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  1. Just like with Bonesaw and Aurea, the two women are given the requirement of the heroine being the one that's front and center in her defeat, but beyond that they're left to their own devices.
  2. "Then I guess mounting is out of the question," Zero says as she taps a nap to her chin.
  3. "Mounting? What do you mean?" Vanessa asks, raising a brow and leaning backwards from the other woman.
  4. "She mean's doggystyle," Bonesaw snickers.
  5. Vanessa chokes a groan in her throat and glares at the blue-tinteed Bonesaw, but turns back to see Zero just as amused with the idea.
  6. "But I'm not bigger enough than you to make that really domineering anyway. Maybe if I did it to half-pint, but--"
  7. "Bitch you'd be under me regardless," Bonesaw growls.
  8. Aurea grabs her partner by the nape of her neck and tugs her backwards. "You gotta make everything about you and your complexes everytime?"
  9. "My complexes are the most interesting ones anyways!" Bonesaw shouts at her before she's dragged away.
  10. Watching the way Aurea takes control strikes Vanessa with an idea. "How about something with the neck then?"
  11. "What like a choke?" Zero snorts.
  12. "I-- ah--"
  13. "It was your suggestion, not mine~. Oi, director lady, would one of these hounds even know a chokehold or anything complicted like that? Does it fit?"
  14. "Uhm, I'm not really sure, actually," the AD mutters with a sigh.
  15. "How well do the paws curl? I mean, the fingers?" Vanessa asks.
  16. Zero tilts her head for a moment but then raises up the claws to demonstrate how much grip she has. The digits on the glove curl enough to let her grip something, but there's no way should could hold something small. But this is enough for Vanessa's idea to go forward.
  17. The strawberry blonde sits with her legs spread open as wide as she can manage. The hellhound's boots step over each of her thighs to keep them locked open, and the hound's legs bend at the knee so that she can be squat behind the heroine. Her arms sits ontop of the dog's thighs and her body leans forward, partially for balance and partially to push her chest out more.
  18. At Emily's neck, she's treated to a collar of fur and nail. Under each side of her jaw, the hound's paws pressin and curl around her throat with a direct and naked choke. Her fingers can squeeze just enough to clench around the rabbit's neck to strangle the breath out from her neck. But if that isn't enough, the beasts nails are primed and pressed onto the rabbit's skin. If Emily were to struggle just the slightest, there's only a guarantee her end would be worse.
  19. The despair is written on her face. She grips the back of the hellhound's paws as her face turns red, but she can't move a muscle against the monster. Even when the hellhound's head tilts down grins at the corner of her face, she can't do anything to fight out of the position. Even just her struggles to wheeze have her trembling with fear, her eyes wandering with no point of focus, tears welling up in their corners.
  20. "C-could you... lighten it up a bit?" the AD asks. "It's a little intense still."
  21. Vanessa swallows and goes along with it, putting on a flustered smile. Though she intends for Emily to only look a little nervous, it only compounds with her original despair, making it seem like she's resolved to her face. Her hands shakily come off and two fingers extend out, making a pair of V signs that tremble to stay a loft.
  22. The hellhound's tongue flicks out and plaps against the side of the rabbit's face, causing her to shiver. The beast slowly licks up the side of her cheek, sliding upward right where the stream of a salty tear should be. In the most literal sense, the hound is savoring the taste of Emily's defeat with a wet kiss.
  23. "She said less dark!" Aurea shouts. "What part about that don't the two of you woodland creatures get?"
  24. Zero's head tilts in confusion while Vanessa's cheeks puff up into a pout.
  25. "You two really are on the same wave length, huh?"
  26. "What's that supposed to mean?" Vanessa asks.
  27. "I dunno," Zero says. "She's a lot more timid when she's sober."
  28. "What's the supposed to mean!?" Vanessa shouts at her, causing Zero to flinch.
  29. "Easy, these dog ears are sensitive."
  30. Vanessa's fists clench but she surpresses the desire to sock the hound in the snout.
  31. "H-how about something like this?" the AD asks before guiding them through.
  32. The positions of their bodies are the same, with Emily's legs spread and the hound's legs hooked onto hers, but this time Emily's on her knees and her body is a little higher. The hound's claws come around her midsection, with one going up and one going down. The upward one sits at her breasts, ready to claw the tear in her top open even further. The one below sits on the inside of her thigh, digging in and pulling the dense flesh towards one side to expose more of her groin, with a claw extending out and preparing to start ripping apart her bottoms. Emily's head tilts back, and the hound's chin sits on her shoulder, given full access to her throat. Very weakly, Emily's hands are lifted up to the double Vs.
  33. The duo try various modifiers: Emily pulling on the beast's claws and struggling more or her arms and head limp as she's lost consciousness in the monster's embrace. The latter combined with the hound's teeth on her throat is another one deemed 'too dark', though the struggling is fine. A lick from the dog with either is fine, as is the hound just wearing her perverse grin. Though that leads to the suggestion of Emily enjoying it.
  34. Try as she might, Vanessa cannot summon an expression of evil depravity like Zero's, but she can wet her lips with a slow lick, making Emily's shameful smile glisten as she's eagerly made into the hound's plaything.  The double Vs like this are almost too much, and raising her hands up behind her head is even worse -- so much so that Vanessa can't do it for more than a second. That's enough that Zero can slip her head under the arm though.
  35. Vanessa pushes her arm down on the woman and grabs a handful of her hair. "What-- do you think you're doing?" she asks with a mumble.
  36. "Hm? You really that flustered?" Zero asks. "I know I've been licking your neck for a while--"
  37. "And that isn't helping me anyway."
  38. "So I thought my tongue--"
  39. "If you dare try to put it in my mouth I *WILL* bite it off."
  40. "Oh~, when you say it like that-- nn!!" Vanessa pulls on the woman's hair and forces her backwards to stop her. However, Vanessa doesn't account for the fact Zero is basically squatting. The sudden jerk throws the woman's balance off, and her paws jump up to try and correct. Failing that, she grabs Vanessa again but that just makes the two of them go backwards with a gasp. Vanessa twists as they go down, landing atop of Zero chest to chest as they sprawl out together.
  41. "And I thought we were going to be the ones to go at it~" Bonesaw snickers, glancing up to her glaring partner with a smirk.
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