Anon - A Chaos Servant

Sep 8th, 2015
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  1. >You are anon
  2. >And right now you are taking a stroll through the midnight Canterlot
  3. >Why are you out this late? One might ask
  4. >Well this walk is just to clear your mind off of one of your girl schoolmates
  5. >Rarity to be precise.
  6. >That slender body
  7. >them hips
  8. >and that ass oh my god
  9. >and she just shut you down today
  10. "Hah you? On a date with me? Not a chance anon. Learn the hierarchy of the food chain first, dear."
  11. >everyone in the school laughed at you
  12. >You are so embarassed you wouldn't care if you fell into a hole right now
  13. >And the worst part of it? Later that day you saw her with that asshole Rover.
  14. >He's dumb as shit bud damn he is big as a brick shithouse.
  15. >You heard her admiring that big sentient pile of meat
  16. "Oh darling, you are so built. Unlike that little loser Anonymous. He even asked if I would go out with him tonight! Imagine that"
  17. >And that stupid slob just nodded and stared at her knockers.
  18. >Why do all the stupid shits get girls? Why isn't there a girl who goes after brains?
  19. >And I don't mean in the zombie way.
  20. >Stupid Rarity
  21. >Who the hell does she think she is?
  22. >If you could just show her somehow...
  23. >After a while you lift your head up
  24. >Wait a minute, this isn't Canterlot
  25. >Way too many trees for that.
  26. >Oh shit is this the Everfree?
  27. >You heard drug addicts and serial killers meet in here every night.
  28. >And you don't know how did you get here
  29. >shit
  30. >Well done anon. You truly are incompetent.
  31. >You go through the forest for a while
  32. >You are completely fucking lost.
  33. >Suddenly, you hear steps behind you.
  34. >It's some old guy with a walking cane
  35. >I hope it's not a fucking pedophile.
  36. "Well hello there young man. What are you doing here at this hour?"
  38. >He looks retarded
  39. >2 color pants
  40. >each trouser a different color
  41. >And that hat looks like it has... stag horn on it?
  42. >what the fuck
  43. >Oh well, better answer him.
  44. >"Yeah, uh hi. I am... taking a walk I guess?"
  45. "I hardly see anyone these days 'just taking a walk' around these parts. You are lost aren't you?"
  46. >If you say yes he will definetly drag you to his cottage and butfuck you.
  47. >"Uh, no. Definetly no. I know my way around."
  48. "Ah that's good to know. But being here is the least of your problems am I correct?"
  49. >wat
  50. "You were thinking about a girl. Rarity was it?"
  51. >okay now is this conversation getting more than a little weird
  52. >"What the fuck are you a stalker?"
  53. "Oh no. You were thinking about proving yourself to her weren't you? I can give you strength to impress not just her, but everyone in your lowly little school"
  54. >You back up faster
  55. >"So you are magical fairy grandpa?"
  56. "Oh please, I am not a magician. I am merely proposing a trade. I can show you how to get stronger"
  57. >"And what do you want in return?"
  58. "Nothing major. Just a few favours. I can give you some of the promised strength right now if you want to."
  59. >yeah right. as if
  60. >"Is that so? Go ahead give it to me."
  61. "Okay. Give me your hand"
  62. >You oblige
  63. >He inspects your thin arm with some interest
  64. >You are definetly getting raped now
  65. >Oh well. Life is shit anyway.
  66. >He takes out a knife and passes it to you
  67. "Take it. And if you will want more strength, all you have to do is to draw your blood with it. But that will seal the deal."
  68. >Then he walks away.
  69. >Okay, seems like you got yourself a knife.
  70. >That's good. Now you can probably put up a fight if some druggie jumps you.
  71. >Then you see light through the treetops.
  72. >You head home.
  74. Next day
  75. >You wake up
  76. >You feel like shit
  77. >Your old clothes look worse
  78. >Well that was a weird evening
  79. >You take the knife out
  80. >The blade is really well sharpened
  81. >The handle is dark red
  82. >It has this weird symbol on it
  83. >Still what the fuck did that guy talk about?
  84. >Seal the deal? Cutting yourself?
  85. >You are no fucking edge emo fag.
  86. >You go into the bathroom, do the classical morning routine
  87. >Shit,shover,shave
  88. >You put your clothes on and head to school.
  89. >Man you fucking hate this place.
  90. >Everyone's an asshole
  91. >Teachers especially
  92. >You go to your Math class
  93. >You see Rarity.
  94. >you sigh
  95. >Man, you will never get a piece of that ass
  96. >You gotta figure something out.
  97. >few clases pass by, lunch break
  98. >You go to your locker.
  99. >Suddenly you feel someone is standing behind you
  100. >Here we go again
  101. >Another fucking day in the shitty life of a god damn high schooler
  102. >You turn around
  103. >see Curly Winds
  104. >this faggot again
  105. "Sup anon. Heard it didn't work out with your date yesterday huh?"
  106. >Jesus, fuck off
  107. "Anyway, I am kinda hungry. How about you invite me for a lunch?"
  109. >Normally you would just bow your head down and pay the fucker
  110. >Not today
  111. >"Piss off asshole."
  112. "How rude. Maybe I should give you a lesson in manners?"
  113. >Oh boy here we go.
  114. >Another damn asskicking
  115. >Well you can at least try to stand up to him
  116. >You see his fist coming from the left
  117. >He's slow. You can block that
  118. >You stop his incoming arm with your left forearm
  119. >It hurts a bit
  120. >You really should get some meat around these bones
  121. >Here comes another swing this time from the right
  122. >You bow your head to dodge the blow
  123. >It misses
  124. >Then you see it
  125. >Eyes on the fucking prize
  126. >He's standing with his legs spread apart
  127. >Target acquired
  128. >You bow lower and ready your fist
  129. >Then you strike upwards with all your might
  130. >Your fist meets his crotch with a satysfying smack.
  131. >Curly Winds curls up
  132. >He holds his balls
  133. >He's lying on the floor
  134. >Crying like a little bitch
  135. >That's what you get motherfucker.
  136. >Hell yeah.
  137. >You look around
  138. >You see a semi circle formed around you
  139. >All look at you with awe.
  140. >You just won your first fight on this school
  141. >You feel amazing
  143. >Oh shit.
  144. >The principal is here.
  145. >You are fucked.
  146. >But damn it was worth it.
  148. An hour later
  149. >You sit in detention
  150. >You look at your knife
  151. >Then at the clock
  152. >Still a long time to go
  153. >You start to pocket the knife when suddenly you hear a voice
  154. >It's coming through the ventilation shacht.
  155. >The vent if off but the voices are muffled
  156. >You start to listen.
  157. >It must be the infarmary
  158. >You hear a trio of voices.
  159. "That fuck just punched me in the nuts! We have to get that motherfucker for this"
  160. "Yeah!" Another voice answers.
  161. >You have no doubt. That is Bulk Biceps.
  162. >You are fucked.
  163. >"We ambush him. Right after he gets out of the detention" Third voice suggests.
  164. >You are so very fucked.
  165. >What now? The second you get out is when you get your ass beat.
  166. >You think for a moment then you remember what that old geezer said yesterday.
  167. >More strength if you cut yourself with it? It's worth a shot right?
  168. >You will have a few more scars after today anyway so fuck it.
  169. >You cut yourself in the shoulder.
  170. >You feel intense pain
  171. >Shit shit shit shit
  172. >Then a voice sounds in your head.
  173. "The pact is made. You will obey me. And in return I will give you strength!"
  174. >Fuck yes. You feel the sensation in your body
  175. >You are fucking pupmed
  177. >The bell rings, announcing the end of classes and the end of your detention
  178. >You step out of school. And just around the corner you get stopped by them.
  179. >The three assholes surround you, cracking their knuckles.
  180. "Ready to die, you little shit?"
  181. >Your body is ready
  182. >Curly throws a punch. Again from the left.
  183. >He never learns does he?
  184. >You stop his arm again but this time you start to make it into a leverage.
  185. >You push a bit
  186. >It obviously hurts him
  187. >Then you get your neck hold by a masculine arm
  188. >Then Ted steps in front of you and punches you in the stomach
  189. >You get lower and try to throw Bulk off of you
  190. >You din't manage to throw him off but now both of you are on the ground
  191. >You see a bootheel
  192. >You quickly move to the side and you hear a crunch as Ted's boot crushes Bulk's nose.
  193. >You stand up
  194. >Then you get hit in the head
  195. >Then a hailstorm of kicks and strikes swarm you.
  197. Some time later
  198. >You wake up in.... a garbage bin
  199. >The pain kicks in
  200. >You are messed up pretty bad
  201. >Everything hurts
  202. >Also everything smells bad
  203. >Time to get out
  204. >You open the garbage bin's doors and crawl out
  205. "Eep!"
  206. >You turn to the source of the sound
  207. >You see a very cute girl with long pink hair
  208. >You recognize her. That's Fluttershy.
  209. >She always tried to give you some fliers after school.
  210. >You never cared.
  211. >And now you stand in front of her
  212. >Beaten
  213. >Blodied
  214. >Smelling awful
  215. "Um excuse me mister, but... why were you in that bin?"
  216. >She must think you are some kind of teenage hobo
  217. >To be fair, you can't really blame her, given your actual state.
  218. >You can't think of an answer
  219. >You just want to go home
  221. "Oh my, you are bleeding. Here, let me help you"
  222. >She takes a small cleaning alcohol bottle out of her purse and starts cleaning your wounds
  223. >You still remain silent
  224. >Is it because you are so tired or are you just so socially retarded?
  225. >I mean she has the 'silent girl' reputation and yet she's the only one talking
  226. >She finishes cleaning your cuts
  227. >"Thanks, Fluttershy"
  228. >Her eyes widen in horror
  229. >And now you terrified her. Great.
  230. >She starts backing up
  231. "H-how do you know my name?"
  232. >"We go to the same school. We have biology classes together."
  233. "A-anon?"
  234. >Her voice is so weak right now.
  235. "What happened to you?"
  236. >It would actually seem like she is actually concerned about you
  237. >I guess there's no point in hiding your defeat. I mean this is not the first time you got your ass kicked and shoved into a garbage bin.
  238. >"I got beaten up. And then I got thrown in there." You point at the bin.
  239. "That's terrible! You should go tell someone!"
  240. >"Yeah, I would rather not. I know what happens to tell tales."
  241. "Um, in that case, maybe you would like to talk sometime? I spend most of my time at the animal shelter. If you don't mind I mean."
  242. >"Why not. But for now, I really want to go home. See you later."
  243. "Um, take care!"
  244. >With that you go home
  245. >You quietly open the door and look around
  246. >Looks like the coast is clear
  247. >If your mother saw you, she would probably ask questions
  248. >You don't want that
  249. >You slip into the bathroom undetected
  250. >After cleaning your body and treating the rest of your injuries you retreat to your room
  251. >You spend the rest of the day playing Hotline Mareiami 2
  253. Next day
  254. >Wake up
  255. >Aaand you feel even worse.
  256. >Everything hurts.
  257. >Sometimes you really hate that hell hole.
  258. >After doing your morning routine you head to school
  259. >Fluttershy was really nice to you yesterday.
  260. >Odd, considering she never even talked to you despite being in the same class
  261. >Maybe she's like that to everyone?
  262. >Well, whatever.
  263. >Here come the gates of hell.
  264. >Passing through the hallways you notice something odd.
  265. >Every other person is looking at you
  266. >Almost every group you pass start whispering excitedly
  267. >You even hear some laughs
  268. >Still nothing new.
  269. >Sometimes it feels like you get laughed at by the whole school.
  270. >You get in class, keeping your head down low, trying to ignore other people's comments.
  271. >During one of the classes a small ball of paper lands on your desk.
  272. >It contains a crude drawing of a stick man with stink lines. There's even a small arrow pointing at stickman's head. A small writing reads "anon"
  273. >Yeah real fucking original.
  274. >What is this? Elementary?
  275. >You hear snickering.
  276. >These guys have shit for brains.
  277. >You try to ignore everyone for the rest of the day.
  278. >In the afternoon it's time to go back home again.
  279. >Suddenly you hear panting behind you
  280. >Oh look, it's your fat schoolmate called simply "Big boy"
  281. >He's a real fat ass
  282. >It looks like he's been running to catch up with you
  283. "Hey anon, stop"
  284. >You stop so he can catch up
  285. >He's breathing really heavily.
  286. >"What's up Big boy?" you ask.
  287. "Hey, I saw yesterday's fight. You sure showed that asshole what happens if you keep bullying people."
  288. >"Hmph."
  289. >You don't really want to admit you got beaten after school.
  290. >It's a good thing not everyone knows what happened afterwards.
  291. "Anyway, would you like to hang out today?I have some games we could play together. It's friday night, motherfucker!"
  293. >vidya
  294. >with another person
  295. >and not through the internet
  296. >This has never happened to you until today.
  297. >But you are still hurting from yesterday's beat up.
  298. >"Yeah, sure I would love to but-"
  299. "Good day gentlemen! Would you like to test the new products of our company?"
  300. >As you want to tell the salesman to fuck off, you realize something.
  301. >You know that voice.
  302. >You raise your head and see the guy from the day before yesterday.
  303. >What the hell does he want?
  304. >Cutting with his knife didn't do shit.
  305. >You just got your ass beat.
  306. "I have a healing lotion for any injuries. You will be better, faster, stronger!"
  307. "And how much do you want for that?" Big boy replies.
  308. "Oh it's a free sample. We want to propagate our new company so we give out things for free!" The old guy exclaims,
  309. "But for you, I have a special thing: A box of cookies from our sister company! Also, entirely free!"
  310. "Oh sweet. Free food." Big boy says happily
  311. "But beware. You might get... fat after these."
  312. "I don't care. I already am fat." Big boy scoffs not giving any fucks.
  313. >"Well this is nice and all, but we really should get going" you say while walking slowly away.
  314. "Of course! Just take the lotion with you! And remember, next time you go shopping search for Discorp!" The old man shouts as you make your hasty retreat.
  315. "What an awefome guy" Big boy says while eating the cookies.
  316. >"Don't talk with your mouth full. Geez."
  317. >He gulps down the cookie
  318. "Yeah, yeah. So what about the games? You coming?"
  319. >"Eh, okay. I don't really have anything else to do anyway."
  320. >The two of you head through the city's suburbs until you arrive to a small house.
  321. >It's kinda similar to the house you live in.
  322. >As soon as you enter the house, Big boy suddenly widens his eyes.
  323. "Excuse me for a moment"
  324. >He runs to what you suspect is a bathroom.
  325. >He runs actually pretty quickly.
  326. >Like damn. You never thought you would see this much mass propelling itself at such velocity.
  328. >You explore the house a bit
  329. >No invading private looking areas though.
  330. >Seems like his old folks are working at the moment.
  331. >The house seems a bit lifeless
  332. >Except for the sounds that echo from the bathroom.
  333. >"Hey, are you okay?"
  334. "Nah dude, I think I'm going to shit my intestines out. Maybe you should just go."
  335. >You knew this day way too nice to be true.
  336. >"So, another time then?"
  337. "Yeah, later. Hnnngh!"
  338. >With that you leave Big boy to his cookie induced suffering.
  339. >You leave his house and head home.
  340. >At home you try the lotion
  341. >Fuck it smells bad
  342. >And it stings a little as you smear it.
  343. >But if he said it helps...
  344. >You just hope it won't fuck you over.
  345. >During dinner, mother makes a few remarks on how pale you are, and that you should go out on sunlight more.
  346. >After a short while you head to bed early.
  348. Saturday
  349. >Wake up feeling.... surprisingly fresh actually.
  350. >You step out of bed and stretch a little.
  351. >You feel great.
  352. >You check your body and notice two things
  353. >First, your bruises are gone and cuts left behind only small scars.
  354. >Second, there's a weird symbols burnt into your shoulder.
  355. >It looks exactly like the symbol on the knife.
  356. >How the hell didn't you notice this before?
  357. >Well, doesn't matter. You'll just hide it.
  358. >You wear a t-shirt most of the time anyway.
  359. >Have some breakfast, head back to your room.
  360. >Start playing some games.
  362. >After an hour playing you get bored as fuck.
  363. >You feel really energetic today
  364. >You could go out for a jog
  365. >Never have been out jogging before though
  366. >Sports aren't exactly your style.
  367. >Well, there's a first time for everything
  368. >You drag a pair of trecking shorts out of the closet and wear them.
  369. >You really haven't worn them for some time now.
  370. >You go out and start running
  371. >There's not really a path you would have in mind so you just run through the neighbourhood.
  372. >After half a mile you are panting slightly, but that's really an improvement
  373. >Usually you would have been breathing heavily at this point.
  374. >After half a mile more you start to run out of breath
  375. >Nevertheless, you head on
  376. >After quarter a mile you finally give up.
  377. >Not a bad distance, all things considered.
  378. >And you feel kinda... happy?
  379. >That's weird. You didn't really like excercise before. Huh maybe you were wrong about some stuff.
  380. "Um, anon? Is that you?"
  381. >"Oh, hello Fluttershy. What are you doing out here?"
  382. "The animal shelter is just around the corner. My, you are sweaty. Here, have some water"
  383. >You were getting really thirsty. That's really kind of her.
  384. >She inspects your body as you drink the water.
  385. "Oh, your bruises look healed. That's good."
  386. >Why the hell does she even care about your bruises and cuts? Nobody usually gives a damn.
  387. >"Do you get a lot of visitors at the shelter on weekends?"
  388. "Not a lot, but I should be there by now. Bye."
  389. >You say your goodbye to Fluttershy and head back home.
  391. >a few weeks pass
  392. >Big boy returns to school after a few days of absence
  393. >said he was sick
  394. >still you played some of that vidya you were promised earlier
  395. >big boy is a beast at vidya
  396. >but he's cool, shared snacks
  397. >now he's the only guy you can really call a friend
  398. >Lunch break
  399. >you walk around the cafeteria
  400. >jocks looking at you from their table smirking
  401. >fucking pieces of shit
  402. >you hope they all break their legs or arms
  403. >or both
  404. >next table are the "fashonistas"
  405. >pretentious stupid cunts
  406. >they don't even notice you walk by
  407. >you are just thin air to them
  408. >dumb bitches only care about two things : make up and jocks
  409. >giggling annoyingly while talking about either
  410. >next up: Drama kids
  411. >tried to join them once
  412. >even they laughed at you
  413. >called you a poser
  414. >those pieces of filth don't even know how to recite Shakespeare properly
  415. >irony loves stupidity
  416. >you start to walk faster passing a few more tables
  417. >then you hear one of the musicians talk
  418. >"...I invented a new riff! It's so awesome! Check it out!"
  419. >he plays the song from his mobile's speakers
  420. >speaker sound is horrible
  421. >the riff itself is shit
  422. >they all start circlejerking each other
  423. >egoistic pricks
  424. >you finally reach the dispensing window, grab your lunch and sit down next to Fat boy
  425. >he's stuffing all that food inside him like there's going to be a famine tomorrow
  426. >no wonder he gains mass these days
  427. >fucks given by him = 0
  428. >you also dig in
  429. >you need to sustain all the muscle mass you've collected so far
  430. >weird. they all said gaining muscle would be slow
  431. >guess they were wrong
  432. >your eating is interrupted by spotting the crown jewel of all degeneracy and hedonism on the school
  433. >Rarity
  434. >with a fresh guy in tow
  435. >last few guys who were seen with her seem kinda out of it lately
  436. >like she sucked the life out of them
  437. >her dicksucking game must be strong
  439. >"Hey anon, do you see that? Rarity catched another poor guy"
  440. "Yeah, I can see that. Fucking whore"
  441. >"I heard she has some sort of secret club downtown."
  442. "And people like us are never invited"
  443. >"A lot of people are not invited. Still, I wonder what it's like to be at one of these"
  444. "Probably shit. Filled with dumb chicks and horrible food"
  445. >"Ugh. I hate when they have those fancy snacks. They are so small and taste terrible."
  446. >"Anyway gotta go. See you later Anon!"
  447. >he already finished his food
  448. >that guy should do eating competitions
  449. >neverminding that you finish your food and spend the rest of your day imagining ripping Rarity to shreds.
  451. Later that day
  452. >In middle of your routing jog
  453. >Suddenly you stop
  454. >That figure over there seems familiar
  455. >Just your fucking luck
  456. >It's that bitch again
  457. >"Is this the place, Rarity?" You hear a male voice
  458. >"Yes darling, this is it. And please, don't be so loud"
  459. >They disappear in a building
  460. >So this is their "secret club" huh?
  461. >you think it's time you stopped by
  462. >You approach the building but there is a bouncer in front of the door
  463. >guy looks buff
  464. >like a lot
  465. >you are guessing steroids
  467. >choosing the direct appraoch, you walk up to him
  468. >"Invitation?"
  469. "I have none. What is this place?"
  470. >You notice his eyes are glistening and he sniffs alot
  471. >"This is a private estabilishment. Please leave"
  472. >Even the fucking nobody bouncers tell you what to do
  473. >fuck this life
  474. >Despite wanting to try your luck with him, you comply and go away as soon as he looks like giving out last warnings
  475. >on your way you notice a service door open in the back
  476. >you can hear some of the music and other sounds of a party
  477. >they will get theirs
  479. >On your way back, you encounter Fluttershy again
  480. >She seems to be carrying something
  481. >You catch up to her and offer her help
  482. >"Oh, thanks Anon. I can really use the help"
  483. "No problem. Why do you go through the night carrying such heavy stuff?"
  484. >"It's food for the animals at the shelter. These poor baby bunnies get so nevous without their food."
  485. >So late, and she still cares about the animals.
  486. >Huh. She must really love the critters
  487. >Why isn't she with her friends though?
  488. >You can always see them in cafeteria together
  489. >"Anon, can I ,um, ask you a favor?"
  490. "Sure. What do you need?"
  491. >"I need to stockpile some supplies at friday, and I noticed you are kinda strong so..."
  492. >She blushes at the last line
  493. >So cute.
  494. "Yeah sure. So, friday evening then?"
  495. >"Yes. They can't deliver on weekends so it must be by then."
  496. "Yeah okay, but, why don't you go out with friends? After all it is friday night"
  497. >"Well, um, they never invited me anywhere. But I don't mind. I am sure they have something important to do."
  498. "Important? Like what?"
  499. >"Rarity always says she has to 'manage' some place..."
  500. >Yeah right. Like her crotch. Or perhaps she has to manage all the drugs she does while screwing another football player.
  501. >"...,Sunset is always at home and doesn't respond to messages, and Rainbow Dash has soccer practice."
  502. "So all alone on the fridays then?"
  503. >"Not really. My animal friends are always there for me."
  505. >"Well, this is the place. Thanks anon, and see you at friday!"
  506. >With these words she walks off dragging the heavy bag of food
  507. >Well, that was pleasant.
  509. Next day at Fat boy's place
  510. >Instead of playing games, you explain to him what you saw
  511. >"So that's where the club is. Huh."
  512. "But the bouncer is a real piece of shit. We need to figure out a way to get in."
  513. >"Didn't you say there is a back entrance?"
  514. "Yes. But I imagine it opens from inside. Besides there is probably some staff on the other side."
  515. >"So? They will probably just get in the bouncer's way."
  516. "So you suggest rushing it?"
  517. >"What else can we do?"
  518. "Guess you are right. Now we only have to decide when."
  519. >"What about friday night? There's bound to be a lot of people there then."
  520. "No, I already have plans. What about saturday?"
  521. >"Saturday seems okay, but what plans?"
  522. "Helping a certain yellow girl "
  523. >"Oh, Fluttershy? What are you going to help her with?"
  524. "Something in the shelter. Now, how about some Mortal Kombat?"
  525. >After hastily changing the subject, you proceed to play video games with him
  526. >Even playing the games makes you angry
  527. >Anything makes you kinda pissed off these days.
  528. >You wonder why.
  530. Friday night
  531. >You are walking to the shelter
  532. >You're kinda looking forward to this
  533. >there she is
  534. >already noticed you
  535. >she was waiting for you. that's nice
  536. "Hey Fluttershy, so what do you want to help with?"
  537. >"Hello anon. I will, um, show you. Follow me please"
  538. >You follow her
  539. >she shows you a lot of crates
  540. >a lot means a fuckton
  541. "Whoa. That's alot of stuff. What is in these anyway?"
  542. >"Some supplies to take care of the animals. You don't mind helping me right?"
  543. "Of course not Flutters. Let's get to it"
  544. >you start to pick up crates an carry them around
  545. >they are heavy but lately you don't have so much problem with carrying heavy stuff around
  546. >after a while you notice something small and glistening
  547. >it's some kind of weird cage
  548. >polished to perfection
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