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  1. (*Asano, Ryuji licks the tip of his finger and puts it up to the wind.
  3. ".. Mm. Nope. This is dumb. Let's go home."*)
  4. Caedis, Karma says: . . . .
  5. Caedis, Karma says: W..We wern't ordered to go home
  6. Asano, Ryuji says: W-w-we are now. I'm a Jounin.
  7. Caedis, Karma says: Don't mock me Ryuji. These orders came from our Jounin commander. Why are you suddenly changing them?
  8. (*Yokisenu, Takashi glances at Ryujii, shurgging.
  9. He was a jounin. The boy would then nod to him and comply.
  11. "Uh, okay."*)
  12. (*Onishi, Eriko blinks owlishly, eyeing Ryuji. Her head tilts. "Ya-huh?" she asked, eyes briefly turning in the direction of Konohagakure.
  14. "I mean... you're sure? Liiike, I'm totally willing to fight out here, yanno? And I don't want you, like, getting in trouble," she said.*)
  15. (*Asano, Ryuji counts on his fingers.
  17. "Sitting in Konoha territory and looking for a fight got Muon killed. Kamashi captured. Two of the swords taken. Then Genjo also got captured - he can say he walked up, but he really got captured - and all of those things happened -without- Konoha knowing that we are out here. I'd imagine that with Genjo being captured, they are on alert, sending scouts out for patrols.
  19. So if we fight, we're going to be heavily outnumbered." He stops talking for a moment, looking around at the group minus Kikue who is high up on a hawk.
  21. "Shinobi Fishing is actually the dumbest concept I've ever heard, and with our village in the state it currently is, it doesn't make sense for us to be out here risking ourselves in the hopes that a shinobi might wander out alone for us to capture."*)
  22. Asano, Ryuji says: So.. we're leaving.
  23. (* "Haaahn..."
  25. The Onishi listened to Ryuji's explanation. As much as she hated to admit it, he was right. They'd be outnumbered. She thought the same thing when she led her last squad home after Genjo had been captured -- this wasn't the brightest idea, especially so close to Konohagakure's village.
  27. "I guess that's true, yanno? We could probably figure out something that's less dumb," she said, nodding her head. In a hop, she's next to Ryuji, prepared to leave. "So let's go home!"
  29. (Onishi, Eriko)*)
  30. Onishi, Eriko OOCs: (brb 1s)
  31. Logging off. GM-Help for teleports. Take my bird with you to represent my IC location if I'm not on, please. (Flying in the back.)
  32. (*Yokisenu, Takashi listened closely, to Ryuji's explanation. He was right, very right.
  34. The group was outnumbered and too many this may be considered a suicide mission, especially after recent events. The Yokisenu would nod once more Ryuji, then prepare to leave.
  36. "Yeah, that's true. I'm sure there's a plan then this. Though, you know Ketsui is going to be pretty mad like before."*)
  37. (*Caedis, Karma just does as he is fucking told
  38. *)
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