Crime Never Pays

Mar 20th, 2013
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  1. >Day Crime Never Pays in Equestria.
  2. >Be Bon Bon.
  3. >Anon has you in his grasp.
  4. >You try to buck him off but to no avail.
  5. >He’s just too strong.
  6. >He chuckles sadistically.
  7. >”Well, well, well. What do we have here?”
  8. >”You just thought you could waltz in here like you owned the place?”
  9. >You try to spit at him, but it doesn’t even get close.
  10. >”You should stop resisting. You’re just going to hurt yourself.”
  11. >He forces your face to the ground.
  12. ”Let me go you monkey!”
  13. >”That’s not a nice thing to say.”
  14. >His hands explore your body.
  15. >Your tears start to flow freely.
  16. >”Who am I kidding? You won’t listen to me anyway.”
  17. “Please stop.”
  18. >”Why? You are the one who came into my house uninvited.”
  19. >”I have the right to do anything to protect myself and my household.”
  20. >He places a hand on your mask.
  21. >You move your hooves to stop him, but he easily bats them away.
  22. >He starts removing your mask, but then he stops.
  23. >What is he doing?
  24. >”I have to admit. I am curious, but not knowing will make this even more interesting.
  25. >He leans in close.
  26. >”You could have prevented this.”
  27. >You look at him.
  28. >He uses one hand to unzip his pants.
  29. “Don’t do it, Anon! I’m sorry.”
  30. >He shakes his head.
  31. >”This is for your own good.”
  32. >
  33. >Two days earlier.
  34. >”One of these days you’re going to get caught.” Lyra says harshly.
  35. “Me? Never.”
  36. >Lyra shakes her head.
  37. “I’m too fast and cunning.”
  38. >”Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”
  39. “Yeah? Well, what do you contribute?”
  40. >Lyra feigns indifference. She’s heard this speech before.
  41. “What do you do all day?”
  42. >You knock the paper out of her magical hands.
  43. “Nothing. That’s what. I’m out there every day trying to make a living.”
  44. >You bear your teeth at her.
  45. “You sit here and practice forming magical hands.”
  46. >You feel your anger boiling over.
  47. “What’s wrong with your Celestia damned hooves?
  48. 1/8
  50. >Lyra clenches her magical hands.
  51. >She keeps them at her side.
  52. >Why is she so obsessed with having hands?
  53. “Do you know what it’s like to haul garbage?”
  54. >”I –“
  55. “That’s right. You don’t know because you’re just a mooch.”
  56. >”I’m going to make something of myself one day.”
  57. “With what? Your fantasies about being a super hero?”
  58. >You point at her poorly made costume.
  59. >It has been lazily thrown on the couch.
  60. >She probably wore it earlier today.
  61. “Hello. Equestria to Lyra.” You say as your grab the costume.
  62. “We live in the real world. There are no super heros!”
  63. >You throw the costume at her.
  64. >”Hey! I don’t have to take this.” Lyra sneers as she gets up.
  65. >She walks toward the door on her hind legs.
  66. >What a freak.
  67. ”Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!”
  68. >Lyra slams it for good measure.
  69. “And come up with a better name too!”
  70. >What kind of hero would call herself “The Handler?”
  71. >You don’t know why you put up with her.
  72. >You take a deep breath to calm yourself.
  73. >You look at your meager earnings – a small pile of gems from the jewelry dealer.
  74. >It will take a while to fence these off.
  75. >What you need is a big score.
  76. >One big enough so you can take a vacation.
  77. >Or better yet, big enough to move away from this dump town.
  78. >Anon is one of the richest ponies in P0nyville.
  79. >He probably has a vault with a mountain of bits.
  80. >Now, you need an in.
  81. >
  82. >The next day.
  83. >You are in the sitting room of Anon’s mansion.
  84. >Octavia has brought you a drink.
  85. >She is Anon’s maid.
  86. >Apparently she screens vendors for him as well.
  87. >”So how exactly does this service differ from your normal garbage disposal?”
  88. “I’m glad you asked.”
  89. >You bring out a diagram of your services.
  90. 2/8
  91. “This is what you currently have.”
  92. >You point at the picture of yourself hauling away garbage.
  93. “With the basic service I just haul away trash from your dumpster.”
  94. “With the gold plan I will enter the house and clear up to five trash bins.”
  95. >”But that’s my job. I clean for Anon and take the trash to the dumpster outside.”
  96. “Just think about how much free time you will have with the gold plan.”
  97. >You put a hoof on her and wave toward the ceiling with the other.
  98. ”I’m sure Anon has other things you could be doing.”
  99. >Octavia blushes and pulls away slightly.
  100. >”I don’t know. It looks a bit expensive.”
  101. “Right now I’m offering a one month trial period without any additional charge.”
  102. >You show her your patented smile.
  103. >”And if he doesn’t like the service, you can cancel and return to the basic service.”
  104. >Octavia thinks it over for a moment.
  105. >”Alright. You’ve got a deal.”
  106. >You two shake hooves.
  107. >”Let me show you around.”
  108. >You follow Octavia as she shows you the mansion.
  109. >You’ve never been in such a large house.
  110. >It must take forever to clean.
  111. >Anon had a billiard room, a private library, several spare bedrooms.
  112. >”And this is my… boudoir.” Octavia says as she blushes slightly.
  113. >Sweet Celestia even Anon’s maid’s room is fancy.
  114. >He must be soooo loaded.
  115. “I don’t want to be nosey, but aren’t you a musician? Why are you working as a maid for Anon?”
  116. >Octavia frowns slightly. It must be an embarrassing story.
  117. >”I play music in my spare time, but it doesn’t pay the bills.”
  118. >You nod knowingly.
  119. >”But I am not Anon’s maid.”
  120. >Then why is she wearing that ridiculous outfit?
  121. >Octavia looks at you with obvious embarrassment.
  122. >”Can I tell you something in confidence?”
  123. >Oh this is going to be juicy.
  124. “Of course.”
  125. >Tavi scuffs the ground. You can tell she is looking for the right words.
  126. >”I’m part of his herd.”
  127. 3/8
  128. >That’s disgusting! With a – what is Anon anyway? A monkey?
  129. >It doesn’t matter anyway. It’s just plain sick!
  130. >Tavi turns away.
  131. >”Forget I said anything. You wouldn’t understand.”
  132. “You can’t leave me hanging like that. Tell me more.”
  133. >”Well… I was playing a private concert for him, and then we started drinking.”
  134. >”One thing led to another, and we…” Tavi pauses, ”Well you know.”
  135. >That is so sick.
  136. >”He was my first, so I decided to stay with him.”
  137. >Tavi smiles at you now. She looks like a weight has been lifted from her.
  138. >”He didn’t understand at first, but I explained how I felt and he let me stay.”
  139. >Octavia must be a very traditional mare.
  140. >You’ve been with a few stallions, but you have never felt the need to form a herd with them.
  141. >Although, you wonder what it would be like to be the passive one.
  142. >You’ve had to scratch and fight for everything you ever had.
  143. >Here, Octavia is content being subservient to Anon.
  144. >Will you ever find something like that?
  145. >”He’s a good man. He taught me a lot about myself.”
  146. “Does he make you wear that?” you say as you point at her maid uniform.
  147. >”No. It’s more for me than him. I want to keep his house neat and clean for all the kindness he has shown me.”
  148. >You want to shake your head in disgust, but you have to stay on her good side.
  149. “When can I start?”
  150. >Octavia shrugs.
  151. >”Tomorrow should be fi-“ Octavia stops herself.
  152. >”Actually we will both be out tomorrow.”
  153. “That’s fine. I can start another day.”
  154. >”Well…” Tavi puts a hoof to her chin. “I’ll leave the side door open for you.”
  155. “Sounds like a plan.”
  156. >This is going to be too easy.
  157. >”You can show yourself out right?”
  158. ”Sure. Where is your restroom?”
  159. >”Two doors to the left.”
  160. >You thank Octavia and she begins practicing with her cello.
  161. >You leave the boudoir and go past the restroom.
  162. 4/8
  163. >Now, where would Anon keep a safe?
  164. >Certainly not in his bedroom.
  165. >That would be too easy.
  166. >But then again… he is just a simple monkey.
  167. >You decide to check it out anyway.
  168. >His master bedroom is just as magnificent as the rest of the house.
  169. >The sheets look like they are made of silk.
  170. >You indulge yourself and touch them.
  171. >They are so soft.
  172. >Why does he have so much and you so little?
  173. >It’s not fair.
  174. >Enough moping. You have a job to do.
  175. >You start scouring his room.
  176. >Seemingly everywhere are luxurious trinkets.
  177. >Finally, you find your prize.
  178. >Anon’s safe is bolted to the floor of his walk in closet.
  179. >You examine the locking mechanism.
  180. >This is going to be foals play.
  181. >You turn the knob a few times.
  182. >You strain your ears to hear the clicking of the mechanism.
  183. >This shouldn’t be too hard.
  184. >This might be the easiest job you’ve ever had.
  185. >
  186. >The next day.
  187. >Octavia left the door open just like she said she would.
  188. >Ponies are too trusting.
  189. >You can’t help but smirk.
  190. “Hello?”
  191. >No answer. The place is empty just like she said it would be.
  192. >You put on your mask in case anyp0ny pays an unexpected visit.
  193. 5/8
  194. >You trot calmly to Anon’s room.
  195. >You leave all the trinkets behind.
  196. >This has to look like a planned robbery and not a smash and grab.
  197. >Nop0ny would suspect you of theft.
  198. >No, they all look down on you.
  199. >They all think that you are a simple mud pony.
  200. >Let them think that.
  201. >You’ll be laughing all the way to the bank before any of them know what hit them.
  202. >You place a hoof on the locking mechanism.
  203. >You turn it a few times and listen for the click.
  204. >It only take a minute to find the right combination.
  205. >The door clicks and swings open slightly.
  206. >This is it.
  207. >You laugh greedily at your prize.
  208. >You put a hoof in.
  209. >Wait. Whats this?
  210. >Papers?
  211. >Where is the loot!?
  212. >These are just deeds and certificates.
  213. “BUCK!”
  214. >You cover your mouth with your hooves, but the deed was done.
  215. >You quickly throw the papers back into the safe.
  216. >Looks like this is going to be a run of the mill burglary.
  217. >”What the fuck are you doing?”
  218. >You freeze.
  219. >Sweet Celestia you’ve been caught.
  220. >You turn to the voice.
  221. >It’s Anon, and he doesn’t look happy.
  222. >How did he sneak up to you?
  223. >You must have taken too much time gloating.
  224. >You flip out a knife and brandish it toward him.
  225. “Where is your money?” You say flatly.
  226. >You hold your jaw out slightly to produce a flat and unremarkable voice.
  227. >The voice of a disinterested professional.
  228. >You’ve practiced this countless times.
  229. >He will probably think you are a small stallion.
  230. >”You’re making a mistake.”
  231. “That funny. From my point of view, it’s you who is in trouble.”
  232. >You two stare at each other.
  233. >You lunge at him with your knife.
  234. >He jumps back.
  235. >You take this opportunity to run.
  236. >Your hoof still clings to the knife.
  237. >It clanks loudly on the wood floor as you run.
  238. >He’s fast. He’s almost on you.
  239. >You knock over a fern in the hallway and he hurdles over it.
  240. >Shit! He’s almost on you.
  241. >As you run you turn to look at him.
  242. >He lunges at you and his weight crushes you under him.
  243. 6/8
  244. >Your knife clacks on the floor and slides just out of reach.
  245. >Anon has you in his grasp.
  246. >You try to buck him off but to no avail.
  247. >He’s just too strong.
  248. >He chuckles sadistically.
  249. >”Well, well, well. What do we have here?”
  250. >”You just thought you could waltz in here like you owned the place?”
  251. >You try to spit at him, but it doesn’t even get close.
  252. >”You should stop resisting. You’re just going to hurt yourself.”
  253. >He forces your face to the ground.
  254. ”Let me go you monkey!”
  255. >”That’s not a nice thing to say.”
  256. >His hands explore your body.
  257. >Your tears start to flow freely.
  258. >”Who am I kidding? You won’t listen to me anyway.”
  259. “Please stop.”
  260. >”Why? You are the one who came into my house uninvited.”
  261. >”I have the right to do anything to protect myself and my household.”
  262. >He places a hand on your mask.
  263. >You move your hooves to stop him, but he easily bats them away.
  264. >He starts removing your mask, but then he stops.
  265. >What is he doing?
  266. >”I have to admit. I am curious, but not knowing will make this even more interesting.”
  267. >He leans in close.
  268. >”You could have prevented this.”
  269. >You look at him.
  270. >He uses one hand to unzip his pants.
  271. “Don’t do it, Anon! I’m sorry.”
  272. >He shakes his head.
  273. >”This is for your own good.”
  274. >He covers your mouth with his hand, and lines himself up.
  275. >He easily invades you.
  276. >He moves slowly and rhythmically.
  277. >”If you keep stealing, you can expect more of this.”
  278. >He moves his hand from your mouth.
  279. >You have given up trying to fight him off.
  280. >He already has you.
  281. >”Ponies will do a lot worse than this to you in prison.”
  282. >Your body quivers under him.
  283. >He’s so big.
  284. >”Crime never pays.”
  285. >He holds you close and you can feel him finishing inside you.
  286. >Your body tries to milk his.
  287. >He gets up slowly.
  288. >He walks to the bathroom and returns with a towel.
  289. >He hands it to you.
  290. >You wipe your eyes.
  291. 7/8
  292. >”Why are you doing this?” he asks.
  293. >He sits beside you.
  294. ”I can never get ahead in life. This seemed like an easy solution.”
  295. >You don’t look at him.
  296. >”Crime doesn’t pay,” he repeats himself – softer now.
  297. >”Are you going to call the police?”
  298. >He frowns – thinking things over.
  299. >”No… you’ve already paid for your crime.”
  300. ”You’re just going to let me go?”
  301. >He nods.
  302. >A few minutes pass in silence.
  303. >He just raped you, but he’s also trying to teach you a lesson?
  304. >Are all monkeys like this?
  305. >He could have you thrown in prison for a long time.
  306. >And he is willing to let you go.
  307. >You look into his eyes.
  308. >He looks hopeful.
  309. >You could leave and just forget about all of this.
  310. >Something inside you wants him to know.
  311. >You take off your mask.
  312. >You want him to see your face.
  313. >He sits there still.
  314. >You get up and hug him.
  315. >You’ve had to act tough your whole life.
  316. >Just once, you want to be the one taken care of.
  317. >You want to belong to him now.
  318. >
  319. >A week later.
  320. >Be Lyra.
  321. >Bon Bon has moved in with Anon.
  322. >She said that he makes her feel whole.
  323. >Anon thinks he can just do whatever he wants.
  324. >You put on your cape.
  325. >He obviously has never met…
  326. >The Handler.
  327. fin
  328. 8/8
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