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  1. * IsabelMarias it's nighttime at the KaibaDome, a packed house for another pro league dueling event, that, at this point, has reached the last duel of the evening...the main event.
  2. * IsabelMarias a song suddenly blares over the arena's speakers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbLQhzsJG0A as smoke pours from the entrance way.
  3. * Reiji a man walks out slowly, pressing his glasses up slowly, looking completely cool and business-like in contrast to his theme song
  4. * Reiji he seems more scarf than human being
  5. * IsabelMarias there's very solid cheering for Reiji as he makes his way to the ring. It seems his meteoric rise up the ranks has gotten him some support...there's also some boos, maybe because of his confrontation with Isabel and Yuya. But there's a lot more cheering than booing.
  6. * IsabelMarias once Reiji makes his way to the ring, his music stops....and the lights go down as a guitar strum plays over the speakers.
  7. * IsabelMarias the lights come on as a song starts playing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4irXQhgMqg and Isabel is standing at the entrance, throwing back her cloak and spreading her arms out to reveal the championship around her waist. She pumps her arms in sync with the song as pyrotechnics go off at the entrance ramp and runs down to the ring, the cheers really loud as she does.
  8. * IsabelMarias waves to the audience once in the ring, trying to pump them up further. Once her music dies down, MC steps into the middle of the ring, mic in hand.
  9. <IsabelMarias> <MC> Introducing first, the challenger! A professional record of 6 wins, 0 losses. Fighting, out of Maiami City, Japan! He is, the KING! OF KINGS!
  11. * IsabelMarias big cheers.
  12. <IsabelMarias> <MC> And now, introducing, the champion! A professional record of 6wins, 0 losses. Fighting! Out of Domino City, Japan, by way of Paris, France! She is the REIGNING! DEFENDING! UNDISPUTED! ACTION DUELING CHAMPION OF THE WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORLD!
  14. * IsabelMarias takes her belt off her waist and raises it up. BIG cheers.
  15. * IsabelMarias hands the championship belt to the official. He raises it up.
  16. <IsabelMarias> <MC> ACTION FIELD, ON! DARK KING'S ABYSS!
  17. * IsabelMarias lights strobe over the arena as the Action Field builds itself. A dark cave, with no visible exit and darkness in every direction. The only illumination comes from glowing crystals over the floor and walls.
  18. <IsabelMarias> <MC> Noooowwwww........DUELISTS, LOCKED IN BATTLE!
  19. <IsabelMarias> <MC> Kicking the earth, and dancing through the earth alongside their monsters! They storm throughout this field! BEHOLD! THIS is the newest and greateest evolution in dueling history! ACTION................
  20. <IsabelMarias> DUEL! (8000 LP)
  21. <Reiji> Not what I was expecting, but it has a certain subtlety.
  22. * IsabelMarias smirks at Reiji and grabs a card from her hand.
  23. <IsabelMarias> I activate Instant Fusion! By paying 1000 life points (7000 LP), I can summon a level 5 or lower Fusion Monster from my deck!
  24. <IsabelMarias> I summon the level 4 Karbonala Warrior!
  25. <IsabelMarias> Then, I normal summon tuner monster, Glow-Up-Bulb! (100/100)
  26. <IsabelMarias> I'm tuning my level 1 Glow-Up-Bulb with my level 4 Karbonala Warrior!
  27. <IsabelMarias> White tiger, guardian of the west, raise your claws to defend the earth! SYNCHRO SUMMON! (1+4=5)
  28. <IsabelMarias> Level 5, Naturia Beast! (2200/1700)
  29. * IsabelMarias a big tiger made of foliage appears on Isabel's field.
  30. <IsabelMarias> Set one card, activate Field Spell - Gaia Power!
  31. * IsabelMarias trees and foliage manage to grow and bloom in the cave, empowering Naturia Beast (2700/1300).
  32. <IsabelMarias> Turn end.
  33. <Reiji> Before I draw
  34. <Reiji> I'll make the following three guarantees
  35. <Reiji> I will only use 1 Action Spell Card in this Duel
  36. <Reiji> I will have more than 5000 Life when this Duel is over
  37. <Reiji> And I will have 5 monsters on the field.
  38. <Reiji> Draw.
  39. <Reiji> I set 4 cards face-down and end my turn. ::A suite of four cards materials before him and vanishes.)
  40. * IsabelMarias lets out a little snort.
  41. <IsabelMarias> <MC> Oh, ho! Is Akaba Reiji trying to play mind games with the champion!? He's already predicting conditions that would suggest an overwhelming victory for himself!
  42. <IsabelMarias> It's my turn! Draw!
  43. * IsabelMarias glances at her hand. Then her graveyard.
  44. <IsabelMarias> ....
  45. <IsabelMarias> BATTLE! Naturia Beast attacks directly!
  46. * IsabelMarias Naturia Beast roars and lunges at Reiji.
  47. <Reiji> Reverse Card open! Dark Contract with the Witch! ::A card flips open revealing Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen and Dark Witch::
  48. <Reiji> During either player's turn, I can discard 1 "D/D" or "Dark Contract" card from my hand, in this case Dark Contract with the Yamimakai! And in return, my deal with the angelic host destroys a card on the field, in this case
  49. <Reiji> Your Naturia Beast!
  50. * Reiji a tornado of feathers erupts, shredding through Naturia Beast
  51. <IsabelMarias> Nnh!
  52. * IsabelMarias Naturia Beast is shredded apart.
  53. * IsabelMarias '...shit. I should've summoned Barkion after all...'
  54. <IsabelMarias> ...turn end.
  55. <Reiji> Draw.
  56. * Reiji gurks, holding his heart, cringing as a dark miasma bites through him. (8000 LP -> 7000 LP)
  57. <Reiji> Haa... haa... haa...
  58. <Reiji> During my Standby Phase, to fulfill my end of the bargain of the contracts I sign, I must pay in blood, or in other words, I take damage from my own cards
  59. <Reiji> From my hand, the Pendulum Monster "D/D Savant Copernicus" (Level 4, 0 ATK)!
  60. * Reiji a strange 'thing', more machine, looking like a model of the solar system appears.
  61. <Reiji> Copernicus' effect upon summoning is that it lets me send a D/D card to my Graveyard! From my Deck, I send D/D Necro Slime!
  62. * Reiji shows a weak looking monster, some blob wearing a skull, and slides it into his Graveyard
  63. <Reiji> Now, Dark Contract with the Witch, I discard "D/D/D Supreme King Kaiser" to destroy your Set Card!
  64. * IsabelMarias 's set card, Deep Dark Trap Hole explodes.
  65. <IsabelMarias> Tch...
  66. <Reiji> Now.
  67. <Reiji> From my Graveyard, I perform a Fusion Summon by banishing Kaiser and Necro Slime!
  68. <Reiji> Necro Slime allows me to Fusion Summon without the use of a Fusion Card!
  69. <IsabelMarias> <MC> OHHH MY! A fusion summon from his graveyard! The challenger set up his graveyard with the cost and is now preforming a Fusion Summon!?
  70. <Reiji> Supreme Conqueror of the Eternal Empire! The Metamorphic Slime Forged by Liches! Now meld together and give birth to the true king!
  71. <Reiji> Fusion Summon!
  72. <Reiji> Come forth! My queen graced by the authority of God himself! D/D/D Oracle King D'Arc!
  73. <Reiji> (2800 ATK)
  74. * Reiji a demonic version of St. Joan appears on the field, steadying her sword!
  75. <Reiji> As the audience is aware, but the champion isn't since she's too important to bother watching my matches, this monster is an alternate future of St. Joan after Marie's power corrupted her.
  76. <Reiji> But she still swears allegience to a higher power! Now, D'Arc! Oracle Charge!
  77. * IsabelMarias fights every urge in her body to make an obscene gesture or two at Reiji, instead just bending her legs.
  78. * Reiji the demonic paladin darts forth, ready to thrust her sword through Isabel's chest.
  79. * IsabelMarias leaps and snags an Action Card laying on one of the crystals.
  80. <IsabelMarias> Action Magic - Evasion.
  81. * IsabelMarias activates the card and rolls underneath D'Arc's blade, unscathed.
  82. <Reiji> ... Hmm.
  83. <Reiji> I end my turn.
  84. <IsabelMarias> <MC> Oh! As expected of the champion! In one movement, she picked out an Action Card that she'd already scouted out!
  85. <IsabelMarias> It's my turn, draw!
  86. * Reiji leaps up, a cliffside, using the higher ground to observe the cavern around him.
  87. * IsabelMarias stares ahead at D'Arc, now at 3800 ATK.
  88. * IsabelMarias 'That Dark Contract of his...it's increasing the ATK of his monsters. But only on my turn, huh?'
  89. * IsabelMarias scans the area. Then she grabs a card from her hand.
  90. * Reiji she readies her sword, as if for war.
  91. <IsabelMarias> I summon Naturia Pumpkin! By its effect, I can Special Summon a Naturia monster from my hand! Tuner monster, Naturia Cosmobeet!
  92. <IsabelMarias> I'm tuning my level 4 Pumpkin and my level 2 Cosmobeet!
  93. <IsabelMarias> Azure dragon, guardian of the east, bear your fangs to defend the air! SYNCHRO SUMMON! (4+2=6) Level 6, NATURIA BARKION! (2500/1800)> (3000/1400)
  94. * IsabelMarias leaps up again, landing on Naturia Barkion's back. She springs off it to grab another card.
  95. <IsabelMarias> Action Magic - Drain Prism! I can select a face-up spell or trap card and negate its effect for the rest of the turn! I negate Dark Contract With the Witch!
  96. * IsabelMarias a crystal appears and shines a white light over the contract.
  97. * Reiji D'Arc winces as her energy drains (3800 ATK -> 2800 ATK)
  98. <IsabelMarias> Barkion's ATK is above D'Arc's! And Dark Contract With the Witch's destruction effect is sealed! GO!
  99. <IsabelMarias> BARK BITE!
  100. * IsabelMarias Barkion lunges at D'Arc, jaws wide.
  101. * Reiji leaps towards an Action Card hanging from a tree encrusted crystal on a cliff face
  102. * IsabelMarias springs off of Barkion's back.
  103. <IsabelMarias> I don't think so!
  104. * IsabelMarias has an arm out to strike Reiji and at her speed, will reach him before he reaches the card.
  105. * Reiji D'Arc gets in your way, protecting Reiji like a knight protects their lord, placing her sword in a way that will end very uncomfortably
  106. * IsabelMarias grimaces and pulls up. Barkion snags her out of the air before she runs into D'Arc's sword.
  107. * Reiji grabs the Action Magic
  108. <Reiji> Miracle!
  109. * Reiji D'Arc rushes at Barkion, ready to fight.
  110. * IsabelMarias Barkion chomps on D'Arc, but its fangs fail to break through her armor.
  111. * Reiji D'Arc shoves Barkion away with a kick (6900 LP)
  112. <IsabelMarias> Tch...
  113. * IsabelMarias 'Barkion will still have higher ATK than D'Arc on his turn...'
  114. <IsabelMarias> Turn end.
  115. <Reiji> Draw.
  116. <Reiji> Dark Contract with the Witch's effect would deal 1000 damage to me.
  117. <Reiji> But...
  118. <Reiji> D'Arc! LIFE ELATION!
  119. * Reiji the witch knight swings her sword as a soothing rain pours over him (7900 LP)
  120. <Reiji> Effect Damage I take while D'Arc is in play becomes Life Gain!
  121. <IsabelMarias> <MC> A lifegain effect suited to perfectly counter the drain effect of his Dark Contract card! Now the challenger is back to nearly full life!
  122. <Reiji> Reverse Card Open! Harpie's Feather Duster, I destroy Gaia Power, reducing your monster's strength!
  123. <IsabelMarias> !
  124. * IsabelMarias all of the trees and foliage are blown away. (Barkion: 3000 ATK> 2500 ATK)
  125. <Reiji> Let's try that again
  126. <Reiji> D'Arc, attack Barkion!
  127. <Reiji> Oracle Charge!
  128. * IsabelMarias Barkion is cleaved in twain and Isabel is thrown off.
  129. * IsabelMarias 6700 LP.
  130. <Reiji> I switch Copernicus to Defense.
  131. * Reiji the solar system model appears and 'huddles' (0 DEF)
  132. <Reiji> End Turn.
  133. * IsabelMarias stumbles back to her feet, a displeased look on her face.
  134. <IsabelMarias> <MC> The champion is on the defensive! How will she fight back!
  135. <IsabelMarias> My turn...draw!
  136. <IsabelMarias> ...summon Naturia Hunter Shield Dyrad!
  137. * IsabelMarias a young woman with clothes made of plantlife appears, resting over a tree. (1500 ATK)
  138. <IsabelMarias> Then, I banish Naturia Pumpkin from my graveyard to Special Summon Gigantes! (1900 ATK)
  139. <IsabelMarias> Gigantes and Shield Dyard...OVERLAY!
  140. <IsabelMarias> Xyz Summon! Rank 4! DIAMOND DIRE WOLF!
  141. * IsabelMarias a wolf made of diamond appears on Isabel's field (2000 ATK). Isabel hesitates, then waves her arm.
  142. <IsabelMarias> ...Diamond Dire Wolf's effect! I detach one overlay unit, then I can target a Beast-type monster I control and another card and destroy both!
  143. <IsabelMarias> I target D'Arc and Diamond Dire Wolf!
  144. * IsabelMarias Diamond Dire Wolf howls and charges at D'Arc.
  145. * Reiji she charges at him, impaling his throat
  146. * IsabelMarias Wolf bites into D'Arc's shoulder, right through her armor.
  147. * Reiji the two shatter into glass
  148. <IsabelMarias> ...turn end.
  149. <IsabelMarias> <MC> The champion has destroyed D'Arc, but now her field is empty and she has no cards in her hand!
  150. <Reiji> Draw!
  151. <Reiji> Dark Contract with the Witch! (6900 LP) GRRRK!
  152. <Reiji> I follow up by summoning "D/D Nighthowl"! ::A demon that's more of a set of jaws than anything appears.::
  153. <Reiji> D/D Nighthowl is a Tuner Monster
  154. <Reiji> I tune my Level 4 Copernicus with my Level 3 Nighthowl!
  155. <Reiji> Howls that tear through the night. With the swiftness of a gale, give birth to the new King! Synchro Summon! Be born! My Level 7! D/D/D Gale King Alexander!
  156. * Reiji a caped demon with a giant sword appear, cricking his neck
  157. <Reiji> (2500 ATK)
  158. <Reiji> Alexander, attack Marias directly!
  159. * IsabelMarias looks around. She spots an Action Card on a crystal and immediately dashes towards it.
  160. <Reiji> You'll have to do better than that to stop Alexander, the King of Kings!
  161. * Reiji the demon king appears out of nowhere Isabel, its sword smashing your good knee
  162. * Reiji literally. Out of nowhere.
  163. * IsabelMarias WHAM.
  164. * IsabelMarias squawks and falls over, clutching her knee.
  165. <IsabelMarias> <MC> OH MY! Alexander intercepted the champion and struck her leg! The same leg she uses for her signature running knee strike!
  166. <Reiji> See, unlike you, I spent my time reading up on you, and your strategies, and how you specialize in Action Duels.
  167. <Reiji> Meanwhile, I am a cipher, a null, to you.
  168. * IsabelMarias is on her back, with Alexander right over her. Her eyes widen - she can't get away from its attack now.
  169. * Reiji it places its sword under your throat, tipping your head up to force you to look in its glowing demonic eyes.
  170. * IsabelMarias grimaces, her head tilting up.
  171. * Reiji pressing it in, as if it were flesh and blood, you're be bleeding.
  172. * IsabelMarias 4200 LP
  173. * Reiji but it's just agonizing the sharpness of the blade on the throat and chin and neck
  174. <Reiji> I end my turn. Please grace us with your comeback, Champion.
  175. * IsabelMarias rolls away from Alexander and back to her feet, favoring her wooden leg a bit.
  176. <IsabelMarias> <MC> The champion is topdecking now! Will she be able to get out of this situation!
  177. * IsabelMarias draws. She looks at her drawn card.
  178. <IsabelMarias> ....
  179. * IsabelMarias looks. Then looks at Reiji's field.
  180. * IsabelMarias takes a breath...
  181. <IsabelMarias> ....turn end.
  182. * Reiji it's bad but survivable.
  183. <IsabelMarias> <MC> Aaaaah! Did the champion suffer a dead draw?!
  184. <Reiji> With that, you're a dead woman walking.
  185. <Reiji> Do you know what Alexander the Great was best known for in the Ancient World, militarily.
  186. <IsabelMarias> I'm sure you're gonna tell me.
  187. <Reiji> The Hetairoi, "Those Next To The King"
  188. <Reiji> the world's strongest and FIRST Shock Cavalry in history.
  189. <Reiji> And those closest to him formed his elite and trusted guard.
  190. <Reiji> And my Alexander can emulate the ignition of such a formation!
  191. <Reiji> From my hand, I activate the effect of "D/D Swirl Slime", which allows me to fuse Swirl Slime with the D/D Lilith in my hand!
  192. <Reiji> Ancient swirl that takes in all forms! Vamp of the dark knight! In the whirlpool of light that emits from the netherworld, become one, and give rise to a new koing! D/D/D Flame King Genghis!
  193. * Reiji (2000 ATK)
  194. * Reiji a demon general in red armor appears
  195. <IsabelMarias> <MC> Another fusion summon! And now the challenger's ATK exceeds the champion's remaining life points!
  196. <Reiji> Now! Alexander! Oath of the King! Revive D/D Lilith!
  197. * Reiji the vampish demon appears curling on the field (2100 DEF)
  198. <Reiji> She allows me to recover D/D Copernicus from my Extra Deck!
  199. <Reiji> Copernicus is Summoned again! ::The solar model appears clinking and clanking::
  200. <Reiji> And sends D/D Lamia from my Deck to my Graveyard!
  201. <Reiji> Lilith! Copernicus! Overlay! In order to subjugate all that exists in this world, now! Descend upon the zenith of the world itself! Xyz Summon! Be born! My Rank 4! Wave King Caesar!
  202. <Reiji> (2400 ATK)
  203. <Reiji> Flame King Genghis' Effect! Endless Horde!
  204. <Reiji> Revive, D/D/D Oracle King D'Arc! (2800 ATK)
  205. <Reiji> Now, I activate my set Dark Contract with the Yamimakai!
  206. <Reiji> And send it to the Graveyard! Return from the Graveyard, D/D Lamia! (0 ATK)
  207. * Reiji a small serpentine female demon appears, hissing, made of roses
  208. <Reiji> Tuning! My Level 7 Gust King Alexander tunes with my Level 1 Lamia!
  209. <IsabelMarias> Synchro, too...?!
  210. <Reiji> Climb over the corpses of heroes, carrying your bloodstained blade!
  211. <Reiji> Synchro Summon! Be born, my Level 8 D/D/D Cursed King Siegfried!
  212. <Reiji> (2800 ATK)
  213. <Reiji> Now, let's see if my predictions were wrong!
  214. <IsabelMarias> <MC> U-u-u-u-u-unbelievable! Fusion, Xyz and Synchro summoning! All in one turn! Now the challenger controls FOUR advanced monsters! The champion's field is empty! Are we about to see a new champion?!
  215. <Reiji> Siegfried! Genghis! Caesar! D'Arc! All for one! And one for all! ::His monsters raise the swords to one another joining them in a noble formation, before racing to see who can take Isabel's head first.::
  216. * IsabelMarias runs away from the monsters, grimacing as pain shoots through her knee.
  217. * IsabelMarias spots an Action Card - Big Escape. If she can get that, it'll end the battle phase....!
  218. * IsabelMarias sprints towards the card, reaching out for it.
  219. * Reiji and... Caesar's giant sword-club comes out of left field, smashing right into your entire body
  220. * Reiji like some sort of enormous baseball bat
  221. * IsabelMarias is slammed, HARD, and goes flying backwards.
  222. * IsabelMarias 's eyes open in horror as the other three D/D/Ds are right on her.
  223. * IsabelMarias 'In that case...!'
  224. <IsabelMarias> I activate the effect of a monster in my graveyard...! Naturia Hunter Shield Dyrad!
  225. <IsabelMarias> When I'm the target of a direct attack, I can special summon this card!
  226. * IsabelMarias Shield Dyrad appears, its tree forming protectively around itself this time. (1500 ATK)
  227. * IsabelMarias lands hard on the ground, goes into a roll for several feet and stretches her arm out, snatching something off the ground.
  228. <IsabelMarias> Action Magic - Tenacity! One monster I control can't be destroyed by battle! I target Shield Dyrad!
  229. <Reiji> ... heh.
  230. <Reiji> You cling desperately to a chance to seize victory back from me, even at the cost of your own body and blood.
  231. <Reiji> My monsters! Attack her defender!
  232. <Reiji> If she wishes to suffer, then let her desire be fulfilled!
  233. * Reiji 's monsters take each of their turns smashing into Isabel's Shield Dryad with their swords that can scarcely be called swords.
  234. * IsabelMarias each strike releases a huge shockwave, the last of which knocks Isabel right off her feet and on to her back. (200 LP)
  235. <IsabelMarias> <MC> The champion is down! She's been completely pinned down and her life points have been reduced to a mere 200!
  236. <Reiji> End. Turn.
  237. * IsabelMarias shakes her head a couple times and lets out a breath as she pushes herself up.
  238. <IsabelMarias> <MC> Akaba Reiji controls 4 monsters! His life points are over 5000, and he's only activated a single Action Card! His predicitions are about to come try unless Isabel Marias preforms a miraculous reversal!
  239. * IsabelMarias puts her hand to her deck.
  240. <IsabelMarias> It's my turn....DRAW!
  241. * IsabelMarias draws, a gust of wind following her draw that blows through the cave.
  242. * IsabelMarias looks at her drawn card. 'It came!'
  243. <IsabelMarias> I activate MIRACLE SYNCHRO FUSION!
  244. <IsabelMarias> I can fusion summon a monster from my extra deck that lists a Synchro Monster as material by banishing it fusion material from my graveyard!
  245. <IsabelMarias> I banish from my graveyard, Naturia Barkion and Naturia Beast!
  246. * Reiji calmly raises an eyebrow, pushing his glasses down
  247. <IsabelMarias> Azure Dragon of the east, White Tiger of the west, flow together into the earth and become the ultimate guardian of the Sacred Tree!
  248. * IsabelMarias slaps her real and wooden hand together, then clasps her fingers together and brings them down.
  249. <IsabelMarias> FUSION SUMMON!
  250. <IsabelMarias> Level 10, the ultimate keeper of the forest!
  251. <IsabelMarias> NATURIA GAIASTRIO!
  252. * IsabelMarias a MASSIVE lion wearing glowing white armor over its body appears, a huge tree growing out of its back. (3200/2100)
  253. * IsabelMarias gives Reiji a little grin. She holds up the last card in her hand. The card she drew and didn't activate last turn.
  254. <IsabelMarias> Dead woman walking...?
  255. <IsabelMarias> No.
  256. <IsabelMarias> I just knew that using this last turn wouldn't get me anywhere.
  257. * IsabelMarias throws the card into her disk.
  258. <IsabelMarias> I ACTIVATE RAIGEKI!
  259. * IsabelMarias lightning rains down on Reiji's field.
  261. * Reiji looks up as the lightning rains down, his expression is indeterminate as a giant cloud of dust, stone and crystal dust blasts up
  263. * IsabelMarias leaps up. With none of Reiji's monsters to stop her from doing so, a burst of adrenaline pushes her to grab an Action Card.
  264. <IsabelMarias> Overpower Crystal! One monster gains 1000 ATK! I target Naturia Gaiastrio!
  265. * IsabelMarias Gaiastrio roars. (4200 ATK)
  266. * IsabelMarias looks around. She spots another Action Card.
  267. * IsabelMarias 'One more...!' She rushes for the card.
  268. * Reiji despite the fact he hasn't moved too much during the Duel, he's racing next to you
  269. <IsabelMarias> ...!
  270. * IsabelMarias 'he's trying to get there first!'
  271. * Reiji who the hell is this rich guy.
  272. * IsabelMarias tries to stretch out for the card, but she winces. Her knee gives out. She stumbles.
  273. * Reiji swipes it.
  274. * IsabelMarias 'Dammit! Well - you're not activating it this turn!'
  275. * IsabelMarias leaps up and throws her feet forward, dropkicking Reiji in the back.
  276. * Reiji grkk, biting his teeth, clinching his jaw tightly as his back takes the full force from her signature stun move.
  277. <IsabelMarias> Gaiastrio! Shield Dyrad! DIRECT ATTACK!
  278. * Reiji huffing.
  279. * Reiji not having time to respond to your attacks as he takes their full force.
  280. * IsabelMarias Gaiastrio and Shield Dyrad descend on Reiji, Dyrad swinging a tree branch at him and Gaiastrio swinging down one of its massive paws, while he's stunned.
  281. * Reiji yells with choked sound.
  282. * IsabelMarias lands on her back and pulls herself back up, a smirk on her face.
  284. * Reiji after he stands up, dusting himself off, annoyed more than anything, like he's not even phased he lost his field or his Life.
  285. * IsabelMarias raises a hand and points at Reiji's field. At his card - Dark Contract With the Witch.
  286. <IsabelMarias> <MC> On his next turn, Akaba Reiji will take 1000 damage from Dark Contract With the Witch! No longer having D'Arc on his field, he'll have 0 life points at that moment! The champion is about to retain her title!
  287. <Reiji> I hate to correct the Master of Ceremonies, but the match is not tied. In the slightest.
  288. <Reiji> Ms. Marias, is your Battle Phase over.
  289. * IsabelMarias smirks at Reiji. She makes a 'bang' gesture with her finger.
  290. <IsabelMarias> Turn end.
  291. <Reiji> Caesar's Monster Effect activates
  292. <Reiji> Reviving every monster that was destroyed during that turn up to the End of the Battle Phase.
  293. <Reiji> At the cost of dealing me 1000 Damage for each monster! Contract with Jupiter!
  294. * Reiji D'Arc, Caesar, Genghis and Siegfried reform on his field
  295. <Reiji> D'Arc's effect!
  296. <IsabelMarias> Wh...
  297. * IsabelMarias 's eyes widen.
  298. <Reiji> (2800 ATK) (2400 ATK) (2000 ATK) (2800 ATK)
  299. <Reiji> Life Elation! When I would take damage from a card effect, I gain Life instead!
  300. <Reiji> I take 4000 damage! And by the grace of the Almighty, D'Arc converts that into 4000 Life!
  301. * Reiji (200 LP -> 4200 LP)
  302. <Reiji> Genghis' effect! I revive D/D/D Gust King Alexander! (2500 ATK)
  303. <Reiji> Finally, Dark Contract with the Witch!
  304. <Reiji> I should explain, Caesar also adds a Dark Contract from my Deck to my hand when it's destroyed.
  305. <Reiji> And I added Dark Contract with the Gate.
  306. * Reiji discards the card, spiralling
  307. * Reiji into the Graveyard
  308. <Reiji> I destroy your ace monster,  Naturia Gaiastrio!
  309. * Reiji the whirlwind of feathers whips up shredding into Gaiastrio
  310. * IsabelMarias Gaiastrio roars.
  311. <IsabelMarias> <MC> Naturia Gaiastrio has an effect to negate an effect that targets only one monster, but...! Isabel Marias has no more cards in her hand!
  312. * IsabelMarias Gaiastrio explodes.
  313. <Reiji> And since you consumed your entire hand to stop me...
  314. <Reiji> Finally!
  315. <IsabelMarias> ...five monsters...over 5000 life...
  316. <Reiji> Genghis and Siegfried's effects from earlier! I recovered Dark Contract with the Yamimakai and Seigfried gave me 1000 Life due to Dark Contract with the Witch (5200 LP)
  317. <Reiji> DRAW!
  318. <Reiji> Dark Contract with the Witch reduces my Life by 1000!
  319. <Reiji> But!
  320. <Reiji> D'Arc! Life Elation!
  321. <Reiji> (5200 LP -> 6200 LP)
  322. * Reiji stands with at least 3 cards in his hand, 6200 LP and 5 monsters all with 2000 ATK or more.
  323. <Reiji> Please, do feel free to run and try and hold on one last second, before the rope tightens around your neck due to your own rigid strategy backfiring on you.
  324. * IsabelMarias grimaces and tightens her hand into a fist.
  325. * IsabelMarias runs - not for an Action Card. She runs straight for Reiji.
  326. * Reiji doesn't move, just standing there rigidly
  327. <Reiji> Siegfried, attack Dryad.
  328. * Reiji and waits to to take what she brings to him, violence wise, seemingly.
  329. * IsabelMarias rushes towards him and it looks like she's going to leap up and deliver hr knee strike - before Siegfried's sword strikes Dryad.
  330. * IsabelMarias the shockwave shakes the cave and sends Isabel flying backwards. (LP - 0000 - DEFEAT)
  331. * Reiji walks over until he stands over you. "If you have any Pride as a Duelist, you should channel your anger at me into a Duel instead of brutish mindless violence. Don't blame your opponent for your own conceited ego."
  332. * IsabelMarias lands on her back. She's dazed - it's unclear if she even hears him.
  333. <IsabelMarias> <MC> IT'S -- IT'S OVER!
  336. * IsabelMarias the official hands Reiji the championship belt - it's his now.
  337. * Reiji the field dissolves, spreading his arms to the crowd.
  338. * Reiji takes it, holding it up as the cheers roar louder.
  339. <Reiji> Let this be the start of a new era for the Dueling World. I openly ask all Duelists willing and capable to point their cards with fangs at me, and have me prove I deserve this! And the respect of the audience!
  340. <Reiji> That this wasn't a fluke!
  341. * Reiji holds up the belt over his head, allowing the pomp and circumstance swallow the night, as much darker and deeper concerns hide inside his mind than a belt.
  342. * IsabelMarias has pulled herself to a sitting position across the field from Reiji, up against the barrier seperating the audience from the field. She looks too exhausted and beat up to walk off yet. For now, she's just staring in a mixture of exhaustion and disbelief. Eventually, her head falls and she locks her hands over her head as she stares at the floor.
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