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Attachment Issues

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  1. FSE:
  2. [2019/02/20 06:09:11]  Mica Mertel: (FS64 6.0.2v) what would cause my friend to basically lose half her body and clothes when she detaches one thing?
  3. [2019/02/20 06:09:27]  Franklyn Watanabe: (FS64 6.0.2m) Mica - see [http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/hud_issues FS-Wiki: Attachment issues]
  4. [2019/02/20 06:09:50]  Mica Mertel: (FS64 6.0.2v) ty Frank
  6. [2019/02/20 06:14:04]  Mica Mertel: (FS64 6.0.2v) Frank, she said this is an attachement issue not a HUD issue
  7. [2019/02/20 06:14:16]  Toy Wylie: HUDs are attachments.
  8. [2019/02/20 06:14:24]  Mica Mertel: (FS64 6.0.2v) it happens most after she tp's
  9. [2019/02/20 06:14:31]  Franklyn Watanabe: (FS64 6.0.2m) Mica - which is why I pointed you/her to the attachments issues Wiki page
  11. [2019/02/20 06:15:14]  Minuet Voir: Mica - Maybe Frank meant to give you this page  https://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/server_attachment_issues
  12. [2019/02/20 06:15:39]  Minuet Voir: /me glances at Frank...
  13. [2019/02/20 06:15:56]  Mica Mertel: (FS64 6.0.2v) ty Minuet
  14. [2019/02/20 06:16:06]  Franklyn Watanabe: (FS64 6.0.2m) thanks, Minuet
  16. FST:
  17. [2019/02/20 06:16:59]  Franklyn Watanabe: it goes to one of the attachment issues pages - to be honest, they should link to each other
  18. [2019/02/20 06:17:34]  Toy Wylie: HUDs and attachments are the same thing, why are there different pages?
  19. [2019/02/20 06:18:04]  Franklyn Watanabe: I agree, Toy
  20. [2019/02/20 06:18:25]  Franklyn Watanabe: the two pages should either be  combined or linked
  21. [2019/02/20 06:18:26]  Minuet Voir: they cover different topics
  22. [2019/02/20 06:18:28]  Minuet Voir: https://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/hud_issues
  23. [2019/02/20 06:18:38]  Franklyn Watanabe: they both cover attachment issues
  24. [2019/02/20 06:18:43]  Minuet Voir: https://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/server_attachment_issues
  25. [2019/02/20 06:19:12]  Toy Wylie: HUDs and attachments have exactly the same issues. :P
  26. [2019/02/20 06:19:32]  Toy Wylie: Because they are the same thing.
  27. [2019/02/20 06:19:45]  Franklyn Watanabe: obviously [should be], as HUDs are merely a subset of attachments
  28. [2019/02/20 06:20:39]  Franklyn Watanabe: I will admit, I hadn't realised somebody was stupid enough to make a separate Wiki page for attachment issues vs server-attachment issues
  29. [2019/02/20 06:20:58]  Minuet Voir: If we combine those 2 pages, users may be more overwhelmed than they already are when they see one of them. Is it that much effort to link to one or the other for the question asked?
  30. [2019/02/20 06:21:23]  Toy Wylie: The problem is, the user will only see half of the solutions depending on which page you send them to.
  31. [2019/02/20 06:21:46]  Franklyn Watanabe: would it be that much effort to link two Wiki pages to each other with an ❝also see this page❞?
  32. [2019/02/20 06:21:56]  Minuet Voir: For Mica's question, the HUDs page won't help
  33. [2019/02/20 06:21:57]  Franklyn Watanabe: simply bad design
  34. [2019/02/20 06:22:04]  Minuet Voir: Linking is fair
  35. [2019/02/20 06:22:21]  Franklyn Watanabe: there is no HUDs page - there are two attachment pages
  36. [2019/02/20 06:22:29]  Toy Wylie: Linking works but makes no sense.
  37. [2019/02/20 06:22:47]  Franklyn Watanabe: I personally think a single page would be the better option
  38. [2019/02/20 06:23:17]  Minuet Voir: I'll let Ana know your thoughts. Thanks.
  39. [2019/02/20 06:23:44]  Franklyn Watanabe: as it stands, we have to first look at each page to see which page addresses the particular issue
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