TulpAnon - Full (complete with shit ending) -

Jul 9th, 2015
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  1. >Be Anon
  2. >You'd always seen yourself as scientifically-minded
  3. >inb4 le fedora maymay
  4. >So naturally, you gravitated towards Twilight Sparkle for interesting conversation and such things
  5. >One day, Twilight had a radical idea
  6. >She wanted to try studying Pinkie again
  7. >And why not?
  8. >That crazy pink mare basically had the pony equivalent of the Spider-sense
  9. >And generally, was just a rather odd pony
  10. >You and twilight theorized it might be some sort of innate Earth Pony magic
  11. >But, then, why didn't any other Earth Ponies exhibit it?
  12. >So you'd hooked her up to the machine you'd seen on the show
  13. >Pinkie seemed happy to be there, with her usual "hiya nonny!"s and similar utterances
  14. >Twilight flipped the switch, booting the machine up
  15. >You could swear you heard the windows 98 booting sound
  16. >Or was it the PSX one?
  17. >Well, that wasn't important
  18. >You had to admit, despite - or maybe because of her antics - Pinkie was a good pony
  19. >You would actually not be surprised if she could single-handedly embody all of the elements of Harmony, come to think of it
  20. >Honesty - check
  21. >Loyalty - check
  22. >Generosity - check
  23. >Laughter - of course that's a check
  24. >Kindness - check
  25. >Magic - nebulous concept, but check anyways
  26. >It was just interesting to note, you supposed
  27. >The machine steadily printed readings you had problems making out
  28. >Twilight, though, seemed frustrated
  29. >"Gah! Why won't you quantify?!"
  30. >Pinkie looked a bit concerned
  31. >You decided to take the word and calm Twi before she went off of the deep end
  32. >Not that you thought that would happen, necessarily
  33. "Twilight, calm down-"
  34. >"You don't understand, Anon!"
  35. >Her horn glows
  36. >As does the machine
  37. >Oh shit nigger
  38. >She's going full Izzet
  39. >And of fucking course there's an explosion
  40. >Anon whited out...
  41. >Ugh...
  42. >Your head hurts
  43. >Fucking twilight
  44. >Crazy pony
  45. >How could such a seemingly logical and rational pony go so fucking nuts?
  46. >The words 'white whale, holy grail' echoed in your mind
  47. >Nngh
  48. >Yeah, you were going to have to have a serious talk with Twi
  49. >But first, you needed to open your eyes
  50. >You tried to open your eyes
  51. >But your eyelids stayed down, no matter how much you tried to move them
  52. >You could, however, feel your heart beating
  53. >So you were fairly certain you were still alive
  54. >Suddenly, your eyes snap open
  55. >You see Twilight telekinesing away some rubble
  56. >But...
  57. >Wait, where's Pinkie?
  58. >Your mouth opens
  59. >"Twilight! Ohmigosh, I'm so glad you're alright!"
  60. >Waitaminute
  61. >That wasn't your voice!
  62. >It was Pinkie's
  63. >What the absolu-
  64. >Your body moved on its own, rushing closer to Twilight
  65. >"Pinkie! I'm so sorry about all of this! Where's Anonymous? Is he alright?"
  66. >"I don't know! I don't see him anywhere!"
  67. >Your head - or, you're guessing - Pinkie's head - whips around, her eyes darting around in the explosion-ravaged room
  68. >But try as the might, the ponies can't seem to find your body
  69. >You feel Pinkie's heartbeat speed up
  70. >Tears well behind her eyes
  71. >And then it hits you with the force of several Tsar Bombas
  72. >You're caught in both a bad plot device and in Pinkie's body
  73. >Holy shit
  74. >But..
  75. >Doesn't she notice you?
  76. >That both offends and worries you a bit
  77. >Well, time to go for broke
  78. >You try to speak via Pinkie's mouth
  79. "Twilight! Pinkie! It's me, Anon! I don't know how it happened, b-but...I-I'm sorry, it's just...weird to not be speaking in my own voice. Anyway, I think I somehow ended up in Pinkie's body!"
  80. >After you finish your spiel, Pinkie's mouth keeps hanging open
  81. >Twilight's too
  82. >"N-nonny?!"
  83. >You decide to try something radical
  84. >Shit you learned while trying to force a tulpa
  85. >The mindvoice
  86. >You focus your thoughts into Pinkie's brain
  87. >You feel like a jedi
  88. "Yes, Pinkie, It's me. I see, hear and feel everything that happens to you as if it happened to me."
  89. >She clutches her head
  90. >"Twilight! Nonny's speaking to me in my brain!"
  91. >Twilight looks somehow even more disbelieving than she did just a moment ago
  92. >She taps a hoof to her chin and stares off into space, mumbling to herself about something you can't quite make out
  93. >Pinkie's noticeably tense
  94. >"N-nonny? Are you alright in there?"
  95. >Waitaminute
  96. >You didn't hear her say anything
  97. >She managed to mindvoice that quick?
  98. >Well, she is Pinkie Pie, unexplainable pony extraordinaire...
  99. "Y-yeah, I'm good. I was lucky with where I landed"
  100. >You can't help but laugh
  101. >In mindvoice of course
  102. >She giggles in full, though
  103. >Twilight turns her attention on Pinkie
  104. >"And just what's so funny about the current situation?"
  105. >"I'm just relieved, Twilight! Nonny says he's doing okay, despite the situation!"
  106. >Twilight smiles softly
  107. >"Well, that is a relief. I suppose we should get to working on a cure, then"
  108. "Correction, Twi. You work on a cure, and we don't do anything stupid."
  109. >God damn it was weird to not have your own voice
  110. >But...
  111. >Your pitch, cadence, rhythm etc., you noticed, was very different from Pinkie's own
  112. >Looks like Twilight picked up on it too
  113. >"Pinkie? that Anon I'm talking to?"
  114. >"Well, we're both here, Twilight! But that was Anon!
  115. >"Yes, I thought as much. That did sound like him"
  116. >Twilight shook her head, with a gentle smile
  117. >And just what the fuck's that supposed to mean, huh?
  118. >I'm sure it's nothing, Nonny
  119. >At most, she just meant it sounded like your unique way of putting things
  120. >Which is a good thing!
  121. >We love your unique things, Nonny!
  122. >Like fingers!
  123. >...
  124. >Pinkie, what the...
  125. >How are you picking up on my thoughts?
  126. >Well, we are sharing this noggin at the moment, aren't we?
  127. >That's...fair, I guess. Still, though, it's unnerving
  128. >I don't know, I think it's kind of nice to have someone to talk to
  129. >Pinkie, damnit, I'm in the middle of an existential crisis here! I don't need to be another voice in your head for you to occupy yourself with
  130. >I'm sorry, Nonny, I just tried to comfort you
  131. >A wave of hurt washes over you
  132. >It felt like those times your mom would call you by your full name - even the middle one
  133. >A sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach
  134. >Or was it more burning?
  135. >Whichever it was, it was a sure bet it was Pinkie's
  136. >You doubted you'd gotten the full brunt of it, though, for some reason
  137. >This was probably bleedover
  138. >At least that's what your intuition told you
  139. >...pah, intuition
  140. >What were you, a woman?
  141. >...You shouldn't be so hard on yourself, Nonny.
  142. >Pinkie? Oh...uh..Hi. sorry about snapping at you earlier
  143. >It's fine, Nonny! I totally get that you're upset! I probably would be too, in your situation. Probably really really excited to have such a unique opportunity too, though!
  144. >...I guess. It just feels weird not having my body, ya know?
  145. >I can't begin to imagine what you're going through, Nonny,'re welcome to stay as long as you need or want.
  146. >Aww...
  147. >You feel all warm and fuzzy
  148. >Pinkie giggles
  149. >You pay enough attention to notice Twilight is watching the two of you with the most 'WTF' stare in a long while
  150. >Then she recollects herself
  151. >"Well, you two, how about you get somewhere private and mitigate the damage, while I get started on a cure?"
  152. "Ah! Yeah, that'd probably be a good idea. You'll let us know when it's done, though?"
  153. >Oops
  154. >You're taking control without meaning to again
  155. >Aw, that's alright, Nonny!
  156. >Pinkie, I'll never get used to that
  157. >Twilight answers
  158. >"Of course. Now, git! Shoo!"
  159. >She waves you out of the room, and without thinking, you start trotting out of the room
  160. >Not Pinkie, but you
  161. >It's fucking weird to walk on four legs
  162. >But Pinkie's muscle memory really helps with that, actually
  163. >It's almost like walking as a human
  164. >Well, obviously different, but soon it feels about as natural
  165. >Dear lord, walking as Pinkie is fucking trippy
  166. >It's like you're gliding or bouncing literally everyfuckingwhere
  167. >It's actually kind of nice
  168. >A massive change from your usual heavy shuffling gait as a human
  169. >'So Nonny, what's it like being me?'
  170. >She giggled
  171. 'Heh. How would Twilight put it? Insufficient data to make any meaningful judgements. But...well, just the way it feels right now,'s pretty nice, actually. I never realized you were actually in pretty good shape, with all the candy you eat'
  172. >You felt her cheeks grow warm
  173. >A blush?
  174. 'H-hey, I spend a lot of time and energy on what I do. Planning parties, singing telegrams and occasionally saving all of Equestria - or going pranking or racing with Dashie! Oh, and you won't believe how exhausting wrapping up winter can be!'
  175. 'Heh, relax, Pinkie. I was paying you a compliment. In retrospect, yes, I guess it might've come off as a bit backhanded, but I didn't mean it like that'
  176. >You blow a few stray strands of mane out of her face
  177. >'Aw, thanks Nonny! It's actually really really nice to have you here - I mean, it's not like I don't talk to the voices in my head anyways, but now they're not all just me'
  178. >A giggle escapes her lips, spurred forth by you both
  179. 'Yeah, I suppose it's surprisingly comfy in here. Although, I guess it might be very different with another pony. Like for example Rainbow.'
  180. >'How so?'
  181. 'I don't know, I guess it seems like she'd have a hard time relinquishing control - and, while it seems odd to say, I think Dashie likes some alone-time now and then'
  182. >You feel the blush returning
  183. >'D-do you mean..-'
  184. >Oh this is too good
  185. >You drop your mindvoice into a serious deadpan
  186. 'Yes Pinkie. I mean Rainbow Dash, when totally alone, indulges herself in....Daring Do!'
  187. >Pinkie laughs so hard she giggle-snorts
  188. >You would join in of your own volition, but you kind of didn't need to
  189. >Good god it was weird sharing...well everything
  190. >But kind of nice
  191. 'Heh. Right, yeah, so anywho, dash would probably be uncomfortable with it. Applejack, too, I think would get tired of it real fast - she's already got a lot of other responsibilities and things to worry about. She doesn't need any more. Rarity seems like she'd like her privacy, too. Fluttershy would just get embarrassed all the time - more than usual, I mean. And Twilight would find it to be a distraction from her studies, although she'd probably enjoy having a debate partner.'
  192. >You felt Pinkie's mouth quirk into a smile
  193. >'Uh-huh! That sounds pretty spot-on.'
  194. 'But you seem to enjoy the company, and you're an open and trusting pony. I really admire that about you'
  195. >And you do
  196. >Your feelings radiate outwards
  197. >Her heartbeat speeds up just the tiniest bit
  198. >Her mouth dries up somewhat
  199. >The blush comes back - had it ever left?
  200. >'Aw, you're giving me too much credit Nonny! I'm ju-'
  201. >"Pinkie Pie?! Oh my gosh, it's been ages since I last saw you!"
  202. >What the whatnow
  203. >You spot a background pony coming towards you
  204. >But a name pulses faintly in the back of your mind
  205. >"Heya Roseluck! It's been waaayyy too long, ohmigosh, how are you?"
  206. >Pinkie takes back control in the blink of an eye, and her body language could fill an entire dictionary by itself, you're noticing
  207. >She effortlessly exchanges pleasantries and plans a meet-up with...roseluck, her name was.
  208. >You dig into where you saw the name pulsing when it was on your tongue
  209. >You break through a metaphorical wall and stumble into a giant cross of a library and a cliché cop cork board with strings and pins
  210. >Names and images of ponies, with vastly differing amounts of information on them
  211. >'Nonny?'
  212. 'Hm? Yeah, Pinkie'?
  213. >'I-I don't mean to be rude, but...could you please stay out of there? It's not that I'm that uncomfortable with you being there, but...I've kind of Pinkie promised to keep from sharing some stuff that ponies...I guess would rather reveal on their own. Also, it kind of tickles!~'
  214. >You can't help but laugh a bit at that
  215. >You comply and step back out of the mental room, willing the wall back into a fixed state
  216. >Whoa
  217. 'You know, Pinkie? You probably have the biggest heart out of any pony I've met here in Equestria'
  218. >More embarrassment
  219. >'Aw, you're giving me too much credit, Nonny! I'm just being a halfway decent pony! I'm sure I could name a lot of ponies who are nicer and nobler than I'
  220. 'I'm sure you could, but that wasn't my point, now was it?'
  221. >'K-k-kind of?'
  222. 'Pinkie, didn't Twilight ever teach you what Hyperbole means?'
  223. >'Extreme exaggeration or overstatement; especially as a literary or rhetorical device?'
  224. 'I...yes.'
  225. >Pinkie grins
  226. >'So, Nonny, what should we do while we wait for Twilight to find a cure? I kind of cancelled all of my plans for today since the princess of friendship herself told me she needed my help'
  227. >Well buggery
  228. >What would be a good thing to be doing now?
  229. 'I...I don't know, Pinkie, it'd be kind of rude of me to dictate what you should do.'
  230. >'It's fine, Anon! But are you saying you didn't have anything at all you needed to do today?'
  231. 'Aside from SCIENCE? I...Oh, wait, yeah, I guess I needed to deliver a package. Fluttershy commissioned some extra-fancy bird-houses, so I guess it would be prudent to swing by my house and pick up that and deliver them to her.'
  232. >'Okie Dokie Loki~'
  233. >And then she started doing her actual active bouncing
  234. >Up and down
  235. >It was kind of dizzying
  236. >But also pretty fun
  237. >Finally, you got to your house
  238. >Turns out, though, the door's locked
  239. >'Uh, Nonny, the door's locked, and I guess your keys kind of were in your other pants?'
  240. 'Tch. Yeah - although, check in the left flower pot, all the way at the bottom - should be a backup key there'
  241. >You felt her eyebrow raise questioningly, but she complied, and lo and behold, she did find the key
  242. >Open the door
  243. >Get on the floor
  244. >Everybody walk the dinosaur
  245. >No but for reals, it wasn't hard to find the crate of specially painted bird-houses
  246. >And Pinkie, being an earth pony, was actually more than strong enough to carry it on her back
  247. >It's weird - you felt the weight, but it didn't seem to affect your movement that much
  248. >You trot over to Fluttershy's place
  249. >"O-oh, hello Pinkie. C-couldn't Anon make it, since you're delivering for him?"
  250. >You reflexively bit your lip
  251. "Actually, Fluttershy, this is a bit of a doozy"
  252. >Wait, you'd never use the word 'doozy'
  253. >But you were certain Pinkie hadn't consciously influenced you either
  254. >Were you absorbing parts of her personality?
  255. >Were you being absorbed into hers?
  256. >Holy existential crisis, batman!
  257. >"A-a doozy? Oh my, is everything alright?"
  258. "It's complicated, 'shy. But the quick version is Twilight, Anon and I did some weird science, and by accident, Anon got stuck in my body!"
  259. >Wait, what?
  260. >Why were you referring to yourself like that?
  261. >Probably not to break Fluttershy's fragile mind
  262. >"O-oh my! Are the two of you alright?"
  263. >"Yes indeedily! Anon's staying with me while Twilight works on a cure, and I'm doing my best to make it super duper great, and so far he seems to not hate it! He can see, hear and feel everything I feel - and even take control of my body. It's kinda weird, but it's not so bad - especially since I trust him completely. He was actually in control when explaining the situation."
  264. >Fluttershy looked like she needed a moment
  265. >Several slow blinks
  266. >"I-I'm sorry, this is just a lot to take in. Is there anything I can do to help?"
  267. >"You heard her, Anon. Is there?"
  268. "N-no, not at the moment....thanks for offering, though, flutts. But hey, on the bright side, we brought you those bird-houses you commissioned."
  269. >"Oooh! We could help you install them! Have some time to just relax and share the company of friends for a while? I'm pretty sure that's what I'd want if I was in Anon's situation."
  270. >Fluttershy gives an excited flap of her wings
  271. >"Oh, that would be lovely! And...maybe you'd like to help me bathe the animals after that?"
  272. >"What do you say, Nonny?"
  273. "Sure, that sounds great."
  274. >The two(three) of you grabbed the bird-houses and headed over to a small copse of trees
  275. >Fluttershy, being a pegasus, and the expert on Bird Feng Shui, hung up most of the bird-houses, while you, in control of Pinkie's body, handed them to her, occasionally bouncing up and hanging one up yourself, with about the widest grin you could muster
  276. >"Y-you're quite a help, ...Um...Anon, right?"
  277. >You nod
  278. "Uh-huh! Pinkie was super gracious and let me have control. I just hope I'm not depriving her of any fun"
  279. >Your tone is a bit tongue-in-cheek
  280. >Fluttershy looks pleased
  281. >"Oh, yes, Pinkie is one of the sweetest ponies I know."
  282. >She looks down at the now-empty crate
  283. >"Um...It looks like we're done. Time to bathe the animals - I-if...if you don't mind, that is."
  284. "Of course not, flutts!"
  285. >You bounce over to the bathing station Fluttershy had set up earlier
  286. >She seemed pretty organized, in her own shy, neurotic way
  287. 'You're right, Nonny - in some ways, she might even surpass Twilight in terms of obsessive knowledge and planning'
  288. >Pinkie's thoughts echoed within your shared mind
  289. 'Thought as much. She's a lovely pony in general, and the amount of effort and dedication she puts in to care for her's staggering'
  290. >Meanwhile, Fluttershy had started explaining how to wash the...
  291. >Was that a god-damn timberwolf?
  292. " that a timberwolf?"
  293. >"O-oh! Yes! D-don't worry, he's tame. Yes he is~"
  294. >She demonstrated by lovingly caressing the timberwolf's head
  295. >And by golly, it leaned into it, letting out a low, satisfied sound that sounded like trees falling in the forest
  296. >There was another weird animal there, though, that also caught your attention
  297. >Well, it caught your attention because it was NOT an animal
  298. >It was a pony
  299. >Brown of coat, auburn of mane
  300. >Wore a hairband
  301. "Uh...fluttershy? What's a pony doing here?"
  302. >"Oh, you mean Amber! Amber, say hi to the kind mare."
  303. >And then you understood why she was grouped in with the animals
  304. >A tentacle sprouted from the seemingly innocent mare's side, and her entire form rippled, eyes appearing in place of a cutie mark
  305. >"Pleased to meet you~"
  306. >She held out her tentacle to shake
  307. >You couldn't help but return the gesture out of pure muscle memory
  308. >Damnit Pinkie
  309. >Well it's not her fault
  310. >"Amber here's actually an Extra-terrestrial! Oh, she's so fascinating! She's actually a shapeshifter, you know. Amber, would you mind showing Pinkie your true form?"
  311. >The mare hesitated for a while, then cast another glance towards Fluttershy, then gulped
  312. >The Mare's skin peeled off and she turned inside out, morhphing into a blob of long, spindly, chitinous yet fleshy legs, covered in teeth, antennae and eyes
  313. >From one of "her" numerous mouths, you could hear something along the lines of 'I'm sorry I'm hideous' muttered over and over again
  314. >You...
  315. >You recognized 'her'
  316. >Oh god
  317. >The Thing?
  318. >From the John Carpenter movie?
  319. >Fuck
  320. >Fluttershy cut in
  321. >"Isn't nature fascinating? Okay Amber, you can change back now, if you like"
  322. >And in seconds, the mare was back to normal
  323. >She was crying
  324. >Fluttershy put a hoof on her shoulder
  325. >"You're very brave, Amber. I'm proud of you."
  326. >Pinkie'd been surprisingly silent
  327. >And funny you should say that
  328. >You suddenly felt an aftershock of pure terror, which almost made you vomit
  329. >'Sweet Celestia, Nonny! What sort of movies did you have back on earth?!'
  330. '...yeah, I'm not gonna pretend there isn't some twisted stuff in the human cinematic repertoire. I wish you'd go for the happier, non-traumatizing memories'
  331. >While Fluttershy comforted Amber, you shakily started bathing animals
  332. >First up was Angel Bunny
  333. >Now, Angel Bunny is a shit-ass little nigger
  334. >But this time?
  335. >This time he didn't seem that hostile to you
  336. >...
  337. >Right
  338. >Huh. Did Angel Bunny have a thing for Pinkie?
  339. >Or just a massive hateboner for you?
  340. >Well, whichever it was, he allowed you to soap him up, then rinse him with nigh-scalding water
  341. >Then you dried him off, and by god, his fur went maximum poof
  342. >You couldn't help but giggle
  343. >He shot you a deathglare, but just waddled off with half a carrot in his paw
  344. >The next couple of animals weren't nearly as forgiving
  345. >One was a Rhino(!) that did not want to be cleaned, it seemed
  346. >It ran you over, dragging you through the mud, and even a whole bunch of bushes
  347. >However, Fluttershy saw this, and whistled for the animal
  348. >It became docile, and headed back to her
  349. >It reluctantly allowed you to scrub it after Fluttershy had given her assurances
  350. >She herself was busy polishing the Timberwolf's claws
  351. >And you could've sworn it looked like the wooden creature was...
  352. >Ticklish?
  353. >Oh gosh, that was pretty fucking adorable
  354. >'Nonny, you swear a lot. Just figured I'd point that out'
  355. 'Heh. Sorry Pinkie.'
  356. >'Eh, 's fine, no skin off of my back. Just an observation, ya big goof'
  357. >Eventually, all of Fluttershy's animals have been bathed and gotten manicures and pedicures
  358. >You should by rights be exhausted, but it's like Pinkie's body is lending you more energy
  359. >You look pretty beat up though
  360. >"Oh, thank you - the both of you - for your help! I really appreciate it."
  361. >"Aw, it's not a problem, 'shy! We're glad to help! But for now, we might need a bath."
  362. >She giggled
  363. >"Pinkie?"
  364. >"Yep!"
  365. >"I managed to tell the difference! yay."
  366. >You say your goodbyes to Fluttershy and head out
  367. >Pinkie takes control again, leading you towards Sugarcube corner
  368. 'Anything wrong, Pinkie?'
  369. >'Oh, no no, Anon! It's just really really weird to be on the sidelines, doing next to nothing in your own body, if you see what I mean.'
  370. 'Oh, yeah, that makes sense'
  371. >The two of you share a surprisingly not-awkward silence
  372. >Well, you don't feel like it's awkward, at least
  373. >You don't mean to eavesdrop, but you start hearing some of Pinkie's thoughts
  374. >'It's weird having him in me like this,'s also nice. I guess I wouldn't mind if Twilight's cure didn't wo- No! Bad Pinkie! Bad!'
  375. >You could hear a loud mental sigh
  376. >And couldn't help but project some worry
  377. 'Pinkie, you alright?'
  378. >'Hm? Oh, yeah! I'm doing great, silly nonny. At worst, I'm just thinking a bit too much!"
  379. >You get to Sugarcube corner
  380. >Pinkie greets the Cakes and heads upstairs
  381. >She gives Gummy a great big hug, then starts to draw a bath
  382. >You feel her pulse starting to race
  383. >The heat in the cheeks returns
  384. >Her knees become slightly shaky
  385. 'P-pinkie? What's the matter?'
  386. >For a minute, the only thing you hear is the sound of running water
  387. >'A-anon...I...'
  388. 'Take your time'
  389. >'I,,,you wouldn't think it, but...I guess I'm a bit shy'
  390. >You feel a wave of self-criticism washing over your collective mind
  391. >...
  392. >To be fair, you get it
  393. >You yourself had never really gotten over your shyness of this sort of intimate situation
  394. >Hell, you'd never been close to THIS intimate with someone before
  395. >Mostly because you'd had no access to crazy unicorn magic
  396. >But you understood, you liked to think
  397. >At least somewhat
  398. >Just for a moment, you imagine what it'd be like with the situation reversed
  399. >Holy shit, you'd have been mortified
  400. 'Pinkie...I'm sorry. I'll try my best not to peek.'
  401. >With that, you concentrate on making a mental sensory deprivation tank
  402. >You lower yourself into the ice-cold mental waters of celibacy and un-lewd thoughts, and shut the door
  403. >You don't know how long you're in there, but you glide into a sort of zen trance
  404. >And then there's a knock on the door
  405. >'Nonny?'
  406. >It's Pinkie's voice
  407. >It doesn't take much to hear the vulnerability in it
  408. >But...
  409. >There's also hope?
  410. >You open the door and step out
  411. >You feel a need to hiss at the bright light
  412. >You would quote Bane, but really not the time
  413. 'Yes, Pinkie?'
  414. >'...I...I thought about it, and I think it'll be alright...with you'
  415. >You hook back into her senses, and it's easy to tell she's embarrassed
  416. >But there's a surge of something swelling in her chest as well
  417. 'You sure? You don't have to if you don't want to.'
  418. >'Nonny, I'm a grown mare - I can make my own decisions. And now I choose you...if you'll accept.'
  419. >[Ponk gained special rule "Gets Hot!"]
  420. >You can't refuse that, can you?
  421. ' all means, go ahead'
  422. >You gently lead her hoof up to her cheek and rub it gently
  423. >No, you're not sure why
  424. >It felt right
  425. >She goes quiet for a little, then smiles and dips her hooves in the water
  426. >It's almost as hot as her
  427. >In more than one sense
  428. >She couldn't keep from letting out a few pleasured moans as she lowered the rest of her body into the hot water
  429. >It was exhilarating to hear it - weirdly, even more so from your own mouth
  430. >Christ, how could something so adorable be such a bombshell too?
  431. >Your mind almost melted from the pleasure of the hot water all over you
  432. >But oh lord
  433. >Now you were starting to notice that Pinkie did, indeed, have a marehood
  434. >The feeling was impossible to describe
  435. >But goddamnit if you won't try
  436. >It was just so...sensitive
  437. >Just the hot water alone made your head swim
  438. >Speaking of heads and swimming
  439. >Pinkie held her breath, then dipped her head underwater for a couple of seconds
  440. >feelsgoodman.png
  441. >Then, back to the surface
  442. >Her usually poofy hair has actually, for once, conformed to the laws of physics and common sense and gone straight
  443. >A bit of a pain to have constantly in front of your eye, but at the same time, it made you even more aroused
  444. >You'd always liked the Pinkamena look
  445. >But never liked the fact that it tended to happen only when Pinkie was sad or angry
  446. >"Ahh...this is kind of really great, isn't it, Nonny?"
  447. 'You can say that again.'
  448. >She fetches a bottle of shampoo and starts soaping her mane
  449. ', I guess this might be a bit out of nowhere, but at the same time, it's inevitable you'll find out, especially given the situation...'
  450. >She tilts her head
  451. >'Whaddya mean, Nonny?'
  452. ' you, Pinkie - and before you play oblivious - like-like - in that way.'
  453. >'...Please don't get mad, but...I kind of already had a suspicions'
  454. >A burst of happiness, confidence and...something else you couldn't quite put your finger on - surged through Pinkie
  455. 'O-oh...heh...I...guess it was obvious, huh...'
  456. >A giggle brews deep inside her, and bubbles up her throat, escaping out into the world
  457. >'It's cute, though! And...It''s not like I don't feel the same way.'
  458. >Another silence
  459. >This one, slightly awkward
  460. >Pinkie soaps up her mane and rinses it
  461. >God, her shampoo smells good
  462. >'H-hey, Nonny...I know it should probably be the other way around, but...would you be okay with...'
  463. >She sends you a bit of a mental notion of what she means
  464. >You feel the burning in her loins
  465. 'G-go for it'
  466. >She gingerly reaches a hoof down to her nethers
  467. >Of course it's likely not the first time she has
  468. >But probably the first time with an audience
  469. >'M-mhmm!'
  470. >...
  471. >Well then
  472. >She touches her hoof to her lips, and softly bites her other pair
  473. >Sweet jesus
  474. >Even just that sent a tingle up your spine
  475. >Pinkie let out a soft moan
  476. >She traced her hoof all along her marehood, sending more ripples of pleasure through the body the two of you shared
  477. >You couldn't tell very well given you were in the bath, but you're pretty sure even without the water, she'd have been wet by this point
  478. >She strokes back and forth a bit
  479. >Then grabs the shampoo bottle previously used, and lowers it down towards her nethers
  480. >You noticed now that it had a rather...inviting shape
  481. >Suddenly, you felt it
  482. >It felt a lot bigger than it looked
  483. >Even just the tip
  484. >She took her time inserting it - it seemed like she was pretty tight, judging from what you felt
  485. >You felt a measure of relief from that, for some reason
  486. >You could probably go into all the underlying issues you had that would make you feel like that
  487. >But for now, you were just determined to enjoy the ride
  488. >And it was quite enjoyable indeed
  489. >Pinkie had clearly done this before, and inserted the bottle with grace and precision, making you shiver and shudder with pleasure
  490. >After reaching a certain point, it just plain would not go any further, and Pinkie withdrew it, then repeated the process
  491. >As she did so with one hoof, the other strayed down to her clit
  492. >It was amazingly sensitive, and even the slightest touch sent your head reeling in ecstasy
  493. >"Nnngh~!
  494. >Pinkie continued the rhytmic insertion and flicking the bean, with subtle variations here and there
  495. >It broke your tiny little mind, experiencing this kind of thing
  496. >You'd give her this - she was surprisingly effective, and within too long, the two of you came synchronously, a jolt of pleasure rippling through your body
  497. >Holy shit, nothing you'd experienced before could compare to that
  498. >"Hahhh~!"
  499. >Pinkie's breathing was a bit heavier, more ragged
  500. >'Heh, that was a little embarrassing, but also so much fun! Did...did you enjoy it too, Nonny?'
  501. 'I-I was good on so many levels.'re very skilled'
  502. >Christ, you're blushing like crazy
  503. >Or was that her?
  504. >Both, you guessed
  505. >Fuck, time to push on
  506. 'B-besides...I've never been a mare before, so that was an entirely new experience - and I r-really enjoyed it. Yeah, there, I said it. That, and...your pleasure kind of spilled over onto me, I think - that's the only reason I can think of for why it felt so crazy good'
  507. >A little silence
  508. >You're still soaking in the gloriously warm water
  509. >'I really...really enjoyed myself too, Nonny! most things, it became even more good and special when shared with somepony you love'
  510. >Oh lord
  511. >You're not sure whether her heart just started going doki doki right now, or if you were just noticing now
  512. >In either case, it was pounding like a drum
  513. 'L-love...'
  514. >'M-mhmm! D-don't be so surprised, Anon! I-I've...I've had these feelings for a long time, just like you - and I didn't mean to eavesdrop! It just stuck out like a sore thumb in the thought-crowd, i-if you see what I mean!'
  515. >You smile
  516. >It spreads to her lips
  517. 'It's alright, Pinkie. N-now...where do we go from here?'
  518. >'We could just relax and let it develop naturally, I guess?'
  519. 'Sure'
  520. >You make her hooves wrap themselves around her body in the weirdest hug you've given ever
  521. >She giggles
  522. >'love you too, Anon'
  523. >The two of you just relax in the bath
  524. >Then she starts humming a song
  525. >Smile smile smile?
  526. >And sure enough, soon enough the humming turns into full-fledged singing
  527. >The amount of energy and enthusiasm she has is astounding
  528. >Pretty good singing technique too, at least as far as you can tell
  529. >Which helps you sound good and get nowhere near as tired or winded as you otherwise might
  530. >It's comparable to a /k/ommando gushing about trigger discipline
  531. >Even if you weren't a /mu/tant
  532. >ANYWHO
  533. >You decided to sing along - but right now, the mouth was occupied
  534. >...that sounded dirty
  535. >So you decided to sing along in mindvoice, like the good little tulpa you weer
  536. >Eventually, the song winds down and ends
  537. 'That's another thing, Pinkie. I know you actually mean everything you just sung. That alone is amazing. And that passion of's like a flame it doesn't hurt to touch, but that still warms'
  538. >She went a bit quiet
  539. >But you felt a wave of gratitude and general positive feelings well up in her
  540. >Finally, Pinkie got out of the tub and started to dry off
  541. >And you noticed
  542. >You had prune-hooves!
  543. >...
  544. >How did that even work?
  545. >Not sure you wanted to know
  546. >You looked into the mirror, seeing yourself-as-pinkie for the first time
  547. >With Pinkamena hair, even
  548. >You - well, she - was, of course, beautiful
  549. >Suddenly, her hair poofed back up, after some drying
  550. >Heh
  551. >Still looking good
  552. >You touched one of her hooves to her face
  553. "This weird. Even if I guess I should be somewhat used to it by now"
  554. >'I understand, Nonny. I'd probably be just as weirded out if I was in your situation!"
  555. 'Just hearing that's a strangely good relief'
  556. >Another smile
  557. >'I WOULD say 'auntie pinkie will take care of you', but I don't know, don't you think that'd be a bit weird, know?'
  558. >You couldn't help but chuckle
  559. 'I get what you mean, though'
  560. >You felt Pinkie give a yawn
  561. >It was getting to be somewhat late in the evening
  562. 'If you're tired, how about you go sleep?'
  563. >'Sure! It's been a long day, a bit of rest couldn't hurt!'
  564. >She finished drying herself off
  565. >You couldn't help but shudder as the towel passed over her marehood
  566. >Then she said good night to the Cakes, brushed her teeth and got into bed, cuddling Gummy
  567. >'Good night, Nonny~'
  568. 'Night Pinkie'
  569. >Her eyes closed, and there was only darkness
  570. >But you still remain conscious
  571. >Eventually, you feel her body go limp, but also restraining her legs, neck and stuff
  572. >Like how it happens with humans, to prevent them from hurting themselves when sleeping
  573. >But for now, it feels like that time you attempted lucid dreaming
  574. >It's weird though
  575. >Pinkie's asleep
  576. >You can't seem to hear or feel her thoughts
  577. >But you're still awake
  578. >You try to move a hoof
  579. >It works!
  580. >...
  581. >Now what do you do?
  582. >It's night in Ponyville, after all, there wasn't much to do
  583. >You try to concentrate on sleeping
  584. >It doesn't work
  585. >You lay there, silently cuddling Gummy all night
  586. >Eventually, daybreak rolled around
  587. >'Morning, Nonny!'
  588. 'Hey Pinkie..'
  589. >'What's the matter, Nonny?'
  590. 'Couldn't sleep tonight. No, I don't know how that works'
  591. >'Aww! Well, if you want, you can try now?'
  592. >You yawn through her mouth
  593. 'I guess I'll try.'
  594. >You repeat the mental sensory deprivation tank trick you did earlier, though this time for the purpose of getting some damn rest'
  595. >Pinkie went on with her day
  596. >Baking in sugarcube corner, and taking orders
  597. >It astounded you how efficient she was at both
  598. >And she's pretty much the perfect customer service pony, you realized
  599. >She really went above and beyond the call of duty for her customers
  600. >Sometimes even to her own detriment
  601. >One pony'd forgotten her wallet, but Pinkie paid for her wares out of her own pocket, telling her to not think anymore of it
  602. >And she meant it
  603. >...
  604. >It seemed clear you wouldn't be getting any sleep, but you did feel more rested just isolating yourself a little from Pinkie's usually intense mind
  605. >You wondered if she could still hear you, though
  606. >As soon as you wondered that, she winked
  607. >Well bugger
  608. >Seems she did
  609. >You felt rested enough, and decided to fully tap back into her mind and sensations
  610. >It felt amazing to be Pinkie
  611. >Seeing the smiles of happy, friendly ponies
  612. >Directed at you, no less!
  613. >And always knowing what to say, it seemed
  614. >Suddenly, the princess of friendship herself appeared out of the fucking aether
  615. >Goddamnit Twi
  616. >"Hiya Twilight!"
  617. >"Hey Pinkie. Good news and bad news. Bad news is, Anon's body is gone. Good news, though, is we can grow another one - don't ask how - magic and science. We're not certain we can make it human, though. But we know we can extract his mind from yours once we have another body for him."
  618. >Pinkie's emotions went into overdrive
  619. >All of them
  620. >On the inside, at least
  621. >On the outside, she just blinked, jaw hanging slightly open
  622. >"Pinkie, I'm sorry it's not one hundred percent ideal,'s the best we can do."
  623. >Pinkie nodded
  624. >"It's fine, Twilight, I know you're doing your best. I'm just kind of also feeling Anon's reaction to it, too."
  625. >Twilight looked sympathetic
  626. >"I understand, Pinkie. The cure should be ready within anywhere from 24 to 72 hours."
  627. >With that, she teleported back out
  628. >Pinkie misses nary a beat and keeps up the good work
  629. >Even though a storm of emotions is roiling on the inside
  630. >And yet, even so, you wouldn't call it a facade per se
  631. >She really is happy and friendly, she's not faking that
  632. >She's just also feeling a lot more, is all
  633. >A...sort of fear of losing the thing you have right now seems to be the most prominent one
  634. >But also a lot of smaller ones you can't seem to be able to grab a hold of, or even get a good look at before they speed on by
  635. >It's all very fluid in here
  636. >You can also pick up on some...reluctant acceptance that you might have to leave soon
  637. >But it comes with a hefty side dish of sadness
  638. >Aw
  639. >You can't just let her keep thinking like this without any support whatsoever
  640. >So you decide to try and exude confidence and comfort
  641. >You're doing your best to spirit bomb Pinkie
  642. >Goddamnit, you should've watched less DBZ
  643. >But whatever
  644. >Lending her your power seems to help
  645. >And you think she feels at least somewhat better
  646. >Eventually, her work shift ends and Mrs. Cake takes over
  647. >Pinkie heads out
  648. 'Where we going, Pinks?'
  649. >She shrugs
  650. >'I dunno, Nonny! You got anything you'd like to do?'
  651. >She relinquishes control to you
  652. 'W-well, sure, I guess...we could go hang out with somepony?'
  653. >'Ooh, sure! Although I think fluttershy, applejack and Rarity might be a bit busy today - not to mention Twilight, for obvious reasons'
  654. 'Guess that leaves Dash, huh. Seems alright with me'
  655. >You head over to Dash's absurd cloud palace
  656. >On the way there, you bump into Spike
  657. >"Oh, heya Pinkie! And..Anon, right?"
  658. >You nod
  659. "Yeah! Anon speaking now, actually. What's up, little guy?"
  660. >"Not much, just been out gathering some stuff for Twilight, and right now I'm headed over to Rarity's to help her dig for gems. Also, wow, I'm sorry, but it's so weird to think that it's you in there and not Pinkie."
  661. "Actually, it's both of us. I just have control right now."
  662. >"Huh. That's gotta be really really weird to live with, right?"
  663. "Very much so. Oh, hey, Spike, by the by."
  664. >"Yes, Anon?"
  665. "Could you tell Twilight....that I kind of...if I can't be human again after this, then I'd like to be a cute mare?"
  666. >And suddenly, the blush is back
  667. >Funny how that works
  668. >Spike looks just the slightest bit uncomfortable
  669. >"S-sure, Anon."
  670. "Thanks, spikey! See ya 'round!"
  671. >You give him a quick noogie then trot off
  672. >And there it is
  673. >Rainbow's crazy-ass cloud casa
  674. "Rainbow?"
  675. >You call out, straight up
  676. >And wouldn't you know it, soon bluefast is peeking down from a cloud
  677. >"Hiya Pinkie!"
  678. 'God damni- Pinkie, could you?'
  679. >'Of course Nonny!'
  680. >Pinkie sits Dash down and explains the extremely convoluted process of how the two of you got flip-turned upside down
  681. >"What the what?! Are you saying Anon's living in you right now?! What the hay?! That's so weird!"
  682. >She pauses
  683. >"N-no offense, Anon."
  684. >"So anyway, we kind of decided we wanted to hang out with you while Twilight's making that cure
  685. >Rainbow grinned
  686. >"Sure! Although, I was kind of settled in for some chilling out today."
  687. >"Not a problem!"
  688. >And within a few seconds, Pinkie had retrieved a hot air balloon
  689. >What
  690. >No, you didn't know either
  691. >Dash seemed almost just as surprised, even though she'd known Pinkie for so long
  692. >You hop into the balloon and float up into Dash's house
  693. >Eventually you hover right next to her couch
  694. >She's got a pretty nice and big living room
  695. >Wait!
  696. >Is that a fucking games console?
  697. >Hooked up to a big-ass cloud TV no less
  698. "Ooh, hey, what'cha playing?"
  699. >Dash beams with pride
  700. >"Winter wrap up simulator 2020! Just recently beat my old high score!"
  701. "...Does it have multiplayer?"
  702. >"Good question."
  703. >She checks it out
  704. >And by jove, it does.
  705. >She hands you a controller and the two of you play Winter Wrap Up simulator on split-screen
  706. >Using a pony controller is definitely hard, but with some help you start getting it, and soon you're competing pretty well with Dash
  707. >Pinkie helps out with good advice on how to score the lake
  708. >And by golly, it's super-effective!
  709. >Dash still beats you, though
  710. >"Hah! In your face! Yeah! Can't beat me!"
  711. >She does an obnoxious victory dance
  712. >You can't help but laugh
  713. "You're so passionate, Dash."
  714. >She stops in her tracks, blushing
  715. >"T-thanks, Anon..I guess."
  716. "No problem, Dash. I just calls it like I sees it!"
  717. >She grins
  718. >"Ya know, Anon, I like you."
  719. "Pft, that's just because I'm currently hiding behind the cutest face in all of Equestria"
  720. >You and her share a laugh
  721. "Oh, hey, by the way, Dash, I never got to rent the Daring Do books before the library got replaced with that castle thing. Do you could maybe read one to me? It could be something to do together, and I wouldn't have to put my clumsy hands - I mean, hooves - on your books."
  722. >Dash beamed
  723. >"Sure! Hold on!"
  724. >The fastest flier in Equestria flew off, and seconds later, she came back with a whole stack of daring do books, plopping down into the hot air balloon's basket with you
  725. >Dash can barely contain herself, and starts reading the first book to you
  726. >You suspected she had the entire thing memorized, though, given how she kept reading even while turning the pages, and only ever stopped for breath, never stumbling
  727. >It was pretty charming, actually, seeing Dash get so invested in something, and yet not also friendship-destroyingly competitive or aggressive
  728. >She's cute when she's this enthusiastic, too
  729. >And the Daring Do book seems like pretty good, if slightly schlocky, pulp adventure
  730. >Pinkie's more than along for the ride, cheering on Daring when she's in trouble, and offering solutions
  731. >The book is fairly short, so you get through it all
  732. "That was awesome!"
  733. >"I know, right?!"
  734. "And best of all, it really seems like these books have trained your mind to be as sharp as it can! You're reading so fast and smoothly that Twilight would be jealous"
  735. >Rainbow horse blushes
  736. >"Aw, thanks, Anon."
  737. "That, and your voice lends itself to reading out loud, especially this sort of cool stuff!"
  738. >She blushes even more fiercely
  739. >"A-anon..."
  740. >You just smile innocently
  741. >The moment goes on a bit, with none of you saying anything
  742. >She leans in and kisses you on the lips
  743. >Your turn to blush
  744. >And Pinkie's on full pink alert
  745. >It's kind of like red alert, but for romantic emergencies
  746. >Unlike a red alert, though, this was more of an 'oh gosh what do I do' sort of deal
  747. >You felt more than a little guilty, but there wasn't anything you could do to undo this
  748. >And then you fucked
  749. >The next morning, Dash was nowhere to be found
  750. >Maybe she'd gone out to burn off some more energy
  751. >Nah...she was actually a pretty lazy pony, and definitely not a morning pony
  752. >So maybe she was feeling awkward instead
  753. >Pinkie sure was
  754. >And why wouldn't she be?
  755. >She had just been possessed into fucking one of her best friends
  756. >...and like it
  757. >Well, shit
  758. >You couldn't help but feel kind of guilty
  759. >But Pinkie was trying to dissuade you from it
  760. >And...well, she was wise enough that you trusted her, even if to many she might seem so very 'lolsorandumb'
  761. >It alleviated the guilty feeling at least somewhat
  762. >Suddenly, you heard a familiar sound
  763. >Twilight's teleportation sound, to be precise
  764. >It wasn't as marketable as "Bomf", but it was distinctive enough
  765. >You looked out of the hot air balloon's basket
  766. >Sure enough, Twilight was on the ground
  767. >"Anon, the cure's done! Come down and I'll take you to the lab!"
  768. >Oh boy!
  769. "Coming!"
  770. >You descended far enough down to touch Twilight, and suddenly she poofed the two of you back to her lab
  771. >She'd rebuilt it after the accident
  772. >Bigger
  773. >More technical
  774. >You spotted several tanks with...something floating in them
  775. >Your genre-savvy tells you this is relevant to your interests
  776. >"Alright, Anon, it wasn't easy, but I researched and grew a human male body for you! And developed a soul-extraction spell! Oh, the things you can do with the right motivation!"
  777. >...
  778. >Sometimes
  779. >Just sometimes
  780. >Twilight scared you
  781. >"Are you ready?"
  782. '...are we ready, Pinkie?'
  783. >'I am, if you are'
  784. "Alright, let's do it"
  785. >Twilight's horn glowed, and your vision faded to black
  786. >No explosions this time
  787. >When you came to, you were laying on a slab
  788. >Twilight, are you secretly goddamn Frank-N-Furter?
  789. >Your eyes started focusing
  790. >You moved your hoof in front of your face
  791. >And...
  792. >Holy shit, it was a human hand!
  793. >And you could see Pinkie and Twilight standing over you
  794. >"Glad to have you back to normal, Anonymous"
  795. >The end
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