Fallout: Beyond Equestria, 50: Northern Blues (Part 33)

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  1. [2013-08-21 13:10:15] <Kkat> 3Mare-Do-Well dashes off.  "Gotta go!  See you later!..."  <zoom>
  2. [2013-08-21 13:10:24] <Kkat> 3Kid blinks. "Hey wait! Wait, you knew Rainbow Dash? That's so awesome, hold on you can't-" She almost runs into a wall trying to catch up with her. "... Run off like you just did again." Her features drooped.
  3. [2013-08-21 13:10:31] <Kkat> 3CopyCat looks around, since she can't see the ghost herself. "Well she didn't seem like nopony... actually, I think Rainbow Dash might have been this ghost's  special somepony!"
  4. [2013-08-21 13:10:39] <Kkat> 3Bookwright takes the time to laugh at Kid's Face/Wall interaction.
  5. [2013-08-21 13:10:48] <Kkat> 3CopyCat puffs her chest up a bit. Kid had said she was cool after all.
  6. [2013-08-21 13:10:57] <Kkat> 3Kid seems to come down on her general joy high after a moment of icing up. She just seems quiet for a little while, eventually slinging her shotgun onto her side. Fine then. "... Shut up, and get on unlockin' that locker." She proceeded to check the desk. And then the filling cabinet.
  7. [2013-08-21 13:11:07] <Kkat> 3Bookwright smoothly unlocks the locker.
  8. [2013-08-21 13:11:15] <Kkat> 3Bookwright is not so lucky at the desk though. He snaps his only bobby pin.
  9. [2013-08-21 13:11:22] <Kkat> 3Bookwright looks around. "Um. Anyone got a spare bobby pin? I'm out."
  10. [2013-08-21 13:11:35] <Kkat> 3The locker opens to reveal a foreman's hat, a Stable-Stallions calendar, a weapons toolkit and a variety of odds and ends.  Pink-E floats down and whistles at the calendar.  "Oooh.  Hunky!"
  11. [2013-08-21 13:11:41] <Kkat> 3Kid checks through the odds and ends for a bobby pin. This probably was a mare's locker, judging by the calendar. Which she may or may not grab.
  12. [2013-08-21 13:11:46] <Kkat> 3CopyCat wiggles her nose, and her moustache *poofs* away.
  13. [2013-08-21 13:11:51] <Kkat> 3Bookwright eyes the calendar. "Kid, that's yours if you want it."
  14. [2013-08-21 13:11:57] <Kkat> 3Kid sweats slightly. Well, shit, not now that you've seen it! "Um. Nah, that's... Fine. I don't really want somethin' that somebody else might'a did... Anyway, um." Dig, dig, dig through the bits and bobs!
  15. [2013-08-21 13:12:02] <Kkat> 3CopyCat winks at Kid. "Well I don't mind taking it." If no one stops her she slots it into her bags.
  16. [2013-08-21 13:12:09] <Kkat> 3Kid blushes and crosses her back legs a little. "Ya'll, uh. Ya'll do that."
  17. [2013-08-21 13:12:34] <Kkat> 3Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session Fifty: Northern Blues (Part Thirty-Three)
  18. [2013-08-21 13:12:40] <Kkat> 3--- Session Begins ---
  19. [2013-08-21 13:19:55] * CopyCat beams at Kid. "You're ghost friend seems very nice, although she doesn't like to stay still for very long."
  20. [2013-08-21 13:22:03] * AwPuppy "hey there the fixing of the bot was a complete success! i told you trhat all those failsafes were just useless cra-ah... what is going on here?" the solaris mare enters the room
  21. [2013-08-21 13:22:56] * Kid puts on a long face. "That's... Weird for them, but it ain't outta the question." She pulls out her shotgun and does a quick function check. "Welp. Get? Got good news fer' ya. Ya'll get t' break Stable Tec stuff t'day."
  22. [2013-08-21 13:25:04] * Get_Lost raises an eyebrow "break what? i don't break stuff... i make it better making it less safe...."
  23. [2013-08-21 13:26:23] * Noble_Heart spoke up after her long silence during the conversation. "It is Our opinion that this ghost must have valued the Ministry Mare very highly. We have no doubt that she heard of Rainbow Dash's Awesomeness in her time alive. We admit curiosity as to how and why."
  24. [2013-08-21 13:30:12] * Kid closes her eyes tightly and gives a smile that could be taken as a prolonged wince. "Ya'll know that room right below us? Th' one with all them robots by Sweetie?"
  25. [2013-08-21 13:30:42] * Bookwright nods. "Yes, what about it?"
  26. [2013-08-21 13:30:54] * Kid "That's where th' shield that is holdin' us up here was made."
  27. [2013-08-21 13:31:24] * Get_Lost frowns "ghost? what ghost?"
  28. [2013-08-21 13:32:06] * Noble_Heart tilts her head to one side and taps her chin. "The defense around the entire city? We are impressed. But We would suggest tackling one problem at a time. First We recommend attempting to repair the connection between Sweetie Belle and the Fluttershy computer at the Ministry of Peace. Then We recommend returning to finding a way into the Library."
  29. [2013-08-21 13:33:04] * Bookwright gets it. Probably. "So you're saying if anyplace in Crystal Empire has the tools to get us out of the shield, that's it? What're we waiting around here for then?"
  30. [2013-08-21 13:33:40] * Kid rose her hoof. "Mare-Do-Well!" She looked at Noble. "I figure we could at least ransack th' place fer some sorta blueprint before headin' over."
  31. [2013-08-21 13:34:08] * Shatara nods to Noble_Heart. "Weren't there maintinece bots or something...?"
  32. [2013-08-21 13:34:12] * Noble_Heart nodded her head. "Do We have a way to get past the defenses? We do not believe anyone has successfully gotten a security pass have they?"
  33. [2013-08-21 13:34:27] * CopyCat has a little singsong. "Dash and Mare-Do-Well, sitting in a tree..."
  34. [2013-08-21 13:35:25] * Get_Lost "wait a minute... if we put down the shield i can name at least a tribe of zebras that will be death by hypotermia because of that!"
  35. [2013-08-21 13:35:29] <Get_Lost> *dead
  36. [2013-08-21 13:37:27] <Kkat> 3Pink-E shakes her head.  "No, silly.  The shield and the Sequester aren't the same thing."
  37. [2013-08-21 13:37:53] * Bookwright falters. "Er... What's this 'Sequester', then?"
  38. [2013-08-21 13:39:53] <Kkat> 3Pink-E explains chipperly, "The shield is the nasty fence that fries anything that tries to leave.  The Sequester is the magical bubble that makes all of the beautiful Crystal Empire not-there in the cold snowy ickiness outside."
  39. [2013-08-21 13:40:55] * Get_Lost "ooooh, okay! so we can disable or open a hole in the fence without killingeverypony still alive in this place? this changes a lot of things."
  40. [2013-08-21 13:41:04] * Kid tries to wrap her brain around that. It didn't work. "What? If we're not where we walked in, but we are where we walked in, where are we?"
  41. [2013-08-21 13:42:58] <Kkat> 3Pink-E answers happily, "In the Crystal Empire!"
  42. [2013-08-21 13:43:42] * Kkat 3adds, "Welcome!  I'm your official greetings spritebot!  I should really give you the tour!"
  43. [2013-08-21 13:43:47] * Get_Lost "i don't think it mattters... the whole city seems to be enclosed in some sort of different space and maybe time... and since there's a spell that fully encloses it, connecting the city borders with that mountain glacier, then we could as well be there"
  44. [2013-08-21 13:44:15] * Get_Lost "ah... do we get to give duble tip if we double tour?"
  45. [2013-08-21 13:44:50] * CopyCat pauses after singing something about a baby carriage. "I liked the snow outside. We could make snow-princesses!"
  46. [2013-08-21 13:45:37] * Bookwright thinks slowly. "Pink-E, does time inside the Crystal Empire pass at the same rate as outside?"
  47. [2013-08-21 13:45:59] * Get_Lost "yes but we could also turn into snow frozen ponies... i don't know, i like this place..."
  48. [2013-08-21 13:46:04] * Kid hung her head. "I meant, we have t' be somewhere, and there's some place outside th' place we're stuck in. You can prolly see somethin' past the shield. So where is the place outside the shield, but inside the... Sequencer?"
  49. [2013-08-21 13:46:51] * Pink-E 3giggles.
  50. [2013-08-21 13:47:41] * Bookwright is beginning to wonder if they are, in fact, somewhen.
  51. [2013-08-21 13:48:23] * Get_Lost "ah... there isn't a place outside the empire but inside the bubble... it is an enclosed semiplane probably.... you know, like a room with walls... only the walls are what separates you from... welll... nothing at all"
  52. [2013-08-21 13:48:59] === kkat is offline.
  53. [2013-08-21 13:49:19] * CopyCat shakes her flank, imagining the cold again. "Nothing at all?"
  54. [2013-08-21 13:49:22] * Get_Lost "but, actually, it doesn't really matter unless the whole bubble collapses... in that case, probably we will be sealed here for a millenia or such until the planes realign... if they will be ever able to..."
  55. [2013-08-21 13:49:47] * Pink-E 3notes, "There's only about a few inches between the fence and the edge of the Sequester.  If it was any further away, ponies would get fried by the fence entering the Empire."
  56. [2013-08-21 13:50:49] * Get_Lost then adds in a lower voice "well, this is just my theory, anyway.. it could be completely different"
  57. [2013-08-21 13:52:30] * Kid does not want to think about that thing that Get_Lost said, even if she couldn't quite understand what the hell she just said. Which she didn't. "So, we're in a big room with clouds and a heater, that's sealed off from th' outside but still requires a fence fer some reason, but completely sealed in fer anyone that wants t' leave."
  58. [2013-08-21 13:54:38] * Bookwright decides to ask a stupid question. "Pink-E, when and for what purpose was the Shield put up? It can't have been an original part of the design."
  59. [2013-08-21 13:55:18] * Shatara drops a figurine at CopyCat's flank wiggling.
  60. [2013-08-21 13:56:10] * Noble_Heart taps her chin and contemplates how to explain. "It is like being inside a bubble. Save that what is outside the bubble is different than what is inside. A sort of instantaneous teleportation across different boundaries than normal." She frowns and tries harder how to think to explain. "As though going from sleep to wakefulness, but in physical form."
  61. [2013-08-21 13:58:25] * Get_Lost "exactly what noble said... 'cept that the larger you make it, the less stable it gets... ah... but that's again just a theory..."
  62. [2013-08-21 13:58:51] * Shatara acks and looks around to see if anyone noticed, he slooowly picks up the figure and looks innocent.
  63. [2013-08-21 14:01:33] * Bookwright shakes his head. "No, that's just gobbledygook."
  64. [2013-08-21 14:02:21] * Get_Lost nods "yes it could be... sooooo.... what now? did you check the whole room?"
  65. [2013-08-21 14:02:54] * Bookwright makes broad gestures with his hooves. "Outside of the Sequester, we were /here./" He moves his hooves over. "When we went through the Sequester barrier, we ended up /somewhere else./ Possibly even some /when/ else."
  66. [2013-08-21 14:03:44] * Get_Lost shrugs and runs a double check in the room
  67. [2013-08-21 14:03:47] * CopyCat winks at Shatara. "Of course, if we found ourselves in the cold again I'm sure we could keep each other warm."
  68. [2013-08-21 14:04:03] * Noble_Heart shakes her head. "But this one has lasted for at least one and a quarter millinneum. We doubt that it would be disrupted without deliberate attempt to do so. And We cannot imagine what sort of pony would do such a thing." She tilted her head to look to Bookwright. "It is doubtful that We have moved through time. Transit through time is very, very difficult magic. Much less
  69. [2013-08-21 14:04:03] * Noble_Heart to transfer everyone who passed into a city into a new time. Though We suppose that time within the Sequester might travel at a different pace than outside." She tapped her chin and frowned. "But this is relatively unimportant. We suggest moving on, soon."
  70. [2013-08-21 14:06:19] <Pink-E> 3Pink-E bobs for a bit in quiet.  Then suggests, "The fence keeps anything from getting out?  The Sequester doesn't really stop anypony.  It just hides the Crystal Empire and protects it from the weather and stuff."
  71. [2013-08-21 14:06:53] * Kid didn't notice. She was thinking too hard. "Okay, so, while we're in the bubble, we're just someplace else. Where, dunno... Is th' place we're in even on th' planet?" She brought up her hoof and lowered her head, as if to correct herself. "I don't want that answered, actually. So, why the hell build a fence that keeps nothin' out and nothin' in?"
  72. [2013-08-21 14:07:16] * Pink-E 3considers.  "The fence was gonna totally be an awesome second line of defense if the test went right."
  73. [2013-08-21 14:07:51] * Kid pans her head over to Pink-E very slowly, eyes wide and grave. "What test?"
  74. [2013-08-21 14:09:20] * Pink-E 3giggles.  "The one to see if it worked of course, silly pony!"
  75. [2013-08-21 14:11:31] * Noble_Heart taps her chin. "No, that makes sense. The Sequester merely keeps the weather from affecting the city. Allowing it to remain warm and fertile year round and making finding it via fly-over or similar observation impossible. But it would not keep any pony from simply walking in. Wiht a proper arcanotech device, identification or similar devices would be necessary to pass
  76. [2013-08-21 14:11:31] * Noble_Heart through without being stunned, or killed. It would prevent any land army from approaching the city."
  77. [2013-08-21 14:11:36] * Pink-E 3swoops up over Kid and gently bounces on her mane in as close as the pink spritebot can come to a headpat.  "I like you.  You're funny."
  78. [2013-08-21 14:13:05] * Bookwright "So... is there some way to turn off the Fence?"
  79. [2013-08-21 14:15:39] * Kid is bonked by an exceedingly joyful robot. It's a weird feeling, and slightly painful. "So, how th' hell did we get in?"
  80. [2013-08-21 14:18:14] * Kid thinks about it. And then comes to a startling conclusion. "... Somepony wanted anypony t' come in, we're anypony, and they disabled th' defenses fer us. But how'd we know they were comin' unless..."
  81. [2013-08-21 14:29:03] * Shatara blushes a bit, and ponders the situation. " this some kind of trap...?"
  82. [2013-08-21 14:29:10] * Noble_Heart frowns. "We suspect it more likely that the Sequester places ponies far enough inside. It is also possible that the speed at which we entered was part of why we were alright..." She shakes her head. "There may be controls for the fence within the Library. If this Professor Paladin truly had a hoof in its creation."
  83. [2013-08-21 14:30:59] * Kid didn't like this line of logic. It meant that this city was just a big chump trap built for ponies like her. "Yeah. Yeah, it is." She shouldered her gun. "Alright. Choice time. I say we go downstairs and blow them robots the fuck up and leave this damn building after looting th' damn place. Then, we head for the library."
  84. [2013-08-21 14:32:10] * CopyCat chimes in. "And help Sweetie Belle, of course."
  85. [2013-08-21 14:32:45] * Get_Lost nodnods while retrieving a bobby pin and checking the desk "could be, yeah..."
  86. [2013-08-21 14:32:57] * Bookwright "Well, I still want to look at the room. It will be educating." He stops. "Erm... Kid? Which way was it, again?"
  87. [2013-08-21 14:33:29] * Get_Lost "still, i'm not leaving until we already tried to make things better for the computers, the princess, the zebras and those poor crystal ponies with no love"
  88. [2013-08-21 14:33:43] <Get_Lost> *at least
  89. [2013-08-21 14:35:18] * Kid nods. "I figure getting Ewey some robots t' eat'll be good on her." She decides to open the door and wait for everyone to finish looting. "It ain't our problem, Get. It sounds bad, but when it comes down to it, we're leavin' this place. That is what we're here t' do. Anything an' everythin' else is just icing."
  90. [2013-08-21 14:38:30] * Get_Lost keeps trying to open the darn lock "okay, then we agree that we disagree..."
  91. [2013-08-21 14:41:12] * Shatara nods a little. "Should probably figure out some more...sustainable way to feed Ewey. No good if we fix everything just to get gnawed out again in a month..."
  92. [2013-08-21 14:42:20] * Get_Lost "not ging to happen.... i will coat the cables with iron sheets... sure it will take a bit but they will be unchewable..."
  93. [2013-08-21 14:42:23] * Noble_Heart frowns and lowers her head to look at Kid. "Is that what your friend, Barking Mad, would want? For Us to abandon those who might still be saved from becoming empty, angry husks?" She steps past Kid towards the overmare's office.
  94. [2013-08-21 14:45:19] * Bookwright is less interested in loot than he is in history.
  95. [2013-08-21 14:51:16] * Kid was shocked by that. And then suddenly became very, /very/ angry in a huge hurry. "What did you just say?" She growled, every word punctuated by hard t's and d's, the blue place behind her good eye lighting up like an inferno.  "No, fuck you. First off, his name was Crackpot, get it right if ya'll want t' try t' guilt me int' doin' shit. Second off, you don't get t' guilt me about bein' a...
  96. [2013-08-21 14:51:18] * Kid ...survivalist here when bein' a hero will kill you, and six ponies alive beats six ponies dead every. Fucking. Time. Third, you're assumin' that there is a goin' back for them, and if they're like ghouls at all, then there ain't any and all th' hope and regret in th' world ain't gonna make it happen. You got that?" She screamed at Noble.
  97. [2013-08-21 14:52:33] * Shatara hides under the table at the outburst.
  98. [2013-08-21 14:53:32] * Get_Lost nodnods "yup. a complete agreement." checks what's inside the desk
  99. [2013-08-21 14:54:43] * CopyCat hides behind Shatara (who was hiding under a table).
  100. [2013-08-21 14:55:01] * Bookwright hides behind CopyCat's ample hiding-volume
  101. [2013-08-21 14:55:08] <Pink-E> 3Get_Lost unlocks the desk, revealing mostly paperwork, pencils, extra ink and quills, and the like.  However, the desk has a few items of greater interest...
  102. [2013-08-21 14:55:35] * Get_Lost mutters "hey, this looks interesting..."
  103. [2013-08-21 14:56:57] * Noble_Heart blinks and shakes her head. "Our apologies. We are not certain where that name came from. Nor were We suggesting that We should sacrifice Ourselves. But there are hundreds of crystal ponies out there who are waiting, trapped, doomed to become as the Heartless are if We do not do something. But if they could be freed, made whole again, We would wish to do everything We can
  104. [2013-08-21 14:56:58] * Noble_Heart to make it so. And We do not believe you would refuse either. Unless We have radically misjudged you."
  105. [2013-08-21 14:58:41] <Pink-E> 3The desk contains a sawed-off shotgun and three cases of shotgun shells (8 shells per case), one of which is a case of slugs.  There are also more models in the desk, including little models of the pylons.  These look like engineering design models rather than toys.  
  106. [2013-08-21 15:00:25] * Get_Lost "hey girls, come check here... i think i found some interesting models of working pylons..." takes one of the models and studies it for a bit
  107. [2013-08-21 15:02:18] * CopyCat delicately extracts herself from being sandwiched between Shatara and Bookwright and tip-hooves quietly to Get_Lost.
  108. [2013-08-21 15:02:28] * Get_Lost "oh, and there's a shotgun too with some...  sorto f... i think they are bullets"
  109. [2013-08-21 15:03:03] * Get_Lost "hey kid, need bullets for the noisy gun?"
  110. [2013-08-21 15:03:08] * Kid tilts her head a little. "Well clearly y' did, because you thought that sayin' that wouldn't piss me off!" Her legs were shaking. "Do you understand how many fucking nights I stayed up because I put my best friend down? Do you under-fucking-stand how many nights I spent thinkin', if I got them damn Followers over there t' save him somehow, or if I got him more rad-water, or if I spent more...
  111. [2013-08-21 15:03:10] * Kid ...time with him, that it would've made a fucking difference? No, fuck you. I ain't gettin' my hopes up on thinkin' we can save the world when we don't even know if we can save ourselves yet.  And I definitely don't know if I can get my hopes up on something that we don't even know how works yet."
  112. [2013-08-21 15:04:58] * Kid 's breath is coming in shuddering, staggering, heavy, and sore. She's done talking now. After a pause for her brain to compute what she just said, she wandered back in to snatch the slugs.
  113. [2013-08-21 15:06:21] * Get_Lost sighs, then looks inside her saddlebags, finding a bottle "don't take it bad, kid... different ponies have different points of view... not that i'm an expert... sparkle cola?"
  114. [2013-08-21 15:06:41] * Noble_Heart frowns, looking at the floor. "Yes. I know what it means to lose the ones you care about because of your actions, and wonder whether or not you could have done better. Or just different." She frowned and looked up as Kid went back inside. "That is why We cannot ignore those who need help! If We ignore what We can do now, then how can We live with Ourselves over what We have
  115. [2013-08-21 15:06:42] * Noble_Heart done before!?"
  116. [2013-08-21 15:10:55] * Bookwright is quiet. "Kid... I understand. The past matters, because it shapes the present. The future rests on the now, and the now is a product of the past. Noble Heart is right, but only half. If we do not help those we can now, can we live with the future that will shape?"
  117. [2013-08-21 15:12:42] * Get_Lost "or... you could dress your mane on a side, dress all black and put on enough earrings that you could deflect small caliber bullets. and cry forever because past sucks. i'm almost sure it works"
  118. [2013-08-21 15:13:23] * Get_Lost "but it would work better if you wait a coupèle of years"
  119. [2013-08-21 15:15:01] * CopyCat whispers to Get_Lost. "She's pretty enough to pull it off, too."
  120. [2013-08-21 15:15:21] * Get_Lost nodnods "agree"
  121. [2013-08-21 15:16:30] * Kid 's voice has gone quiet and low. "It ain't about the past, although her fuckin' bringing it up didn't help a /damn/ thing. It's about realizin' that the shit you're talkin' about is odds are impossible, and dealin' with t' fact that goin' in t' do somethin' like this and failin
  122. [2013-08-21 15:16:44] <Kid> ' will break you if you don't accept failure as an option."
  123. [2013-08-21 15:17:28] * Get_Lost looks back at kid "and?"
  124. [2013-08-21 15:19:51] * Kid breaks open the sawed-off to inspect the barrels. "And nothin'. Just don't like that 'it has to happen' look when we have no idea what we're gon' find out. Best t' expect nothin' and work with what you can do on th' moment-to-moment." Click. Clack.
  125. [2013-08-21 15:20:10] * Noble_Heart sighed quietly as she shook her head. "Failure is always an option. But it is not something We choose to think about. It is better to focus on what We wish to do, than on what We may fail to do."
  126. [2013-08-21 15:21:02] * Get_Lost "reasonable. but we will see if we can fix this whole mess or at least put it on the proper trails before we leave. agree?"
  127. [2013-08-21 15:24:09] * Bookwright nods patiently.
  128. [2013-08-21 15:24:11] * Kid starts walking out, loading the sawed-off with buckshot. "Fine. But if we can't, drop it, and forget about it, alright?"
  129. [2013-08-21 15:25:21] * Noble_Heart sighs quietly, leaning down a bit to spread a wing over Kid. "We are sorry. We should not have brought up pains of the past."
  130. [2013-08-21 15:25:52] * Get_Lost nods "we'll reconsider when we have more details"
  131. [2013-08-21 15:26:54] * Bookwright shakes his head. "Never forget, Kid. Lay it to rest, but never forget."
  132. [2013-08-21 15:29:30] * Kid exhaled, simmering in the aftermath of an outburst. "Yeah. You shouldn't have." She began to slow down from a storm-out pace and into a contemplative gait.
  133. [2013-08-21 15:33:23] * Noble_Heart straightens up and continues to head on down the hallway with a quiet sigh.
  134. [2013-08-21 15:34:08] * Bookwright "Um. Noble Heart? Where are you going...?"
  135. [2013-08-21 15:34:27] * Get_Lost follows the others, slipping in her usual backup role
  136. [2013-08-21 15:36:37] * Noble_Heart pauses, looking back to Bookwright. "To the Overmare's office. It is right here." She waves a hoof in the direction of the other room. "It is the fastest way to Sweetie Belle, is it not?"
  137. [2013-08-21 15:37:28] * Bookwright "Uh.. Yes, I suppose it is. But Kid was going to show me to the room where they made the shield. I mean barrier. I mean... um. Actually, I don't know what I mean. Kid?"
  138. [2013-08-21 15:39:25] * Noble_Heart frowned, looking down to Kid. "We were under the impression that that was beyond the high security robots below? Has anyone found a way to get us past those?"
  139. [2013-08-21 15:40:34] * Bookwright "Should we shoot them?"
  140. [2013-08-21 15:41:06] * Kid grumbled. "We're gonna go knock on th' door and tell 'em that we have a pizza delivery." She passes by the security room. "Ya'll should get that big ol' box open."
  141. [2013-08-21 15:46:59] <Pink-E> 3The group proceed back towards the Overmare's office, stopping briefly at Security to loot the armor locker they had passed up before.  The locker yields three suits of (used) Stable-Tec security armor and two (poor) cattle prods with "magic wand" mods.
  142. [2013-08-21 15:48:36] <Pink-E> 3Soon, the group are in the elevator.  The doors swivel closed, and the elevator music begins.  A soothing voice rumbles, "Welcome to Stable-Tec. ............... Everything is possible at Stable-Tec. ............. You are loved at Stable-Tec..."
  143. [2013-08-21 15:49:09] * Kid is severely tempted to shoot out the speaker.
  144. [2013-08-21 15:49:47] * Noble_Heart frowned, looking up at the speaker. Something about that was remarkably creepy.
  145. [2013-08-21 15:49:58] * Get_Lost starts preparing her tools "it shouldn't take long..."
  146. [2013-08-21 15:50:39] * Bookwright looks up at the speaker. "Interesting. Why do you think the designers felt it necessary to soothe elevator passengers?"
  147. [2013-08-21 15:51:04] <Pink-E> 3The ride seems slightly longer than before, but soon enough the elevator comes to a jarring stop.  The orange-tinted light flickers.  And the doors swivel open... mostly.  They get stuck about halfway.  Beyond, the group can see the familiar private secretarial room with its fractal poster behind the desk.  A shower of sparks erupts from the elevator control.
  148. [2013-08-21 15:52:10] * Noble_Heart winces. "We do not think We shall be coming back up this way." She sighs and extends her magic to work on shoving the doors the rest of the way open.
  149. [2013-08-21 15:52:46] * Pink-E 3swoops out the half-open doors, chiming, "Last stop!  Artificial intelligence, security research and the Overmare's private entrance!  Everypony out!"
  150. [2013-08-21 15:53:38] * Noble_Heart does her best to get it cleared enough to get out.
  151. [2013-08-21 15:53:42] * Pink-E 3swivels around to look at Shatara.  "Everygriffin too!"
  152. [2013-08-21 15:53:59] * Shatara wriggles through the openning. "Well that's...inconvenient..."
  153. [2013-08-21 15:54:51] * Kid steps on out of the elevator, small stature a boon for squeezing out quickly.
  154. [2013-08-21 15:56:23] * CopyCat and her generous form have to wait while Noble gets the doors open.
  155. [2013-08-21 15:56:27] <Pink-E> 3Noble_Heart successfully shoves the door the rest of the way open with her telekinesis.
  156. [2013-08-21 15:56:50] * Get_Lost walks out and starts checking what's wrong with the thing
  157. [2013-08-21 15:56:55] * Noble_Heart was rather glad that she'd gotten it open. "Much more comfortable." She strode out more than a little proudly.
  158. [2013-08-21 15:57:46] * Bookwright strides out behind CopyCat.
  159. [2013-08-21 15:57:51] * CopyCat quickly follows. "Thank you Noble_Heart. I thought we might be trapped in there forever!"
  160. [2013-08-21 15:59:26] * Noble_Heart smiles to CopyCat. "We would not allow Our siblings to be so contained. Much less Our friends! It is in Our nature to be greater than normal ponies in most every way, which sadly does become a burden at times."
  161. [2013-08-21 16:01:20] * Bookwright nods sagely. "A burden and a stature that befits your greatness."
  162. [2013-08-21 16:01:32] * Kid crooks an eye at Noble. "Just exactly how are ya'll not a normal pony?"
  163. [2013-08-21 16:02:52] * Get_Lost "also, ther's a lot of mare where you are... stallions love that"
  164. [2013-08-21 16:03:06] * CopyCat looks from Kid to her own behind. "Well for one we have trouble with tight places."
  165. [2013-08-21 16:04:40] * Kid starts heading on towards Sweetie. "Normal ponies can be big."
  166. [2013-08-21 16:06:28] * Get_Lost shrugs and leaves the elevator be, following ki and getting ready to operate
  167. [2013-08-21 16:08:08] * CopyCat smiles and trots after Kid. "But some of my favourites are small."
  168. [2013-08-21 16:10:58] * Kid chuckled mouthlessly at that. "Charmer t'day, ain't y?"
  169. [2013-08-21 16:11:20] <Pink-E> 3Get_Lost's assessment of the elevator is that the poor thing was just too old and the lot of you are heavy enough that the elevator has simply given out after so many uses after such a long time without maintenance.
  170. [2013-08-21 16:13:14] <Pink-E> 3There are doors on each side of the private secretary's room.  One leads "outside" according to what Pink-E told everyone before.  The other leads into Sweetie-brain's room.  And beyond that, the ASD.
  171. [2013-08-21 16:13:42] * Noble_Heart chuckles a little at Kid's comments. "It is alright, Kid. We understand your feelings of inadequacy in Our presence. But We would not begrudge you for lacking horn nor wing nor for being so young. We understand that most ponies are not as blessed as Ourselves, for whatever horrors We suffered We came away stronger than We could have been before." She leans down to smile at
  172. [2013-08-21 16:13:42] * Noble_Heart Kid. "And We are happy to have Our friends."
  173. [2013-08-21 16:17:54] * Kid heads into Sweetie-Brain's room. "Wasn't aware that you bein' an alicorn and old made you special. I know about a bunch of alicorns back home, to be honest."
  174. [2013-08-21 16:20:35] * Noble_Heart frowned a little, flicking her tail as she followed after Kid. "Really? We remember you mentioning something about the Followers. But We had no idea that there were many of Our siblings there."
  175. [2013-08-21 16:21:39] * Bookwright thinks that Noble_Heart and CopyCat are very blessed, and is reminded of that whenever he sees them from behind.
  176. [2013-08-21 16:21:48] * CopyCat tilts her head. "Horrors? Do you mean the Silence? But no pony wants to be alone, do they? That's just normal."
  177. [2013-08-21 16:23:22] * Bookwright is too tactful to say it out loud, but suspects that CopyCat heard it anyways.
  178. [2013-08-21 16:23:27] * CopyCat walks with extra hip sway.
  179. [2013-08-21 16:23:31] * Noble_Heart frowns and looks to CopyCat. "It is not the silence of which We speak. But the things which came before." She gently spreads a wing across CopyCat's back. "We know you do not remember it very well. And We are thankful for that."
  180. [2013-08-21 16:24:08] * Shatara bites lower lip-beak-thing. Dat flank...
  181. [2013-08-21 16:25:33] * CopyCat smiles. "Well if you think it's good thing, Noble, then it must be good!"
  182. [2013-08-21 16:25:38] * Kid seems to grimace at something she said. "Well, yeah. It's out of the way and not a lot of folks are there. And, well. Yeah. A lot of ponies do want t' be alone. Whenever there was a shindig that went down, we'd get one or two, but they mostly just kinda stayed in th' corner and didn't do nothin'. Then they'd go back t' whatever corner of the bog they holed up in, always real seperate from...
  183. [2013-08-21 16:25:40] * Kid ...the other alicorns there. Real separate from everypony, come t' think."
  184. [2013-08-21 16:27:17] * Noble_Heart sighed quietly and nodded her head. "It is a painful thing, to have been part of something so large and so horrible at the same time. We are glad to be free and We would not wish to go back. But We would also not wish to be so alone that We had none We cared about."
  185. [2013-08-21 16:29:44] * Kid shrugs. "Way I see it, if it's as bad as ya'll make it sound, I figure that they had a bunch of time with nothin' fer themselves t' call their own. Figured they'd just want t' be real solitary-like t' catch up on havin' privacy as an option."
  186. [2013-08-21 16:30:19] * Bookwright looks at CopyCat. Privacy. With her around? How do you manage that?
  187. [2013-08-21 16:32:01] <Pink-E> 3Ewey immediately scampers towards Kid.
  188. [2013-08-21 16:32:15] * Noble_Heart frowns, sighing quietly. She followed along behind Kid, into the Sweetie-brain's room.
  189. [2013-08-21 16:33:02] <Pink-E> 3A moment later, a hologram of Sweetie Belle flickers into being.  "Hello again.  You really shouldn't be down here... but I'm happy for the visit."
  190. [2013-08-21 16:33:55] * CopyCat shivers, then sneezes.
  191. [2013-08-21 16:34:44] * Kid hugs Ewey as he came clop-clanking along. "Hey there, y' big ol' rock made 'o cuddles!" She seemed to be in a much better mood while petting a giant rock. "Hey, y'wanna get some treats? I betcha I can get ya'll some treats!"
  192. [2013-08-21 16:37:45] <Pink-E> 3Ewey clomp-bounces eagerly.
  193. [2013-08-21 16:38:53] * CopyCat blink blinks at Shatara's sudden moustache. "I wonder what could have caused that..."
  194. [2013-08-21 16:40:16] * Noble_Heart steps forwards and clears her throat. "We believe that We have found a solution to your isolation problem. We have recovered one of the RD-E units from upstairs and modified it slightly to allow for remote control and usage. Our hope is to connect it to your systems to allow it to act as a remote unit. A Sweet-E as it were."
  195. [2013-08-21 16:40:21] * Shatara blinks at CopyCat, then crosses his eyes towards his beak. He stares at the development, and twirls it with a talon. It somehow feels right to do so.
  196. [2013-08-21 16:41:54] * CopyCat all but swoons. "Oh my... So dashing!"
  197. [2013-08-21 16:42:09] * Kid stands up tall on all fours. "Hey. We're gonna be makin' a lot of noise in that there room. And I need ya'll t' make sure that none of us go down f'r th' long sleep, and that if they go nuts that they don't get t' Sweetie. C'n y' do that, Ewey?"
  198. [2013-08-21 16:42:23] * Bookwright nods. "You'll be able to talk to Fluttershy again. In fact, you'll have a mobile presence across the entire Crystal Empire. Our friend Get here has been working on it."
  199. [2013-08-21 16:42:36] <Pink-E> 3The image of Sweetie Belle looks hopeful, smiling.  "Really?"
  200. [2013-08-21 16:42:50] * Bookwright is completely serious. "Yes. Really."
  201. [2013-08-21 16:44:11] <Pink-E> 3Sweetie beams.  "That would be... oh, I can't thank you enough!"  She notes, "I would hug all of you, but..."  She trots closer and waves a holographic hoof through Ewey's back.
  202. [2013-08-21 16:44:13] * Noble_Heart nods her head and smiles. "Yes. We trust Our friend to have done it right."
  203. [2013-08-21 16:48:22] <Pink-E> 3Get Lost immediately sets to work.  There's a lot to do down here to fix and protect the cables, repair and re-establish Sweetie's links to other projectors and the Ministry of Peace, and more.  But setting up the link to Sweet-E is quick and easy.  In just a few minutes, the RD-E spritebot is hovering about under Sweetie-brain's control.
  204. [2013-08-21 16:49:01] <Pink-E> 3"Oh thank you, thank you, thank you!" Sweetie's voice says, coming simultaneously from the hologram and the Sweet-E bot.
  205. [2013-08-21 16:49:27] * Pink-E 3cheers.  
  206. [2013-08-21 16:49:31] * Noble_Heart smiles. "We hope that this will work out well."
  207. [2013-08-21 16:50:27] * CopyCat stops staring at Shatara's moustache long enough to clap her hooves together. "Oh, this is wonderful!"
  208. [2013-08-21 16:50:49] * Shatara helps get_lost, though without much knowlege of magic-y things, he mostly just passes tools.
  209. [2013-08-21 16:51:02] * Shatara does so, however, with a dashing mustache.
  210. [2013-08-21 16:51:09] * Pink-E 3bounce-bobs around Sweet-E.  "Oooh, oooh, we should totally paint you so that you're white with pink and lavender trim, and... you know what this calls for?   A PARTY!!!"
  211. [2013-08-21 16:53:10] * Noble_Heart smiles. "We agree. A celebration IS in order!"
  212. [2013-08-21 16:54:17] * Kid stacks up at the Advanced Security room. "Party can wait. We don't want unwanted guests." Or do we?
  213. [2013-08-21 16:54:32] * Kid shakes her head. Of course not.
  214. [2013-08-21 16:54:47] * Bookwright doesn't do anything to help at all. He's too in awe of the past coming alive.
  215. [2013-08-21 16:57:03] * Pink-E 3makes a confused sound.  "Why wouldn't we want guests?  It's a party!"
  216. [2013-08-21 16:57:21] * CopyCat sweeps up Sweet-E in a full hug plus wings.
  217. [2013-08-21 16:57:23] * Noble_Heart taps her chin. "We believe that Kid is referring to guests of the armed, angry and destructive variety."
  218. [2013-08-21 16:58:04] * Pink-E 3boops.  "Well, then the best way to turn those frowny faces upside-down is with a party!"
  219. [2013-08-21 16:58:46] <Shatara> "but what if murduring us is what makes them happy?" D:
  220. [2013-08-21 16:58:56] <Pink-E> 3Sweet-E does her best to hug back, although it's hard having no limbs.
  221. [2013-08-21 16:59:24] * Bookwright "I would be completely okay with murdering them back first in that case, Shatara."
  222. [2013-08-21 16:59:27] * Kid pouts a little, then looks at Ewey. Well. This can only end badly. "Are y' sure that they ain't gon' open fire on us as soon as we start makin' noise and they realize we're here?"
  223. [2013-08-21 16:59:40] * Pink-E 3makes a sad sound.  "Well, then they're just bad meanie-ponies.  Like the Heartless."
  224. [2013-08-21 17:02:10] <Pink-E> 3The holo-Sweetie lifts a hoof to her chin as if in deep thought.  "Hey... you guys hooked me into an RD-E unit, right?  That unit was developed in the Advanced Securities Department.  I bet the robots in there are programmed to let it in."
  225. [2013-08-21 17:03:53] * Bookwright cocks his head. "That sounds like an excellent solution with a chance of horrible failure. Just like all our other solutions. Go for it!"
  226. [2013-08-21 17:05:04] * CopyCat lets Sweet-E out of the hug. "And if it doesn't work I'll pretend I'm the Overmare after a makeover. I still have her card somewhere..."
  227. [2013-08-21 17:06:58] * Bookwright checks his weapons. "And if /that/ doesn't work, we'll just shoot them."
  228. [2013-08-21 17:07:33] * Noble_Heart smiles. "But We hope that the first plan will work."
  229. [2013-08-21 17:07:41] * Bookwright nods. "Quite."
  230. [2013-08-21 17:16:34] <Pink-E> 3Sweet-E wobbles about and then bravely heads through one of the doorways into the ASD.
  231. [2013-08-21 17:17:16] * CopyCat stares deeply into Shatara's moustache.
  232. [2013-08-21 17:22:40] * Shatara blinkblinks, staring back at CopyCat, scratching his foreleg a bit.
  233. [2013-08-21 17:22:43] <Pink-E> 3Sweet-E disappears around a corner and is gone from sight.  Moments later, Eridani and Noble_Heart both catch the sound of ceiling turrets deploying somewhere nearby within the ASD.  
  234. [2013-08-21 17:22:55] <Pink-E> 3But it is not followed by the sound of weapons fire.  
  235. [2013-08-21 17:23:46] <Pink-E> 3Noble_Heart can hear the soft bleep-bleep of the turrets as they perform a security scan.  And catches the soft "whew" from holo-Sweetie.
  236. [2013-08-21 17:24:03] * Noble_Heart blinks a moment, her ear twitching briefly, she tilts her head to one side and frowns, then smiles.
  237. [2013-08-21 17:28:11] * Kid whews.
  238. [2013-08-21 17:28:48] <Pink-E> 3A few minutes later, holo-Sweetie announces, staring off into space.  "I think this is as far as I can go.  I can't get into the back room, but I think I can shut down all the security between you and that room from here."
  239. [2013-08-21 17:28:57] <Pink-E> 3Pink-E whoops!
  240. [2013-08-21 17:29:15] * Shatara yays!
  241. [2013-08-21 17:29:29] * Noble_Heart smiles. "That would be wonderous!"
  242. [2013-08-21 17:29:32] <Pink-E> 3Holo-Sweetie then frowns.  "Except... I don't really know how.  I'll need one of you to walk me through shutting down the security systems."
  243. [2013-08-21 17:29:51] * Kid points at any one of these neeeerds.
  244. [2013-08-21 17:29:52] * Noble_Heart frowns. "We might be able to help..."
  245. [2013-08-21 17:30:22] * Kid finds a place to sit down to let them talk her through it. This was going to be a while.
  246. [2013-08-21 17:31:24] * CopyCat gets uncomfortably close to Shatara with no regards to personal space... Then her attention shifts abruptly when Sweetie Belle tell them the news. "Ooo, that would be great!"
  247. [2013-08-21 17:33:58] * Shatara blushes and shrinks back a little, relaxing as the mare suddenly diverts her attention elsewhere.
  248. [2013-08-21 17:37:03] * CopyCat continues like nothing had happened. "Sweetie, can you tell us what you see? Is there a console you can interact with?"
  249. [2013-08-21 17:44:19] * Bookwright "Alright Sweetie, this is what you gotta do..."
  250. [2013-08-21 17:45:36] <Pink-E> 3Sweet-E follows instructions... and holo-Sweetie frowns.  "I... think I did something wrong."
  251. [2013-08-21 17:46:18] * Bookwright "Don't worry Sweetie. It's fine. Here, try it this way this time..."
  252. [2013-08-21 17:47:16] * Pink-E 3tries again.  "Oh!  I see now.  This is easy."  Holo-Sweetie holds a hoof over her mouth as she giggles, joking "Even Scootaloo could do it!"
  253. [2013-08-21 17:47:43] * Bookwright wipes sweat from his brow. Easy, she calls it! Easy!
  254. [2013-08-21 17:57:53] <Pink-E> 3Sweet-E continues to follow instructions.  Holo-Sweetie reports progress with a cheerful "Yes!"  followed by a less exuberant "Whoops."
  255. [2013-08-21 17:59:04] * Bookwright bites off a terribly uncouth swear. "Right... last chance... Okay. Free your mind..."
  256. [2013-08-21 17:59:07] <Pink-E> 3Even holo-Sweetie looks nervous now.  "I'm getting flashing warning lights..."  But she presses on.  And, with Bookwright's expertise, she finally gives out a cheer.  "We did it!"
  257. [2013-08-21 17:59:36] * Noble_Heart cheers and claps her hooves on the floor. "Excellent!"
  258. [2013-08-21 18:00:08] * Shatara fistpumps!
  259. [2013-08-21 18:00:20] * CopyCat jumps for joy. "Well done you two!"
  260. [2013-08-21 18:01:20] <Pink-E> 3Holo-Sweetie bows and then extends a hoof towards the ASD.  "Welcome to the Advanced Securities Department.  Please do not touch, break or steal anything.  All designs you are about to see are the property of Stable-Tec and are classified."
  261. [2013-08-21 18:02:50] * Noble_Heart bows her head. "We shall do Our best." She turns to head into the ASD.
  262. [2013-08-21 18:02:57] * Kid sighs with relief. Don't touch, break, or steal anything were suggestions for two hundred years ago. Now, they're a tad outdated.
  263. [2013-08-21 18:03:03] * Kid heads on in.
  264. [2013-08-21 18:03:32] * Bookwright beams with quiet pride.
  265. [2013-08-21 18:08:20] <Kkat> 3--- End of Session ---
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