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Jan 15th, 2020
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  1. #IITS_Programming_Club#
  3. According to many, Competitive Programming Club is the most active club in our University. Programming session, Programming contests, Problem solving, relation between senior and junior this are the common issues for this community. Here all the members are passionate about programming, and problem solving is the important parts for them. They can pass a whole day to solve a problem by thinking.
  5. Actually they are not robot at all. In this such a relationship has been made which we call Family. Here seniors help like a Mentor, Brother. They will motivate you to grow up your skill. In any kinds of problem they are waiting for you to solve your problem. We are also doing lots of fun, dinner, gossiping with whole group and lot's of think.
  7. Thank you seniors of this club. You have given us such an education that will help us move this club forward in the future and we will miss you.
  9. Juniors, we cordially invite you to join this club. Remember "Here may be you will come as a normal person, but you will out with a tremendous success and as a real Problem Solver".
  11. Competitive Programming Club,
  13. IUBAT IT Socity
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