Lua: Obfuscation, obfuscation everywhere.

Aug 21st, 2013
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  1.  local WP = minetest.get_worldpath().."/wiki"  wikilib.path = WP  local WIKI_FORMNAME = "wiki:wiki"  os.mkdir(WP) os.mkdir(WP.."/users")  local function name_to_filename(name)  name = name:gsub("[^A-Za-z0-9-]", function(c) if c == " " then return "_" else return ("%%%02X"):format(c:byte(1)) end end) return name:lower()  end wikilib.name_to_filename = name_to_filename  local function get_page_path(name, player)   local allow_save = minetest.check_player_privs(player, {wiki=true})  if name:sub(1, 1) == "." then local text = wikilib.internal_pages[name] or wikilib.internal_pages[".NotFound_Internal"] if type(text) == "function" then text = text(player) end return text, false, false elseif name:sub(1, 1) == ":" then if name:match("^:[0-9]?$") then local n = tonumber(name:sub(2,2)) or 0 path = "users/"..player.."/page"..n os.mkdir(WP.."/users/"..player) elseif name == ":profile" then path = "users/"..player.."/profile" os.mkdir(WP.."/users/"..player) elseif name:match("^:.-:[0-9]$") then local user, n = name:match("^:(.-):([0-9])$") if user:find("..[/\\]") then return wikilib.internal_pages[".BadPageName"], false, false end if (n == "0") and (not minetest.check_player_privs(player, {wiki_admin=true})) then return wikilib.internal_pages[".Forbidden"], false, false end path = "users/"..user.."/page"..n os.mkdir(WP.."/users/"..user) allow_save = false elseif name:match("^:.-:profile$") then local user = name:match("^:(.-):.*$") if user:find("..[/\\]") then return wikilib.internal_pages[".BadPageName"], false, false end path = "users/"..user.."/profile" os.mkdir(WP.."/users/"..user) allow_save = false else return wikilib.internal_pages[".BadPageName"], false, false end else path = name_to_filename(name) end  return WP.."/"..path, true, allow_save  end  local function find_links(lines)  local links = { } local links_n = 0 for _,line in ipairs(lines) do for link in line:gmatch("%[(.-)%]") do links_n = links_n + 1 links[links_n] = link end end return links end  local function load_page(name, player)  local text, allow_save = wikilib.plugin_handle_load(name, player) if text then return text, find_links(text:split("\n")), allow_save end local path, is_file, allow_save = get_page_path(name, player) local f if is_file then f = io.open(path) if not f then f = strfile.open(wikilib.internal_pages[".NotFound"]) end else f = strfile.open(path) end local lines = { } local lines_n = 0 for line in f:lines() do lines_n = lines_n + 1 lines[lines_n] = line end f:close() local text = table.concat(lines, "\n") local links = find_links(lines) return text, links, allow_save end  local function save_page(name, player, text)  local ok = wikilib.plugin_handle_save(name, player, text) if ok then return ok end  local path, is_file, allow_save = get_page_path(name, player)  if (not is_file) or (not allow_save) then return end  local f = io.open(path, "w") if not f then return end  f:write(text)  f:close()  end  local esc = minetest.formspec_escape  function wikilib.get_wiki_page_formspec(player, name, w, h)  if name == "" then name = "Main" end  w = w or 12 h = h or 10  local text, links, allow_save = load_page(name, player)  local buttons = "" local bx = 0 local by = 7.5  for i, link in ipairs(links) do if ((i - 1) % 5) == 0 then bx = 0 by = by + 0.5 end link = esc(link) buttons = buttons..(("button[%f,%f;2.4,0.3;page_%s;%s]"):format(bx, by, link, link)) bx = bx + 2.4 end  local toolbar  if allow_save then toolbar = "button[0,9;2.4,1;save;Save]" else toolbar = "label[0,9;You are not authorized to edit this page.]" end  return ("size["..w..","..h.."]" .. "field[0,1;11,1;page;Page;"..esc(name).."]" .. "button[11,1;1,0.5;go;Go]" .. "textarea[0,2;12,6;text;"..esc(name)..";"..esc(text).."]" .. buttons .. toolbar )  end  function wikilib.show_wiki_page(player, name) local fs = wikilib.get_wiki_page_formspec(player, name) minetest.show_formspec(player, WIKI_FORMNAME, fs) end  minetest.register_node("wiki:wiki", { description = "Wiki", tiles = { "default_wood.png", "default_wood.png", "default_bookshelf.png" }, groups = { choppy=3, oddly_breakable_by_hand=2, flammable=3 }, sounds = default.node_sound_wood_defaults(), on_construct = function(pos) local meta = minetest.get_meta(pos) meta:set_string("infotext", "Wiki") end, on_rightclick = function(pos, node, clicker, itemstack) if clicker then wikilib.show_wiki_page(clicker:get_player_name(), "Main") end end, })  minetest.register_privilege("wiki", { description = "Allow editing wiki pages in the global space", give_to_singleplayer = false, })  minetest.register_privilege("wiki_admin", { description = "Allow editing wiki pages in any space", give_to_singleplayer = false, })  local BS = "default:bookshelf" local BSL = { BS, BS, BS } minetest.register_craft({ output = "wiki:wiki", recipe = { BSL, BSL, BSL }, })  function wikilib.handle_formspec(player, formname, fields) if (not formname) or (formname ~= WIKI_FORMNAME) then return end local plname = player:get_player_name() if fields.save then local r = save_page(fields.page, plname, fields.text) if type(r) == "string" then wikilib.show_wiki_page(plname, r) else wikilib.show_wiki_page(plname, fields.page) end return true elseif fields.go then wikilib.show_wiki_page(plname, fields.page) return true else for k in pairs(fields) do if type(k) == "string" then local name = k:match("^page_(.*)") if name then wikilib.show_wiki_page(plname, name) return true end end end end end  minetest.register_on_player_receive_fields(function(player, formname, fields) wikilib.handle_formspec(player, formname, fields) end)
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