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Agent Black Hat / God of SEO Skype Logs

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  1. [05:06:15] Agent Blackhat: Hey dude, how come you're offering discounts to your forum in an email using a stolen database with Ccarter?
  2. [05:58:32] God of SEO: He og asked for a coupon for serpwoo
  3. [05:58:58] Agent Blackhat: That doesnt make sense
  4. [05:59:16] God of SEO: coupon was made like weeks ago
  5. [05:59:17] God of SEO: for serpwoo -
  6. [05:59:30] God of SEO:
  7. [05:59:54] Agent Blackhat: we're not talking about serpwoo
  8. [05:59:57] Agent Blackhat: Now The Infamous BlackHat.Community...
  10. Love him or hate him God of SEO is starting to lead the Blackhat scene since is dead, and is growing a huge community. After some back and forth, we got God of SEO to give out a crazy discount - 50% off for ever to Ronins! But this is a limited time offer for only 2 weeks max. Afterwards, it'll be impossible to get this Ronin special.
  12. Check it out if you love it stay, they'll be concentrating on blackhat; some former BHU MODs may even be stopping by ;). Use coupon code "Ronin" to get the 50% discount for life, but it's only good until October 24th, 2014. And let's keep that between us, so no outsiders know about this. :)
  14. Discount Code: Ronin
  15. Click for 50% BH.C Sign Up
  16. [06:00:44] Agent Blackhat: So you have two options
  17. [06:00:57] Agent Blackhat: Because I have to begin letting everyone know about the stolen email list
  18. [06:01:26] Agent Blackhat: You incriminate yourself by being a part of Ccarter's group and I begin to start talking factsa and revealing things
  19. [06:01:35] Agent Blackhat: which will end badly for you and your forum
  20. [06:01:36] Agent Blackhat: or
  21. [06:01:41] Agent Blackhat: you come out and defend yourself
  22. [06:01:54] Agent Blackhat: explaining you have nothing to do with Ccarter, he stole the email list and put your forum on it
  23. [06:02:04] Agent Blackhat: and then you let everyone know what Ccarter has done
  24. [06:02:24 | Edited 06:02:33] Agent Blackhat: Choose one and let me know, because i can begin banning and taking action very soon
  25. [06:03:23] God of SEO: Whatever dude
  26. [06:03:31] God of SEO: We have close to 400 premium subs
  27. [06:03:41] God of SEO: It's a good forum and we update cotent reguarlaly
  28. [06:03:42] Agent Blackhat: Whats your solicitors number?
  29. [06:03:47] God of SEO: I don't have 1
  30. [06:03:51] God of SEO: I'm classed as an Alien now
  31. [06:03:53] Agent Blackhat: You should get one
  32. [06:03:56] God of SEO: Not a representative of any country
  33. [06:04:08] Agent Blackhat: You call
  34. [06:04:11] Agent Blackhat: your*
  35. [06:04:15] God of SEO: Sweet
  36. [06:04:21] God of SEO: Business is reg'd in Canada, not UK
  37. [06:04:33] God of SEO: and I have free UK Legal cover anyway - My aunt and uncle run a big firm
  38. [06:04:36] Agent Blackhat: Conversation over.
  39. [06:04:40] God of SEO: Cya
  40. [06:04:58] God of SEO: Need to relax with the threats, if you'd came and asked nicely I woulda told ya everything that happened
  41. [06:05:08] Agent Blackhat: Two options, pick one
  42. [06:05:29 | Edited 06:05:39] Agent Blackhat: Associate with thieves and liars, or tell the truth and your reputation remains intact
  43. [06:05:38] God of SEO: I gave the coupon code with the intention of carter using it for his new forum and serpwoo product
  44. [06:05:45] Agent Blackhat: Don't tell me
  45. [06:05:49] Agent Blackhat: tell everyone he sent it to
  46. [06:05:52] God of SEO: I'm not at fault here
  47. [06:05:52] Agent Blackhat: make it clearor i will
  48. [06:05:54] God of SEO: it's between you n him
  49. [06:05:55] God of SEO: now me
  50. [06:06:01] Agent Blackhat: Well no hes ruining your forum's name
  51. [06:06:09] God of SEO: How? by promoting it?
  52. [06:06:11] Agent Blackhat: You ar eon the email and you don't care?
  53. [06:06:36] God of SEO: I know I'm on the email... So are tons of other people, I'm 2nd last lol
  54. [06:06:40] Agent Blackhat: Fine so I tell everyone you're on a stolen email list, using a special coupon and you are happy about it
  55. [06:06:55] Agent Blackhat: ~They're all making a mass exodus too
  56. [06:07:00] God of SEO: [08/10/2014 11:49:36] God of SEO: Also there's a free account on BH.C
  57. [08/10/2014 11:49:39] God of SEO: users dont have to be premium
  58. [08/10/2014 11:53:16] CCarter: alright I got the info in the newsletter.
  59. [06:07:05] Agent Blackhat: they want nothing to do with it now
  60. [06:07:05] God of SEO: ^ Sent the newsletter 3 minutes after that
  61. [06:07:33] God of SEO: We have more premium users than BHU (close to 400 now)
  62. [06:07:47] Agent Blackhat: why are you telling me
  63. [06:07:51] God of SEO: It's upto you want you wanna do, but I didn't do jack shit except give som1 a renamed coupon code..
  64. [06:07:54] Agent Blackhat: this has nothing to do with what im talking about
  65. [06:08:21] Agent Blackhat: Is it up to me? okyou'll regret
  66. [06:08:22] God of SEO: [19/09/2014 21:48:38] CCarter: we can do something for SERPWoo
  67. [19/09/2014 21:48:42] CCarter: but not a 'discount'
  68. [19/09/2014 21:48:46] CCarter: don't use that word
  69. [19/09/2014 21:48:49] God of SEO: Yeh
  70. [19/09/2014 21:48:50] CCarter: maybe a 'bonus"
  71. [19/09/2014 21:48:51] God of SEO: Coupon code or w/e
  72. [06:08:31] God of SEO: ^ From ages ago when I made the coupon code..
  73. [06:08:46] Agent Blackhat: I've built up a document with a lot fo ammunition for this
  74. [06:08:56] Agent Blackhat: Things people have said, involving BH.C
  75. [06:08:59] God of SEO: So? I still don't see what I've done..
  76. [06:09:00] Agent Blackhat: Things Ccarter said
  77. [06:09:05] Agent Blackhat: absolutly tearing it to shreds
  78. [06:09:11] Agent Blackhat: I'ma bout to tear some walls down
  79. [06:09:30] God of SEO: I don't want to be involved in this drama < What I said to Carter and Styx, what I say to you.
  80. [06:09:34] Agent Blackhat: do you really want to be a part of it when you can simply tell everyone how the email list was stolen by ccarter and you want no part working with a thief?
  81. [06:10:23] God of SEO: I didn't send the newsletter, I didn't keept up to date with what was going on - I just sold my super PBN for $55k so have been handling that deal and been on vacation the past week
  82. [06:10:28] God of SEO: I only got off a plane less than 24 hours ago
  83. [06:10:35] God of SEO: I don't know what is really going on, I just did a coupon code
  84. [06:10:43] God of SEO: So, as I said before.. I don't want to be involved.
  85. [06:10:57] Agent Blackhat: But he involved you
  86. [06:10:59 | Edited 06:11:04] Agent Blackhat: so you are involved
  87. [06:11:13] God of SEO: My take:
  88. [06:11:17] God of SEO: No Comment.
  89. [06:11:17] Agent Blackhat: So in order to NOT be involved you have to tell everyone that you're not part of the newsletter
  90. [06:11:29] Agent Blackhat: Ok so I can tick your box on the list
  91. [06:11:35] Agent Blackhat: Nice knowing you mate
  92. [06:11:44] God of SEO: Go for it, I've said no comment all along.. I only got of vacation yesterday
  93. [06:12:19] Agent Blackhat: I honestly don't give a fuck, people are going down if they associate witrh that newsletter. You've made your choice.
  94. [06:13:11] God of SEO: Ok, well I haven't even signed up to the newsletter, I got it forwarded to me by todd though
  95. [06:13:17] God of SEO: and I'm not on their new builder thingy
  96. [06:14:28] God of SEO: 07XXXXXXXXX < My UK Solicitors number
  97. [06:14:39] God of SEO: Want my Canadian and US ones?
  98. [06:14:48] Agent Blackhat: I won't need them
  99. [06:15:30] God of SEO: lol ok, feel free to link me to w/e this is all about
  100. [06:15:35] God of SEO: and chill on the coke for a while
  101. [06:16:03] Agent Blackhat: Chill on the coke?
  102. [06:16:26] Agent Blackhat: Interesting way to fuck yourself over charles
  103. [06:16:44] God of SEO: I haven't done anything wrong, so doubtful i've fucked anything up
  104. [06:17:57] Agent Blackhat: Denial, your best asset
  105. [06:18:58] God of SEO: Denial of what?
  106. [06:19:04] God of SEO: You still haven't actually accused me of anything..
  107. [06:21:09] Agent Blackhat: Are you mental?
  108. [06:21:19] Agent Blackhat: This is a waste fo time
  109. [06:21:40] God of SEO: ok
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