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  1. The frequent natural disasters, that cannot be opposed by the horror of disaster,
  2. these have brought about pessimism withing the human village.
  4. A gloomy atmosphere is swirling about in the village.
  5. However, it is not a feeling of despair.
  6. It was the feeling of entrapment, that no matter what you do, the future of humans cannot be changed.
  8. "Isn't it great?!"
  10. When someone uttered these words, those that could hear such a voice coming to them had certain feelings.
  11. That's right, if nothing will change, it's ok to do anything, right?
  12. Indeed, leading a momentary life can be good.
  13. Gradually, the spirit of the human village was released, and with it decayed order.
  15. There were people who saw the state of affairs differently; these were the religious people.
  16. "I shall seize back this decaying human spirit", they thought.
  17. This is because while reinstating order, it is a good opportunity to simultaneously gather one's own faith.
  19. Buddhist Monks erected a temple in Gensokyo, the Taosists aim to abandon their earthly lives and become immortal,
  20. and the Miko aims for restoration.
  21. These girls are determined. In such a time as this, each is thinking "My turn".
  23. Now, each faith battles with weapons and with fascination, struggling for popularity!
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