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  1. fates
  3. Your reality, your dimension
  5. Daniel returned to his dorm after a long day at college. Lots of classes and fairly hard lectures made him fairly tired. As usual, his dorm was empty as his roommates went elsewhere to do who knows what.
  7. Oh no, he wasn't actually alone. He realized that after leaving his side of the dorm to get on the couch to play the Nintendo switch. Someone was on the couch. Someone that he never knew in real life. Someone that shouldn't exist because he himself created her.
  9. A silver-haired girl- no, Dawn- was there, unconscious -or sleeping, he supposed- on the couch in the common area of the dorm, covered in a blanket.
  11. Daniel wasn't sure what to do. So he decided to do the most sensible thing to do when a girl was sleeping on the couch: wait for her to wake up, of course.
  13. It worked... but he was eventually in the front end of a magic circle, with Dawn behind it. He almost immediately stood up, backing away. This wasn't a doppelganger, this was the real Dawn.
  15. “Who are you?” She said threateningly.
  17. “My name is Daniel.” Daniel said, trying to stay calm, but failing to do so. Dawn sighed, satisfied, and then dissipated the magic circle. Daniel sighed in relief, and regained his composure. He sat back down in his chair afterwards.
  19. “So you're the one in the texts. Our 'creator'.” Dawn said, emotionless, while crossing her arms. She took Daniel's roommate's chair, sitting in it.
  21. “You could say that.” Daniel said. “How did you get here to our world in the first place?”
  23. “A spell that I had read about and was curious to activate it.” Dawn replied simply.
  25. “That so?”
  27. They sat there in silence. Dawn broke it eventually, however.
  29. “May I see your unfinished narrative?” She asked. Noticing the computer, she dragged her chair over beside Daniel.
  31. Daniel was confused as to how Dawn knew of their story's unfinished status, but he let her, nonetheless.
  33. “Uh... Sure, I suppose.” After logging into Quip, Daniel moved over to allow Dawn to look at the computer, then he realized. “You... Do you know how to work this computer?”
  35. She shook her head. “No, I do not know of human technology, so you will need to guide me through this.”
  37. And so he did. Dawn got the hang of it fairly quickly and was now reading through the barely finished story Daniel was working on. After finishing the story, she gave a comment.
  39. “It is... decent I suppose. An accurate representation of what has happened thus far. Here is a question, however. Why have you not finished it?”
  41. Daniel looked pensive. “I just... I just kinda don't feel motivated to write the story lately. What with everything else I'm doing lately.
  43. “Why don't you? Do you know what you have done?”
  45. Daniel looked at her, confused.
  47. “The world from where I come from is frozen in time, waiting for your next move. Nothing moving. I only was able to find that book because I seemed to be immune to the effects.”
  49. Daniel stayed silent for a minute. “I just wish I could get rid of my writer's block.”
  51. “Why don't you join us then?” Dawn asked. “The texts say that a creator would be able to resume the story once they join in.
  53. “Is that so?” Daniel replied before pondering for a while. “This sounds nice, but I don't know.”
  55. Dawn leaned forward a bit, a bit creepily. “You could get your greatest wishes from them. It's simple to grant them with our magic.”
  57. “How did you know of them?”  Daniel asked.
  59. “I have my  methods.” Dawn answered simply.
  61. But Daniel was already thinking of her earlier statement, having thought for a long while before coming to an answer. “...Alright. I will join you then. I need to see this to the end.”
  63. “Alright.” Dawn said and then activated a spell, teleporting them both to Avalon.
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