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yeehawz/kissaroo apology

kissaroo Mar 8th, 2018 (edited) 105 Never
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  1. Hey. Bandit @/yeehawz/@/kissaroo here. I'm sure a lot of you saw my callout, so I'm just posting this on a side blog and stuff to like,  address and apologize. I'd also like to clear some things up but anyways. I'd rather you didn't reblog it and stuff, I just want it up here so others can read it.
  3. I'll admit it here. I fucked up. What I did was racist, I should not have just focused on POC involved when there were other people. I shouldn't have thrown accusations around and then give a vague and, well, shitty apology when confronted. It was awful of me and unfair to everyone involved. I'll explain my actions later on but for now I just want to acknowledge what I've done and apologize for it.
  5. I've gotten involved in things that weren't my place and spoken over POC. It wasn't intentional, but the majority of my actions were towards POC and that was just wrong and racist. I do intend to fix what I can and better myself. I don't want to hurt anyone anymore than I already have.
  7. I should have spoken to people I had problems with instead of cutting them off and telling my friends about it, or vagueing them or whatever else I did. That was wrong of me and I need to work on my communication skills, and tendencies. Telling my friends about it and causing biases only caused them to possibly take action on their own, and I should have taken better measures to prevent that.
  9. I need to learn to stay in my place, there was a mix up regarding me having spoken over black people about AAVE, but it was still out of line and wrong of me. I should have spoken to a black person about it, and yes I did have someone I could contact but I neglected to do so because I was acting on impulse. I should have been more aware of my actions especially with the topic at hand. I believed the post to be an appropriation of AAVE, but I'll get to that in a bit.
  11. I don't intend to harm anyone else in racism or irresponsibility. I worded it badly in my initial apology, but I plan on changing and bettering myself. Obviously I cannot change overnight and there are habits and tendencies I need to unlearn and become better than. But I want to fix myself and I hope I can do so. I'm sorry for the damage I've caused and I acknowledge and apologize for everything I've been confronted for.
  13. Now I'm gonna clarify some stuff because a lot of it was twisted. The accounted events did happen but the wording kind of changes how it went.
  15. Clearing things up:
  17. - I did not, or at least intend to, attack the black person involved and mentioned in the callout. We were all very paranoid, and because I didn't remember them saying they were on hiatus until after the fact, it made the most sense at the moment that they were spying. I know now that was wrong of me, but I didn't send anyone or want anyone to go after them. In fact, the person who did sent the anon was explicitly told NOT to.
  19. - The part where I called out someone's usage of AAVE. It was about the text of the post itself rather than the gif, but regardless was out of my place for me to say something about, especially when I wasn't well educated on the topic and really did not know what I was talking about.
  21. - I referred to the two people involved as "stalkers" because they did severely impact me and the way they posted and vagued me occasionally did feel like that. I recognize that was wrong of me now, but I only want to explain my actions.
  23. - The drama wasn't, just Homestuck kin drama. One person was someone I knew since I was 13 that started drama with me when I was 14 and they were 17, and the other was someone who sexually harassed me.
  25. - I "shit talked without explaining why" because a lot of the issues were very personal and I just wasn't comfortable telling that to everyone I knew.
  27. In conclusion, while a lot of it was twisted, I do acknowledge what I've done wrong and I genuinely apologize for my racism and irresponsibility. Thank you for your time.
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