Woshou NCYOA version

May 1st, 2020
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  1. Woshou (NCYOA edition)
  2. Pts Left: 0 Pts really spent: 122
  3. Homeland: New World (gain a power boost corresponding to how 'just like a video game' you treat the situation)
  6. Perks and Drawbacks
  7. Talented (Taijutsu) (Gain Advanced or Hidden)
  8. Skilled (Ninjutsu and Taijutsu) (Gain advanced or upgrade Basic)
  9. Gifted (Ninjutsu and Genjutsu) (Gain Hidden or upgrade Basic)
  10. Tough
  11. Determination
  12. Deep Reserves
  13. Attractive
  14. Noble Blood (Half Elemental) (Free Hidden Technique)
  15. Star Crossed (Apotheosis) (Gain Extra Perk) (I'll never let you go, bro)
  16. The Dullest Kunai
  17. Time Warp (Gain Extra Perk)
  18. Bigger Fish (Gain Extra Perk)
  19. Ayy LMAO
  20. Foreign Invaders (Gain Extra Perk)
  23. Jutsus
  24. Body Flicker
  25. Weapon Arts+ (Muh Fists n' Feet)
  26. Hell Viewing
  27. Clone
  30. Advanced Jutsu
  31. Sensory Arts (Smell)
  32. Shadow Clones
  35. Elemental Natures
  36. Fire
  37. Water
  38. Electricity
  39. Earth
  40. Wind
  43. Kekkai Genkai
  44. Blaze
  47. Hidden Techniques
  48. Hidden Fighting Technique (Xing Yi Quan) - It's practical Kungfu, covers animal styles, elemental styles and weapons styles
  49. Hidden Fighting technique (Shaolin Kung Fu) - It's impractical martial arts made practical through hard training, and covers animal styles and a few weapon styles
  50. Hidden Fighting Technique (Qi Gong Internal Alchemy) - It's meditation, jacking up that chakra flow for best body performance. Also, don't gotta do handsigns for jutsu's and stuff, I can strike an animal pose instead
  51. "Crane Dances With Broom" - It parries and evades lightning, bullets, explosions and even the occasional illusion
  52. "Little Mantis Catches Bird" - I can freeze your time to put you in stasis with a jab to a temporal pressure point
  53. "Monkey Sage Journeys West" - It's Sage Mode, yo
  54. "Panther Hiding In Grass" - It's Dustless Bewilderment, yo
  55. "Shining Bird Embraces Heaven" - If you squint really hard it looks like Raishin Rite, but with FIRE
  56. "Cunning Snake Catches Crane" - Can't miss grapple that works by tracking the origin of an attack or ability to it's source
  57. "Furious Tiger Climbs Mountain" - It's Eight Gates but for just my attacks and, like, each punch and kick in a row is an opening of a new gate, got a bit of lightning too
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