Letter to Mozilla

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  1. Hello Mozilla staff, I am a long time Pastafarian. In case you haven't heard, Pastafarianism is the religion based on the teachings and worship of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, for He is all that is holy. Upon trying your web browser, I realized that words like "Bible", "Quaran" and "Torah" are all added by default to the browser's dictionary; however, "Pastafarian", and it's derivatives, are not. Normally this would be expected as at the time of the browser's dictionary development, as I am sure that many countries still refused to see Pastafarianism, or FSMism, as an official religion. Well, much time and effort has been spent to help us break free of the shackles of persecution, and now, as many countries begin to recognize us, such as Austria[1], we have begun to seek equal treatment in the cyber world as well. We would greatly appreciate it if the words used to define us and our religion could be added to your official dictionary in a future release. Please take this into serious consideration. Words of praise for foxes and noodles.
  3. Yours truly,
  4. S.J.F, Pastafarian.
  6. [1]:
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