WOTC invent buildings

Feb 24th, 2020
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  1. Each nation has its own set of buildings, invented by YOU, the controlling player. You start the game with no buildings at all.
  2. *Follow this sheet to invent a new building
  3. ** A building can only be built on the next round after its invention (never on the same round / action)
  4. *** The stronger the building is, the more it will cost. Each attribute you add to the building costs an "Ingenuity point"(see sheet below), the more ingenuity points you invest - the higher the price for it is going to be.
  5. **** The maximum amount of ingenuity points you can invest equals to your nation's level, and additional point for every 2,000 population (example: a nation level 4 with 2,200 population can invest up to 5 ingenuity points when inventing a building)
  6. --
  9. Name: [Name your building, doesn't cost any ingenuity points]
  10. Description: [Optional; for fluff. Describe or draw how you want this building to look on the map]
  11. Wealth: 0 [Adds income to your nation. Each +1 wealth point you add costs 1 ingenuity point]
  12. Population growth: 0 [Generates more population each turn. Each +20 population growth costs 1 ingenuity point]
  13. Progress: 0 [Generates progress each turn. Each +400 progress costs 1 ingenuity point]
  14. Religious devotion: 0 [When you build this building, you can devote it to one of the gods. Each religious devotion point costs 3 ingenuity points]
  15. Terrain: ___ [Determines which type of terrains the building can be built on(Plains, Forest, Cliffs, etc). Each type of terrain after the 1st that you add to the list costs 1 ingenuity point, first terrain costs nothing. Adding a River terrain costs 2 ingenuity points]
  16. Fortification: 0% [Army bonus when defending this building's tile. Each +20% costs 1 ingenuity point. MAX 40%]
  17. Special effect: [Optional; invent a special effect that this building does and assign any amount of ingenuity points to boost that effect. Explain your desired effect in general, don't use any numbers or math when describing, the exact value of effect will be determined by the DM]
  18. Restrictions: [Optional; you may assign restrictions to this building, the DM will grant a price reduction to this building according to how much your restrictions are harsh(Example for a restriction: can only be built next to the starting city)]
  19. Gold Cost: [Leave blank(DM decides). How much gold this building costs, price generally goes depending on the amount of ingenuity points used for this building: 1=1000g. 2=5000g. 3=15,000g. 4=30,000g. 5=50,000g. 6=75,000g. 7=110,000g. 8=160,000g. 9= 240,000g. 10=360,000g. 11=500,000g. 12=700,000g, 13=1,000,000. Prices may drop by Restrictions]
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