Pre PM Onyxia Side Session

Sep 15th, 2017
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  1. Shima: >Onyxia's post
  2. Shima: "That's what I was hoping on. I don't know if its just the shinyness they smell, but if it is then there has to be loads of stuff they overlooked that just needs some rust removal to be bright."
  3. Onyxia responds as they search the area.
  4. "Though they might have been more thorough than I thought..."
  6. Onyxia looks around the area, giving another search through the city, closer to the lake this time. All the water there might have helped dirty things up to be overlooked by the Dogz. This time she gives a little extra treatment to whatever they come across, using some of her tools and rags from her bag to test the scraps and discarded relics for hidden shinies.
  8. Shima: >DM Post
  9. Shima: Steel nods his head, "AH, good point. They seemed to suggest I was 'less' shiny than others, so if it's not actively 'shiny' I suppose they have trouble smelling it. That's good to know."
  11. You search through more of the ruins of the decrepit old city, and eventually you happen upon a large collection of completely rusted pieces by what seems to be a park area by the large lake, now barren. The pieces of metal appear to be legs, arms, unicorn horn, and broken off wings that used to belong to a nearby statue that has collapsed over, but you can feel that with an application of your transmutation to the rusted pieces of the statue could restore them to full shininess. Nearby you see a plague for that statue, also rusted
  12. >"Singer of the Song of Life: Princess Jasminne della Vita"
  14. Khazard: Onyxia walks around, checking eahc piece and passing them over until she notices the frequency of them, and then coming across the statue. She looks over hte statue, doubling back over her trail to collect up all the pieces.
  15. "Here we go, knew they'd pass over something."
  16. She places each piece back to where it broke from the statue, taking her time to line it up right before transmuting them to attach back to their statue home. After all the pieces are back in place, Onyxia smooths out any reminaing cracks or chips before placing both hooves on hte base of the statue. Black crystal spread over the statue wholey as she works away the rust to bring the statue back to pristine condition.
  18. While she works, she looks down at the plaque.
  19. "*Princess* Jasminne?" She reads off with surprise, "I wonder when this got put up..."
  21. Shima: You get to work restoring the statue as you find several dozen bronzed bits of it scattered throughout the rubble, Steel moving to help pick up heavy debris and casts it aside to pull up other chunks.
  23. After you smooth out and breaks and fully restore the statue, taking some time to make sure as many of the pieces are lined up correctly, you see it is the figure of an alicorn that does not resemble any of the five you know from your timeline. Her curled mane resembles a fire and her wings open up wide as though about to take flight, but the most noticeable expression you find is on her face, which is a mixture between jovial and serene as it opens its muzzle to sing.
  25. Steel grabs at a piece of the plaque nearby, dusting it off as it reveals more information. "Hmm. Not sure about the year it was put up, but the one it was made for was born in the year 1170. About 30 years before Sunfall." He shows it to you, "It says here she was born in this city, and had acquired the title 'Princess of Life' due to her magical ability to bring anyone back from the brink of death. Hence, the Song of Life I suppose."
  27. Khazard: Onyxia takes a step back as the statue is finished, looking up inquisitively at the new alicorn.
  28. "Song of life... And this used to be the Everfree, if the dogs had the name right."
  29. She comments in thought as she steps over ot read over hte plaque with Steel.
  30. "Equestria must have grown a lot at that time, and then became all of this..." She trails off, looking across the ruins. Turning her head down the the plaque, she puts her hooves on it to remove the rust off that as well. "I wonder what this city looked like back in the day."
  32. Shima: "The Everfree Forest?" Steel asks in surprise, looking around. "I had the honor of exploring it for a few months while I was trapped in the time you found me in. Celestia's armies had expanded and tamed most of the wilderness to build their settlements, but they could not tame the Everfree. I could see why, with its bounty of monsters. It had my respect." He smirks, "I suppose time won out in the end though, if they were able to build all this here."
  34. He looks around, "Every time I go through time, I'm amazed by how things can change. Luke's era alone left me speechless at times. I could only imagine what this place must have looked like in its prime." He goes up the street aways, sighing. "I bet its streets were full of ponies. A place like this could probably hold millions. I assume it wasn't always underground like this either." He chuckles. "Well, I suppose if we were curious, we could see if there was a way to go here before the Sunfall. Time is on our side, after all."
  36. Khazard: "It surprised me too when I first got here, though I've only ever read about it," Onyxia responds.
  38. "I did see a version of it when we went to a dfferent timeline. A city *was* here, but it was all themed like Nightmare Night, under Nightmare Moon's ruling." Onyxia recalls, thinking back to her first travel through time after getting dragged into this, "It... well, I'm glad things didn't end up like that."
  39. She looks up as Steel comments in its state.
  40. "Huh, I never thought about that. How did a placei n the Everfree end up underground. This did used to be a forest after all."
  42. "We could, I suppose. With a time machine, it is temptig ot see how things will turn out."
  44. Shima: "Nightmare Moon? Interesting... wonder what could have caused it to turn out like THAT." He turns to look around at the infrastructure, "Well, it doesn't seem to be very Nightmare-ish anymore. From what I can see, at least." He stares up at the cieling, "As for how it winded up down here, who knows. The cataclysm that destroyed the world could have had some other effects on it. Earth splitting open to swallow it whole, sparing it the sun's wrath."
  46. He chuckles, "Perhaps it would be interesting. But, we probably have more pressing matters. Once we have all that information off the drive analyzed, we might get some clue as to how to stop the Eon and the Order." He looks at the statue, "Did you want me to haul this back towards the House?"
  48. Khazard: "I... don't know. After that era, we went to yours. And things looked normal enough went we went ot Luke's time, so hopefully whatever it was fixed itself. ...I hope it did, I'd like my time to be how I left it whenever we go back."
  50. "Right, we still have them to deal with. But, if this princess can bring poniesback, we'll probably end up there following the Order I feel."
  51. Onyxia says, looking up to the statue.
  52. "We can carry it together. A statue like this is a pile in itself, and I'd rather not stay out here too long if there's anymore of those grabber things walking around."
  53. She responds, looking around through all the debris. To make the trip easier, Onyxia transmutes the spare scraps and trash to make a wheeled platform so they can roll that statue and plaque back instead of carrying or dragging.
  55. Shima: Using your powers of transmutation, you form a wheeled platform to carry the statue and plague, Steel pushing you away every time you try to get close to pulling it. "I'll handle this on my own, you just lead the way, Onyxia." He says with insistence, looking up the streets of the Everfree.
  57. "I obviously cannot know for certain, but I am hopeful your time has been preserved. I would very much like to see it for myself, to see if it ismuch different than what I saw during Luke's time."
  59. Khazard: Onyxia huffs as Steel doesn't let her help in moving the statue.
  60. "Fine. It's not like I need the exercise or anything."
  61. She comments in a half-joking manner as she starts the walk back.
  63. "I can't say how much the rest of Equestria changed, but the Crystal Empire was fantastic. There was so much to do, and ponies from all over would come, even some other races too. There's always be soemthing new setting up with stuff to sell or to show off. It was like reverse tourism with how often everything else seemd to come to us."
  64. Onyxia tells fondly as she reminisces about her home.
  66. Shima: "You're getting plenty of exercise." Steel retorts. "This is a considerable trek to and from the Dogz' home, is it not?" He says with a grin as he tugs along the statue up the streeth.
  68. "Hmm. I could see that. I still remember the huge congregation we saw there, it seems to be a very popular city. So far to travel to, as well. Coltchester had many travellers from across the Unicorn Kingdom but, I rarely saw their wares. They tended to keep to the middle district rather than the lower district." He raises an eyebrow, "You said you didn't know about the rest of Equestria. Did you not leave the Empire often?"
  70. Khazard: "Well, yea, but more couldn't hurt."
  71. Onyxia responds with a little embarrassment.
  73. "We did have a big show with the Equestria Games, at least from what I heard. Was so memorable that everypony wanted to hang around to see the sights, and it jus spread from there."
  74. She comments to the popularity.
  76. Khazard: "I never left, not until this whole adventure. I got into smith training practically right after I finished school so I was pretty busy. Though, after learning I was half changeling, I sort of assumed that might have been a factor we were never a vacationing family."
  78. Shima: Steel sighs, "We'll do some combat practice later this evening, that'll satisfy you?" He asks as they move along the street. He raises an eyebrow. "The 'Equestria Games'? What were those?"
  80. After you explain how you never left, he nods, "Ah. Yes, I could see reason for wanting to cut down on travel considering that. Your mother would naturally want to keep you safe. Still, that is a shame. After I joined the Equestrian Knighthood and eventually the Order of Eon, I got to travel to many places I never thought I'd see. Walked upon clouds of Pegasopolis or tried the pastries of the Earth Republic. I understand it's less than ideal, but, you have probably gotten a good bit of experience in this adventure, haven't you?"
  82. Khazard: "I'm... not sure I want to do more training today."
  83. Onyxia says after an extended pause.
  84. "It was this big sporting event, inviting everypony from all over Equestria to compete for their hometowns. It happened before I was born, but it was held there jsut after the Empire came back to Equestria so it wasthe first time many ponies first saw the Empire. and Spike the Brave and Glorius evne saved the crystal ponies a second time, so it was an even more amazing games than ever!"
  85. Onyxia regales with some wonder in her eyes.
  87. "You got to walk on clouds? I thought only pegasi could do that," She questions, "It has been good at times, I'll admit. I wouldn't have met you either, so it's all been worth it so far. ...I wish I could be seeing some of these places on better terms though."
  89. Shima: "Then, you will simply have to suffice with the walk for excercise." Steel says simply.
  91. "Spike the Brave and Glorious? He sounds interesting. Some sort of knight, or hero? As to the games themselves, that also sounds pretty enticing. Is jousting still an event in your time? I got to be rather good at it in my youth. We'll have to see the next one together."
  93. He chuckles, "Unicorns can too, with the right spell. Had I still possessed a horn, one I could show you." AS you mention wanting to see it on better terms, he grins, "Well then. What would you say to a journey then once this is all said and done? See the sights under our own terms."
  95. Khazard: Onyxia grumbles lightly, though it doesn't sound annoyed or upset in any way.
  97. "He's a dragon, sorta young but along with the games he was the one who got the Crystal Heart back to save the Empire from Sombra when he returned."
  98. She explains.
  99. "Jousting is a regular sport back home. We could probably see some practically right away when we get there. Maybe even see if you can get a match, everypony is pretty welcoming wherever you go."
  101. "Really? Wow, that school really paid off if it let you walk around in the sky."
  102. She says in awe that it's that simple.
  104. "Travelling the world? That sounds... wonderful. I'd love to, after a well deserved rest. I'd like to stick in one regular place for a week after this is over."
  105. She says, coat glowing a shade lighter at the offer.
  107. Shima: "A dragon... wait, you don't mean Twilight's pet, do you? That scrawny little gecko?" Steel asks with surprise.
  108. To the jousting, he smirks, "I might like that. It's been years since I had an opportunity to try it. I'm sure I could use a little working off the rust." He chuckles. "Hmph. Armor joke. Also, I can agree to that as well. We could both use a bit of rest first before we head off. Explore the coast, or even go over-seas... I have never left Equestria proper, I do not think."
  110. As you two make your way through the streets, you eventuall come across the very first metro station that you were lead to by Red in order to get to Dome C-545 in your original journey here. Deciding to take a quick look inside, Steel looks around as you lead him towards the entrance to the metro station. "What is this place...?"
  112. Steel drops low into a battle stance, reaching for his blade. "What was that?"
  114. Khazard: "Twilight's assistant," Onyxia corrects, "Come on, he's not a gecko. He's just a little on the small side."
  116. "Take it easy whe you do, they won't be as durable."
  117. Onyxia jokes back.
  118. "Other countries... I never even thought of a trip that far. I'm almost tempted to say we should take a rest."
  120. "This is one of the train staions, like the one we took when we left after we got here."
  121. Onyxia explains as their enter. As the voice rings out, Onyxia puts a hoof to Steel's shoulder to put him at ease.
  122. "Just one of machines here, don't worry."
  123. Onyxia steps forward towards the voice.
  124. "Clicky, is that you?"
  126. Shima: Steel does not lower his weapon all the way, but you notice he tenses up less after you put your hoof on his shoulder. "That doesn't exactly free me from worry, Onyxia..." he comments.
  128. As you step towards the source of the voice, you hear a crankling of metal and gears grinding against each other as the broken, rusted down pony-droid leaps in front of you, his metallic voice squealing with delight.
  129. >"Welcome to the Everfree City Metro Station! Please enjoy your termination." He shouts before spanding his gatling guns from his sides, spinning them up to speed as Steel shouts,
  130. "WATCH OUT!"
  131. He moves to push you out of the way, but stops as the *clicks* start to emanate from Clicky's guns, the useless weapons making only noice as Clicky turns his head.
  132. >"*sigh* another bulletproof client. Please forgive this unit's unforgivably slow service, madame. If you are willing to stay perfectly still, you should expire in as soon as 70 hours due to lack of hydration."
  133. "...what.... I..." Steel says staring at the machine.
  134. >Clicky stares at Steel, "Non-biological life-form detected but no service programs recognized, or even detected. Unknown Model, if you are from an adjacent station see to your general superviser and update your software."
  136. Khazard: Onyxia takes a step back in surprise as Clicky jumps out in front of them, but has no raction to the guns spinning up.
  137. "See, told you it's fine."
  139. "It's alright, we'll be out of here shortly."
  140. She response casually to Clicky's apology.
  142. "He's a robot that was made in this time, I think," Onyxia explains to Steel at his confusion, "Was the first actual robot I saw, shortly after I got first got here and met Honey in her suit. I was awe-struck at seeing these, thinking it would some master smith's work."
  143. She gazes at the gattling guns on Clicky's sides.
  144. "I can't believe I was so naive what was only a few days ago. I didn't realize these were guns when he tried to shoot me then."
  145. She says with a chuckle.
  147. "He's a custom model of mine, not from a station here."
  148. Onyxia responds to Clicky, having a little fun in playing along with the droid's scan.
  150. Shima: Steel lowers his weapon entirely as Clicky continues spinning his weapons at Onyxia. "A real robot... so, this one does not have sprite inside of it like Crumple does. This is just gears and bolts. It seems fairly pony-like. But why is it so... open, about wanting to murder you?"
  152. >"Custom models still need to be registered with a local service provider, as communication protocols are dependent on recognition programs for effieciency. Seeing as how my service has been unsatisfactory in killing you as quickly as possible, I will not report this, but please take him to be registered as soon as possible." Clicky turns at Steel. "You should know better. Unless you were programed to not know better. In which case, she should know better."
  153. "Um... right. I'll... have my systems checked immediately." Steel says with an awkward grunt.
  155. >"Also, voice recognition sub-routine activated. Detecting return customer. Welcome back, Onyxia! I apologize for not recognizing you right away, your body fat has increased 22.4% in the week since your previous excursion with us, so my admittedly worn oculars couldn't pick you up right away." He puts his gattling guns away, and a small flamethrower juts out of his forehead. "Still immune to fire I see. That is too bad. "
  157. Khazard: "I'm not entirely sure. I don't know much about robots still, bt he sounds so polite about it. Maybe they gave him a wrong order?" Onyxia responds with a shrug.
  159. "We'll get right on that," She replies to Clicky's statement. "So Clicky, what do you do around here? Are you a guard?" She questions the droid, curious after Steel's comment.
  161. "H-Hey!" She shouts, flustered, "It... It's not that much..." She mumbles after, looking down at her stomach.
  163. Shima: "That's what I find so bizarre about it," Steel comments. "In Unicornia there was a saying about being courteous even to your enemies but this..."
  165. >"I did mention my ocular units were shaky, so I could be misreading. Though you have certainly increased in mass, that much is certain. Not that the new flabbiness has decreased your inpenetrability any."
  166. "Why are you talking as though you've already shot her?"
  167. >"I shot her over 200 times at the beginning of our conversation to no effect. You should see your occulars are checked as well." As you ask him what he does here, "I believe I explained my function the previous time you arrived but: I am a custodian droid programmed to greet and welcome customers of the Everfree City Metro Line onto their station. I am programmed with a wealth of languages and am capable of answering any questions of guests and fulfill any reasonble request to accomidate their journey. I am also tasked with announcing the arrival and departure of any trains coming or going, and of course, tasked with the wanton murder, mutiliation, and swift painless death of any organic seeking our services."
  169. ".... and that last one doesn't seem odd because.....?"
  170. >"...because that is what I was programmed to do, of course?"
  172. Khazard: "I guess they wanted to be nice with everything around them being all ruined, even if they were made to kill..."
  174. "Can we move on past my weight?!"
  175. Onyxia says in a huff at the continued comments.
  176. "Just wanted to double check," She responds as Clicky explains his tasks, "So, how many have come by here in the past few days aside from me?" She asks in curiosity.
  178. "And you don't find it odd that you said you're supposed to help, and also kill anypoy who comes here?"
  179. Onyxia adds in equal confusion to the response as Steel.
  180. "Who programmed you?"
  182. Shima: >"Besides you and the others you arrived with? I have had one customers in that time, a yellow, downright watery oddity of a pony named Eta, who left for Dome E-220 and returned shortly after. That Diamond Dog fellow Red frequently stops by to say hello but he never takes a train anywhere. Other than that, it's been quite uninteresting around the Metro lately."
  184. >"To kill ponies IS to help them, of course! It doesn't seem like any logic is missing in my programming."
  185. "There is a massive leap of logic missing! How is killing ponies helping them?"
  187. >"Well, I was originally programmed by Harmony Robotics, who had a factory right here in Everfree City. I was constructed in 1162 and began operations in 1163. After roughly 1201 business to the Metro declined rapidly by over 99.99% usual client traffic. After sometime passed in 1344 I was taken in by automatron managers from the adjacent Dome E-220 who reqiured i update my software. After which, I returned to active duty greeting and killing any organics who made their way to the Metro Line, though some proved to be more and more difficult to accomidate. I have many damaged systems I would dearly enjoy to be repaired, but I have no one to relieve me of my post. It was around 1453 that I noticed my clients unusually bizarre resistance to conventional weapons were beyond the norm, and, well, I do believe that leads me to the present of 1501."
  189. Khazard: "Eta was all the way out here? I wonder what she was doing."
  191. "EIther the programming went wrong or whoever build him had a bad outlook on this world."
  192. Onyxia says in disbelief at the logic Clickly states.
  194. "You've been around for nearly 400 years?!" Onyxia exclaims in shock, and a bit of awe. "How are you still moving, what metal are you made of?!"
  195. Onyxia calms herself, taking a deep breath.
  196. "Do you need somepony to relieve you of your post? From what you said you're only me earlier in the week, and then Eta and us again today. It doesn't sound like much is needed here."
  198. Shima: Steel shakes her head, "Who knows... Geigaro mentioned that Sanctuary tried to share G-777's resources with outsiders. Maybe she was making a delivery?"
  199. "It sounds like his trip to that E-220 dome did something in particular, I doubt he was like THIS before Sunfall, he would have been put down."
  201. >"Ah, that is simply the marvel of Harmony Robotics, my dear Onyxia! We build our models to last," he says with a proud *pound* against his chasis. "My power core still has another few centuries at least, and my metal, though not in its prime, was forged from steel and titanium alloy enchanted for longevity. Though I am lucky in that I do not receive many customers, even before they all started been bullet proof. My power core would have burned out much sooner were that the case."
  203. Steel shakes his head, "That's.... incredible."
  204. >"Quite. Though, while I do appreciate your offer, I cannot accept it. Only a fellow employee of the Metro Line has the authority to relieve me of my post so I may seek repairs. No matter how slow it might get, what if someone arrived and I wasn't here to kill them?"
  205. Steel looks at you, "...perhaps i am not following. You WANT him to be repaired?"
  207. Khazard: "I wonder if those missing pony rumors we heard there were true. They obviously don't go insane if she came out here, maybe she was looking for some."
  208. "Whoever these automatron managers must have done this, maybe to all the robots still around here. I wonder what their plan was if they went hunting around like that."
  210. "Enchanted metal? It's still impressive, but I was hoping for a new alloy." She says with slight dissappointment. "Incredible indeed. Whoever started Harmony Robotics knew what they were doing."
  212. "Are there even any employees around that can relieve you?"
  213. She questions.
  215. ("I do feel kinda bad for him, and it could be good practice to learn on the tecnology from this era. Plus he's harmless with his weapons the way they are. I'll just leave those alone and fix everything else up.")
  216. She whispers to Steel.
  218. Shima: "I suppose we could ask Eta if we get an opportunity to go back to Swing City. And I'm not sure, the entire idea of these 'robotics' is a bit beyond my ability, to be quite honest..."
  220. >"Ah, sadly no. Only higher end models get the good metal. But you have my thanks nontheless. CEO Twilight Sparkle certainly took pride in her founding the organization all those centuries ago with so many brilliant minds eager to make a difference in the world of automatons."
  221. >Clicky nods his head, "Oh, yes, many on the Metro Line itself and likely more at E-220 but unfortunately they all themselves have their own shifts to worry about."
  223. ("...well as long as you don't touch the weapons, I suppose that's not such a bad idea. I thought you meant to let him return to that Dome and let them repair EVERYTHING.")
  225. Khazard: "I'm still getting a hold of it myself. Its fascinating, just the little bits Irons told me back at G-777."
  227. "Twilight started it?" Onyxia says, starting in a surprised tone but voice toning down quickly, "Huh, can't really be surprised by that thinking about it."
  229. ("Oh nonono, I wouldn't send him back there. I don't think there's be anypony ther who could repair him if they set the robots to kill everything.")
  230. She whispers before turning back to Clicky.
  231. "Are you sure? Cause I could repair you good as new with a little time. That statue back there was as rusted as you but look at it now," She says while gesturing the the statue they've carried along, "And here, I can show you."
  232. Onyxia reach down and grabs one of Clicky's forehooves, transmuting just the hoof so she can hopeflly hae it keep the enchanted properties and be back in pristine condition.
  234. "And, if you're still worried. We do have a time machine, so we can bring you back to the moment we leave so you won't miss anything."
  235. She says, trying to use the logic statements Clicky used for his programming back at him.
  237. Shima: ("Unless machines can repair other machines. What if it was his own kind who reprogrammed him to be like this?")
  239. >"Error. If you had a time machien bring me back, I would already be here looking to over-take my post." As you take his hoof and begin to transmute, he shouts, "ALERT! Tampering with an official custodian kill-droid's hardware or software without the proper qualifications and authority is a punishable offense across Equestria with fines upwards of 5000 bits...."
  241. >He stops as you manage to make his hoof lookign as good as new thanks to the transmutation, and he looks at it, frozen for a moment. "...Functionaly restored 10%." He looks to you. "Well, you did create your own automated man-servant, so, perhaps you have the qualifications after all.... very well, but only if your custom robot can fill in while I am being repaired."
  243. Khazard: ("I didn't think of that. A robot could have gottn smart enough to do all this. ...I'm glad he's the only one we've ran into so far, I'd hate to see what a working one could do.")
  245. "You could be here to over-take your post cause you're still here right now. You have to leave first before you can come back."
  246. Onyxia says, trying to outsmart the robot.
  248. Onyxia smiles as she finishes the hoof.
  249. "Good as new."
  250. Onyxia's muzzle scrunches as Clicky calls Steel a man-servant in his clause, getting a tad annoyed at the brashness of the robot. She thinks on the offer for a moment, deciding on it.
  251. "Alright, deal. I was heading back to the dog village, so you'll come with me there. Also, I made a few copies of my custom robot, so you'll see one of them there too."
  253. ("Can you wait here for a moment until I get him out of sight, please? Once he can't see you you can use your cape to folow us back to the village.")
  254. Onyxia whispers to Steel with a pleading face.
  256. Shima: >"Go to... the dog village?" Clicky repeats, "Hmmm... This is not in any of my protocols. In order to leave I must be relieved by an authority. However given your clear expertise in repair, I believe it would benefit my work to accomidate a small permutation to my parameters. Very well, so long as your machine stands guard here, I will agree. Perhaps the dogs in Red's village will prove easier to terminate, are they bullet proof as well?"
  258. ("You're really bringing him back to the village?") Steel whispers with a grunt, but when you put on the face, he lets out a sigh. ("...very well. I'll play along. Leave the statue here, I'll take it back with me through the Shadowscape.")
  260. Khazard: "I imagine they are, Red does keep quality in his pack." Onyxia answers.
  262. ("THankyouthankyouthankyou!") Onyxia whisperpraises as Steel agrees, ("It'll be fine, he'll just assume they're all immune like he did with me. I'll see you in a bit.") Onyxia says, turning back to Clicky.
  264. "Aright Clicky, let's head on to the village."
  266. Shima: >"Unfortunate. Organics used to be so squishy and fragile. What ever happened to those days?" He shakes his head, "Ah well. Then please, lead on. And let us be expedient, if a superviser comes by and I'm not at my post, I doubt he'll be pleased"
  268. ("*sigh*the things I do for you.") Steel says with a smirk as he moves to take his position, and you lead Clicky away from the Metro station into the ruins of Everfree City, leading him on and away from its ruins back into the tunnels (with Steel closely following behind in the Shadowscape). Clicky proves to be quite the chatterbox as you lead on, insisting upon queries of the surroundings, 'what happened there' 'where did these tunnels come from', etc, that can drive to the point of frustration before you finally return to the Danger House.
  270. You see many of the dogs are now taking naps in the middle of the street, having apparently partied themselves out in your absence. Red sleeps at the top of a dog pile with his brother Pink resting on his belly, snoozing away.
  272. Khazard: Onyxia breathes a sigh of relief as the city comes into view, worn from giving answers of whatever popped into her head to Clicky's questions.
  273. "Okay, it looks like they're all sleeping, so keep it down."
  274. She hushes to Clicky.
  276. Looking around the cave, Onyxia looks for an open spot Steel can reappear in and set the statue down without looking too suspicious to Clicky, as well as sitting down for a moment's rest herself.
  278. Shima: "Ah! Do not be concerned. Keeping organics subdued is one of my primary functions now," Clicky says, not really lowering the volume of his voice at all as he walks besides you. "So I will not wake them. Also, interesting trivia: did you know that some neuroscientists propose that when organics sleep, the consciousness residing in the neural activity within your pre-frontal cortex ceases, and thus one can project you essentially perish every time you fall asleep?" Clicky turns around, "I thought that was interesting."
  280. Before long, you find a spot for Steel to come out safely, which he already grabs on the opportunity. He comes out of the shadow-scape, statue of Princess Jasmine in tow, and clears his throat. "Oh. Master. You have returned." He says in a dull voice, sounding a bit unenthused with the 'role'.
  282. >"Ah, another one of your man-servants. No interface programming on him either. How could you miss such a vital component on ALL your customized automatons?"
  284. Khazard: "Eheh, yea, intersting." Onyxia says to try to sound polite at the morbid thought while makig a mental note to try and fix his programming ASAP.
  286. When Steel appears and greets them, Onyxia does her best to stiffle a giggle at being called 'Master'. She sits down to rest her legs now that everything's set, looking over at Clicky.
  287. "I'm uh... trying a new, experimental programming. I'm hoping it'll become the new defaults for all robots," She answers, "Anyways. Clickly, this is Steel." She says to give a proper introduction.
  289. Shima: As you giggle, Steel gives a grimace, if he had eyes he would probably be glaring pretty hard as you snicker, and then Clicky nods his head.
  290. > "Ah, an entrepeneur! Always pleasant to see your sort in the field of robotics, new models are awfully slow to come out these days. Well, just see that you don't violate any registration laws. Hello, 'Steel'. I am the custodian of the Everfree Metro Station, currently on break for repairs. I have also accepted the name 'Clicky' into my registry of accepted names."
  292. "A pleasure..." Steel grumbles, looking to you. "As you can see, Master, I also managed to retrieve the statue, safe and sound. The dogs will probably start smelling it soon."
  294. Khazard: The stare only makes Onyxia chuckle harder, though she's better at muffling it this time while looking slightly guilty.
  295. "I'll be sure not to. And if you like how it's going, maybe I could give you a free upgrade."
  296. She says to Clicky.
  297. "Registry of accepted names? What else have you been called?"
  299. As Steel brings up hte statue, she looks over to the pile of dogs.
  300. "Oh right, a big shiny like this would smell pretty strong to them. After they fall back asleep, I'll start on some of your repairs Clickly."
  302. Shima: Clicky pauses a moment. "Some of my older files have been corrupted, but I have a short list. 'Mr. Robot' was particularly popular among foals. Previous managers have called me 'Tin-Colt'. My official identification of P-1221 is how I am referred to by my overseers. And, 'Clicky', as registered by frequent patron Red."
  304. Steel nods, looking as a few of them already begin to stir and their noses sniff in the direction of the statue. "I'll put it into the shadowscape until later, perhaps?"
  305. Clicky turns to you, "I mean not to cause undue stress. Unless it would prove fatal, but on the vastly superior chance it doesn't: the sooner the better."
  307. Red reaches up and scratches his head, sniffing around. "Hrrm... something shiny..."
  309. Khazard: "1221, sounds like there was a lot before you." Onyxia mutters at hearing the names.
  310. Her head lifts as Steel offers the cape.
  311. "Yea, that's probably for the best for now. I don't think I have it in me for any celebrations right now, we should let them sleep too."
  312. She says in agreement to hide the statue away for the time being.
  314. At Clicky's proposal, Onyxia thinks it over.
  315. "I'll start some now, but fixing you up too much will wake the dogs up when they smell the new you," She answers, "I'll at least get the legs done so you can move like you used too."
  317. Shima: "And many after, too. Accounting for the countless different models from different companies, the robot population was in the millions at the peak of business." Clicky answers.
  319. Steel nods, moving the statue back into the Shadowscape as the dogs' interest begins to wane, though Red picks himself up and scratches his nose as he 'smells' around. "Hrmp.... Little Black? Big Black? You back?"
  321. Clicky turns immediately towards Red, and a small taser emerges form his chest, poised at him as it gives out ineffectual broken 'click' noises. "I shall put him back to sleep."
  323. Khazard: "M-Millions? And, was that back all those hundreds of years, or recently?" Onyxia asks warily.
  325. As the dogs all doze back off, aside from Red, Onyxia takes a few steps over so she doesn't need ot raise her voice too much.
  326. "Yes, we're back. We found a perfect start for a pile, but we're keeping it covered for now. Didn't want ot wake you all with it."
  328. "I thought you said he was immune ot all your weapons earlier." Onyxia questions as Clicky readies an attack.
  330. Shima: "That was the previous concensus I had received in 1199. I do not know if that number is accurate today in 1501."
  332. Red shakes his head, yawning "aaaaaaaah, that's greats, me knows you coulds do it. Sorry about no welcoming dogpile, after you lefts dogs keep scrappings, celebratings. Got dropped deads tired. You want dogz..." he pauses, looking around as Clicky's taser fails to function. "...what Clicky doing in Danger house? You know Clicky not shinies, right?"
  334. Clicky turns to you, "Yes, well, you know what they say about machines. Sometimes all you need to do is turn them off and on again. Evidently not so this time."
  336. Khazard: Onyxia is silent at when the concensus was taken, millions of robots when the world was normal is an inconcievable thought to her.
  338. "That's fine, I'm just glad you all were able to celebrate like that," Onyxia says with a smile, "That's not the shiny I brought back. I'm going to help shine him back up though."
  340. "Probably for the best to keep them on hold until I have you fully repair thn, just to be safe."
  342. Shima: "Hehehehe, hey, whatever you needs to get shinies," Red says with a snicker, scratching behind his ears. "We tried taking shiny robots before though, you know he gonna wander away from pile too?"
  344. >Clicky nods, and his chest taser retracts back into his chest. "Unfortunate to see you still alive and well, Mr. Red. I see your home is quite... homish."
  345. "Thanks!... I thinks." Red says, chuckling, "Still clicking away?"
  346. >"Dutifully so."
  348. Khazard: "I'll be keeping an eye on him, don't worry."
  349. Onyxia assures Red.
  351. As Red and Clicky chat, she looks ot Clicky.
  352. "Ready to start some of those repairs?"
  354. Shima: Clicky turns to you as he converses with Red, giving a curt stomp of his creaky rusted hoof. "Yes, might as well go ahead. Please, procede Onyxia."
  356. Khazard: "Alright. Now, hold still. I want ot make sure I get this done right."
  357. Onyxia states as she starts to work on Clicky's legs. She does the same process as she did to Clicky's hoof to showcase her talent, transmuting away the rust and doing her best to not disturb the metal too much to break the enchantment. In addition to be extra thourough, Onyxia opens up Clicky's legs to check the wiring inside. While she imagines a robot would be sealed enough, it doesn't hurt to check to make sure all the gears and wiring is grim free as well.
  359. Shima: Clicky takes a rigid stance, his legs standing absolutely still. "Normally I would offer to shut myself down, but that protocol cannot be accessed by non-employees. Nontheless, you'll find me still enough as you work."
  361. Hours pass as you put much TLC into the restoration of Clicky's legs, moving in to warp the rusted metal back into its pristine, shiny form as you give Clicky back a shining bronze luster that he had lost over the centuries. After your transmutation and careful attention to metal has seen his legs repaired, to which he compliments your skilly as a repairsmare, you get around to checking the electrical engineering as well. It is not dissimilar from what Irons had showed you earlier, but you find a strong collection of grime had indeed built up inside, almost disgustingly so. You manage to transmute out this material as well, giving his wiring and gears a fresh clean-up to allow him to function at maximum capacity (sans weapons, of course).
  363. After some time passes, Clicky starts giving his legs a back and forth, testing out the restored metal. "My servoes and chassis register at 100% former capacity, Onyxia. My motor abilities haven't been this strong in quite some time since my last tune up. When we return to the station, I will see to it that you are rewarded with a discount to any and all services provided by the Metro. Very well done!"
  365. Khazard: Onyxia yawns as she finishes up and pulls her hooves from Clicky, beat from the focused and detailed work. She looks at her grime covered hooves, feeling a bit proud thinking back ot her blacksmith days when a long job like that could leave far more of hte body covered in soot.
  366. "Glad you enjoy them, tommorrow I can stat working on the rest of you."
  367. She says with a tired tone.
  369. As Clicky stretches out his new legs, Onyxia gives a passing glance around the cave to see if there's any place she could use for sleep once she's finished. While the dogs make their piles look comfortable, she'd prefer a more traditional set-aside place.
  371. Shima: As he tests out his legs and rotors, giving them a quick few steps to make sure they're up to stepping capacity, he turns to her and nods, "Normally I would object to being away from my post so long, but I cannot deny my job would be done more effeciently with these repairs finished. The odds of a customer stopping by grow with each passing second but, I will chance a few hours longer."
  373. As you start to grow weary, the dogz having all tucked in for the night in piles upon piles of each other, you see Steel waving a hoof from inside one of the shacks. "Onyx... ahem. 'Master'. If you are exhausted, I have taken the liberty of preparing sleeping arrangements while you were working."
  375. Khazard: "Remember what I said. We have a time machine, so after this you won't be away from your post at all."
  376. She says in reminder.
  378. Onyxia stands up as Steel calls to her.
  379. "Will you be fine standing around all night Clicky?"
  380. She asks before heading over to Steel.
  382. "Thank you Steel. And you can call me Onyxia."
  383. She says as she walks over while in earshot of Clickly.
  384. "Steel. Can we talk?"
  385. She asks once she reaches the door, her voice sounding a tad more somber.
  387. Shima: Clicky nods, "So you say. That said, I will not hold my breath. Because I have no lungs with which to hold my breath, but because I am also dubious." He spins his head, "But of course, I will be fine standing on night. I usually stand at attention 24/7, as I am required. Enjoy going into standby mode, I will be fine here."
  389. Steel smiles as you give him that command, "As you wish, Onyxia," he says with conviction as he holds open the door. You see that it is somewhat crude what Steel has set up for you once you entered. There is an old mattress laid out on the floor, stuffing coming out of it at sides, but it appears mostly intact and comfortable. Dozens of blankets rest on top of it, as well as a pair of pillows (shaped like dog bones). "The Dogz only had so much to worky with, but they do seem to have a taste for things other than shiny objects. I found these laying around a few junk piles, they didnt' seem to be using them. I also cannot do much its... cleanliness, though I was able to find water and soak out a few stains. I hope it will be comfortable enough, otherwise I..."
  391. As you lower your voice, he stops talking, looking down at you. "Talk?"
  393. Khazard: "It looks great, thank you."
  394. Onyxia says at seeing the effort Steel put in to making the room. She sits down on the bed, looking up to Steel.
  395. "Back when you were a knight, or in the Order. Where you ever worried... or scared, of yourself?"
  397. Shima: Steel pauses a moment. "Scared of myself...?" He purses his lips, thinking about the question.
  399. He stands rigid, "I have spent the last couple of days terrified of myself. Of what memories I had lost from when I was in the Order, of what was real or what was fake, who I was... you remember the computer. It said I was barely more than a machine."
  401. He pauses, "But when I was a knight? Yes. There were a few times. The first time I experienced a magical surge as a teenager, I almost killed a fellow cadet. Another time, when had gotten older, I had broken one of their legs during a training bout. I worried if I could control my own strength."
  403. Khazard: Onyxia tries to look Steel in the eye as he tells her his past, but her head turns down to the floor and her coat dims slightly.
  404. "H-How do you get past feeling this way?"
  406. Shima: Steel looks at you intensely, kneeling down to one hoof as he tries to get on eye level with you (failing, still quite a bit taller)
  408. "That is a complicated answer. In the end, I found that, the first step to over-coming any fear is to confront it directly. From there, you can begin to fight it, overcome it, or at least learn to live with it."
  410. "What is it that you are afraid of? About yourself?"
  412. Khazard: Onyxia is silent, not wanting to answer.
  413. "...A-Almost everything now."
  414. She says after a few moments, her eyes still boring holes into the floor.
  415. "I... I felt like I lost all control of myself at the dome. After I fused with your cape, all I could think about was how much I hated the Order right on us even all hte way out here. ...The entire time, it was just anger and hate in my head. I attacked Eta! I-I cause all those ponies to die when I fought Jazz! A-And then Claw..."
  416. Onyxia trails off, stifling a sob.
  417. "Wh-What if this happens again the next time I fuse! What if I can't control my transmutation, o-or my shapeshifting!"
  418. She exclaims, a few tears forming in her eyes.
  419. "It feels like everyday some weird new thing pops up in me! I've only just learned about these things and now I can't trust them! What if something worse comes up!"
  421. Shima: Steel thinks over his response, "...I've lost control in the past, as well. I've been angry enough that all my judgement became clouded. And I've seen ponies hurt as a direct result. Towards the aristocracy in Unicornia, towards Discord, towards my circumstances. The best thing to do is to learn to accept the choices you made. And learn from them."
  423. He holds up an iron hoof, "I do not have transmutation, or shapeshifting. By its very nature, you might be chaning in a number of ways that even you can't see coming. I can imagine how terrifying that might be. But, you have had the chance to come close to looking over the edge. You know how you can lose control, now. And knowing that you can will make it easier to prevent you from doing so again. I wish I can say I knew what will change for you next, but, even though life may throw us any number of nasty surprises, if we steel ourselves, we'll be prepared."
  425. Khazard: Onyxia doesn't seem to improve from Steel's response, but her sobs have lessened.
  426. "Everything just keeps happening too fast. The Order's always there, and these changes keep coming up. Even toay, I was hoping all those things the dogs had for their initiation could help me get my mind off it, but it couldn't! I-I can't get anytime to even take in everything that's happened."
  427. She looks up at Steel through teary eyes.
  428. "How are you able to stay so calm? After what I caused, a-and what I did... I don't ever want to touch a weapon or fight anypony again. But you've bene through so much worse, and nothing seems to stop you."
  430. Shima: As she continues to cry, Steel grabs at his cape, and offers it to her hooves to wipe her tears. "Here."
  432. Steel shakes his head, "I... I cannot say, for certain. Certainly, experience counts for something. You haven't fought in anything until this last week. I have over two decades of experience, fighting in the knights of Equestria, then the Order. I've faced my share of danger and death and may have developed a numbness to it. But, if I ever give the impression that I seem to be in complete control, let there be no more delusions." He looks up. "I have no idea what the fuck I am planning to do about the Order, or Eon, or my body, or my staff, or anything. Half the time now I find myself working off of instinct."
  434. He sighs, reaching up to rub at his helm. "You shouldn't compare yourself to me. But, you shouldn't take that as a sign that you're weaker because, you're not. You're strong, Onyxia. Stronger in many ways than I am. It is that strength i look to that helps me to seem so unstoppable to you."
  436. Khazard: Onyxia gives a silent nod of thanks as she's handed the cape, drying her tears.
  438. She's shocked at the language Steel uses as he admits how he feels, and even mroe shocked when he says how he looks to her strength.
  439. "You think I'm strong?"
  440. She asks.
  441. "All I've been doing is chasing behind everypony else and just trying to make it through all this," She says in a sad admittal, "I've been looking to you to keep going in the tough times, the promise I made to you and that we can get home together."
  443. Shima: "And you do not think that makes you strong?" Steel asks, "That despite having so much having had happen to you, between your body and the Order, you managed to keep up with everyone? That you work so hard to keep your promise to me?"
  444. "Onyxia, I KNOW you're strong. Not just because I've seen what you're capable of, fighting like you have been today. But because no matter what's hit you so far, you prove able to overcome it. And deep down, you never lose the sensitive, sympathetic mare you are inside. You could have turned back at any point with my blessing, I would have thought no ill of you, yet you stood by my side. You could have let yourself forget about what happened to those scientists, or to Beta, but instead you grieve. That is what makes you strong."
  446. Khazard: Onyxia looks up silently at Steel's face, her coat having slightly returned to normal.
  447. "Th-Thank you, Steel."
  448. She says through a worn voice.
  449. "I... I never thought of myself as strong, hearing you say all that... Thank you."
  450. She sniffles, handing Steel back his cape.
  451. "I'm still scared, of what might happen if I use my powers again, or what might happen to me. Hearing what you see in me... I think I can keep going."
  453. Shima: "There's nothing wrong with being scared. Valor is not about having no fear. It is doing what must be done in spite of it."
  454. Steel lowers himself down onto his belly, the powerful armored stallion now being able to look you in the eye as you sit down on the bed. "Although... I can not tell you how much having you by my side helps me to keep going. But are you sure you still want to? If anything happened to you, because of the promise you made to me..."
  456. Khazard: Onyxia lowers her head as Steel lays down to be on eye level.
  457. "Absolutely, with everything I have."
  458. She says in confirmation.
  459. "Before I got into this time business, I left home to search the tundras around the Empire to find my father. I went alone with a bag full of supplies. I love you Steel, so I'll be there at your side through everything."
  460. Onyxia pauses for a moment.
  461. "When I upset before, way way before. I nearly lashed at you through all that anger. But I stopped when I turned to face you. I can trust myself, to keep control when I'm around you. Nothing bad will happen to me if we're together."
  463. Shima: Steel lowers his muzzle, ".. I see. Then, in that case: I swear by all the power left in this body of mine I'll see you safe. Until we both return home." He raises himself off of his belly to walk over to Onyxia, leaning down to nuzzle against the side of Onyxia's head.
  465. " is getting late. You should probably get some rest after a day like today. Was there anything else I could do for you?"
  467. Khazard: Onyxia closes her eyes, giving a soft nuzzle back as her coat return to its normal color at Steel's words and act.
  468. "Could you, stay here tonight? I know you don't slep, but if you could stand at my side. I... don't want to be alone tonight."
  470. Shima: Steel looks at you, then down to himself, before a small grin forms. "Well. Who am I to turn down such a humble request?" Steel says as he pulls himself up to stand, walking over to the side of the bed to carefully lay his weight down on it without tearing/breaking it. he pulls forward his cape, drapping it to his side should Onyxia want to use it along with the other blankets.
  472. Khazard: Onyxia lays down as Steel moves, her eyes feelign heavy as she finally lays to rest after what felt like an eternity. She pulls up Steel's cape, using it as her primary blanket and a buffer to go under one of hte dog blanket's she pulls over herself.
  473. "Good night Steel, thank you."
  474. She says through a yawn, sleep already pulling her in.
  476. Shima: "Goodnight, Onyxia...." as the throes of sleep start to take you in, you hear a slight whisper.
  478. "....I love you, too."
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