Be Entertainment Application (4)

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  3. username; @J15UNG5PLU5H13
  4. password; Namjoon and Yoongi
  6. birth name; Jeon Changmin
  7. other name; -
  8. nicknames; Minnie, Chan, Changie
  9. gender; Male
  10. age; 17
  11. birthday; 14/05/01
  12. birthplace; Incheon, South Korea
  13. hometown; Seoul, South Korea
  14. nationality; South Korean
  15. ethnicity; South Korean
  16. spoken languages; Korean
  17. height; 165cm
  18. weight; 47kg
  19. blood type; A
  21. personality;
  22. » Cute; He's pretty good at aegyo and is even cute without doing aegyo. He's quite charming and love to show it off playfully. He'll definitely steal your heart if you aren't careful!
  23. » Innocent; He has no knowledge over dirty jokes or anything. He's a completely innocent angel which is always clueless to any dirtiness or even swear words. The members find him so precious and want to keep him that way making sure that no dirtiness or other bad things reach his understanding.
  24. » Savage; Despite his innocence, he has a sassy and savage side that can be brutally honest to you. He doesn't mean to hurt anyone, he just wants a kick out of it. He'll always be ready to make a run for it but he'll always be teasing his members and making savage comebacks. Even with his mischevious and sassy side, his members still love him.
  25. » Playful; He's an immature and playful person who loves pranks. He's a 4 year old in the body of a 17 year old. He's the mischievous type who would prank the other members or do weird things like smiling with an orange. He just loves to have fun, so just let him enjoy or he wont be very happy or cooperative with you!
  26. background; He was born as an only child in Incheon. He grew up as an extremely playful child who was very active. He wasn't very good at studies though, and his parents wanted him to become an architect. He never actually had interest in becoming a performer as his interest was mostly on sports, comics, food and fun. What did spark this interest when he was 14 years old was BigBang. He wanted to be a singer then, but his parents weren't really supportive of his decision. He ended up leaving them to go all the way to Seoul himself just to fulfill his dream. He was upset having to part from his parents just to chase his dream, but he didn't go back. He auditioned for many companies who turned him down, and he felt disheartened. He was about to give up when he auditioned for Be Entertainemnt, but they accepted him and he saw hope.
  27. trivia;
  28. » He's allergic to carrots and eggplant.
  29. » He wants to visit the Philippines one day and maybe even live there.
  30. » If he wasn't an idol, he would've wanted to become a Basketball player.
  31. » He's the messiest member out of all 18 of the them.
  32. » He loves kimbap, strawberry milk, red, dogs and skateboarding.
  33. » He is a big fan of assassination classroom.
  35. group, solo or co-ed; group
  36. if group wich one; Ace H
  37. backup; Ace S
  38. position in that group; Lead Dancer, lead vocalist
  39. backup; Lead Dancer, Lead Vocalist
  40. face claim; Sunwoo (The boyz)
  41. backup; Haechan (NCT)
  42. second backup; Lucas (NCT)
  43. stage name; Fiel
  45. self evolution; nothing more than 380
  47. vocal; 100 / 100
  48. rap; 50 / 100
  49. dance; 90 / 100
  50. visual; 60 / 100
  51. charm; 80 / 100
  53. training years; 1 year 4 months
  54. introduction; “ Hello everyone! I'm Fiel, the ace of your heart! ”
  55. audition link;
  57. requests; none
  58. extra; none
  60. message to the ceos; Thank you for giving me the chance to perform with such amazingly people. I'll work hard to make you proud!!
  61. message to us; Thank you for dealing with my flood of trainees. This is the second last one before I finished my shower of love and support hehe <3
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