Anon gets his Cutie Mark (PedoClop)(Maybe Oneshot)

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  1. Its been a couple weeks since you landed in Equesria, more specifically Ponyville..
  2. You spend most of your time doing odd jobs, helping out the locals.
  3. You have found you are immune to many of the naturaly toxic plants in the everfree, so you often find yourself helping Zecora gather herbs, that would be otherwise dangerous to deal with.
  4. Its another day of gathering herbs, alone in the Everfree.
  5. Today, you are looking for something called 'Broken Heart'.
  6. Some sort of flower that grows on the underside of trees, and looks like, well a broken heart.
  7. Cant remember if it caused your heart to stop, or just reverse feelings of love.
  8. You never did pay much attention when Zecora or Twilight was explaining their effects.
  9. Shrugging, you continue on deeper into the woods.
  10. Coming across a clearing, you see your target on the other side.
  11. A small cluster of red heart shaped flowers, split in two.
  12. Crossing the field, you trip and facedirt halfway across.
  13. You hear the sound of hooves aproaching, and you jimmies enter rustle preparation.
  14. "Hey Anonymous whatcha doin out here in the dirt?" A familliar voice asks
  15. "Oh, not much Applebloom, just diggin it" You reply, sitting up.
  16. You get a chucle from the CMC who help you up.
  17. "So, whats the plan to get your marks today?" You ask.
  18. "Well, Applejack gave us a good idea, actually" Sweetiebell says.
  19. Captain do we have permission to start rustling?
  20. Remain on alert, no reason to start unnecesarely.
  21. "What kind of idea did she give you?"
  22. "Well" They say, looking between eachother.
  23. Suddenly Scootaloo is behind you, and Applebloom jumps at you, making you stumble and fall back.
  24. Sweetiebell magics roots over your arms and legs, pinning you down.
  25. Jimmies, begin rustle level 2.
  26. Aye Aye captain.
  27. your jimmies are now in a moderately disturbing state of rustling.
  28. "Girls, whats all this about?"
  29. "Mah big sis said we should try being Cutie Mark Crusaders: Human Rapists"
  30. Jimmies!
  31. Yes?
  32. you have permission to go to rustle level 5
  33. You begin heaving against your restraints, but get nowhere.
  34. "Mah big sis said we'd have ta hold ya down tight, so Sweetie here made sure to learn a good strong spell."
  35. "The first thing was to remove the pants right" Scoots says.
  36. The other two nod, and Sweetie uses her magic to pull your pants down around your ankles.
  37. "Hey whats with the second pair? Applejack didn't say nothin about these?"
  38. "Guess we jsut gotta get rid of em too."
  39. Within the next moment, you boxers are around your ankles as well.
  40. "Girls, its not to late to stop you know."
  41. "We know, but Applejack said one of us was for sure gonna get our cutie mark for this."
  42. Sighing, you were glad your manhood was deciding to stay down.
  43. "Now we gotta get his Manhood up and ready"
  44. "Good thing mah big sis showed us all the stuff we need to do".
  45. They all nod, and form up around your dick.
  46. Sweetiebell sits on you, her tail raised, giving you a full view of her fillyhood and asshole.
  47. The other two are each straddling one of your legs, the warmth of their fillyhoods rubbing against your legs.
  48. They all lean in close, and start licking your dick.
  49. Their tongues are soft and warm, and you can feel your Shaft starting to rise
  50. You damn well better stay down, or else.
  51. Sorry captain, they are too good, we cant hold back.
  52. You feel yourself rise to attention.
  53. Not Good Man, Not Good!
  54. "Wait, There are three of you, how are you gonna decide who goes first?"
  55. "Oh thats easy, we decided that before we came here"
  56. Groan
  57. "Im thinkin hes about ready gals" AB says
  58. "Alright Sweetie, You get first go"
  59. Setting herself over top of your now fully erect member, she slowly lowers herself.
  60. The other two help align you two, and you feel your head begin to push into her fillyhood.
  61. With a final push, you feel yourself pushed far into her, breaking her virginity, a bit of blood dribbling down.
  62. You can feel her shuddering on your massive member, before she starts to slowly move up and down.
  63. Her gasps of pain slowly turn to moans and crys of pleasure as she picks up the pace.
  64. You can feel yourself getting close, but she passes her point before you, her juices pouring over your thighs.
  65. She gets off you, shuddering and taking deep breaths, as her body trys to figure out the feels it is feeling right now.
  66. Come on man, nows your chance, get down.
  67. We are tryin captain, but we are halfway there already.
  68. Curses, well try and get down as fast as you can.
  69. Aye captain
  70. Scootaloo arranges herself over your shaft, much in the same way Sweetie did.
  71. Lowering herself down, you enter her easily because of Sweetiebells juices.
  72. As she impales herself further, you notice she has already been broken.
  73. "Scoots! Your not a virgin?!?!" You exclaim, managing to avoid not moaning as she begins riding.
  74. "No I ..*Pant* Am, I just *Moan* broke it doing a *Moan* trick before."
  75. Scootaloo starts moaning louder and louder, as she brings herself to the brink.
  76. With a final push, she forces you inside her almost to the hilt, before she hits her climax.
  77. Her juices run over you, further covering you in fillyjuice.
  78. Even after your second rutting, you still havn't climaxed, and its starting to annoy you.
  79. Captain I think we should giver for the last, we are burnin to get off here, and if the last is anything like the first, we still wont.
  80. Fine, but this is all on your head (If you know what I mean *Wink*).
  81. Applebloom, the last one, lines herself up, the other two too lightheaded to do anything.
  82. Lowering herself, she slowly inserts you head into her, waves of pain and pleasure running over her features.
  83. As your tip reaches her hymen, you buck your hips up, pierceing her as far as you can go.
  84. She gasps in pain as you do this, before settling into moans as you begin bouncing her up and down on your shaft.
  85. "Ah.. Anon, d..don't stop... it good...please dont....stop."
  86. You can feel yourself nearing the edge, and by her moans you can tell she is close too.
  87. lowering down, you bounce Applebloom up and almost off, before thrusting as hard as you can.
  88. The feeling of you penetrating her all the way sends her over the edge, which in turn tips you over the edge.
  89. As you seed flows into her, her fillyjuices mix with it, before running out, as she collapses on your stomach, you manhood still inside her.
  90. Sweetiebell has recovered enough to remove your bindings, and you gently remove Applebloom and set her on the ground.
  91. "Are you girls okay?" You ask, sitting down next to them.
  92. "Yeah, its just... we didn't get our Marks, and we did this horrible thing to you..." Scoots says, looking down
  93. "You know, theres an old human saying. It goes 'You cant rape the willing'. Now I assume you understand what I mean right"
  94. The girls nod, before giving you soft smiles.
  95. You feel a strange sensation on your thigh, and you look down at it.
  96. An image is appearing.
  97. The image is a Filly on a Fiddle.
  98. Filly Fiddler
  100. Fucking Cutie Marks.
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