Rotwhite chapter 4

Dec 15th, 2014
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  1. >You eye the unknown supply vest wearing stallion in the filtration mask as Honey Mug shoots to hide between your legs
  2. “Chief Snow, it is you! I wasn’t sure if you’d make it back”
  3. >The pink moth-stallion turns his gaze towards Honey Mug who’s covering beneath you
  4. “And Honey Mug as well, good to know you’re safe, you gave us all a fright when you ran after him”
  5. >Honey Mug keeps looking at the stallion cautiously
  6. “W-who are you?”
  7. >The stallion pulls his filtration mask off
  8. “Can’t recognize me with the mask?”
  9. >He offers a smile to Honey Mug who just looks away, making the stallion look mildly surprised
  10. >You clear your throat and the stallion snaps his focus back to you
  11. >”Never mind her, she’s not important”
  12. >Honey Mug lets out a little “oh...” from between your legs as you continue
  13. >”You said Chief Snow, I’m your leader or something?”
  14. >The stallion looks surprised
  15. “What...oh no, don’t tell me you got done in by an Amnesia Blossom”
  16. >Now it’s your turn to look surprised and you narrow your eyes as you stare at this unknown pony
  17. >”How’d you know that?”
  18. >The stallion shakes his head
  19. “This is bad”
  20. >Suddenly the stallion looks outside the window and quickly signs for you to stay quiet
  21. “Wh-“
  22. >Honey Mug almost spoke out but you clamped your hoof over her mouth as you also notice the shapes of the creatures from behind the curtain
  23. >They soon shamble somewhere else and the stallion nods to you
  24. “Let’s talk on the way, we need to get to a safe place. Follow me”
  25. >The stallion turns around and starts walking upstairs, and you follow close behind with Honey Mug trying to stay as close to you as possible
  26. “So how much did you loose? Not remembering me, that’s at least 3 weeks worth of memories. That must have been quite a shock to you too Honey, him not recognizing you”
  27. “I lost my memories too...”
  28. >The Stallion pauses for a short while, and then continues walking towards a room
  29. “That’s...sorry to hear that”
  30. >You notice something off in the stallion’s tone of voice as he answers Honey Mug
  31. >”So who are you anyway?”
  32. >The stallion does not turn to look at you as he answers while fiddling with a door to a balcony
  33. “Barnacle, the name’s Barnacle. One of your men, though we all call you Chief just for the fun of i- there we go”
  34. >The door to the balcony clicks open and the three of you walk out to it
  35. “Little safety measures, we don’t know much of these things but they don’t seem to be able to fly or open locks, then again nothing here flies”
  36. >You look as Barnacle points to a few beams of wood that connect the balcony to the roof of the neighboring house
  37. “That’s our road to safety”
  38. >Honey Mug hugs your leg while glancing down towards the ground in worry
  39. >Barnacle is about to step onto the beams when you stop him
  40. >”Wait, how about you answer some of my questions first?”
  41. >Barnacle shrugs
  42. “I could, but I’d like to do it in someplace I know is safe, there’s a house just on the other side of the roof that’s secure, not to mention it has other survivors. We get there and I’ll tell you everything I know”
  43. >You keep looking at this pink stallion
  44. “I’m not lying to you, we’re all on this together”
  45. >You really do not want to, but you need the answers
  46. >”Sure...”
  47. >Barnacle nods happily and is about to cross to the roof when Honey Mug interrupts him
  48. “U-um Mr. Barnacle?”
  49. >Barnacle looks at her
  50. “Yes Honey, what is it?”
  51. “You talk like you know me, are you...a friend of my parents? Are they waiting for me there?”
  52. >Barnacle suddenly gives a very awkward, forced smile to the filly
  53. “Y-yeah, I’ll tell you after I’ve told Snow everything”
  54. >Honey Mug nods and Barnacle crosses over to the roof with ease
  55. >You can’t help but to feel a bit of worry creeping in at this odd behavior, but then you shake your head to clear it
  56. >Why would you worry for someone’s kid?
  57. >You nudge Honey Mug a bit so she’d cross over next but she suddenly takes a few steps back
  58. >”What?”
  59. >Honey Mug looks at you with distress
  60. “It’s so high...”
  61. >You shake your head and fling the filly onto your back and walk over to the roof while she keeps her eyes closed and hugs you for her dear life
  62. >Barnacle gives the two of you a big smile
  63. “For a couple of ponies who lost your memories, you are acting as friendly as always”
  64. >As Barnacle pulls the beams of wood onto the roof, cutting off access to the roof from the balcony you all came from, you can’t help but to feel a bit weirded out
  65. >Friendly? Why would you be friendly to some brat? You seriously hope you have not forgotten about getting shotgun married after a rough night of drinking...
  66. “This is bad...”
  67. >You glance towards the woods surrounding the village where Barnacle is looking as well
  68. >”That looks like quite a heavy fog coming to town”
  69. >Barnacle sighs
  70. “That means we can all forget about going out to look fore more survivors or supplies”
  71. >Barnacle walks over to another set of wooden beams that connect it to the roof of another, much larger house
  72. “It’s right here”
  73. >You cross over with honey Mug on your back while looking down
  74. >this building’s got huge double set doors with a few sales carts pulled in front of the doors and some other junk piled on top of it
  75. >Barnacle once again pulls the beams away so they no longer connect the two buildings, and then walks over to an access hatch and opens it
  76. “After you”
  77. >You climb in and find yourself in some sort of an attic space with a lot of wooden beams lying around
  78. >Barnacle climbs in as well and shuts the hatch
  79. >Suddenly there’s a feminine voice calling out from behind a door leading out of the attic
  80. “Barnacle? Is that you?”
  81. >Barnacle wastes no time answering the voice while he starts undressing hi vest and places the mask by the ladder to the hatch
  82. “Yeah it’s me, and I found Snow and Honey”
  83. >Suddenly the door slams open, revealing a yellow mothpony mare with a green mane
  84. “Honey Mug!”
  85. >She suddenly runs to you and grabs the filly into a big hug
  86. >Honey Mug stares at the mare with surprise
  87. “Miss Soothing, why are you hugging me? Where are my parents?”
  88. >The mare suddenly stops and looks at Honey with shock, but before she can say anything Barnacle cuts in and whispers something into her ear
  89. >The mare looks devastated for a short while before forcing a smile on her face
  90. “How about we fix you some nice warm coco first”
  91. >Honey Mug’s expression suddenly brightens up considerably
  92. “Oooh, warm coco. Can I have some whipped cream on it too?”
  93. >The two keep talking as they disappear trough the door
  94. “How far have you lost your memories?”
  95. >You turn to look at Barnacle who’s now sitting down on some beams that lie on the floor
  96. >”Last thing I remember is being dragged to my village’s elders office with a mean hangover. But I don’t really care about that, what is this place? Why am I here? What’s happening?”
  97. >Barnacle shakes his head
  98. “That must be even before we’ve met... I’ve only known you for 3 weeks and you always told stories how you were like a completely different pony before you got your life back on track...”
  99. >You sit down yourself and stare at the ground
  100. “You all right?”
  101. >”Yeah, just- just tell me what’s going on here”
  102. >You need something to take your mind off the fact that you might have not just lost a few weeks worth of memories
  103. “You, me Hazel Heart and Mosscoat were all send to this village, the village of Axmoth, as 4 rot and wildlife specialists, to help with the weird case of animals and ponies loosing the ability to fly”
  104. >You interrupt Barnacle and get up
  105. >”Yeah, I noticed that when I woke up, my wings did not work”
  106. >You flap them a few times for emphasis
  107. >Barnacle nods
  108. “Same with all of us, I’m afraid it’s one of the effects of white rot”
  109. >”White rot?”
  110. >You know what rot is, but you have never heard of white rot
  111. “Yeah, a new kind of rot, that was what we all found as the cause, it somehow takes away the ability for flight, we were unsure how when the Amnesia Blossoms appeared”
  112. >”Yeah, I’ve seen them. Weren’t they supposed to be ultra rare?”
  113. >Barnacle nods once again
  114. “They are, but for some reason they seem to thrive in white rot. We had our hooves busy with cases of amnesia, so busy that we did not notice the wall soon enough”
  115. >”I saw a white wall near the farmhouse where I woke up and saw it turn a few ponies into statues, what was that?”
  116. >Barnacle sighs
  117. “Yes... the statues, we don’t know when it started but the wall and the white rot was spreading right under our noses when we were too busy dealing with the lack of flight and the Amnesia Blossoms. Once we started to discover the rot-encased ponies it was starting to be too late, we decided to send you to send out a message near the lone farmhouse, the only place where the wall of rot had not yet grown, while we gathered the statues with us into the village hall”
  118. >”Wait gathered? Why did you do that? They become monsters”
  119. >Barnacle nods once again
  120. “Yes, but we did not know it, it happened the night when you left for the farm house. The monsters, they just burst free from their rot cocoons and took us all by surprise. We all panicked and ran away, it was a mess. Me and a few ponies ran here and barricaded ourselves here. It’s just...”
  121. >Barnacle gets up
  122. “It all happened so fast, I have no idea who’s safe and who’s not...”
  123. >Barnacle takes a moment to collect himself
  124. “Anyways the next day I went out to look for supplies and survivors, but moving around is so difficult, those things seem to be everywhere. That’s when I hear you two and now you’re here.”
  125. >That’s a lot to take in, but you need to ask one more thing
  126. >”You said something about a message?”
  127. >Barnacle starts walking towards the door
  128. “Yeah, you were going to message for help, and I really hope you got to do it, I have no idea how to get out of this, now that there’s a wall of rot at the farm it’s safe to say it has completely surrounded the whole village and the nearby area. We really need that rescue we requested”
  129. >You place a hoof on Barnacles shoulder before he can leave the attic
  130. >”There’s a lot more things I want to ask you”
  131. >Barnacle gives you a tired look
  132. “Can it wait for tomorrow? I haven’t really slept and I... I just need a moment to myself, I have not had any rest since we ran here and set up the place...”
  133. >You remove your hoof and Barnacle walks out and just lean against the wall and run your hoof trough your mane
  134. >”Shit...”
  135. >That’s a lot of information to take in, and you are stuck in this situation with memory loss
  136. >Your ears twitch as you notice faint, familiar sobbing
  137. >You walk out of the large attic space and find yourself in a smaller room with a few tools on the walls and stairs leading down
  138. >you climb them down and enter the interior of a large, multi-story house
  139. >As you look around you notice Honey Mug sobbing in the corner against the yellow mothpony mare, and Barnacle lying on a mattress on the opposite side of the upstairs floor
  140. >you ignore her as you notice something downstairs
  141. >Lone elderly earth pony, sitting at a table, pouring a familiar looking liquid into a glass and then downing it, before pouring more for himself
  142. >You walk down the stairs and straight to the table, ignoring a few mothponies glancing at you briefly
  143. >You have a lot of information to process, this will help you do it
  144. >”Any chance you’re willing to share?”
  145. >The old pony murmurs something before suddenly falling limp on the table
  146. >You quickly grab the bottle before it can fall as the old pony starts to snore loudly
  147. >drank until he lost consciousness, not a bad idea...
  148. >As you take a hefty swing of the booze you look around
  149. >You can only see 3 more ponies, one of them is asleep, one of them has back turned to everyone as he sobs and one is just shaking there, her eyes staring at nothing
  150. >You suddenly feel exhausted too as the world starts to look fuzzy
  151. >You drink the bottle empty to the last drop and then just lean back and enjoy the burn in your throat
  152. >and before you know it, you’re out like a light
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