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  3. Season 2f
  5. Episode 2 - Windy Cliffs
  7. --------
  9. It is still nighttime. Kaban, Serval and Emperor Penguin are seen on a relatively narrow beach with the grey, rocky facade of a cliff cutting off the sandy surface. The Japari Bus has been stripped from its floaters and bucket, which have been stashed against the cliff.
  11. SERVAL - Alright ! It's the good old Japari Bus again ! Except...You said the battery was dead ?
  12. KABAN - Yes, it ran out while right in the middle of the ocean, before you reached me.
  13. SERVAL - Jeez, after all the trouble we went through the first time ! And we can't go back to Japari Café, either.
  14. KABAN - If what the Lucky Beast on the boat said is true, there should be a way to recharge it a little bit further. The problem is...We need to get the Bus up this cliff.
  16. The girls look up the cliff. There is a clear trail that snakes its way to the top.
  18. KOUTEI - If it was just us on foot, we'd be able to walk up that path, but...
  19. SERVAL - Leave it to me, I'll just carry it to the top ! I'm confident in my jumping power !
  21. Serval jumps on the trail, about six meters above the beach. Her confident smile, however, quickly wilts as she looks to the side. The path is shown to be extremely narrow, barely bigger than human shoulder width. Rudimentary stone steps can be seen in the otherwise grassy trail. Serval holds her fists down in protest.
  23. SERVAL - Heeeeh ? It's so narrow !
  24. KABAN - Narrow ? Can we walk up there ?
  25. SERVAL - Yes, but I'll never be able to carry the bus...
  26. KOUTEI - I thought as much...What are we going to do ?
  28. Serval jumps down back to the beach. Kaban is trying to think. Emperor Penguin goes around the bus, looking for some secret. Suddenly, the sound of flapping wings can be heard. All three look up, and can see a new bird Friend. Her hair and head wings are white with black linings, and a large, pointy, orange lock of hair hangs all the way down to her chin. She wears a white long sleeved shirt, a white miniskirt with a black lining, and dark grey stockings. She slowly lowers herself on the roof of the Japari Bus, then sits down. She is silent. The party waits for several awkward seconds.
  30. KABAN - Hmm...Hello ?
  31. CLIFF FRIEND N°1  - Heeeh ? What are you people doing this close to my awesome new nest ?!
  33. Cut to opening.
  35. -----------
  37. The party stays silent as the mysterious bird Friend makes herself at home on the roof of the Japari Bus.
  39. SERVAL - New nest ? You're wrong ! This is the Japari Bus !
  40. CLIFF FRIEND N°1 - It is not a bus. It is my nest.
  41. SERVAL - No, Kaban and I definitely went on many adventures with it ! It's not a nest, it's a bus ! Right, Kaban-chan ?
  42. KABAN - Yes, don't worry, Serval-chan, you're right. But more importantly...
  44. She turns to the bird Friend.
  46. KABAN - Who are you ?
  48. The Friend cocks her head up with an arrogant look.
  50. Order : Suliformes
  51. Family : Sulidae
  52. Genus : Sula
  53. Masked Booby
  55. BOOBY - I am Masked Booby, and I am trying to relax. Can you go away from my nest, please ?
  56. KABAN - Hmm...Wouldn't it be nice if your nest was on top of the cliff to enjoy the view, Masked Booby-san ?
  58. Booby's head wings twitch. She stands up, fists angrily held down.
  60. BOOBY - No way ! Up the cliff is no good at all. She is there !
  61. KOUTEI - She ? Who are you talking about ?
  62. BOOBY - My rival, Atlantic Puffin ! She found an awesome, huge yellow nest to bury in one of her burrows. She makes me so mad I'm going to live at the beach now. Who needs the open air when you have a super nest ? Yes, yes.
  64. After a pause, Kaban, Serval and Emperor Penguin decide to confer together, in hushed voices.
  66. KABAN - Serval-chan, Koutei-san, I think this Atlantic Puffin person found the other half of the Japari Bus.
  67. SERVAL - Heeh ? You think so ?
  68. KABAN - She said it was huge and yellow. And if Booby-san is that jealous of the rear part of the bus, it would make sense for her to go for something that looks like it, wouldn't it ?
  69. KOUTEI - So, the other half is up the cliff ? I guess that storm really was this powerful.
  70. SERVAL - So what do we do ?
  71. KABAN - Well, we really need to get the bus up the cliff, so...
  72. KOUTEI - If anyone knows a way to do it, it would be the Friends living in the area. Leave it to me ! I'm sure my idol power can help !
  74. Emperor Penguin then walks back to the bus. Masked Booby just stands on top of it, doing some kind of silly dance.
  76. KOUTEI - Excuse me, Masked Booby ? I'm Emperor Penguin. I'm a bird too.
  77. BOOBY - Heeh ? Where are your wings, then ?
  79. Emperor Penguin seems a bit shocked hearing that, and hangs her head low for a second, but then raises it back, staring at Masked Booby with determination.
  81. KOUTEI - That's right. I can't fly through the sky. But I have dreams to be my wings ! Dreams are the most important, even if you can fly. And it sounds like you really love the clifftop. I think you don't want to live at the beach forever. I think you want your awesome new nest to be way up there, where you can enjoy flying to your heart's content !
  83. Silence. Masked Booby looks up the cliff, then turns to the leader of PPP.
  85. BOOBY - Emperor Penguin, you are right ! Being so low on the ground is awful, even with an amazing nest such as this. I want to be up the cliff !
  86. KOUTEI - That's the spirit ! And we'll all help you get your nest there, isn't that right ?
  87. SERVAL & KABAN - Yes !
  88. BOOBY - Oh...Really ? You guys would do that for me ? Well, um...thanks.
  90. She looks to the side, bashful.
  92. BOOBY - I mean it. But...How do we do it ? There's no way I can fly carrying this thing.
  93. SERVAL - I can carry the bus, but the path up the cliff is too narrow.
  94. KABAN - I might have an idea, actually.
  96. Kaban turns around, the scene follows her gaze, revealing a panoramic view of the shallow lagoon from the end of Episode 1. The lagoon itself is clearly framed by two long stone jetties separating it from the ocean.
  98. KABAN - I think this place was meant to be an entry point to the island. Boats would come between those jetties and come here, where there's a path up the cliff. There's probably something on top of the cliff to lift up heavy things. Have you seen something like this, Masked Booby-san ?
  99. BOOBY - Hmm...I think there's something ? It never looked very useful to me though...
  100. KOUTEI - It's worth a shot. Let's leave the bus behind for now and climb, then !
  102. -------
  104. Cut to a scene of Kaban, Serval and Koutei walking up the narrow path and Masked Booby flying at their level. Strong winds are blowing. Koutei looks stoic, Serval looks all around her with a smile, and Kaban has one hand on her hat to keep it from flying away.
  106. SERVAL - Myaaa...The view is so amazing and we're not even at the top ! many steps !
  107. KABAN - Yes...It's pretty tough, isn't it ? The wind sure is picking up though...
  108. BOOBY - There's always a lot of wind coming up from the ocean. It's even stronger at the top. It's fun flying around in the air currents !
  109. KABAN - Even stronger ? I guess I should put my hat in my bag then. I really don't want it to fly off.
  111. The party keeps walking for a little while as Kaban safely puts her hat inside her bag. Then Serval takes a break for looking everywhere and turns to Masked Booby.
  113. SERVAL - By the way, Masked Booby, do you get many Ceruleans in the area ?
  114. BOOBY - Oh, yes, of course. They're a real pain to everyone. They come out of nowhere and try to eat you ! Well, some just stand there, but I take care of them sometimes anyway. Ceruleans are the worst !
  115. SERVAL - Ooh, you can beat the Ceruleans too ? Sugoi ! You must be a Hunter then, right ?
  116. BOOBY - No, being a Hunter would be too annoying. And besides, I'm no good with the hordes. I can only take the bigger ones.
  117. SERVAL - The big ones ? But those can protect their crystals...
  118. BOOBY - Fu fu fu ! Thanks to my special Friend skill, they are no trouble at all !
  120. Masked Booby smiles, all smug. Kaban turns to Koutei.
  122. KABAN - Masked Booby-san can be unreasonable but she sounds like a pretty helpful Friend, doesn't she ?
  123. KOUTEI - Y-yes !
  124. KABAN - Koutei-san, are you alright ? You're shaking...
  125. KOUTEI - Well...I'm not used to heights, so this is a bit scary...But I won't faint ! As a leader, I have to be strong and find the others !
  126. KABAN - Oh, that's right ! Masked Booby-san ?
  128. The bird Friend comes flying.
  130. BOOBY - Yes ? Do you want to hear more about my awesome Friend skills ?
  131. KABAN - Um...No, actually we wanted to ask about the storm that passed through here yesterday.
  132. BOOBY - Ah, that storm ! It was so annoying ! My old nest inside the cliff face is far inside a hole in the rock so the wind gusts don't disturb it. But that storm was so strong it made a mess of all my straw ! Everything is drenched, too...Stupid storm !
  133. SERVAL - Ah, so that's why you were looking for a new nest !
  134. KOUTEI - That storm was bad even for the Friends of this island, huh...?
  135. BOOBY - Wait, this island ? I thought you had come from another side of Gokoku.
  136. KABAN - No, you see...
  138. -----
  140. Cut to later. The group is still walking but the scene displays the lagoon again, showing they have climbed very high.
  142. BOOBY - So the Friends that were traveling with you were blown away to Gokoku by the storm...I haven't seen any of them, sorry. I'll keep an eye out, though.
  143. SERVAL - Thanks, Masked Booby !
  144. BOOBY - I just hope none of them landed on the arctic area. They say there are lots of Ceruleans there.
  145. SERVAL - That sounds scary ! What's an arctic area though ?
  146. KOUTEI - A really cold place where the ground is ice. We have one in Japari Park too, it's where Gen and I are from after all. There were almost no Ceruleans there though, strange Gokoku's arctic would have so many.
  147. BOOBY - I'm just repeating what I heard. There is no way I would go this far north. Anyway, we're here !
  149. The party arrives on a grassy surface overlooking the lagoon below. The wind blows strongly, making the Friends' hair wave. Kaban and the others look further inland, and see the prairie continues for some distance, with sparse trees and rocky hills dotting the landscape.
  151. SERVAL - So this is the Gokoku area...
  152. KOUTEI - The other idols are out there somewhere. I know it !
  153. KABAN - I hope we can find my species, too. For the time being though, we need to bring the Japari Bus here. Where is that thing you mentioned, Masked Booby-san ?
  154. BOOBY - It's just over there.
  156. She point at a nearby apparatus on top of the cliff. It's composed of a large machine firmly anchored to the ground, and a large platform hanging over the edge from a steel cable. The party approaches.
  158. SERVAL - Waaah ! What is it, what is it ?
  159. KABAN - Exactly the kind of thing I was hoping to find ! We can lower this platform, put the bus on it, and raise it all the way up here.
  160. SERVAL - It can do all that ? Sugoi ! Another amazing human device !
  161. BOOBY - So it was good for something after all ! How do we make it work ?
  163. Kaban goes next to the machinery and fiddles with the controls, but nothing happens. She then notices a hole with a familiar shape.
  165. KABAN - This is the same shape as the Japari Bus' battery slot !
  166. SERVAL - So we just have to recharge our battery and use it on that, then !
  167. KABAN - That's right, but we need to find a way to recharge it. We left it in the bus way down to the beach though.
  168. BOOBY - Really ? I can just go get it.
  169. KABAN - You would do that ? Thanks ! The battery is a brown thing in the front part of the Bus...I mean, your nest. There's a handle on it, you just need to pull.
  170. BOOBY - Alright, no sweat !
  171. KOUTEI - Thank you, Masked Booby !
  173. The party smiles as Booby sashays to the edge of the cliff. She takes off flying, but then, to the others' shock, she immediately takes a nosedive.
  175. KABAN - M-masked Booby-san ?!
  177. The other two hurry to watch down the cliff. Masked Booby plunges rapidly and fearlessly, quickly becoming a small dot. She lands in a cloud of sand.
  179. SERVAL - What kind of flight technique is that ?!
  180. KOUTEI - B-birds who can fly are scary...
  182. Cut to Kaban, who hears a rumbling sound from behind her. She turns around, and sees something erupt from the ground.
  184. KABAN - Waaaah ! Please don't eat meee !
  186. A new Friend is shown standing near a hole in the ground. She is short, wears red shoes and leggings, a white blouse and frilly skirt under a black jacket and scarf. Her hair, cut round and mid-length, is mostly black, but has two white bangs framing her face, and one bang in the middle colored red with yellow lining. She has head wings, but they are significantly smaller than other bird Friends. She looks at Kaban with concern.
  188. CLIFF FRIEND N°2 - Oh, I'm really sorry ! I shouldn't have startled you like that. I was just working on my nest and heard Friends around.
  190. She shifts to an idol pose done all wrong, meant to look cute but comes off as profoundly silly.
  192. Order: Charadriiformes
  193. Family: Alcidae
  194. Genus: Fratercula
  195. Atlantic Puffin
  197. CLIFF FRIEND N°2 - I'm Atlantic Puffin ! Are you guys here to see my super handsome new nest ? You must be !
  198. KOUTEI - Birds around here really love their nests, huh...
  199. KABAN - You don't, Koutei-san ?
  200. KOUTEI - No, we emperor penguins rear our chicks with our feet. Besides, there's nothing to build a nest with in the arctic.
  202. The colorful little bird flies up to Emperor Penguin excitedly.
  204. PUFFIN - Oooh, you're from the arctic ? That's really amazing ! It's such a dangerous area ! You must be a super handsome Friend !
  206. Koutei seems to be preparing an answer when the powerful voice of Booby sound from behind them.
  208. BOOBY - I'm back ! This is it, right ?
  210. Kaban turns around and sees the Bus' battery in her arms.
  212. KABAN - Yes, good job, Masked Booby-san !
  213. BOOBY - Now all we have to do is recharge it and...Ah ! It's Puffin !
  214. PUFFIN - Booby ! Come see, come see, I have almost finished my nest !
  215. BOOBY - Unguu...No ! I refuse ! I am much too busy making MY new nest ! And when I'm done, you'll understand I should have the whole metallic thing to have the sturdiest nest ever !
  217. Atlantic Puffin pouts. Soon the two birds come face to face and start arguing, flapping their wings, Kaban, Serval and Koutei stay silent in the background.
  219. PUFFIN - Whaat ? What whole metallic thing ? Don't tell me you've found the other half of my nest ?
  220. BOOBY - I found the other half of MY nest !
  221. PUFFIN - No, it's mine !
  222. BOOBY - It's miiine !
  223. SERVAL, (weakly) - But, but...this metallic thing is the Japari Bus, it's not a nest...
  224. PUFFIN and BOOBY - It's a nest !
  226. The seabirds keep facing the group with pouty faces, wings and arms arched.
  228. KOUTEI - What a complicated situation...What do we do ?
  229. KABAN - Hmmh...Masked Booby-san, Atlantic Puffin-san...Do you really need a big metallic nest ?
  230. PUFFIN - Of course ! The burrow I worked so hard for got all mushy and collapsed during the storm ! My feathers were all muddy and all my galleries are ruined !
  231. BOOBY - And my nest in the cliff face is ruined too ! Even the rock is not safe ! I don't want this anymore !
  233. Puffin hangs her head down.
  235. PUFFIN - Sorry if this is yours...But we really need some stronger materials. It's already hard with this constant wind, so if storms are going to show up...
  236. BOOBY - Yeah...If we knew how to open that tower thing, we could just nest there, but we tried everything, this thing is of no help, we really do need something like this Japaris Bus thin...
  237. KABAN - P-please wait !
  239. They stop to look at Kaban.
  241. KABAN - You mentioned a tower ?
  242. BOOBY - Yes, it's not too far from there.
  243. KABAN - It might have something to recharge the battery with...Puffin-san, Booby-san, I'd like to help you open the tower !
  246. ------
  248. Cut to the zookeeper interviews. First, Booby is shown hanging around a small artificial cliff.
  250. ZOOKEEPER N°1 - Masked Boobies are part of the gannet family. They're birds that eat at sea and breed on rocky coastlines across tropical oceans. Like their cousins, their most spectacular characteristic is how they feed. They can dive into the sea from very high up in the air and snatch fish meters below the water line. They have very good vision, so they can see the fish from so high. They look like silly birds, but I definitely wouldn't want to be a fish around their breeding colonies !
  252. Then Atlantic Puffin is shown peeking her head out of a burrow on a grassy but uneven surface with sea in the background.
  254. ZOOKEEPER N°2 - They're the most precious little birds. They're known for their black and white plumage and their colorful beak. They make their nest in burrows atop coastal cliffs, in colonies where they can be hundreds. Sometimes they take old burrows rabbits have abandoned. Humans can get quite close to them without spooking them, so they're a favorite for tourists. They can keep many little fish in their beak to bring back to their nest and feed their only child. When they choose their mate, they stay together for life.
  256. ------
  258. The group looks up to something. Kaban and Koutei are impressed, Serval exults.
  260. SERVAL - Waaah ! What is it, what is it ? It's as tall as the Japari Library but it's so thin ! Humans can even make funny buildings !
  261. BOOBY - It was always there. We tried to enter it many times, Puffin and I, but no dice.
  263. Cut to the building. It's a lighthouse made of stone, standing tall over the cliff.
  265. PUFFIN - I never found a way in at the top. On the bottom there's this weird thing. It lights up but it makes no sense.
  266. KABAN - Let me try !
  268. Kaban walks to the building. There's a wooden door with no handle, but a touchscreen in the middle. The Human Friend touches it and it comes to life. Text is displayed.
  270. KABAN - Let's see..."You are at the Gokoku area southern lighthouse. For entry, please answer the following question."
  271. SERVAL - Heeh ? Another test ?
  272. KABAN - "Which savanna animal has black and white stripes?"
  273. SERVAL - Oh ! That's easy, that's easy ! It's Zebra-chan !
  274. KABAN - Really ? I didn't know she had stripes. I never got to see her.
  275. BOOBY - I don't get it. Where do you see a question ?
  276. PUFFIN - Look, look ! It's the part where something shows up at the bottom !
  278. A digital keyboard appears on the touchscreen.
  280. KABAN - Alright, so I just write Z-E-B-R-A and it should...
  282. The door unlocks with a "thud", and slowly creaks open.
  284. BOOBY - It opened !
  285. PUFFIN - Uwaah ! It really did. *She turns to Kaban* What kind of animal are you ?
  286. KOUTEI - She's a human. You know all those big buildings and strange things you see in the park sometimes ?
  287. BOOBY - Sure, like that tower here.
  288. SERVAL - Right ! Well, Kaban's species built all of them, so she knows how they work ! She's amazing !
  289. BOOBY - Woah, that sure is a useful Friend skill ! I'm impressed, Kaban !
  290. KABAN - It-it's nothing, really.
  291. PUFFIN - Can we go inside ? I want to explore the human thing !
  292. SERVAL - Yes, let's !
  294. They go inside the lighthouse. It's pitch dark.
  296. SERVAL - Uwah ! It's so dark !
  297. KABAN - Maybe if we press this switch ?
  299. Nothing happens when she does. She looks up and sees a lightbulb in the socket.
  301. KABAN - No power...
  303. Koutei looks around.
  305. KOUTEI - Oh, a window ! There were some like these in the concert venue.
  307. She walks up to the window and pulls on the string. The metal curtain behind the glass rises, and lets the moonlight shine through. The first floor has few furnishings. A simple shelf with books, and two desks with computers. Serval notices them and runs up to them, excited.
  309. KOUTEI - What a strange place...
  310. SERVAL - What are those things ? What are they ?
  311. KABAN - It's probably human-made but I never saw anything like it. Maybe you have to push those buttons ? Nope, nothing...Is it broken ?
  313. Puffin takes a book and opens it, cocking her head to try and make sense of the contents. Kaban walks up to her.
  315. KABAN - Can I try to read it, Puffin-san ?
  316. PUFFIN - Sure ! Do your human thing !
  317. BOOBY - Yeah, yeah !
  318. KABAN - I'll do my best ! So... "The large and colorful bill is what the toucans are most known for. Despite its size, the toucan's bill is very light, being composed of bone struts filled with porous keratin tissue." It must be a book of informations related to animals...
  319. SERVAL - Really ? Sugoi ! Am I in there ?
  320. KABAN - Maybe, but it's hard to read when it's this dark...
  321. SERVAL - Oh, that's too bad...Let's keep exploring then !
  323. Circular stairs go up to the next floor, and the Friends go up. Koutei opens up another window. There is a full kitchen, with an oven, a stovetop and a sink.
  325. SERVAL - This looks like the place at the Professor's where we made the curry !
  326. KABAN - You're right. Humans must have been living here. I bet on the third floor is...
  328. Cut to the group going up again. This time, they see three small beds laid out in a cross shape along the edge of the room. There are no more stairs, but a ladder goes up to the ceiling.
  330. KABAN - I knew it ! Beds. This was definitely a sort of house for a group of humans. There must be a power source somewhere !
  331. SERVAL - So we can recharge the battery ! But where could it be ?
  332. KOUTEI - Maybe there is something around that explains this place ?
  333. KABAN - You could be right. Let me look around...
  335. She starts rummaging around.
  337. BOOBY - I don't know what all those strange things are for, but it sure seems we'd be safe from any storm here ! Right, Atlantic Puffin ?
  338. PUFFIN - Well...I'm kind of uneasy not being underground, but yeah ! This amazing human thing looks like it would last forever ! How about I take the first floor and you take the rest, Masked Booby ?
  339. BOOBY - Yeah, no problem ! This tower is big enough for two nests for sure !
  340. SERVAL - And it's still there after the storm ! You'll be safe here !
  342. While the Friends talk among themselves, Kaban rummages around. Inside a drawer in a bedside table, she finds an instruction manual. She reads it, and when the birds are done talking, says...
  344. KABAN - I found it !
  346. The Friends gather behind Kaban. She holds a leaflet. It's simply a plan of the tower, along with some security instructions.
  348. SERVAL - Oooh ! Is there anything useful ?
  349. KABAN - I'm not sure...Ah ! It shows what's up there !
  351. She points up, to the trapdoor where the ladder ends.
  353. KABAN - If this is right, then we definitely should get up there ! Follow me !
  355. -----
  357. Cut to the group emerging from the trapdoor one by one. The top of the tower is covered by a tall cabin of large windows framed by steel. In the center is a platform. On top of it, about two meters up, is a huge lamp.
  359. SERVAL - Wah ha ha ha ! You can see everything from up here !
  360. KOUTEI - What is this ? It looks like one of the stage lights the Professor set up, except it's huge...
  361. BOOBY - No idea, but it's always been there and it has never done anything.
  362. KABAN - Masked Booby-san, since you already flew up there, can you tell me if this device is still at the top ?
  364. The human Friend points at the map. On the very top of the lighthouse is a medium-sized cylinder with four, scoop-shaped metal sheets inside. It's a savonius-type wind turbine.
  366. BOOBY - Oh, yeah, sure, it's there. Why ?
  367. KABAN - Ah, I'm glad ! This says that device can be used to power the lamp in case what it calls a central power system fails. And that the power generated can recharge a standard battery in a pinch !
  368. BOOBY (holding up the battery) - So we can fill this thing and get my nest up the cliff ?
  369. PUFFIN - It's my nest ! You should give it to me. Besides, how would you get it inside this nest ?
  370. BOOBY - Hey, your half is even bigger, it definitely wouldn't fit through the small door at the bottom !
  372. The seabirds start bickering again. Koutei is nonplussed.
  374. KOUTEI - It's like I'm with Hululu again.
  375. KABAN - He he he...Let's just turn the power back on for now...
  377. Kaban finds a lever and switches it. The turbine on top of the tower is shown to be unlocked, and starting to spin under the strong winds. Electrical buzzing resonates throughout the cabin, and the large lamp flickers to life. The cabin is filled with light, inviting Booby and Puffin to stop arguing and look at the lamp. Serval gasps excitedly as the lamp starts to rotate.
  379. KABAN - Looks like this tower was made to be seen at night from far away.
  380. SERVAL - It's so bright ! Like another sun !
  381. KOUTEI - What amazing lighting power...
  382. BOOBY - This is definitely the best nest ever !
  384. Kaban takes the battery and finds a socket looking just like the one in the Japari Café. She inserts the battery, prompting a beeping sound.
  386. KABAN -There. It will take some time, so let's head back inside and rest. It's been a long day for us.
  387. SERVAL - *Yawn* Yes...To think we were still back in Japari Park this morning...
  389. ------
  391. Cut to later. Kaban, Serval and Koutei are sleeping on the third floor beds. Puffin and Booby are working on making their nests on the first and second floor respectively. Suddenly, a loud roar is heard in the distance. Serval is shaken awake. When a second roar echoes, she jumps straight on the ladder and pops up beneath the lamp. In the rocky plains behind the lighthouse, a large cerulean walks towards it on eight, spider-like legs.
  393. SERVAL - Oh no ! Ceruleaaaan !
  395. All the other Friends show up.
  397. KABAN - Oh no ! I was afraid it might happen !
  398. PUFFIN - It-it's coming straight towards us ! Why ?
  399. KOUTEI - Just like the giant black Cerulean...It's attracted to light !
  400. KABAN - I'll shut down the lamp ! Maybe it will just go away !
  401. BOOBY - You don't need to.
  403. Masked Booby stares confidently into the distance.
  405. SERVAL - What do you mean, Masked Booby ?
  406. BOOBY - I told you. The big ones are my specialty.
  408. The bird jumps down the hatch.
  410. KOUTEI - P-please don't be careless !
  411. PUFFIN - It's alright ! Just watch her.
  413. Booby reappears outside the tower, flying up past the glass dome. She then flies in the direction of the cerulean, very high up. Cut to her performing a Wild Release, sandstar particles coming off her body and making her eyes glow.
  415. BOOBY - You've even hidden your crystal, you annoying thing...But it's useless !
  417. She dives straight down on the cerulean. There is a closeup on her eyes, scouting for something, then on the Cerulean itself. Its opaque blue surface becomes clearer, revealing its crystal.
  419. BOOBY - There !
  421. The Cerulean just walks towards the lighthouse, oblivious to the bird Friend. In the blink of an eye, Booby is seen diving into the monster and piercing right through, hitting the ground with a showy pose. The Cerulean bellows, then explodes into cubes. Booby smirks as her eyes go back to normal.
  423. BOOBY - Ha ! Your crystal is way bigger than a fish.
  425. A bit later, Booby comes back into the lighthouse, to the others' applause.
  427. SERVAL - Sugoi ! Masked Booby is so strong !
  428. PUFFIN - Yes, yes ! She is the best against the big ones ! Harpy Eagle has come here to try to convince her to be a hunter several times.
  429. BOOBY - Grr, that Harpy Eagle ! I wish she'd get I just don't want to move away from here and leave Puffin alone ! Especially not now that we can have this tower-nest together.
  430. PUFFIN - Tee-hee ! I kneeew you cared, Masked Booby !
  432. The colorful bird tackles Booby with a hug. Kaban's group laughs.
  434. -----
  436. Cut to the following morning. The sun is shining, and Kaban is inserting the battery inside the lifting device on the edge of the cliff. Serval is standing on the hanging platform.
  438. SERVAL - So I just have to put the bus on that, and then you pull us back up ?
  439. KABAN - That's right. We need your strength to move the bus without the battery !
  440. SERVAL - Easy, easy ! Leave it to me !
  442. Kaban pushes a button and the platform lowers out of view.
  444. SERVAL - Ha ha ha ha ! Tanoshii !
  446. Kaban hears something behind her. It's Koutei and Booby pushing the rear part of the Japari bus together. The yellow vehicle is covered in dirt.
  448. KABAN - Ah, thank you ! But where's Puffin-san ?
  449. BOOBY - She dug the bus from her burrow. It was pretty deep and now there's a huge hole, so she stayed behind to fill it.
  450. KOUTEI - She also said she'd come back with some Japari Buns.
  451. KABAN - Sounds great, I was hungry !
  453. Koutei and Booby stop pushing the bus. The latter wipes sweat off her brow, the former is fine.
  455. KOUTEI - Anyway, Kaban-san, shouldn't we turn off the big lamp ? What if other Ceruleans come ?
  456. BOOBY - I doubt it, Ceruleans target Friends. It's only when they grow so big and start ignoring us that they go after the lights. So if any other comes here, I'll just deal with them !
  457. KABAN - Besides, it might not only attract Ceruleans. It's just a thought, but...what if the Japari Park Friends see the light and come here ?
  458. KOUTEI - Oh ! I didn't think of that ! You think they would come ?
  459. KABAN - It's worth trying...I think.
  461. Serval's voice can be heard in the distance.
  463. SERVAL - Kaban-chaaaan ! You can pull me uuup !
  464. KABAN - Right away, Serval-chan !
  466. She activates the lifting device again, and the platform comes back up. Puffin's voice can be heard off screen.
  468. PUFFIN - Heeey ! I brought Japari Buns !
  469. KABAN - Ah, thank you, Puffin-sa...
  471. When Koutei and Kaban turn around, they can see Puffin standing over a large pile of Japari Buns. Large enough to take them aback.
  473. KABAN - Heeeh ? How did you manage to bring so many ?
  474. PUFFIN - What do you mean ? I just carried them in my mouth.
  475. KABAN - In your mouth ? But...How ? I don't...
  476. BOOBY - Don't worry about it, she always does that.
  477. KOUTEI - ...Birds who can fly are scary...
  479. The platform arrives at the top, and Serval proudly carries the Japari Bus above her head.
  481. SERVAL - I'm back, Kaban-chan ! Now we can put Bus-san together again !
  483. ----
  485. Cut to later. The two parts of the Japari Bus are finally reunited, and Serval puts them together as Kaban puts the battery back in. The Friends cheer as the engine starts again; The two turn to Koutei, standing with Booby and Puffin.
  487. KABAN - You're sure you won't mind staying behind, Koutei-san ?
  488. KOUTEI - Not at all. It's just as you said, Friends might come to the light, and someone has to be there to meet them. It makes sense the leader of PePaPu would do it !
  489. KABAN - Thanks, Koutei-san.
  490. PUFFIN - Anyways ! Where are you going, Kaban, Serval ?
  491. KABAN -We have to find something called Outpost Seven. We only know it's in the area, but with the Bus we should be able to...
  493. As Kaban speaks, Serval's ears swivel to the side.
  495. SERVAL - Hold on, Kaban-chan !
  497. She jumps on the roof of the bus, and looks into the distance, hand over her eyes.
  499. SERVAL - There are two Friends just outside the lighthouse !
  500. KOUTEI - C-could it be ?!
  502. They jump on the bus and start driving. We see them arriving at the lighthouse, followed by Booby flying after them. Serval jumps down and makes a big smile.
  504. SERVAL - It worked ! The big light really did bring Friends !
  505. KOUTEI - A-amazing, I can't believe it, you're back...!
  507. The camera cuts to the two Friends they saw. Two old Friends, who smile in turn when they realize the party's presence - Hululu and Gentoo.
  509. HULULU & GEN - Koutei-chaaaaaan !
  511. The three penguins rush in each others' arms.
  513. GEN - It was so scary ! I managed to find Hululu, but all the others were just gone ! Without that light, I don't know where we could have ended up !
  514. HULULU - We found Koutei~
  515. KOUTEI - Gen, Hululu...I missed you so much !
  517. The camera then turns to Kaban and Serval, smiling happily.
  519. SERVAL - Things might be finally looking up, huh Kaban-chan !
  520. KABAN - Yes...Yes they do.
  522. Cut to credits.
  524. ------
  526. A completely different scene. Racoon, Fennec and Iriomote Cat cautiously tread inside a dark place with all sorts of machinery around.
  528. RACCOON - Unyunyu...This is no good, where did it go ?!
  529. IRIOMOTE CAT - R-raccoon-san...This place is scary...Do we really have to....?
  530. RACCOON - Yes ! We can't allow the criminal to go unpunished, nanoda !
  531. FENNEC - Arai-san...Your clothes just got cut a bit. I'm sure you just snagged a branch somewhere.
  532. RACCOON - No way, nanoda ! It was something super fast !
  533. FENNEC - I don't know...We should really go find Iriomote Cat's friends...
  534. IRIOMOTE CAT - F-fennec is right...If I don't find them...
  535. RACCOON - Oh, that's right ! The whole park is in danger ! Forget that stupid fast thing !
  537. Arai-san starts running back in the other direction.
  539. FENNEC - And there she goes...
  541. ------
  545. KOUTEI - Next time, we'll learn about...unexplained phenomena ?
  546. GEN - That sounds scary ! But now that we're together we can take on anything !
  547. HULULU - That purple armband is unexplained.
  548. KOUTEI - Where did you find it ?
  549. HULULU - It was with a bouquet of flowers that just appeared. I felt very sad from some reason.
  550. GEN - Heeh ? I knew it, unexplained phenomena are scary !
  551. PPP TOGETHER - Papapipupepepepapapepapu !
  552. HULULU - Next time - Outpost Seven !
  554. ------
  556. Current episode list :
  557. : Episode 1 - Ocean
  558. : Episode 2 - Windy Cliffs
  559. : Episode 3 - Outpost Seven
  560. : Episode 4 - Savannah Trouble !
  561. : Episode 5 - Jungle Treetops
  562. : Episode 6 - Dry Lakes
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