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May 28th, 2019
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  1. The variable (144) that controls where the Kaibutsu appears is named "夜這い progress". There are also three switches with this name. (392 = progress 1; 393 = progress 2; 394 = progress 3)
  3. The first word, "yobai", according to a dictionary means:
  4. - creeping at night into a woman's bedroom;
  5. - stealing into a girl's bedroom at night to make love;
  6. - sneaking visit​.
  8. At variable 0 it is down below Sabitsuki (route - switch 392 ON, with or without variable)
  9. At variable 1 it is directly below Sabitsuki. (route - switch 393 ON, with or without variable)
  10. At variable 2 it is slightly under the barrier. (route - switch 394 ON, with or without variable)
  11. ?Some event in between those two?
  12. At variable 3 it is directly in front of the barrier. (route - makes noise)
  13. At variable 4 (in front of the barrier switch 394 ON)
  15. The variable changes by interacting with the door of last room FROM INSIDE. That causes Rust to leave the room, and she has to go back to see what's changed.
  16. =============
  17. Kaibutsu below Sabitsuki at her PC, it makes a couple of steps forward. This is the Sabi-like Kaibutsi with Iron Pipe, seen in the Erosion Event. The same static noise that plays when Sabi tries to enter this room is playing here, too. Can't remember, did it play in 0.193? I leave the room.
  19. I come back, and the Kaibutsu stands in the same spot it was in when I left, then it turned left, from Sabi and towards the barrier. I leave the room.
  21. I come back and it is below the barrier, staring at the door (and Rust). It makes a couple of steps forward. I leave the room.
  23. I come back, and the thing is hitting the barrier in the spot in front of the door (and Rust) with its pipe. I leave the room.
  25. Come back, and Kaibutsu is still at it, I think that's the end of the event.
  27. Waking up resets the thing.
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