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  1. Donald Trump cancels visit to Denmark to discuss refugee policy
  3. The move by Trump comes as the president met with Danish Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen.
  5. Earlier, the US leader told Rasmussen he had "deep-rooted doubts" about the safety of the country's 350,000 Muslims, which led to the cancellation of the meeting.
  7. "I have the deepest doubts about Denmark's policy on immigrants and refugees," said Trump, who has previously accused Denmark of being "open-door" to people fleeing terrorism in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere.
  9. "Denmark sends people who have a different opinion to the US border and is not safe. You cannot have that," he added.
  11. Trump said the meeting was to discuss the refugee issue and the threat ISIS pose, but did not specify the topic.
  13. "I have serious doubts about Sweden, and about Germany because they're not taking their people," he added.
  15. Read more: Danish leader cancels meeting with US president Donald Trump amid concerns of terrorist threat
  17. According to an assessment by the Danish intelligence service
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