[INCEST] Lagrange Points [TBC]

May 21st, 2017
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  1. Is it really necessary for me to list Nightmare Moon and Daybreaker?
  3. This is actually really fun. I'm probably going to write this after I'm done with the Siren thing.
  5. Prompt:
  6. I want Daybreaker and Aunty Nightmare to teach me how to keep the royal bloodlines pure.
  7. ---------------
  9. >"Don't be like that, sweetest..."
  10. >Mom - or Daybreaker as she insists on being called in public - caresses your face, trailing her fingers down your cheek.
  11. >Your skin feels unnaturally (but not unpleasantly) warm in her finger's wake.
  12. >Mom leans forward so that her lips are barely an inch from your ear.
  13. >You can feel her moist, hot breath on your earlobe.
  14. >"Those peasants under my rule are unworthy of receiving your royal seed, my love," she whispers, "Let your precious mother and beloved aunt ease your strain."
  15. >Arms - draped with thin, dark silk scarves - wrap around your chest, interlocking with fingers that have blue nail polish on them.
  16. >"Listen to your mother, my prince," coos your aunt, pressing butterfly kisses into the nape of your neck, "Come with Us to Our bedchambers. We will make this night last forever..."
  18. --------------------------
  20. >"Ahh... my beautiful son, you have chosen your mate well."
  21. >Daybreaker (aka mom) wraps her arms around your neck and pulls you in for a kiss.
  22. >Just like everything else she does, the kiss is elegant, like a scene from a romantic movie.
  23. >You used your tongues, but it was not sloppy or heated.
  24. >You could almost call it "perfect".
  25. >Mom pulls away from you with a satisfied (if somewhat smug) smile on her face.
  26. >"I always knew I had imparted my good taste onto you, Anonymous."
  27. >She dips forward for another kiss.
  28. >"You made the right decision for whom to bear your children, love."
  29. >Daybreaker leans back onto her bed, taking you down with her.
  30. >With expert and efficient flicks of her fingers, she has your member in her hand and well on its way to entering her pussy.
  31. >Her folds feel wet to the touch, and her juices are almost searingly hot on your cock.
  33. ---
  35. >Three hours later, you stumble into your aunt's bed chambers, freshly bathed and clothed; it would not do to accost your aunt while you were still dripping with your mom's juices.
  36. >Your mom is fast asleep with a smile on her face and a womb full of your cum.
  37. >If you haven't impregnated her yet, she'll make sure that you have sex until she is.
  38. >All in all, you can imagine worse fates.
  39. >"Nephew!"
  40. >Aunt Nightmare rolls onto her stomach, fully aware and garbed in her usual attire: layers of thin, semi-transparent dark scarves and shawls that tease much and reveal nothing.
  41. >The sheer layering of the scarves over her groin and her chest keep the average unworthy citizen from seeing her most intimate locations.
  42. >Rings on her fingers are tied to scarves that stretch from her shoulders, and the entire ensemble makes you think of fashion from Saddle Arabia.
  43. >Of course, she is awake; she would not be the Queen of the Night if she slept during her most holy period.
  44. >Nightmare beckons you over with a hooking finger, and you obediently (and eagerly) walk over to her.
  45. >"Long have I awaited your appearance in my most intimate of chambers, dear nephew," she purrs as you lie down on the bed next to her, "Many-a day have I spent dreaming of our inevitable copulation, my beloved."
  46. >Unlike your mother, who went straight to the sex, aunt Nightmare instead focuses more on foreplay.
  47. >She strokes your faces, letting her fingers dance across your cheekbones and your lips as though committing your features to memory through touch alone.
  48. >The smile she gives you could very easily be called "fondness".
  49. >Maybe even more than that.
  50. >Slowly, as though afraid of hurting you, aunt Nightmare leans forward and kisses you on the lips.
  51. >Despite her well-known (and often-times enforced) title of "The Sensual Queen", Nightmare's kiss is surprisingly chaste.
  52. >"My beloved."
  53. >Kiss.
  54. >"My precious one."
  55. >Kiss.
  56. >"Son of my sister, and father of my children."
  57. >Kiss.
  58. >"Rendezvous you may have with mine sister, but always will your heart belong to me."
  59. >With an effortless shuffle of her shoulders, aunt Nightmare's scarves and shawls fall away as though she had undone a non-existent knot that was holding them all together.
  60. >With one hand, she guides your grasping fingers to her breast.
  61. >With the other, she simply cups your cheek tenderly.
  62. >Only now does a sinister glint appear in her eye.
  63. >"And now, my dreams will become manifest. Copulate with me now, nephew, and we will raise an heir to overthrow the tyranny of the sun."
  64. >Your aunt kisses you again, only this time it is more forceful; more lustful.
  65. >Whether it is lust for you or a lust for power, you cannot tell.
  66. >Nightmare pulls back and rests her forehead on yours, and her slit-pupils narrow dangerously.
  67. >"And then, my most beloved possession..."
  68. >Her forked tongue licks at your nose.
  69. >"...The night shall last forever."
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