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Jun 16th, 2015
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  1. This is slightly older than the other system but can still apply
  2. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. Alright lets get started with this fucking train wreck...
  7. Combat will be resolved through the One-Roll Engine (ORE) and its associated d10 dice.
  9. Basics:
  11. To conduct an action, you roll a number of d10 dice and look for matching dice rolls, if there are no matching dice rolls, the action fails.
  13. If there are multiple matching dice rolls, you can choose whichever one you want for a particular action.
  15. (W)Width: Number of matching dice from a roll.
  16. (H)Height: The value of the matching dice from a roll.
  18. Width indicates speed, priority and raw power.
  19. Height indicates quality, finesse, and accuracy.
  21. This abbreviated as WxH.
  23. Converting stats into dice pools.
  25. 1-2 :1 Die
  26. 3-4 :2 Dice
  28. 5-7 :3 Dice
  29. 8-10:4 Dice
  30. 11-13:5 Dice
  31. 14-16:6 Dice
  32. 17-19:7 Dice
  34. 20-23:8 Dice
  35. 24-27:9 Dice
  37. For each stat (STR, VIT, MAG, AGI, LUK) look at the total value of that stat and assign a corresponding number of d10 dice as indicated above.
  39. (STR) STRENGTH: determines physical and lifting capability.
  40. (VIT) VITALITY: determines physical health, endurance and toughness.
  41. (MAG) MAGIC: determines overall magical capability
  42. (AGI) AGILITY: determines speed, dexterity and hand-eye coordination
  43. (LUK) LUCK: determines luckiness, fate and probability manipulation
  45. STR, VIT, MAG and AGI are used in combat rolls.
  46. LUK is used in fate rolls.
  48. COMBAT:
  50. Combat is conducted in rounds, each round is 5 seconds in length.
  52. Each combat round works like this:
  53. 1) Declare: Everybody declares an action
  54. Player assigns up to two combat stats for an attacking roll and up to two combat stats to an defense roll.
  55. Players can perform these combat rolls as many times as they have stats available to assign.
  56. Only one stat (STR, VIT, AGI, MAG) can be assigned to an combat roll.
  57. This is default, specialties, perks and magical powers may adjust the number of attack and defense rolls.
  59. 2) Roll: Roll dice equal the sum of their assigned dice pools for attack and defense.
  60. Players are hard capped at 10 d10 dice per combat roll.
  62. 3) Resolve: From highest width to lowest, resolve the results and assign damage.
  63. Attacks either inflict damage or impose a condition on the other dude.
  65. Defense roll dice from WidthxHeight sets can gobble up dice from attack roll sets of equal or lesser value.
  66. Only one defense roll height can be assigned this way and this works against multiple attacking sets.
  67. Defense with no matching dice still constitutes a failure.
  69. For example, if one player defends and rolls a 2x9, and one attacker rolls 3x5, the defending player can assign his 2 9s to gobble up the attackers 2 5s, which reduced the attacker roll to 1x5 and a failure.
  71. Note: Amount of damage done is based on the width after resolution calculations.
  75. Got a really shitty roll? No fucking problem!
  76. During a combat round, before actions are resolved, you can perform a fate roll and substitute dice from your fate roll
  77. with your combat roll based on width and height.
  79. To perform a fate roll, roll your LUCK dice pool and look for matching dice.
  80. Width indicates the number of dice that can be substituted.
  81. Height indicates the value of the matching dice that can be substituted.
  83. Additional notes: Fate rolls are different from normal action rolls, you can choose which height to use, however you're still limited to the width of that height.
  85. You can perform fate rolls equal to your LUK dicepool per game day, this does not accumulate and refreshes at the beginning of every game day.
  87. Damage calculations:
  89. Your hit points is your VIT dicepoolx2. You fall unconscious once you reach 0 or negative HP and you revert out of your mahou shoujo form you cannot conduct combat in this condition. The next successful attack will kill you.
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