junko> Oh, right, there had been screaming before right? Better check that shit out. She shoved her hands into her pockets, heading south like she'd planned to originally.
  45. [22:00] <LeahofCherem> The scene where it came from... eugh. You come across a bloody picture: an alleyway turned murder scene. Blood is splattered across the wall as a young man with long black hair filled with multicolor lines lays against a dumpster. His midriff has been torn open, and long ribbons of what are probably his intestines litter the ground.
  46. [22:00] <LeahofCherem> His left arm has been bitten to a pulp, and his face is ghostly white under the red viscera. Not a pretty sight. There's a gurgling sound: how the hell he's alive is beyond Junko.
  47. [22:01] <Tsuboki_Junko> Color her impressed. She walks into the scene with hardly a gag, squatting down in front of the guy. "Betcha ain't got long. Anything insightful to say?"
  48. [22:03] <LeahofCherem> The young man coughs, blood running down his face. He looks... pretty. He's got many earrings in his ears and his clothing would have been gorgeous (if painfully tacky and flamboyant) if not covered in blood. "Please... My friends..." He can barely speak. "Let them know... I died..." He coughs again, harder. This is probably his last word.
  49. [22:03] <LeahofCherem> "Beautiful..." And his head falls to the side as his death rattle echoes out.
  50. [22:05] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Didn't catch your name." She sighs, reaching out to close his eyes. Galguys were weird.
  51. [22:07] <LeahofCherem> There's an eerie silence for a moment, before the sound of sirens in the distance. The smell of blood is almost sickening, and Junko can feel the renegade virus writhing in her arm. Looking up, a bloody hand print has been painted on the wall, the size of a man's torso. It's clear the marking was made with human-esque fingers, crude and ugly on the brick.
  52. [22:09] <Tsuboki_Junko> A hand print. Right. Noted. Time to beat it though, she didn't need to be caught here. She claps her hands together twice and bows her head, offering a quick prayer to whoever is listening before running off as fast as she can.
  53. [22:11] <LeahofCherem> Behind her, the dead guy, the sound of sirens, the smell of blood, thick and heavy. And before her... Well, in case, there probably weren't going to be many "normal" days ahead of her.
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