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  1. Her chest utterly filled his vision. Massive. Bobbling about around his face like water balloons. Furry, fluffy, drastically overfilled water balloons, but jiggly as them all the same. Her vast hips hugged his own tightly, pressing as close as she could possibly get. Warm. Thick. Every single inch of her thigh shoving into him. Like being embraced by a girl made of marshmallows, lovingly soft and snuggly without even trying.
  2. "I will hurt you." Navi told him, forcing her constantly wobbling, overwhelmingly curvaceous, 4'4" body over even more of him. "I will punch you so many times. I will kick you. I will bite you."
  3. Flame stood strong against the sea of churning vixen assets, hands raised over his 4'6" form, fingers latched around the heart-shaped box. He avoided the vixen's greedy, upraised fingers, dancing away from the depths of her cleavage.
  4. "See? You're having too many of these." He scolded. Navi ignored him, rushing over to continue her squishy assault. Flame placed a single paw over her forehead, forcing the shorter fox away as he continued to hold the chocolates above her reach. "Foxes are noodles. NOO. DLES. Too much chocolate is bad for noodles. I'm protecting you from being fat and fleshy like the non-foxes."
  5. He watched her rounder, plumper areas jiggle uncontrollably as she flailed her arms at him.
  6. "Well, protecting your stomach from being fat and fleshy. Rest of you is a little beyond saving, judging by how many times you bounced walking over here."
  7. "That's stupid. You're stupid. I'll eat you." Navi whined. She slowly sunk to the floor beneath his paw, flopping mopily down upon her chest.
  8. Flame turned away, off to hide the box somewhere. Probably where he stored his stolen soap stash.
  9. "Don't worry dear. I'll bring you veggies. Yummy brocco-lees and cela-rees. And carrot. You LOVE carrots. I'll make sure you stay a shapely little spaghetti n-"
  10. SUCK
  11. Flame stopped. Or rather, he was forced to stop. He turned back around, the vixen's smiling mouth firmly latched around his tail...
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