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  3. You both like TodoBaku, Klance, Sheith, Fantasyasheiji, BakuDeku, Symbrock, and TodoDeku.
  5. You: ((ey! fantasyasheiji!!))
  7. Stranger: [Aaaaay hey again!]
  9. You: ((hiya! you said you'd get our log? do you have a link or smthng?))
  11. Stranger: Yes indeed!]
  13. You: ((fantastic! ty!))
  15. Stranger: [you’re welcome!]
  17. You: ((oof, one sec!))
  19. Stranger: [take your time :)]
  21. You: ((okay i'm back!!))
  23. You: ((thanks, bud!))
  25. You: ((okay if i remember correctly, ash was gonna be an archer/rogue elf, and eiji was gonna be a healer/mage human who likes to make ash squirm by kissing his ears??))
  27. You: ((sorry that image has just. STUCK WITH ME. it's so overly /eiji/))
  29. You: ((that and i think i had the headcanon of him not initially breaking out of golzine's prison b/c he was worried about causing an international incident?? ))
  31. Stranger: [yup you got that right! And don’t worry that image is absolutely my favorite image in like forever!]
  33. You: ((would you be alright if i tried my hand at eiji? don't get me wrong, bamf confident ash is a fun time to play! but eiji's got his own stuff going on and i'd love a chance to try rping as him))
  35. Stranger: [that’s no problem at all to me! you’re free to choose whoever you’d like to! I’m really excited to write this tbh!]
  37. You: ((me too, bud!!))
  39. You: ((should we start with ash visiting eiji in golzine's dungeon's then?))
  41. Stranger: [yeah that sounds good to me! Would you like to start or should I?]
  43. You: ((i'd love if you could start us off!))
  45. You: ((it doesn't have to be super long))
  47. Stranger: [Of course! Just give me a minute and I’ll start!]
  49. You: ((take your time!))
  51. Stranger: Golzine loved to brag, it was in his nature after all. So when he spouted out that he caught the man who stole the ancient relic they had been looking for. Of course Ash was going to be curious. The ancient relic had been enclosed in their temple for years and years, someone had swiped it under their noses without a second thought. Having it returned with the culprit in hand was a bold statement. And a rather proud one with how Golzine prattled on about it, almost akin to the way he bragged about getting Ash. Nonetheless it peeked the Omega’s interest. It was under the cover of the dead of night as he slid through the winding halls, swiping a loaf of bread from the kitchen before making his way down into the dungeons. His nose immediately wrinkling at the dull scents that permeated the dungeons. Picking out the freshest one as he strayed far from the bars, close to the wall. As if there were still people there, the newcomer’s time was ticking away. Soon Golzine would be bored of bragging about capturing and want to start bragging about how he killed the man that disrupted their temple. He stopped as the scent went stronger, settling his gaze on the hunched over form. Slacking his jaw, he tore off a piece of bread and the elf threw it so that it hit the other.
  53. You: Bread bounded off the top of Eiji's head and he scrambled to catch hold of it before it might hit the ground. "Ah, thanks. You guys had me worried you were planning to starve me or something." The roll was thick and aromatic but Eiji didn't need to smell it to know that it was rich with seeds. His hands could already feel the expensive texture of the bread. Luxury wasn't usually within Eiji's means, and he was surprised to be given such well made food as a prisoner. Though, they had certainly made him wait for his meal. "Do Elves usually eat at night?" Eiji didn't truthfully know much about Elves. They were a rarity back home. So rare in fact, that Eiji had never seen them in person before coming to their temple island.
  55. Stranger: “That was the plan but we decided poisoning the bread was better.” Ash let out dryly as he sat down on the cool floor. The elf tilted his head as he watched the other cradle the piece of bread as if it were a newborn child. At the question, he huffed, noting the curved ears the other had. So definitely a human. He had heard stories though he hadn’t seen much of them considering he was bound to the temple. “Yes, that’s when our prey is the weakest. Asleep, possibly weak from hunger.” He replied with a teasing grin curling onto the corners of his mouth. “Are you going to eat the bread or just stare at it? It’s warm now, it won’t be in an hour or two.”
  57. You: Blinking back at the Elven stranger, Eiji couldn't help his face from splitting out into a grin. Slipping soon afterwards into a laugh. "Please don't take this the wrong way, but you're a lot more personable than the company I've had so far." With his first bite Eiji had to stop himself to really enjoy it. Moist and warm, it really was freshly made. "Things are such high quality here," he sighed between eager bites. "Is it true you can see in the dark, or is the night vision thing just another rumour about you guys?"
  59. Stranger: He felt his chest flutter slightly at the sound of the other’s laugh. His eyes flitting off to the side as he huffed out a quiet laugh under his breath. “I suppose the cell walls can only have so much personality.” He murmured as he moved to press his knees against his chest. Glancing over to the human invader as he ate, rolling his eyes. “It’s actually true. Our eyes also glow in the dark, it’s a little unnerving for newcomers.” He ran his fingers through his light colored hair, “How many rumours have you heard about us and who in the seven hells cares enough to make them?”
  61. You: "Where I got my internship was a pretty secluded place, and people did what they could to avoid getting bored." The cells weren't the dank horrifying place that Eiji would have expected a dungeon's to look like, but they weren't exactly comfortable either. Well. Aside from the food and the new company that was. "Is this the normal way you guys react when people return stuff to you?"
  63. Stranger: Ash let out a hum, that was the cause of many spread rumors. He himself knew that considering he had mostly be squestered in this land for almost his entire life. He swiped a thumb under his nose, sniffing quietly. His brows furrowed at the revelation, glancing up as he locked eyes with the newcomer. “Returning stuff...?” He asked, curiosity settling over his features.
  65. You: Lamenting how he burned through the delicious bread, Eiji picked the remaining crumbs from his palms. Up until a new thought made its way into his head. Eiji's face paled. "I didn't damage it along the way, did I? Or maybe it was damaged before," he trailed off. Searching the strange Elf's face offered Eiji no answers.
  67. You: ((ahh sorry brb!))
  69. Stranger: [don’t worry!]
  71. Stranger: Ash blinked as he put two and two together. Scooting closer to the bars, “You returned didn’t...steal it.” His green eyes flickering over his expression to find any matter of deceit in his expression. “You were returning it and he threw you in here, is that what I’m getting?”
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