Anon - Colored ecstasy

Jun 8th, 2014
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  1. >You are Anonymous and you are unsure what to do about this situation you are in
  2. “Mmmm~ Anooon~”
  3. >Meisa rubs herself against your side while nuzzling you
  4. >You push her off of you and she starts to pout
  5. “Do you hate me that much Anon?”
  6. >You see the beginnings of tears in her eyes
  7. >”No I do not hate y-“
  8. >Before you can finish Meisa pounces you and you fall down
  9. >As the dust settles you find that she’s lying on top of you and rubbing her face against your chest while letting out purring sounds
  10. >An explanation is in order
  11. >You were out helping Meisa collect some plants and then you came across a weird colorful flower
  12. >Meisa told you to be careful about that particular flower since its pollen made everyone who inhaled it act weird for some time
  13. >You had asked Meisa how weird but she had just laughed and told you that that was of no importance, before turning around and walking head first into another flower of the same kind that was hidden behind a brush
  14. >The flower had let out a small puff of pollen at contact before closing its petals and you kept your distance until the polled settled just in case
  15. >What you found after that was a rather...”friendly” Meisa
  16. >Your thoughts are interrupted as you suddenly feel a light peck on your lips which shocks you right back
  17. >Meisa retracts her face from yours and gives a soft giggle before burying her face onto your chest
  18. >You quickly push the mothpony off of you once again and get up as Meisa once again pouts
  19. “Do you dislike my touch that much Anonymous?”
  20. >You rub your face with your hand
  21. >”It’s not the touch it’s the excess of it...”
  22. >Meisas lower lip trembles as tears start to flow down her cheeks
  23. “Y-you do hate me!”
  24. >You feel like lighting the now closed flower on fire for the turmoil you are going trough
  25. >”Just... Let’s just get you back to the village ok?”
  26. >Meisa stops crying
  28. “Will you carry me?”
  29. >She extends her hooves towards you as a signal to lift her up and honestly you are ok with pretty much anything as long as you get her back to normal somehow
  30. >You pick up the mothpony as it squees in delight and settles down into your arms
  31. >... you feel absolutely ridiculous, carrying a moth like you would just have been wedded
  32. >Meisa seems happy though, and she’s drawing circles on your chest and making all sorts of sounds that are rather... distracting...
  33. “Mmmhh~ you feel so warm~”
  34. >...
  35. “And you smell so nice...”
  36. >You suddenly feel something wet against your neck and look down to see that Meisa is giving your neck a long lick with her tongue
  37. >”M-Meisa please...”
  38. >Meisa gives you another happy, almost drunken smile and then nuzzles her head against your chest
  39. “Hi Anon!”
  40. >You turn your head and notice that behind you Golden Corral is approaching you from behind on the same path that leads to the village
  41. “What are you ca-“
  42. >Golden Corral goes silent once she sees Meisa in your arms and well, rubbing herself against you in delight
  43. “Congratulations on your marriage”
  44. >”Goldie please...”
  45. >Golden Corral gives a small laugh and lands near you
  46. >Meisa takes notice of Golden Corral and her ears go flat against her head as she hisses at Goldie like a cat defending its territory
  47. >Golden Corral raises an eyebrow as you start to pet Meisas head, which brings her back to her nuzzly happy feely condition
  48. “Is she drunk or something?”
  50. >”I don’t know, she got some pollen spitted on her by some weird flower and she’s been acting weird ever since, I’m worried it might be toxic or something and making her delirious”
  51. “Was the flower a magenta one with glowing cyan hearts and a yellow centre? Kind of orchid-shaped flower?”
  52. >You look at Golden Corral in surprise
  53. >”Yeah, how did you know? Is it dangerous? Meisa said it makes ponies act weird but she did not tell that much about it”
  54. >Golden Corral laughs a bit before answering you
  55. “No, it’s nothing life threatening Anon, although it can be a bit problematic. To put it simply it’s an intoxicating flower that’s also a potent aphrodisiac~”
  56. >You jolt a bit as Meisa nibbles a bit at your skin and then giggles softly before once again rubbing herself lovingly against you
  57. >”You’ve got to be kidding me...”
  58. >Golden Corral takes flight while laughing
  59. “Afraid not loverboy, so you’ll just have to deal with her until the effects of it wear off. Should not take more than two to four hours. Don’t get too rough with her now~”
  60. >And with that Golden Corral takes off towards the village while still laughing a bit at your predicament
  61. >Only to have your mouth assaulted by Meisas lips suddenly
  62. >You stand there with shock and mild annoyance now as Meisa tries to prod her tongue into your mouth
  63. >But then the embarrassment, among other things, takes over and you once again push her away and settle her down
  64. “Anon I feel hot! It’s too hot in here! Cool me down~”
  65. >You’ll never get her home like this
  66. >”I’ll help you cool down once we are in your house”
  67. >Of course you have no intentions of doing so but you need to get Meisa inside since she’s a bit fussy about her public appearance
  68. >But your promise seems to have immediate effect as Meisa suddenly takes flight and gets behind you and starts to push you with more force than you thought was possible for her to have
  70. “What are we waiting for let’s go let’s go!”
  71. >”All right all right, calm down a bit”
  72. >But Meisa does no such thing and pushes you forward and you have no other choice but to awkwardly wobble forward
  73. >You thank your mental strength at keeping your D at bay or else you’d be sailing trough the village with your mast pointing forward
  74. >As Meisa pushes you forward and trough the villages streets you notice a few other familiar moths in front of you
  75. >It’s Hexferry
  76. >She seems to take notice of the rather peculiar situation you are in and comes closer to the two of you
  77. “What are you doing?”
  78. >Before you can answer Meisa does
  79. “Can’t talk now need to have sex with Anon bad! I need his cock and his baby batter inside of me right now!”
  80. >Hexferry stops on her tracks and stares at Meisa with an open mouth as she pushes you forward
  81. >”N-No Hexferry wait she’s”
  82. >But you notice that Hexferry is not hearing you as she tries to process what just happened so you let Meisa push you forward once again while you hope that you don’t run into any other familiar faces along the way
  83. >Soon you see Meisas house before you but then suddenly Meisa stops pushing you
  84. “I... what am I doing?”
  85. >You turn around and look at Meisa as she lands while looking confused
  86. “I-I was in the forest and... the flowers pollen...”
  87. >Meisa seems to connect the dots and then looks at you with shock on her face
  88. “Did I do anything indecent? Oh Anon you’ve got to tell me!”
  89. >You shake your head quickly
  90. >”No, well you were rubbing yourself against me a lot but nothing scandalous happ...”
  92. >You stop talking and Meisa looks at you with growing concern on her face
  93. >”Well, you just did tell Hexferry that you needed to have my c- my member inside of you and also my... baby batter?”
  94. >Meisa gasps in shock and starts to look increasingly alarmed
  95. “I, I need to find her and explain!”
  96. >Before you can say anything Meisa takes flight in panic
  97. >And you’re left standing there
  98. >...
  99. >well, time to go home and masturbate furiously while you can still remember how everything Meisa did felt like
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