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  1. Among other possessions she has two charms, small beads which pull towards each other across any distance. She wears one as a necklace, and one is fashioned into a heavy weight.
  2. Enchanted dice, that always roll a 1 and a 6
  3. A simple runic amulet which reads as enchanted. It isn’t, the chain is, and is enchanted to strangle anyone who puts it on.
  4. A ring that purifies any water that passes through it. Wearing it will slowly turn your blood to water and start so by cleaning poisons and heavy metals from you, so it’s useful in small doses.
  5. A small pocket mirror that grows to any size and shape by grabbing the corners and adjusting.
  6. A small copper bell, that won’t ring, despite nothing stopping it doing so. It only starts to ring when someone Is breaking into the building you’re standing in.
  7. A coin that always lands on its side.
  8. A hairbrush that does the work for you. Floating around brushing.
  9. A lock and key. The lock is unable to be picked by normal means, and is a difficult enchantment to break by magical ones. Every day the key is enchanted to teleport back into the lock.
  10. A candle that never runs out of wax.
  11. A small doll that mirrors your movements.
  12. A little story book. Reading a story in it counts as casting a minor healing spell on everyone who was listening.
  13. A ring of invisibility, which goes invisible when worn without making the caster the same.
  14. A music box. It can only be heard by the one who opens it. Closing it will stop it playing… eventually.
  15. A small steel rondel dagger enchanted to be pink. That’s it, nothing else. Emora was sick of people stealing it from her, so made it easy to trace.
  16. A “Wand of turning”. It spoils milk, and cream. Emora hates dairy with a passion.
  17. An enchanted gauntlet, about to float around and carry a large amount of weight. She has it hold her bags.
  18. A chair that can change sizes between a dollhouse toy, and slightly too big for her. It was a dud.
  21. Reagents
  22. Faith - A drop of blood taken from a priest during prayer and preserved in blessed oil.
  23. Pollen - A radiant purple pollen taken from a mana drinking flower, which only grows around mana pools.
  24. Thread - Quicksilver and tin, bound together with the arcane. A basic binding ingredient to hold enchantments together.
  26. Magic taken in with breathing, casted during an exhale that flushes it through the body, and released at the end of that breath. She’s vulnerable to getting out of breath and spells being rushed.
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