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  1. [IntroStrings]
  2. "All right! Good luck, everyone."
  3. "Hello, folks, how's it going?"
  4. "This'll be fun."
  5. "Everyone ready for a fair and friendly match?"
  6. "May the best man, woman, or thing from beyond win."
  7. "I'm from Chex Squadron, and I volunteer for battle!"
  9. [FragStrings]
  10. "Don't worry, just relax. You'll respawn shortly."
  11. "Don't give up yet!"
  12. "I'm sure you can do better than that."
  13. "Oh, don't take it personally. Not everyone wins."
  14. "You'll be fine. I didn't even hurt you."
  15. "Zorched!"
  16. "I wonder where you'll end up?"
  17. "Have a nice trip."
  18. "Don't get lost wandering back, now."
  20. [KilledStrings]
  21. "Hold the party mix! I'm not finished yet!"
  22. "Oh, wow, great shot."
  23. "You would do well in the IFC."
  24. "Nice. I'll have to do better next time."
  25. "It's not over yet."
  26. "I still have plenty of fight left in me!"
  27. "You'll go from cadet to sergeant in no time."
  28. "Oof. I don't often feel that."
  29. "Eeehhh, give me a bit. I'll be back soon."
  31. [RoamingStrings]
  32. "This arena looks pretty nice. Some good architecture."
  33. "Aah, one second. Gotta clean slime off my boot."
  34. "Gonna have to try some of those other weapons sometime."
  35. "From the Halls of Montezuma...hmm hmm hmm..."
  36. "Haven't seen environments this bloody in a long, long time."
  37. "I wonder how Chex Squadron is doing."
  38. "The mission continues..."
  39. "I wonder if I'll get called back into action again."
  40. "Hah, if only General Mills could see me now."
  41. "So, you guys ready for another round?"
  42. "Come on, hide and seek is over. Olly olly oxen free."
  43. "Let's get out and get the guns blazing again."
  44. "This is a great subsitute for target practice."
  45. "Surrender is not an option. There's no exit before it's over!"
  46. "Gonna need to log this area down..."
  47. "This is going to go well. I can feel it."
  48. "Most don't last this long. You're doing great so far."
  49. "Hmm. I think I can turn up the heat now."
  50. "I'm going to have to restock on supplies after this."
  52. [RareRoamingStrings]
  53. "Hey, you guys wanna head to the Chex Diner after this? My treat."
  54. "Aahhh, a Golden Reggie Award is nice, but here in the field is where I belong!"
  55. "It's been a long time since I last wielded any ballistic weapons. I've gotten fond of the zorchers."
  56. "I wonder if the Wheel turns for the villains as well as for us?"
  58. //[LosingRoamingStrings]
  60. [WinStrings]
  61. "All right, good game, everybody."
  62. "Everyone up for another match?"
  63. "The best man won."
  64. "Maybe next time, guys. You can't win 'em all."
  65. "All right, keep the language clean, guys. You can try next time."
  67. [LoseStrings]
  68. "All right, good game, everybody."
  69. "Everyone up for another match?"
  70. "The best man won."
  71. "I don't mind losing. Sometimes the fun is just in fighting, not in winning."
  72. "Not bad, not bad. A good trigger finger means a long life."
  74. //[FrustratedStrings] // Spammer!
  76. //[EnragedStrings] // You fail it!
  78. //[DemoralizedStrings] // Your skill is not enough!
  80. [PissedStrings] // Llama!
  81. "Okay, not cool."
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