Walnut - Friendship Is Magic...Or Something Like That

Apr 29th, 2014
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  1. >The room was empty as Hexferry sat in the corner with tears dripping down her face after being scolded by her mother for causing a mess in her families luxurious kitchen trying to help before the arrival of rich guest that were interested in his honey company.
  2. >Looking down at her little blue dress that made her look like a tiny doll. Hearing a few hoof steps approach her Hexferry lifted up to see her tall father dressed in a nice black suite stand in front of her with a confused look on his face. Dropping down to his knees he and placing his hoof on top of her cute little bold cut mane he asked her was wrong.
  3. >sniffling a bit she didn't look her father in the eye as she hated to look weak, or less superior than her mother in front of him before telling him nothing. Smiling at her he then asked his little angel Hexferry if she would like to come downstairs & sit at the kids table with other kid moths while he chatted about.
  4. >Putting on a pout face Hexferry hated when her father referred to her as a kid though he knew she could take care of herself. Chuckling her father went on to make a comment saying how much Hexferry looked like her mother when she didn't get way, and how adorable she was. Hearing those words Hexferry blushed and quit pouting before being picked up and put on her fathers back.
  5. "Well it seems we have a special guest on Daddy Express. It's little Princess Hexferry." Hexferry father spoke out loud before trotting out the room, and downstairs with his party guest. Saying "Hello" while coming down the stairs and having all the party guest look at him Hexferry hid behind her father head. Chuckling he asked her why is she so nervous, and her not giving him a response.
  7. >Arriving at the bottom of the stairs Hexferries perfect mother then walked up to her & her father with a warm smile instead of an angry expression she had before. Asking who was hiding behind her father head Hexferries mother looked at her which made her face turn bright red in embarrassment before her asking if Hexferry if she would like to go play with the other moth fillies that came.
  8. >Not giving a response Hexferry hid behind her father before her mother came up to her, and put her on her back which made her let out a tiny squeak as some of the party guest got a look at her. Taking her to a far away from her father, Hexferries mother stopped in front of two small other fillies.
  9. >Taking her off her back Hexferries mother gently placed her in front of a rust red filly her size who wearing a casual black dress, and a dark grey moth with a orange mane dressed like a servant she usually saw around the house. Backing away from them and hiding underneath her mother hooves, Hexferries mother chuckled before asking her little daughter "What are you not social?" which made Hexferry snap & remember how great her mother was with walking up to random ponies & become their friends instantly.
  10. >Opening her mouth Hexferry in a semi-loud voice said "O-O-Of course I'm social. I am more social then you." before walking away from underneath her mother hooves, and up to the other two mares saying "I'm Hexferry its nice to meet you.". Laughing Hexferry mother said "Well I'll leave it to you to be more social "then me"." before leaving her daughters presence and heading to her father who was talking to wealthy dressed ponies.
  11. >Looking at Hexferry the two moth fillies didn't say word which angered her a bit. Asking them whats wrong the one dressed like a mare spoke in a low voice saying
  13. " see. You are Mr.Hexs daughter the owner of a inter-equestria honey company, and a very powerful moth, and we of his employees. So um..are social class is beneath you in a way.". Hearing the words "beneath you." a smile came on Hexferries face meaning if they were below her she was the one on top, and in charge.
  14. >Opening her mouth Hexferry was about to offer a suggestion on what they were going to do before the rust red fill came up to her, and placed her hoof on her saying "Tag you're it.", and bolting. Blinking at Hexferry the maid looking filly took a second to let Hexferry open up her mouth, but not let her get a word out before bolting as well. Angered at both the moths who below her not listening Hexferry took off after them.
  15. >Following them they ran past several of the guest at the party, and going up the stairs to the rest of her house. Chasing after them Hexferry ran past her father who was talking to two other ponies, but stopped and laughed when seeing her chasing after the other two fillies.
  16. >Arriving on the first floor and in the hallway Hexferry searched for the two fillies, but found no trace of them as all the hallway doors were shut. Trotting door past door she then stopped in front of her parents bedroom door where she heard the voices of the two ponies laughing & having fun.
  17. >Opening the door she looked to see the two fillies jumping up & down on her parents bed messing up the perfect sheets her mother made up, which to Hexferry was a little of a good thing. Smiling at Hexferry the rust red filly said "Oh no Amata. She found us don't let her tag you.", and the dark grey filly saying "Oh-...okay Carmmy.".
  19. >Jumping on her parents bed Hexferry started to go up, and down as the same pace with the rusty red mare filly laughing as she was having fun. Four hours then passed as all the three of them jumped on the bed & started to talk about each other.
  20. >In the end when they came down stairs all the adults were leaving, and Amata was the first of the three to say leave saying to the rust red filly "Bye Carmmy."
  21. >Feeling kind of glad hanging out with the two fillies. Looking at Hexferry the little rust red mare asked Hexferry a question saying "Hey can we be friends?", blushing a bit on how direct she was coming to Hexferry, Hexferry said "I guess we can be friends.". Putting on a cheerful smile the moth then said "My name is Caramel, but Amata calls me Carmmy. Whats your full name instead of Mr.Hex's daughter?", responding Hexferry "I'm Hexferry. Hex comes from my father, and Ferry comes from my mother so its a combination of both like me."
  22. >Chuckling a bit the mare said "Oh okay. I hope you don't get in trouble for us messing up those sheets." putting on a grin Hexferry told her new friend Caramel that they weren't before Caramel mother called her name signaling her to go. Telling her mother "Okay." Caramel spoke one last time to Hexferry saying "Next time lets jump on the bed at my house." before leaving.
  23. >Hearing a few hoof steps from behind her Hexferry turned to see her father behind her. Coming down & picking her up, and setting her on his back He asked her did she enjoy hanging with the other fillies. Smiling and hugging her fathers neck fluff she said in a sweet voice "Of Course daddy, and could you get their parents to let them come over some more.". Smiling he said "Sure, but you gotta fix that bed your mother made before I do.".
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