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Nerida Tigris

ninjajermz Apr 14th, 2012 26 Never
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  2. [B]>Nerida Tigris[/B]
  3. [SPOILER]= > Be the labrat
  5. [color="#591FA8"]§ That’sss inaccurate! § [/COLOR]
  7. = > alright be a labsnake if you prefer!
  9. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/9lw0R.png[/IMG]
  11. Your name is NERIDA TIGRIS and you suppose you’re a bit out of tune with the rest of your fellow trolls, you’re so busy working in your labs and feeding your lusus you hardly have a moment to spare. You’re fairly mild tempered for a troll of your blood colour though this might be explained by the fact you often need to murder lusus or weak trolls in order to feed them to your ever hungry Sea Snake Lusus. Thus channelling any violent tendencies you might otherwise have. Because of your Sea Snake Lusus you develop quite a sense of survival and you whole heartedly believe that the strong should survive over the weak. You do believe effort and determination can make a difference, but someone that doesn’t even try and better their living conditions only deserves to be culled or fed to your Lusus.
  13. That said you live in a rather large hive predominating the Saltique Sea, part of your hive is in fact submerged and designed to resemble a coral reef which is the natural habitat of your Lusus. Naturally your own living quarters resemble a more regular hive (as despite your longing for the sea you are a landdweller) if it were overrun by a jungle that is.  Your natural interest in BOTANY particularly in DANEROUS FLORA have caused you to bring various strains from the nearby jungle into your hive (Some of which has disappeared in the past, however you’ve never been one to get discouraged and have continued in your botanical endeavours). You also have quite a fancy laboratory going on where you attempt to mimic these marvels of nature!
  15. You believe you’ve managed to sew some very convincing life-size models of dangerous FAUNA living around your hive ( or so you’d like to convince yourself, they resemble more stuffed animals than anything else!) unfortunately they don’t seem to have much use beyond your FLARP sessions. The only thing you’ve successfully created thus far was a poison grapple hook, which you naturally allocated to your strife specibus as the ‘poisongrappleKind’
  17. You would like to proudly demonstrate how your FETCH MODUS; the SCIENTIFIC MODUS is the most practical of FETCH MODUS, as it only requires you to know the FULL SCIENTIFIC NAME (Or the captchacode whatever that is!) of objects. Things with no scientific name? They hardly need to be captchalogued obviously!
  19. Your troll tag is [color="#591FA8"]noxiousFlora [/COLOR] and you tend to [color="#591FA8"]§ ssspeak in a ssslithery manner with an occasional tassste for fin punsss § [/COLOR]
  21. Should you play SDIRCT your title would be Slyph of Life and your land would the Land of Seas and Dust.  LOSAD is a world overrun by water, where the few islands are sandy and empty of vegetation. The You’ve been led to believe your denizen is Tiamat and that your consort are teal coloured Salamanders; though that is obviously subject to change as you’ve not started to play yet.[/SPOILER]
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