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  1. # Capstone Concept #1 - Janice Lichtman
  3. ## Problem Statement
  5. ### Hoarder No More!
  6. Many people reach a juncture in life when it's time to clear out the family home and get rid of years of accumulated, often sentimental, stuff! It can be an overwhelming task to sort through all those belongings, and get them ready for sale or donation. This app seeks to simplify the process, and make it easier to photograph and catalogue them as you go.
  8. ## MVP Feature Set
  10. 1. Photos: Take a picture of each item and have it automatically uploaded to a Google photos web album.
  11. 2. Tags: Tag each item by type. The app will have some
  12. defined tags (ex. clothing, tools, kitchen items), and the user will also be able to create custom tags.
  13. 3. Cost and other item info: Users can input the cost of each item for easy calculation of total donations for tax deductions.
  14. Users can also include info about whether a given item is for donation or sale, designate which 'donation group' it's being put in, and mark it as gone when appropriate.
  15. 4. The items will be saved in a database, which the user can view and print.
  16. 5. Summary: Users can see a summary of their items by type, and the total value of the items.
  18. ### Potential Additional Features
  20. 1. Users can find the locations and contact information for their nearest donation centers and consignment shops, and view these as a list or on a map.
  22. ## Draft Technology Choices
  24. * Mobile App:
  25.     * Swift, Xcode
  26. * Backend:
  27.     * Ruby on Rails
  28. * Peripherals:
  29.     * Google Photos API
  30.     * Google Maps API (possibly)
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