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cold front

7heSama Nov 15th, 2017 62 Never
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  1. The difference between art and industry is,
  2.     arguably,
  3. how effectively repetition adds
  4.     to your success rate
  5. while the difference between art and arguing
  6.     is indistinguishable to me
  7. so when Twahan Simultaneous
  8.     needs a critique of his latest pieces,
  9. all I can really bring to the table is a pen
  10.     and a pad
  12. Dissecting equations that graph
  13.     the parabola of a relationship from start
  14.         to finish
  15. then he looks harder than that,
  16.     goes over the details with a fine tooth comb
  17. and we find saw teeth fractals erupting
  18.     from this smooth arc -
  19. no wonder you couldn't escape
  20.     crash landing
  21. after she handed you over
  22.     to gravity
  24. But there's hope
  25.     in these passages
  26. and escape pods
  27.     in these passengers
  28. you are the vehicle
  29.     of your own kinetic restitution
  30. the plot may end when you hit the ground
  31.     but only if you run out of paper
  33. I'll raid the school supplies
  34.     of me when I was a kid
  35. to remember the feeling
  36.     of looking forward to the new year
  37.         and how to prepare
  39. Twahan,
  40. whether it takes a message in a bottle,
  41.     a black box, or a beacon;
  42. you got this, man
  43.     just keep on repeating
  44. and may Cold Summer,
  45.     one day,
  46.         go out of season -
  47. as an artisan,
  48.     you build meaning
  49. from doing the same things
  50.     differently
  52. How 'bout a post release party -
  53.     Hot Springs?
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