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  1. Mario and Luigi walked into the Mushroom Kingdom.
  3. "Nice of the princess to invite us over for a picnic, hey Luigi?" Mario sighed in contentment.
  5. "I hope she made lots of spaghetti!" Luigi exclaimed.
  7. "I'm sure she did," Mario reassured, "but you should come by the house and check on the mushrooms, okay?"
  9. "Mushrooms?" Luigi asked, a little unsure.
  11. "Yeah, you know, the ones that grow in the ground. All around the castle, there are so many that they can hardly walk around, let alone take me to see the queen."
  13. "Sure thing!" Luigi exclaimed.
  15. "Now, Luigi, the princess says we should go and see a mushroom farm that is located right next to the castle. We'll be here in a moment," Mario said, stepping into the room and closing the door behind him.
  17. "I wonder if Luigi has any idea where the princess is?" Mario asked himself, taking
  21. Mario and Luigi walked into the Mushroom Kingdom.
  23. "Nice of the princess to invite us over for a picnic, hey Luigi?" Mario sighed in contentment.
  25. "I hope she made lots of spaghetti!" Luigi exclaimed.
  27. "You betcha," Mario said.
  29. The two heroes continued to explore the kingdom. As they passed a flower shop, Mario thought to himself "I hope that store can sell some of that stuff she's talking about!"
  31. Eventually, they encountered Bowser and his minions, which was a bit of a shock to the duo. Bowser looked like a cross between a reptile and a giant turtle. It was as if Bowser had been mutated, and his skin had been torn from his body.
  33. "Bowser… that's a big guy," Luigi remarked in amazement.
  35. "What is it, Mario? I thought it was the king of Koopa."
  37. "Oh, Bowser, I don't know. He looked like a big guy and
  40. Mario and Luigi walked into the Mushroom Kingdom.
  42. "Nice of the princess to invite us over for a picnic, hey Luigi?" Mario sighed in contentment.
  44. "I hope she made lots of spaghetti!" Luigi exclaimed.
  46. They were eating their spaghetti in the castle gardens, when a voice called out to them.
  48. "Mario and Luigi, come see me!" said the voice.
  50. The trio ran to the princess and looked up into her lovely face. "You're the princess?" they asked her.
  52. "Yes, I am," said the princess. "I thought you two would like to come and see me. I have some wonderful news!"
  54. "Well, this is really great, Princess," Mario and Luigi said. "We'd love to come and see you!"
  56. The princess turned around and looked into the sky. "Not in a thousand years," she said, "I'm afraid I am leaving to save the Mushroom Kingdom!"
  58. The three turned to the
  61. Sakurai announced the newest DLC character for Smash Ultimate. That character is the new DLC for the Smash Bros. universe's Captain Falcon, Lucas.
  63. In addition to the Captain Falcon DLC, Sakurai has confirmed the next Smash game coming out will be Mario Kart 7.
  65. He also commented on the recent controversies with the Nintendo Switch.
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  69. Sakurai announced the newest DLC character for Smash Ultimate. That character is Hilda, the queen of the fairies. Hilda is a "special character" exclusive to Smash Ultimate, which means she can only be played as one of the four characters in Smash 4, not as any other character in the game.
  71. According to Sakurai, Hilda was added to the roster due to "popular demand" from fans, so Nintendo will likely make more characters available for the game. This means that if you've been looking forward to being able to play as the king of fairies, this might be the character for you.
  73. Porky Minch from the Mother franchise is in development as an animated series for Nickelodeon, as part of a planned series of animated series for the network. A second episode will be available in a couple weeks.
  75. The project has been in the works for about two years, and it was first reported by Deadline earlier this month. The new series, which will take place years after the original series, will be produced by Sony Pictures Television and Sony Pictures Animation, which is the same division that developed "Sonic Boom."
  77. "I am so proud to have had the opportunity to work with my friend, Nick at Nickelodeon and the wonderful crew at Sony Pictures Animation on this wonderful, new project that will be a true gem to both audiences and the entire creative community at Nickelodeon," Minch said in a statement. "As a fan of the series, I was happy to collaborate with the folks at Sony Pictures Animation and the talented team to bring the adventures of Porky Min
  79. Jace Beleren is a planeswalker from the Vampires faction.
  81. He is a master at using the power of vampires. His master has been dead for a long time, but Jace still feels an immense pull from the night when the sun rises and the sun sets.
  83. Jace can use the power of any plane to grant him great power or drain it away, and he has taken his skills from all over the Multiverse.
  85. Contents show]
  87. History Edit
  89. Jace has a long history in Magic as a Planeswalker. As such, his lore and character is deep and varied, and he has been referenced in many places, including:
  91. Jace is also the son of Elspeth Tirel and Jace Beleren, a half-brother of Gideon Jura.
  93. Jace was born in a secluded cave in Innistrad. He was left there when his parents were killed by an angel, but was discovered by a group
  95. Ral Zarek is a planeswalker who wields a blade named Tariel. His unique weapon was stolen from him by the demon lord Teferi and has now been used by many other planeswalkers. The blade's powers are as vast as the planeswalker's. This weapon is wielded by Ral Zarek as his primary weapon in battle.
  97. Contents show]
  99. Description
  101. The blade has an ethereal blue handle with silver pommel and a long, thin blade. The hilt has four thin rings that form a perfect circle around the handle. The hilt of the sword also forms a perfect circle around the grip of the blade. The blade is a golden hue and the hilt and grip are both metallic. The blade's hilt has six narrow, diamond-shaped holes around the edge. The blade has a single, small, straight silver-white spike on the bottom of the blade. Ral Zarek's blade has an ethereal
  103. Ral Zarek is a planeswalker who was banished to Rath. There, he began an experiment to create the perfect lifeform: an artificer with the power to craft creatures to the highest quality, who would be able to transcend the boundaries of their mortal form. Zarek eventually perfected the process, creating the first Phyrexian, though the other Phyrexians were unable to survive.[1]
  105. After Phyrexia was wiped out by the Rathi Overlay, Zarek was imprisoned on the plane of Innistrad by Liliana Vess, who believed that the Phyrexians had destroyed her people. When he attempted to escape from Innistrad with Liliana, they were trapped in a dimensional storm and imprisoned in the Phyrexian vault, which was constructed from a mix of the bones of a thousand Phyrexian corpses.[2]
  107. While in the vault, Zarek began to grow and develop a personality.[3
  110. Chandra Nalaar is a planeswalker who lives within the planeswalker's bubble, and it's her job to keep the multiverse safe. Chandra is also the daughter of Nissa, one of the most powerful and beloved planeswalkers in the multiverse, who left her homeland for a life of peace and harmony among her fellow planeswalkers. After Nissa's death at the hands of a monstrous Eldrazi, Chandra swore to protect the multiverse from future atrocities and to bring peace and harmony back to Zendikar. The last thing Chandra wants to do is become a Planeswalker herself, so she uses her powers for good. She keeps the multiverse safe and keeps her friends safe, all while trying to get revenge for Nissa's death. Her main ally, Jace Beleren, was exiled to Zendikar and now serves as Chandra's main enforcer.
  112. "I'll see you in hell, Liliana."
  114. Chandra Nalaar
  117. Gideon Jura is a planeswalker. Gideon Jura is the most powerful planeswalker in all of Magic.
  119. And he is very, very sad.
  121. Let's talk about the things that have happened in this week's episode of The Worst.
  123. Briefly, it has been almost a full calendar year since Wizards' last set, Return to Ravnica, came out. We've had a small set, a large set, two small sets, two large sets, a set that came out after Return to Ravnica (Gideon's Defeat), and a small set.
  125. So, we're not used to this. I mean, we're used to a year or more of waiting. But this is the most waiting I have ever seen. In fact, it has taken a full year and a half.
  127. But that's ok. We can still enjoy this.
  129. The Return to Ravnica set, called "Theros," has
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