Mar 27th, 2017
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  1. Kamen Rider  Heisei Part 7: DenO and Kiva
  2. Once Again, The Worlds Have Connected [+600 done this before, I just have to split them up and defeat means friendship them, and repeatedly show that I am here to preserve things it shouldn't be too hard especially since one of my forms is basically giant robot decade but also the world's largest tank and a nuclear submarine.
  3. Earnest Youth free . It has the discounts I want
  4. Soft-Spoken free for Earnest Youth this will help with the friendship part
  5. Unlucky Day free for Earnest Youth hell yes!
  6. Cowardly lion -100. Thank Ms. producer this exists!
  7. Singularity point -300 discount for Earnest youth, I have to do this for the belt since it isn't sold separately . Definitely going to feed it to Battler G
  8. Double action -300 discount for Earnest youth and what I really need it for.
  9. J-touch -600 300 taken from stipend -300 total cost my alt forms include kaijū, kryptonians,Czarnians, giant robots, bio weapons, tangible masses of shadow, lava monsters , NGE Angelsand a 50 foot Frankenstein's monster this is going to be very handy. And considering I've imported battler G Basically everywhere and fed him all the power armor I've been able to come up with, or come across this is definitely going to be awesome.
  10. Machine J-Bird: looks like me in my undisguised basic form free for Earnest Youth , yeah this is the motorcycle I'm going to upgrade, magic nearly indestructible wheels, inertialess drive, cosmic energy module upgrade interface, ethical microiverse battery, GBE mounts,
  11. DenGasher -100 discount Earnest youth, a very versatile weapon no idea how to upgrade it though
  12. Climax Cellophone J-Taros -200 discount Earnest youth upgrades such as this are keystones of any proper build.
  13. J-Liner: import the fortress that moves -300 discount Earnest youth , I'm going to have to do some writing for this, considering a chunk of my companions get left on the sidelines since they don't like being imported my companions , such as Dante,Armageddemon,Korosensei,etc or are not really relevant anymore, such as the,the Black Egrets Waddle Dee retainers this will be a great way to get them more involved,the Black Egrets
  14. Imagin:Tin , free with singularity point hey there, welcome aboard
  16. the plan:1. Get seriously into competitive rice and flan eating 2. Fight various monsters alongside the protagonists. 3. Forcibly reincarnate Fangire souls as humans 4 experiment with my new abilities.
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