Raackman - Vacuous Hospitality

Jul 31st, 2015
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  1. You're paralyzed, tied up and blindfolded
  2. >How did this happen?
  3. >You currently rest on the cold ground
  4. >What did you do to deserve this?
  5. >Two men using evil weapons and spells infiltrated the school, and took you
  6. >Now they seem to be resting, one of them begins to talk
  7. >"I get that the boss said that she has some sort of hidden power, but I can't see any signs of it, as far as I can tell, she's worthless."
  8. >The voice laughs
  9. >No, he's wrong, you're not worthless
  10. >Right?
  11. >You can hardly use magic, though, and just about everyone makes fun of you
  12. >Another voice, although not as deep, responds to him
  13. >"The Logana said she has untapped power, and it's never been wrong before."
  14. >You feel a large hand wrap around your wrists, then you are lifted onto what is probably his shoulder
  15. >The one with the deeper voice seems to be carrying you, his voice booms in your ear
  16. >"That's true, I can't see why it'd be wrong this time."
  17. >If you could, you would struggle, or cry out
  18. >But for now, all you can do is allow your tears to stain your blind folds
  19. >After a while it feels like the temperature has begun to plummet
  20. >The cold goes right through your clothes
  21. >This particular cold also seems to be coming from within yourself
  22. >What are they going to do to you?
  23. >If you could talk you could tell them that you don't have any power!
  24. >You can't use magic
  25. >Well, you can use a little, but it isn't very good or strong
  26. >Your thoughts are interrupted by the sound of large doors creaking open on massive hinges
  27. >At first it's silence, save for the sound of crackling flames and footsteps on some sort of stone
  28. >Soon, you hear incoherent whispers coming from no discernible direction
  29. >Judging by the sounds of the footsteps, you're in some kind of tall, long hallway
  30. >After a while of walking you hear another set of massive doors open, and soon hear an uproar of many voices
  31. >The temperature seems to go back up, and with it the feeling in your limbs and extremities
  33. >Most of the sound seems to consist of wild laughter, yelling, screaming and cursing
  34. >It sounds incredibly chaotic in here
  35. >The man carrying you yells out
  36. >"Look here boys! This is our twentieth successful mission in a row!"
  37. >Many of the other voices start cheering and yelling
  38. >Eventually you are brought out of the room and into what feels like another spacious hallway
  39. >It's even colder in here than the first hallway
  40. >Your captors' footsteps echo even more
  41. >It even sounds like there's more footsteps, other than your captors'
  42. >You hear the sound of two even greater metal doors than any before opening
  43. >A voice calls out from far away, it's volume causing it to echo even in this massive space
  44. >"I see you two have brought what I have asked. You will be rewarded, but for now, bring her before me."
  45. >You are soon unbound, and lowered into a small chair
  46. >The pair of footsteps leaves, and the massive doors leading into this mighty room slam shut
  47. >You feel the blind folds around your head lift off
  48. >It's dark in here, and cold
  49. >You can't see any walls, save for a large one some distance away in front of you
  50. >Against the wall is a massive throne, next to it are tall, but thin windows that lead out into a dark blue sky
  51. >On the ground is a gutter filled with flames that goes outward from the throne, giving some light to the room
  52. >From above you can hear some sort of slithering and clicking sound
  53. >Even if you could look up, you wouldn't
  54. >From the throne a darkness rises
  55. >The room is not pitch black, but the space of the person in the throne is
  56. >It begins to approach you
  57. >"So, you are the source of this power."
  58. >It's voice is like a growling whisper, deep and menacing
  59. >You feel strength returning to your limbs
  60. >"Tell me, what is it like?"
  61. >You sit as still as possible, still shivering
  62. >As the dark space approaches, you grow more and more tempted to look away
  63. >"How can a small girl wield such power..."
  64. >It's voice trails off and it stops only a few feet away from you
  66. >Terror begins to stiffen your body and limbs
  67. >The cold begins to contribute to the terror, and the two sensations seem to mix
  68. >He speaks slightly softer this time
  69. >"Why do you not speak?"
  70. >From close above you hear some incoherent whispering
  71. >The dark figure in front of you begins to take some shape, becoming slightly more opaque
  72. >It appears to be a cloak and a mass of robes with an invisible face
  73. >Several pale, long and thin arms with multiple joins and massive hands begin to rise from the drapes of the robes of the figure in front of you
  74. >They reach for you, stopping a few inches from your face, then start to shake and tremble
  75. >"No, it's not coming from you... it's surrounding you."
  76. >The arms recede into the dark mass of cloth
  77. >"Now, the question is how to get it to manifest."
  78. >The darkness moves away from you
  79. >Your limbs continue to stiffly tremble
  80. >A ringing sound suddenly comes from somewhere in the room, from above?
  81. >The massive doors behind you loudly creak open once again
  82. >You remain frozen in place, not daring to look around
  83. >From behind a pair of footsteps approaches
  84. >You feel a large hand land on your shoulder and you jump at it’s touch
  85. >"We'll let you walk to your cell, now stand."
  86. >They yank you from your seat, and you uneasily stand on your trembling legs
  87. >You begin to slowly walk as the cold and terror slowly seeps from your limbs
  88. >Now you get a slightly better look at the rest of the room
  89. >Here and there are large pillars that extend from an unseen ceiling
  90. >You still can't see any walls other than the one that the throne was against
  91. >Slowly you make your way out of the room with the two men following close behind
  92. >The doors swing inward by themselves, crashing as they shut
  93. >It takes all that you have to not collapse and cry
  94. >One of them presses a barrel of some sort of weapon against the back of your head, while the other begins to walk out in front
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