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May 5th, 2015
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  1. # GuiRedeemMCMMO
  3. Messages:
  4. Credits:
  5. CreditsLeft: "&7You have &c%Credits% &7MCMMO Credits left."
  6. NoCreditsLeft: "&7You have &c0 &7MCMMO Credits left."
  7. OtherPlayer:
  8. CreditsLeft: "&c%Player% &7has &c%Credits% &7MCMMO Credits left."
  9. NoCreditsLeft: "&c%Player% &7has &c0 &7MCMMO Credits left."
  10. Redeem:
  11. AlreadyRedeeming: "&7You're already redeeming credits to &c%Skill%&7. Type in chat how many you want to redeem, write 0 to cancel."
  12. NoCredits: "&cYou don't have any credits to redeem. Redeeming cancelled."
  13. NotEnoughCredits: "&cYou don't have enough credits to redeem. Redeeming cancelled."
  14. TypeHowMany: "&aType in chat how many credits you want to redeem. Write 0 to cancel."
  15. NotANumber: "&cWhat you wrote was not recognized as a number. Redeeming cancelled."
  16. MustBePositive: "&cTo redeem credits you must provide a positive number. Redeeming cancelled."
  17. PlayerCancelled: "&cYou're no longer redeeming credits."
  18. ReachedSkillCap: "&cYou tried to get to level %Level% in %Skill%, but the cap is %Cap%."
  19. RedeemSuccess: "&aYou've added %Redeemed% levels to %Skill%."
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