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  3. In January of this year we had the honor of shedding light on the off-camera life of The Resistance's favorite pup, Chewy. The award-winning star of Chewy The Superdog has since experienced an emergence of mysterious complications relating to his health.
  5. According to inside sources, Chewy had been showing signs of lethargy for a short amount of time. This was a mild cause of alarm as the Growlithe is noted by those that have met him to be quite spry for his age. It's usual for his species to retain their playful and tenacious nature even into old age which is only one of the reasons behind their popularity that has endured the test of time.
  7. The real concern for Chewy's well-being only solidified last Sunday, however, when he refused the customary breakfast of boiled eggs and ground beef offered to him by his loving owner, Meredith Willows. "Chewy has never had trouble eating," Meredith told The Rebel Sun. "It's worrying to see him without an appetite all of the sudden." She also made a passing mention of the sporadic fits of coughing that Chewy has been experiencing as of late.
  9. The unusual behavior doesn't end there. Our correspondent who has requested to remain anonymous reports that Chewy allegedly attempted to bite the hand of his owner earlier this week. Known to the fans of Chewy The Superdog as a fluffy hero with a happy disposition and gentle heart, the thought of the star displaying such aggressive behavior is shocking to say the least. His extensive history by Meredith Willows' side and the close bond shared by the pair makes the occurrence even more difficult to imagine taking place. Meredith has declined to give her statement on the matter.
  11. It is unclear if Chewy's strange symptoms have been evaluated by a professional at this point in time. When asked about his current condition, Meredith had this to say; "Chewy hasn't eaten yet but he's drinking water. I wish I wasn't so worried but he has been with me for a long time. He's family to me. I'm keeping a close eye on him."
  13. We hope that each day brings Chewy closer to a full and speedy recovery!
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