Walnut - Moth Research: Gemini

Apr 22nd, 2014
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  1. >Be Unknown the moth thread Zebra created for the purpose to interact with the world of moths in stories like Anonymous except in pony form.
  2. >Currently you are doing field research on the moth you barely know as Gemini. She's quite, refined, and delicate just like the moth Amata, but more secretive in her day to day actions.
  3. >Spying from behind a buildings corner you could see Gemini next to one of the threads second famous moth Hexferry. Watching them like a weird stalker you could clearly see them both buying vanilla ice cream.
  4. >Taking out your notebook you flipped to a blank page writing down "Gemini & Hexferry Vanilla lovers." with a pencil. Looking back up it became apparent to you that Hexferry had dropped her ice cream, and Gemini being kind started to share hers with Hexferry both licking the white ball their own pace & getting drops on their small fluff.
  6. >Staring with your mouth open you needed to take a moment before continuing your research. After saying good bye to Hexferry you secretly follow Gemini to what appears to be a mare fashion store where Caramel & Actias waited at the entrance.
  7. >Going in you followed them, and made sure to hide inside the clothes rack within the store jotting down everything Gemini picked up. "Gemini loves colorful clothes, variants of light purple & green seems to be her most favorite.".
  8. >After finishing shopping with Actias and acquiring loads heavy bags full of clothes, and departing with Actias this was your chance to get close to the moth. Going up to her while she trotted down the street you kindly asked her if she would like some help, and her replying in a sweet tone "Yes.".
  10. >Grabbing the bags and placing them around your shoulder, you then followed Gemini until you arrived at an apartment building. Inviting you in you then placed the clothes on her couch.
  11. >Saying "Thank you." you told Gemini that it was no problem. Shaking her head" No." see wrapped her hooves around your neck saying "I noticed you stalking me all day, and writing things down. If you wanted to get to know me you should have just approached me. <3."
  12. >Nodding your head, Gemini started to lead you in the back of her apartment where her bedroom was located at.
  13. >In your final research note next to all the new things Gemini taught you in the back, and showing her extremely explicit side you wrote down as a final note that
  14. "Gemini is a dude....."
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