Cleaning up Hemophages, Session 3

Oct 4th, 2015
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  1. Oct 05 07:26:56 <ST> So, when we last left the Protagonists, our super spies were in the kitchen, hearing people move above them.
  2. Oct 05 07:28:48 * Markus grimaces as he listens to the radio comms, "Movement above you, looks like someone is leaving, or going for a snack."
  3. Oct 05 07:30:06 * Valencia_D scowls. "Whoever Vader is, they stay away from the camera. Be careful."
  4. Oct 05 07:30:23 <JaredBlack> "I hear it. The target's father isn't Dutch..."
  5. Oct 05 07:31:23 * JaredBlack watches the guards downstairs through Jackie's mirror
  6. Oct 05 07:33:03 * JaredBlack looks for some places that they won't bother watching...
  7. Oct 05 07:38:11 * JaredBlack points the blind spots out to his coworker, after he stuffs the maid into a closet and leaves the door just open enough to let in air.
  8. Oct 05 07:46:52 <ST> (Okay, you make it through the hallway.
  9. Oct 05 07:46:57 <ST> )
  10. Oct 05 07:47:10 * WilliamOrnstein follows the NWO operatives
  11. Oct 05 07:48:31 <ST> You are now near a set of spiral stairs up to the second, and a doorway to the outside. You hear a man..roar, like a tiger.
  12. Oct 05 07:49:10 * Annabell turns her full attention to the feed.
  13. Oct 05 07:49:32 <ST> (It sounds over the radios the guards are carying, they are clearly much closer to it then JB and JB.)
  14. Oct 05 07:50:31 <Annabell> "Reality Deviant confirmed then?" She questions.
  15. Oct 05 07:50:43 * Markus flinches, "Bozhe Moi, what the fuck was that?"
  16. Oct 05 07:52:01 <ST> "<Come on, roar with me!>" the man says in accented Spanish. "Your ancestors knew the strength of the Jungle, it can be yours again!"
  17. Oct 05 07:52:07 * JaredBlack pulls a pistol out of his suit jacket and pushes a button on it to switch to incendiaries.
  18. Oct 05 07:52:23 <Jackie_B> "Definitely reality deviant," Jackie subvocalizes. "Permission to exterminate?"
  19. Oct 05 07:53:48 <Markus> "Nyet, confirm the target's location first!"
  20. Oct 05 07:54:35 <Annabell> "Finding him would certainly be a good idea."
  21. Oct 05 07:55:26 <ST> The guards caugh, and try to roar.
  22. Oct 05 07:55:55 * Markus snickers, "Nekulturny indeed."
  23. Oct 05 07:55:59 <Valencia_D> "Did... did he try to make the guards into RD?!"
  24. Oct 05 07:56:12 * JaredBlack listens to his crap. Is it simple RD babbling, or something deeper?
  25. Oct 05 07:56:47 * WilliamOrnstein Peers into the other side of the Gauntlet
  26. Oct 05 07:57:35 <Annabell> "I'd suggest moving on before the RD accomplishes anything." Annabell remarks dryly.
  27. Oct 05 07:59:32 <Markus> "Valencia, find them another route if possible."
  28. Oct 05 07:59:36 <ST> William: The Cherry Trees seems to have much stronger spirits then one would expect.
  29. Oct 05 08:00:15 <ST> Also on the oposite side of the gauntlet the house and orchareds seem to melt into the jungle.
  30. Oct 05 08:00:34 <Valencia_D> "...alright, he'll make a perfect distraction. Continue to the leader's room."
  31. Oct 05 08:02:09 <Jackie_B> "Roger." Jackie slinks up the stairs, and checks the floor above carefully.
  32. Oct 05 08:02:17 <ST> (Okay you are in the room with the stair way, and to the north is the Office/master suit that the boss spends most of his time in.
  33. Oct 05 08:02:33 * JaredBlack texts "confirming Reality Deviance on the part of the roaring man. Some sort of twist on basic leadership."
  34. Oct 05 08:03:10 <WilliamOrnstein> "Got it" William follows Jackie, looking to prevent surprise attacks.
  35. Oct 05 08:03:42 <ST> (To the south is a hallway with 6 guards and a old man man not quite running at where you are.)
  36. Oct 05 08:04:37 <Markus> "Confirm if I should prepare for overt action."
  37. Oct 05 08:04:52 * JaredBlack follows Jackie and tries to think of what sorts of blinds spots the old RD's twisted mind and those of people he's influenced would have.
  38. Oct 05 08:06:32 <Jackie_B> "RD spotted, should we engage?"
  39. Oct 05 08:07:12 * JaredBlack points out some places that the RD and his guards are unlikely to bother searching.
  40. Oct 05 08:07:24 <Annabell> "While it would be admirable to kill it now, I think recovering the boss would be best."
  41. Oct 05 08:08:05 * JaredBlack nods in agreement with Annabell
  42. Oct 05 08:08:06 <Annabell> "Although there may be chances of the RD not being an ally of the boss." She murmurs to herself.
  43. Oct 05 08:09:18 <-- Cassiemouse has quit (Quit: Leaving)
  44. Oct 05 08:11:22 * JaredBlack texts "They're on at least good enough terms for him to be allowed in the house. Additionally, the target's irrational rejection of basic communication technology is a possible symptom of RD influence."
  45. Oct 05 08:12:03 * Markus snorts.
  46. Oct 05 08:12:45 <Valencia_D> "...shifter is remarkably irrational, yes." Valencia sighs. "At least Hemophage is more... civilized. Usually."
  47. Oct 05 08:14:26 <Valencia_D> "I can't establish his identity! He may have Cloaking active."
  48. Oct 05 08:15:42 <ST> The RD's guards have arived at the top of the spiral stair case, he pauses, and looks out at the sky.
  49. Oct 05 08:16:35 * JaredBlack observes him through the feed, to refine his use of blind spots.
  50. Oct 05 08:17:06 <Jackie_B> "I can take him out now," Jackie fingers rest on the trigger of her SMG gently. "Just say the word."
  51. Oct 05 08:18:21 * WilliamOrnstein Checks their HF Blade, not wanting to use conventional firearms except as a last resort.
  52. Oct 05 08:18:31 <Valencia_D> "Negative. Secure the target first."
  53. Oct 05 08:18:32 <ST> "Wait. They are here for 'the Boss'."
  54. Oct 05 08:19:01 * Annabell makes a noise of frustration.
  55. Oct 05 08:19:26 <ST> "Ed, alert your Sergent."
  56. Oct 05 08:19:29 <Annabell> "I'd suggest we just kill him now. He already knows we're here."
  57. Oct 05 08:19:46 <ST> "Not by radio you fool!"
  58. Oct 05 08:20:02 * JaredBlack "he doesn't know where we are specifically"
  59. Oct 05 08:20:03 <Valencia_D> "Damn. Markus, get ready!"
  60. Oct 05 08:20:17 * Markus grunts, "Pryom."
  61. Oct 05 08:20:23 <Jackie_B> "Are we going loud?"
  62. Oct 05 08:20:36 * JaredBlack takes aim at the RD
  63. Oct 05 08:20:38 <ST> Two of the guards head towards the boss, while the rest start down the stairs.
  64. Oct 05 08:20:55 <ST> (In cluding the RD).
  65. Oct 05 08:21:13 * Markus grabs a Magnetic Accelerator from his pack and begins locking it onto his gun, "Move over, I'm driving."
  66. Oct 05 08:22:45 * JaredBlack puts his pistol away and soaks the clean dishrag in the compound he used on the maid. He follows the guards, sticking to their blind spots.
  67. Oct 05 08:22:49 <Annabell> "Recovering the boss is more important, but with the RD headed his way I wouldn't say it matters if we go loud or not."
  68. Oct 05 08:24:49 * JaredBlack texts "take out the other guard for me?" to William and Jackie with his other hand.
  69. Oct 05 08:25:40 * WilliamOrnstein draws HF Longsword.
  70. Oct 05 08:30:29 <Jackie_B> "No choice now,
  71. Oct 05 08:31:08 * Jackie_B tosses a grenade up the stairwell, and begins firing her SMG
  72. Oct 05 08:34:43 * WilliamOrnstein Correspondence ports behind a guard for a backstab.
  73. Oct 05 08:34:59 * Markus immediately puts the van into gear prepares to ram the front door...
  74. Oct 05 08:35:27 * JaredBlack holds the rag over a guard's face and whispers "say, does this smell like chloroform to you?" It's less helpful than he was expecting.
  75. Oct 05 08:36:13 <ST> The guard growls and tries to elbow Jared.
  76. Oct 05 08:37:00 * WilliamOrnstein Sneaks so hard it becomes correspondence for a backstab
  77. Oct 05 08:37:39 * JaredBlack attempts to redirect the blow away with his palm
  78. Oct 05 08:39:16 <Markus> Smashing through the doors with a deafening crash, the van skidded to a stop as Markus kicked open his door and hefted his LMG "If they're not allies, shoot to kill!" He barked at the Victors.
  79. Oct 05 08:39:27 <ST> Okay, the guards are knocked to the ground, those unhit by the smg fire are thrown back by the granade.
  80. Oct 05 08:39:46 <Markus> "If you see the target, subdue, but do not kill him!" He clarified.
  81. Oct 05 08:41:01 * Jackie_B darts forward, shooting guards thrown to the ground. "Markus, eliminate the RD, I'm going to see if I can't grab the objective before he runs away."
  82. Oct 05 08:41:55 * Markus nods, "Moving!" He waves the Victors to follow him as he starts to hunt down the RD.
  83. Oct 05 08:42:31 * Jackie_B dashes forward, shooting open the door lock, and bashes open the door. "Freeze!" She sweeps the room with her SMG, in a threatening manner.
  84. Oct 05 08:43:40 * Markus taps rapidly at his Mark 4 computer on his belt, attempting to activate the AP-Protocol for the Smart Fluid in his ammunition.
  85. Oct 05 08:47:53 * JaredBlack doesn't manage to block the guard's strike, but doesn't make it worse for himself either.
  86. Oct 05 08:48:10 <Markus> With a beep and an icon flashing in his AR-Glasses, the nanotech smart fluid reformed into the Union-standard AP core. Markus continued moving to intercept the RD.
  87. Oct 05 08:50:45 <ST> The Target dives down, while two guards jump infront of him.
  88. Oct 05 08:51:26 <ST> Their guns out and pointing towards her.
  89. Oct 05 08:51:36 * JaredBlack is fine, and tries to drive his elbow into the nearest sensitive spot on his opponent.
  90. Oct 05 08:53:12 * Jackie_B frowns slightly and dives for the ground, shooting. "Your resistance has been noted." She remarks, as sprays the remainder of her clip lunging into cover.
  91. Oct 05 08:53:39 <ST> The guard lets out a very small grunt and starts to turn, so he can get his smg pointing at Jared.
  92. Oct 05 08:54:10 <WilliamOrnstein> If the guard I got is dead, I target the guard moving on Jared.
  93. Oct 05 08:55:22 <ST> Yeah.
  94. Oct 05 08:57:24 <JaredBlack> Can I use dexterity for a grapple?
  95. Oct 05 08:58:18 <ST> Yes.
  96. Oct 05 09:03:20 <ST> Markus almost dodges the supernatually fast clawed fist that hits his side.
  97. Oct 05 09:03:48 <ST> But one claw hits him.
  98. Oct 05 09:04:17 <Markus> "Oof!"
  99. Oct 05 09:07:11 <ST> Jackie and the guards both have a lot of hot lead fly over their heads.
  100. Oct 05 09:08:06 <Markus> "Not bad, scum." Markus grunts as he shifts his weight and takes aim at his assailant, before pulling the trigger.
  101. Oct 05 09:09:05 <ST> Unfortunately before he can raise the trigger, two more strikes stab towards his neck.
  102. Oct 05 09:09:51 * JaredBlack keeps his face perfectly, unnaturally blank as the guard he's fighting suddenly dies thanks to Williams' quick action. "Thank you," he says mechanically, then draws his pistol and starts advancing toward the target's room.
  103. Oct 05 09:09:52 <Markus> "Hah, nice of you to put up a fight!"
  104. Oct 05 09:11:46 * Jackie_B reloads her clip as she crawls under tables and lead. Idiots, she thinks. They're firing on full auto. There's no way their guns aren't going to jam.
  105. Oct 05 09:11:51 * WilliamOrnstein Follows JaredBlack
  106. Oct 05 09:11:57 * Valencia_D eyes widen. "It's Superstitionist, not Shifter!"
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  114. Oct 05 09:32:43 <ST> The spray of bullets into the coiling mass of muscel that is the RD makes him howl in pain, his movements still lighting fast, but now sligtly awkward, blood pours from his wounds.
  115. Oct 05 09:33:30 <ST> And he roars striking with imposible force.
  116. Oct 05 09:33:39 <Markus> "Urgh!"
  117. Oct 05 09:39:19 * Markus manages to roll backwards with the blows, rising to his feet with the LMG raised.
  118. Oct 05 09:45:24 <ST> The target's room: the guard sputters, falling backward but not dead yet.
  119. Oct 05 09:45:36 <ST> The other guard charges at you using his gun as a beat-stick.
  120. Oct 05 09:46:41 * Jackie_B casually unholsters her now fully loaded smg and fires straight into the other guards chest
  121. Oct 05 09:47:12 <ST> Markus dodges the first blow completely.
  122. Oct 05 09:51:26 <Markus> "Hup!"
  123. Oct 05 09:53:26 <ST> Guard stumbles but doesn't fall.
  124. Oct 05 09:55:01 <ST> and he manages to close to cqc, aiming a weak blow at Jackie.
  125. Oct 05 09:56:59 <-- Annabell has quit (Client exited)
  126. Oct 05 09:58:15 <ST> Markus feels the second blow hit and hurt.
  127. Oct 05 09:58:36 <ST> His plates help, but not as much as he would like.
  128. Oct 05 09:59:01 <Markus> "Ergh, that actually stung. Not bad."
  129. Oct 05 09:59:14 <ST> ROAR
  130. Oct 05 09:59:52 * Markus spits, "Barbarians, every last one of you."
  131. Oct 05 09:59:57 * JaredBlack takes cover and watches the boss they came here to kidnap. What could he do to convince the man to surrender?
  132. Oct 05 10:01:08 * Markus whips up the LMG again and pulls the trigger...
  133. Oct 05 10:02:18 <ST> The guard falls to the ground.
  134. Oct 05 10:03:05 <ST> The scared man JaraedBlack sees is pretty close to surrendering. He just has a pistol and his guards guns jammed at just the wrong moment.
  135. Oct 05 10:03:38 <ST> Just make him think he can get out of this alive.
  136. Oct 05 10:06:40 <ST> The beast man roars and dives out of the way of the cannon.
  137. Oct 05 10:06:48 <JaredBlack> "You don't have to die here," Jared says, suddenly. "Nobody else needs to die here. Just surrender."
  138. Oct 05 10:06:55 <JaredBlack> "Please."
  139. Oct 05 10:07:33 <ST> And then lunges at the Iterator, leaving after images as it goes.
  140. Oct 05 10:07:51 <Markus> As the wall is torn apart by the modified LMG, Markus smiles, "Pah, more of your tricks."
  141. Oct 05 10:08:48 <Jackie_B> "Alternatively, I could shoot you a lot," Jackie offers as an ultimatum.
  142. Oct 05 10:09:05 <Jackie_B> "No one said you had to come in unharmed."
  143. Oct 05 10:14:10 * JaredBlack 's sincerity is undeniable. He honestly wants to save Sen. Rodriguez from harm and his guards from death, and it's plain to see on his face, along with his sorrow for the dead.
  144. Oct 05 10:14:30 * Markus jerks to the side, the claw attack managing to come close as he pulls the LMG up again, "Not this time."
  145. Oct 05 10:14:47 <ST> The boss drops his pistol and then slowly raises his hands "I don't know who you are, but you've won. I'll call off as many of my men as I kind."
  146. Oct 05 10:15:43 * WilliamOrnstein parkours towards Markus's Adversary with phenomenal speed, blade ready to strike
  147. Oct 05 10:17:31 <ST> The RD tries to dodge and manages to avoid some of the bullets the majority of the attacks catch him in the center of mass.
  148. Oct 05 10:18:39 <ST> breaking his body appart into 4 seperate peieces. His Head, His left arm/shoulder, his right arm, and his legs.
  149. Oct 05 10:19:13 <Jackie_B> "Right, if you would just accompany us," Jackie saunts over to the boss and stops an inch away from his face. "We can be formally acquainted with a few friends."
  150. Oct 05 10:19:32 * Markus smirks at the gory mess left by the nearly point-blank burst, "Dasvidanya." He spits mockingly.
  151. Oct 05 10:20:02 * WilliamOrnstein Marvels at the sheer violence conventional firearms are capable of
  152. Oct 05 10:21:09 <Markus> "The Barbarian is terminated, Comrades." Markus reports, "This place is ready to be sanitised."
  153. Oct 05 10:21:34 <ST> "What ever you want. Just..can I please get a radio to call off my men. I can hear the gun .."
  154. Oct 05 10:21:55 <ST> His voice trails off as the sound of the LGM fades away.
  155. Oct 05 10:22:30 * JaredBlack , if the boss is telling the truth, smiles, and pulls out his smartphone. Tapping it a bit, he says "here, we've tapped into your communication lines."
  156. Oct 05 10:22:57 <Jackie_B> "Ah, that would be one of our friends," Jackie smiles, sharklike. "Or rather, that would be one of our friends, finishing."
  157. Oct 05 10:25:04 * JaredBlack sighs. "If only that man hadn't been a superstitionist... but please, speak quickly."
  158. Oct 05 10:26:52 <ST> "Of course you have. I..This is Sen. Rodriguez announcing complete surrender. Code lost Jaguar. Surrender, I repeat I am surrendering."
  159. Oct 05 10:27:48 <ST> "There that should do it. I can't promiss non of them will try to be a stupid hero, but I've done my best."
  160. Oct 05 10:28:08 <ST> "Hero's get shot as I've said my self."
  161. Oct 05 10:28:33 <Markus> "If you've secured the target, I'm going to start up the van."
  162. Oct 05 10:30:02 * JaredBlack takes his phone back and nods.
  163. Oct 05 10:30:54 * Jackie_B Jackie gives an affirmative. "See if you can load up all the guards. Otherwise, we'll leave some vics behind to make sure they don't do anything stupid."
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